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In midair, the Goddess of Battles was looking over at Ling Xian with complexity in her eyes. There was bitterness, envy, and also shock.
She originally thought she had lucked out. Not only did she borrow power from the cosmic technique to successfully transform, she had also improved in ability due to the cosmic technique.
Sadly, what she gained was merely the imperfect cosmic technique.
The critical part of this technique is to materialize the three flowers. Only when the flowers are formed, are the people truly said to have learned the cosmic technique!
Ling Xian had successfully formed the flowers and was now in full possession of the Primitive Text!
She who hasn't been able to achieve this will at most have half of the power he has. Even if she cultivates to the peak of the Primitive Text.
This distance is night and day and cannot even be compared.
Therefore, why wouldn't the Goddess of Battles be bitter?
"I am merely lucky." Ling Xian smiled, looking collected and at ease.
This entire situation was truly due to luck. Nobody would think that the core of the Primitive Text would transform as time goes on, and leave behind the Bible of Three Flowers. And possibly the only copy of it had fallen into Ling Xian's hand.
"I thought, after I transform and learn the cosmic technique, I can fight against you. But in the end, the gap between us had widened."
The Goddess of Battles sighed a long sigh, "I don't even have the ability to break the barrier of that tri-colored flower."
Ling Xian smiled at this and didn't comment.
The defensive ability of the tri-colored flower was out of the worldly insane. Even the battle sage body cannot break it down. Its defensive abilities are for sure on par with an unparalleled technique!
"I challenged Huang Jiu Ge just now just to see if I can defeat her. But I had lost. If I cannot win against her, then what gives me the right to fight against you?"
The Goddess of Battles sighed and her gaze turned stern, "However, our promise from back then still counts. Sooner or later I will defeat you."
"Yes, I will wait."
Ling Xian smiled and nodded. He was immortal like, gentle and extraordinary.
Hearing this, the Goddess of Battles gave him a hard stare before stepping down from the stage. She made no more comments.
"Great two fights. Especially your fight against the battle sage body. Even I exclaim over it."
The leader flew to midair and gave Ling Xian a look of admiration. Then, he glanced over the remaining powerhouses and grinned, "The top eight have been decided. Next, everyone will now duel. The final winner will be number one in the world!"
Those words turned up the temperature in everyone's eyes. Killer's intent all shot through the sky, turning the atmosphere heavy.
At this, the elder smiled in satisfaction, "Very well, now let me choose the pairs who will fight."
Then, he pointed casually and divided the eight powerhouses into four groups.

Su Li Yu and an unknown powerhouse were one group, Le Wu Ya and an unknown powerhouse was another group, and Leng Bie Qing and an unknown powerhouse were the third group.
The last group was Huang Jiu Ge and Ling Xian.
Ling Xian was stunned and quickly shook his head. He didn't think the groups would be divided up like this.
Huang Jiu Ge was also startled but then began to giggle.
"Oh well, we would run into each other soon or later." Ling Xian laughed and did not question this grouping.
First of all, he knows that questioning it wouldn't change anything, second of all, this division is what he wanted. After all, he wouldn't hurt Huang Jiu Ge, but if she fights against someone else, then she might get wounded.
Therefore Ling Xian posed no questions.
Then, he began to watch as a bystander. He was part of the last group anyway so he got to watch the other three fights.
A great battle began. Su Li Yu raised her sword and swept it around, shocking the earth and the heavens.
His opponent was just as strong. Every movement of his broke through space and made everything quake!
This person was surrounded by fog and gave everyone a feeling of unpredictability. He was extremely powerful and every move of his made Su Li Yu's face drop.
Even Ling Xian's own expression was getting dark.
All because this person was far too strong. His attacks were also aggressive and ruthless. Like the existence of a terrifying being, he threatened all beings.
Su Li Yu was strong as well, but he had just transformed not too long ago. His enemy was also far too powering, so in the end, he lost.
The other powerhouses' eyes restricted. Their eyes were full of jealousy.
Then, Le Wu Ya stepped forward and displayed a mysterious but extremely powerful technique. After a few hundred rebuttals against his enemy, he successfully won and entered into the top four.
For the third fight, Leng Bie Qing won.
His capabilities were extremely strong. His stance was like an undefeatable immortal's, maybe even stronger than Zhan Cang Sheng!
This made Ling Xian freeze a little, he felt the immense pressure.
Whether it is Leng Bie Qing or Le Wu Ya, or that mysterious cultivator, they were all so insanely capable it made people hopeless.
Of course, Ling Xian wasn't going to be hopeless or frightened.
He wanted fights against true powerhouses. Because only then, will he be known as the true number one in the world!
After the three groups before him determined the winners, all eyes have concentrated on Huang Jiu Ge. As for Ling Xian, who was on the side, he was completely ignored.
"Our goddess! Our goddess will win for sure!"
"Haha, is that even a question? The Goddess is a pure-blooded phoenix. How many enemies can she have in the world?"
"Though that person is also strong, who defeated Zhan Cang Sheng, how can he fight against our goddess?"
"Haha, exactly, the Goddess will win for sure!"
Everyone chimed in and all eyes fixated onto Huang Jiu Ge full of heat. They chanted "go goddess", and "the goddess will for sure win!" and so on. They completely ignored Ling Xian.
They passionately stared at Huang Jiu Ge and all treated her like the goddess they saw her as.
And Huang Jiu Ge was deserving of everyone's love and passion.
She was out of the worldly beautiful, graceful, and divine. She had no flaws to pick on in all aspects. Like a true immortal in the mortal world, she was the definition of perfection.
Ling Xian could only bitterly smile at this. He didn't think Huang Jiu Ge would be so popular and he would be the one being ignored.
As he bitterly smiled, he suddenly wondered how these people would react if they found out Huang Jiu Ge was his servant.
They would probably cry on the inside.
Ling Xian smiled and stepped into the battle ring. His graceful ways attracted the attention of a few female cultivators.
The male cultivators looked a little annoyed.
"So what he moves gracefully. In the end he will lose. The Goddess of Battles need to teach him a lesson!"
A young man shouted, garnering much agreement amongst the men.
They were looking down at Ling Xian and looking up at Huang Jiu Ge.
Therefore, when Huang Jiu Ge said what she said next, most people froze.
"I admit my defeat."
Huang Jiu Ge's lips quivered. A soft smile hung on her lips as she lowered her head, "As a servant, I cannot offend my Master and attack my Master."
After those words, all the voices that talked down on Ling Xian disappeared.
Everyone's expression froze as they widened their eyes, not knowing what had just happened.
What the f!ck is going on?

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