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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1692 - Shadowy Figures

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The journey to the Sky Taihuang Sect would take at least five days from where they were. The time was most likely enough for him to obtain the Arts of Dao Seeking from the Peerless Geniuses he had abducted.

“The man is no ordinary man indeed. He’s able to retain his imperious demeanor even when he was facing the twelve Supreme Daoism factions.”

Meng Jiugong’s eyes flickered with astonishment. He was confused at the same time too.

Why was Qin Nan unwilling to let the Peerless Geniuses go? Was he using them as hostages just so the twelve Supreme Daoism factions would not harm him?

“Qin Nan! You’re asking us to escort you after all you’ve done?”

Heaven Immortal Wuchun, the Snow-Brow Heaven Immortal, and the rest of the authorities were wondering if they had heard it wrong.

“Qin Nan, take back your words and release the Peerless Geniuses. Otherwise, we will definitely infuriate these Supreme Daoism factions.”

The Bliss Immortal Emperor and his crew did not expect Qin Nan to be so stubborn. They transmitted their thoughts after a slight hesitation.

“Seniors, it’s not like I’m not willing to let them go, but I still need them for now in order to activate the Supreme Cave Abode.”

The three Immortal Emperors fell silent.

Regardless if Qin Nan was telling the truth or not, they simply were left with no choice.

“You have five seconds to decide. If you don’t agree, I’ll kill them one by one until you do. One, two, three…”

Qin Nan’s voice remained icy.

“Alright, we agree!”

Heaven Immortal Wuchun, the Snow-Brow Heaven Immortal, and the rest of the authorities shuddered. They gave their answers while clenching their teeth.

They could not afford to take the risk. If Qin Nan ended up killing the Peerless Geniuses, they would have to face great consequences when they returned to their factions too.

“Then we will swear the Immortal Demon Oath.”

Qin Nan’s expression eased slightly as he proceeded to swear the oath.

The authorities swore the oath too.

“Cultivator Qin Nan, why does it have to come down to this?”

Xu Xianzhi let out a wry smile. Qiu Hong, Wan Xiao, and the Blood-Eye Human Immortal had the same reaction too.

Even though Qin Nan had prevented the Peerless Geniuses from ascending, it only happened since Qin Nan had defeated them all. The Supreme Daoism factions might feel displeased, but they would not go as far as killing Qin Nan for it.

However, under the circumstances, the Supreme Daoism factions would surely hunt Qin Nan down after the Battle of the Strongest Immortal.

“Don’t worry, I’m not being reckless. I have my own plan.”

Qin Nan shook his head. He smilingly said to the authorities, “Thanks for the help.”

Heaven Immortal Wuchun, the Snow-Brow Heaven Immortal, and the authorities harrumphed before they took off.

“You guys, go settle the things in the Flowing Moon Dao City. The Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect will not harm Qin Nan, I will deal with him myself.”

Meng Jiugong transmitted his thought and followed behind the group.

He was eager to see how strong Qin Nan actually was to be able to achieve such a shocking feat.

Meanwhile, the Ten Thousand Dao Immortal Badge…

A piece of news appeared out of nowhere and spread across half of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm within an instant.

“What? God of Misfortune Qin Nan has defeated forty Peerless Geniuses by himself, stopping them from ascending!?”

“Holy crap! Is this real?”

“Gasp, that man is beyond terrifying!”

“Every cultivator that placed a bet in the Flowing Moon Dao City has earned four times the amount they bet?”

“That man must have used some tricks. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to do such a thing with his cultivation alone!”

“It doesn’t matter what tricks or artifacts he used. He still defeated forty Peerless Geniuses!”

Every cultivator was greatly astounded, including some of the Peerless Rulers.

Without being exaggerating, Qin Nan’s name had reached an unbelievable height all of a sudden. His reputation even surpassed any of the Seven Elites of Heavens and Earth.

The information related to his Flesh of Bad Fortune and the fact that he had come from the Lower Secondary Realm were spread among the cultivators.

“Qin Nan!”

Meanwhile, among the Peerless Geniuses that had ascended as immortals and authorities like the South World Immortal Emperor, some were looking forward to the upcoming battle with motivation. Others had a murderous look in their eyes.

“HAHA, it seems like the Battle of the Strongest Immortal is going to be quite exciting!”

Lots of cultivators and authorities had placed their attention on the Battle of the Strongest Immortal.

Meanwhile, in the World of Yang…

A grand battle had just taken place here not long ago, but it was now deserted. The whole place was deadly silent, with remains of cultivators and blood scattered across it.


A mysterious man wearing a rugged, gray robe and a ghastly demon mask, with white hair suddenly appeared and observed his surroundings.

His eyes were rather strange. They would occasionally shift between the shape of a flower and the shape of a tree.

“Greetings, senior! What brings you here today?”

A man and a woman came out of the ground. They brought their fists together while their eyes were showing a hint of intimidation and confusion.

The two were the Spirits of the World of Yang and Yin. The imperious voice that Qin Nan and the other cultivators heard was actually the Spirit of the World of Yang.

“Tell me everything that Qin Nan has done here,” the man in a gray robe said.

“Well…senior, it’s not like we aren’t willing to tell you, but we’ve already established a rule right at the start that we won’t tell anyone about the things that happened in the Immortal Ancient place.”

The Spirit of the World of Yang wore a wry smile. He was even more confused too.

He had given Qin Nan the Heaven-Repairing Cauldron as he had high hopes in him. After Qin Nan grew stronger in the future, he would then ask the man to do him two favors.

Why would Qin Nan who had just ascended have anything to do with a terrifying cultivator who could force his way into the Immortal Ancient place?

“You have ten seconds to decide. Otherwise, be ready to face the consequences,” the man in a gray robe said calmly.

“Senior, I’m sorry, please leave!”

The faces of the two spirits turned cold.

They were unable to see through the man’s cultivation, but they were still the Spirits of an Immortal Ancient place. Not only were they as strong as some Peerless Rulers, they were related to some secrets of ancient times too. Since when did anyone dare to threaten then like what the man did?

The man in a gray robe glanced at the two spirits. He reached his hand out at the two spirits.

A terrifying aura immediately caused the entire World of Yin and Yang to shake vigorously.


The Spirits of Yin and Yang immediately wore pale faces. They never thought the man in a gray robe would possess such remarkable cultivation.

The hand grabbed them firmly before they could react. Their minds fell blank as they temporarily lost their consciousness.

A while later, the man in a gray robe loosened his grip. The two spirits fell to the ground feebly as if they were dead.

“Tsk tsk, Oh Divine God of Battle, you actually found him…”

The man murmured and uttered a sinister laugh. His eyes were shifting even quicker as his figure faded and vanished.
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