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At this moment in the House, the sound of a needle dropping could be heard.


The sound of everyone gulping one by one transcended across the House. Everyone was looking up to Si Tu Nan with disbelief on their faces.

The Drum of Eternity… a third bang?

Oh my goodness, how did things turn so crazy?

The first rumble informs the regular Elders, the second informs the 12 peak leaders, and the third informs the Supreme Headmaster!

Once the Supreme Headmaster shows up, it means the drummer would have to present to him an explanation. If he doesn’t, then he will be burned in a Godly Fire for 7749 days, be left in the Hell Wind for 8864 days and be pierced by Thousands of Swords for 9981 days!

These type of cruel punishments is a representation of how honorable the Drum of Eternity is. It should not be hit carelessly and without warning. At the same time, it is also a warning to everyone. The warning that once hit, the entire House must come together!

Si Tu Nan has hit the Drum of Eternity for the unprecedented genius, for the youth who possesses both social and Taoism talent. Not only did he hit it once, but he hit it three times!

This shocked the entire House. Even the Eleventh Peak Leader, who never expresses any emotions even when hanging off a cliff, was surprised. He peered at Si Tu Nan’s direction with mixed feelings.

Being the leader of the Peak, when he saw that it was Si Tu Nan who had rung the drum, he couldn’t help but frown, followed by a sigh.

After a minute of dead silence, the entire House gasped for air.

"Phew! I can’t handle this. My feet feel weak. Someone help me stand. This is too ruthless. He sure isn’t quitting until he surprises everyone to death!"

"My God! I have been served. These three strikes have scared away my soul. Could it be that the other eight Houses have formed a coalition and are attacking us?"

"This person’s presence is strong. Obviously, he’s an Elder in the Completion Stage. He’s not an idiot. There is no way he would be here if he didn’t have something to report!"

The entire place became clamorous. On the Stage of Life and Death, over tens and thousands of trainees converged, each of them holding a bewildered look on their faces as if they were struck by lightning.

On the stage, Si Tu Nan was expressionless and fearless. Ignoring his own life, he slowly raised his right hand and was ready to hit the drum again and truly alert the Supreme Headmaster!

He held lightly onto the shiny golden hammer. Just as he was about strike down, a wave of seemingly soft, but tough strength washed in, stopping the golden hammer in midair.

At the same time, a calm voice with a hint of helplessness arrived slowly.

"I have arrived. Please don’t try and agitate me anymore?"

A silhouette from afar got closer and closer. Every step he took was like he was beating down everyone’s head a little more. He walked forward step by step, yet the entire earth seemed to be shaking in his presence as if everything was bowing down to him. His arrival brought fear down everyone’s spine.

This person was the Wan Jian House’s Eighth Supreme Headmaster.

Dao Wu Ji!

By appearance, he was a young man. In reality, however, he was an old monster who has been alive for thousands of years. His black hair draped down his back; his white robe was paler than snow. He was perfectly handsome with extraordinary martial art skills. His entire body was exuding a soft light, just like an unearthly firework, his demeanor was graceful, immortal, and beyond this world.

"I haven’t heard the Drum of Eternity for 160 years. I wonder what is the reason this time."

His temperament was phenomenal and immortal-like. Step by step, he walked over with an unparalleled momentum. Every step he took, the ground shrunk from a hundred yard to one. The real shrinkage of land proved his ability as a strong cultivator.

He walked from afar and within 10 steps, he was on the Stage of Life and Death. Emitting soft lights with his entire body, he absorbed everyone’s attention and became the only thing in the world.

"Greetings to the Headmaster!"

All the cultivators kneeled down before him. The Elders bowed, and the 11 Peak Leader simply lowered their heads, as they have met the Headmaster before.

"There is no need to be so polite with me."

He waved his sleeve, and a gentle wave of force helped all the cultivators stand up.

"Thank you, Headmaster!"

Thousands of cultivators shouted. Each of them was filled with admiration. It was apparent that the headmaster’s status in their hearts was very high.

"After so many years, Headmaster you are even more elegant than before," a refined looking man lightly waved his fan and said softly.

He was the Seek Sword Peak’s leader and was considered handsome. However, compared to Dao Wu Ji, look or skill wise, he was lacking.

"You have flattered me, junior brother. Your demeanor does not pale next to mine." Dao Wu Ji grinned. He appeared very kind and gentle and easy to get to know. He did not seem to put himself above anyone else.

The Seek Sword Leader shook his head, "I should not be compared to you, senior brother. You are still the same as you were 500 years ago. It’s as if time never left a mark on you. Just like the past, you are still classy, handsome, and exceptional. We are all very envious of you."

Dao Wu Ji gently smiled. Just as he was about to speak, Kill Sword Peak Leader interrupted. Her face was frosty cold, and her eyes were dull. She sneered, "I am in no mood to listen to you two compliment and kiss each other’s butt. Let’s get straight to business. After we are done here, I need to go back and shut myself in my room. If this incident delays my technical training, I will kill you all with my sword!"

As soon as she finished talking, Dao Wu Ji and the other Peak Leaders giggled under their breaths. They all went through training together and knew each other like real siblings. They were fully aware that their little junior sister was naturally cold and straight forward. After becoming the Kill Sword Peak’s Leader, she trained day after day and became even more isolated. Her personality became even colder and no longer honored the Gods nor believed in Buddhas. For this reason, nobody was offended by her words.

"Junior sister, could it be that you are jealous that my skin is better than yours?" Wu Ji Dao teased. His skin was soft, white and almost perfect. Most girls were jealous of it.

"Me, jealous of you?" Kill Sword Peak Leader laughed. The next thing everyone heard was a cracking sound, and blood red Qi poured out of her sword sheath, forming into the shape of a sword and pointed directly at Dao Wu Ji!

"You white faced sissy. Why would I be jealous of you?"

Instantly, the cloud converged, and the dust and rocks flew. The atmosphere became heavy and filled with murderous intent.

"How dare you!"

Frowning, a white-haired Elder scolded.

"Junior sister, quickly put your sword away." The other Peak Leader’s expression changed as well. Normal teasing and taunting were okay. However, to point a sword at Dao Wu Ji in front of the entire crowd was out of the line. No matter how strong their friendship was, they all must show adequate respect to Dao Wu Ji. Especially under this circumstance, they should not let him lose face.

After all, Dao Wu Ji was the Supreme Headmaster. He was the face of the entire Wan Jian House. How could anyone dare to humiliate him before so many members of the House?

However, Dao Wu Ji did not seem to be angered. He softly laughed and waved his hand, "Never mind. It is the junior sister’s nature to behave in such a manner. I don’t mind."

"Hmmph, poser!"

Kill Sword Peak Leader snickered but did not continue her teasing. Rather she slowly put the blood red sword back into its sheath.

"Alright, since we can no longer wait, then let’s get down to business. I guess everyone here also wants to know, what is it that would cause someone to strike the Drum of Eternity three times." Dao Wu Ji softly chuckled. Looking at the white-haired elder before him, he pondered and said, "If I remember correctly, you are the Elder of Law Enforcement from the Hidden Sword Peak."

"Yes, my name is Si Tu Nan. I was fortunate enough to have met you once during your crowning ceremony when you were named the Supreme Headmaster." Si Tu Nan was a little surprised that the Headmaster remembered his name.

"I have always had a good memory." Dao Wu Ji nodded as a great majestic demeanor dissipated the crowd. His expression immediately turned serious, and he spoke lowly, "Let’s not waste any more breaths. Elder Si Tu Nan, inform us. What is it that made you confident enough to strike the Drum of Eternity three times and alarm the entire House?"
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