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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1661 - An Honorable Promise

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"Unstoppable Step, Desolating-Dragon Saber Art!"

Qin Nan descended rapidly from the sky with a slash.

Apart from the ancient desolating aura among the saber intents, there was also a shocking Dragon Immortal Intent that significantly strengthened the attack.

The scales on Wu Huisheng glittered as an enormous dragon claw swung upward at an eerie angle.

The rift collapsed instantly, as black holes started appearing at the cracks.

Despite Qin Nan's outstanding saber intents, it was still no match against the power of the black holes that absorbed the attacks within the blink of an eye.

"Destruction Battle Fist!"

Qin Nan's groan was heard coming from behind.

He had utilized the Sky-Stride Blow to quickly move around and unleash two of his strongest wills.

It had all happened so quickly that Wu Huisheng was unable to react in time. He could only hear a loud explosion.

The dragon claw, dragon tail, and other parts that Wu Huisheng had summoned shattered into pieces in a bloody mist.

However, the moment Wu Huisheng's dragon flesh broke into pieces, a faint glow flickered, returning his flesh to normal.

"Howls of the Swords, Shaking the Nine Continents!"

Wu Huisheng proceeded with his counterattack. One hundred and eighty-eight ancient dragon swords appeared in the air. With a thought, they turned into thousands of sword flowers pouring down at Qin Nan.

"Wu Huisheng, I've learned the secret of your flesh!"

Qin Nan yelled. His battle intent grew further as he unleashed both his fist intents and sword intents, which combined into a great storm surging across the place.


Wan Xiao, Liang Qi, Zi Hu, and most of the cultivators fixed their eyes on the battle amid the series of explosions.

Every change of the auras and clash of the wills was utterly spectacular, grabbing their attention.

They had completely forgotten about the dragon corpse and the remarkable loot.

"Destruction Battle Saber!"

Qin Nan was floating on one end of the sky. He took hold of the opportunity and merged all his will into the Heaven-Shattering Saber before slashing forward.


The whole place turned snowy white as a strong coldness swept past.

Wu Huisheng's eyes widened. He did not even have enough time to perform a hand seal when the terrifying saber light landed on his dragon flesh.

He groaned in pain. The dragon flesh was shattered in a bloody mist once again.

"Six-Eyed Demon Sword True Scriptures! The Six Eyes descend, peeking through the Heavens and Earth..."

However, the man uttered the words soon after. An eerie light flickered as his flesh recovered once again while he executed a killing blow.

"Wu Huisheng, I've already told you, I've learned the secret of your flesh!"

Under the crowd's gaze, Qin Nan's aura reached an unimaginable level. His voice was deafening, shaking the whole place.

"Divine Battle Intent, the World-Breaking Hit!"

Qin Nan had gathered all his battle intent, turning it into a shocking ray of light that swept past the sky before colliding with the eerie light.


A cry of agony echoed in the ears of the crowd.

The dragon flesh stopped recovering. A stone orb, the size of a fist, with a tremendous, murderous aura was seen in the bloody mist.

Behind the stone orb was Wu Huisheng in an illusionary state whose face was contorted in pain.

The stone orb was something that he had refined after practicing the general outline of the Dao Execution Art, called the Dao Execution Heart.

It allowed Wu Huisheng to fully recover his flesh, and granted him extraordinary god force.

In addition to it, the Dao Execution Heart would continue to grow stronger the more opponents he killed.

However, the Dao Execution Heart had merged with his Immortal Soul, and his life force.

When the Dao Execution Heart was damaged, it would inflict serious damage to his Immortal Soul too.

"Wu Huisheng...is going to lose?"

Wan Xiao, Liang Qi, Zi Hu, and the rest of the cultivators were startled.

"Dragon Immortal Soaring Art!"

Qin Nan was not going to give up the opportunity. He rose into the sky and targeted the stone orb.

"Qin Nan, I knew you have learned the secret, but what difference would it make?"

The illusionary Wu Huisheng suddenly gathered his aura. Runes began to appear around him.

"I'm a disciple of the Dao Execution Gate, I'm an expert at executing the Great Dao!"

"Today, I will shatter your Dao and ascend as an immortal, and achieve the Dao Realm!"

Wisps of Dragon Immortal Qi came from all directions and turned into a dragon spear within the blink of an eye.

The dragon spear flew in the air and turned into a blinding light as it flew toward Qin Nan like it was holding the power of the entire confined space.

If he only had the capabilities he had shown so far, how could he possibly stand a chance against Qin Nan?

He had been keeping a trump card until the very end.

"How naive!"

A loud roar exploded. It felt like the whole place had frozen.

"Your path is to destroy the Dao of Peerless Geniuses, and the Dao of the world, but you will never destroy my Dao!"

"You, will only be defeated!"

A blue glow flickered on Qin Nan's back, followed by an ancient aura.

The murderous aura circling him had vanished, it was replaced by an imposing aura!

An aura that opposed the Heavens, the Earth, and everyone else.


Wu Huisheng disregarded the imposing aura. He had merged his will and power with the dragon spear.

There was no escape for him, and he had no intention to escape either. He had decided to use all he had to defeat the person before him in front of the crowd.


Suddenly, his Dao Execution Heart emitted wisps of Dao Glow, as a strong immortal presence spread toward the surroundings.

Even though he had yet to defeat Qin Nan, the determination and the will he had displayed had allowed the power in his body to evolve.

In other words, he was ascending as an immortal subconsciously.

"You're about to ascend? Great timing! My saber has yet to taste the immortal blood of a Peerless Genius!"

Qin Nan's eyes were engulfed in golden flames. The Divine Battle Dao Runes in his body started emitting a faint glow as if they had been awakened by his will.

"Qin Nan, the thirteenth Immortal Ancient place has shown up."

Meanwhile, the icy voice of Empress Feiyue echoed in Qin Nan's mind, "The last two Immortal Ancient places are reacting too."

"If you aren't confident you can ascend now, you should head over to the World of Yin and Yang right now. You can't afford to waste any time!"

"Otherwise, you will lose your chance!"
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