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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1377 - Putting Everything On The Line

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"Martial Path God Monarch Badge?"

The ancient existence from other factions was startled too.

There was once an ancient rumor saying that the Monarch Ranking owned a Martial Path God Monarch Badge. Once it was activated, it would take away a third of the power of every Martial Monarch within a certain range. The God Ranking too had a similar badge, specifically used to take away the power of Martial Gods.

Based on the situation, does that mean the rumor was real?

"Impressive, this is indeed the Martial Path God Monarch Badge, able to take away your monarch force and boost the strength of other Martial Monarchs," the aura of Wan Yonggu whose figure was entirely bathed in monarch glow suddenly rose incredibly. He glanced down at Sheng Tianjing and said, "Do I now have the chance of having a comeback?"

"Interesting, I did not expect Monarch Ranking would be willing to bring out such a trump card. If that's the case, I shall enjoy playing with you two for some time," Sheng Tianjing's lips slowly curled upward. He instantly arrived before Wan Yonggu with a kick, with various Monarch Arts combining into an ancient monarch pattern looming ahead.

"Cultivator Wuduan, if you don't mind, are you willing to duel with me?"

Zhuang Cidao gently asked with an inviting gesture.

"Hey hey, how about me?"

Su Qingning who was standing aside rolled her eyes.

"You two, bring it on!"

Heng Wuduan landed before the two like an ancient dragon with a flicker. Surges of gusts combined together into a series of killing blows pouring down at his targets.

"People of the Ocean Tribe, hear my words. Fight with all you got!"

Jiang Kongzhou not far away gave the command with a loud yell.

"Got it!"

The Martial Monarch authorities of the Ocean Tribe executed their Monarch Arts with superb morale.

Since their strength had grown a third stronger while their enemies' strength was weakened by a third, they had a higher chance of winning the war even though they were still outnumbered by the people of the Three Great Factions and the Undead Tribe.

"Ice Cube Jiang, some remarkable move!"

Li Qimo's expression fell dark as he uttered a roar, executing various arts which poured forward like petals sprinkling in the sky.

"Qimo, let us give you a hand!"

Zang Xuanyun, Zhuang Qianzhui and Ji Qimei who had finished constructing the formations yelled, whose figures seemingly transformed into three godly swords slashing forward.

"Cultivator Kongzhou, let's team up!"

Wu Hong went up to Jiang Kongzhou as Old Man Canming was distracted by a Martial Monarch of the Ocean Tribe, flicking various ancient words with his fingers.


At that instant, an endless series of explosions like thunder claps took place, shaking the entire place.

The battle further intensified after the previous sequence. Almost in every breath, many Martial Monarchs would suffer a serious injury.

The battles between Wan Yonggu and Sheng Tianjing, Heng Wuduan, Zhuang Cidao and Su Qingning in particular attracted the attention of every Martial Monarch and Martial Progenitor.

Even though the battles between the five great geniuses were not as destructive as the peak Martial Monarchs, each of the Monarch Arts that they had mastered, and the conspiracy they had set up and the way they handled each move executed by their opponents were absolutely spectacular. Many even held their breaths, not willing to miss out on any detail.

It was rare to witness the battles between geniuses of this level.

"...... Chief, what should we do considering the situation has come down to this?"

Meanwhile, as the terrifying battle was taking place, the ancient existence from the God Beast Forbidden Ground, Dead Spirit Tribe, Battle Tribe, etc transmitted a message back to their faction.

"Regardless of who's losing the battle, you are not to engage."

Soon, imperious voices appeared in the minds of the ancient Martial Monarchs.

Even though the voices were saying it differently, they were implying the same meaning, telling their people not to interfere.


The ancient existence nodded without feeling surprised.

They were aware that the battle was only the usual conflict between the God Ranking, Monarch Ranking and the South-Heaven Gate. Regardless of who would win or lose the battle, once they interfered, it would simply mean they had chosen a side. It was impossible to predict the effects it would bring.

"Master Ao, Wan Yonggu and Heng Wuduan's moves seemed kind of strange. They were just ordinary attacks, yet how are they exerting such a powerful force?"

"They used to be the number one genius Martial Monarch around four and five thousand years ago. They must have spent all their time studying Martial Arts intensively. They have already surpassed the limits of these ordinary Monarch Arts, hence the power they contained is extraordinary."

"Master Ao, their artifacts are quite impressive too, it feels like they are refined for over a few thousand years. Should we look for a chance to retrieve them..."

In a corner on the Skyless Dojo, Skyless Dojo and Little Worm both watched the battle intriguingly.

They clearly knew that they would receive more benefits the more intense the war became.


Zhan Bawang and the other Martial Monarchs and Martial Progenitors glanced at the blue space on the other side as if they were aware of something.


A huge gap was torn open at the top of the blue space, from which several figures slowly walked out. They were none other than Qin Nan, Princess Miao Miao, Gong Yang and Tang Qingshan.


As soon as the four showed up, their attention was quickly attracted by the scene on the Skyless Dojo.

"Qin Nan?"

Zhan Bawang and the rest of the crowd were astounded.

Does this mean Qin Nan and his crew were defeated, hence they had left the blue space earlier, while Xiao Yunjue and the others were still competing inside the space?

"Qin Nan, since you were gone, Zang Xuanyun and his crew have constructed an ancient teleporting formation, allowing Sheng Tianjing and the other two to come here, it must be the South-Heaven Gate..."

The master of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain's voice immediately appeared in Qin Nan's mind, telling him everything that had taken place on the Skyless Dojo.

"Who would have thought, the Monarch Ranking, God Ranking and South-Heaven Gate would go so far this time."

Qin Nan took a deep breath. He did not expect Sheng Tianjing's trio, and Wan Yonggu's duo would appear.

"That's the current situation. If you want to increase the chance of you achieving the Martial Monarch Realm, you can't wait until both sides are weakened from the war. You will have to ascend the Skyless Dojo now. But, you have to understand the consequences of ascending it now."

"Qin Nan, what will you do?"

The master of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain wore a thoughtful gaze.

"Senior, I've already made up my mind since the start."

Qin Nan's calm voice replied in the master of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain's mind. Following it, his figure descended from the sky and handed thirty Sky-Severing Dragon Claws over as he took one step at a time toward the Skyless Dojo.

He was well aware that if he were to ascend the Skyless Dojo before both sides were weakened from the war, it implied that Princess Miao Miao, Tang Qingshan and Gong Yang would not be able to provide much assistance. He would have to face the boundless ocean of flames himself.

But...what difference would it make?

He had already failed to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm twice. He would no longer have any hope if he were to fail again.

His only choice now was to try his very best by putting everything on the line.

As the saying went, he would rise as a king if he succeeded, but called a bandit if he failed. If he missed out on this opportunity, he would fall and have his existence erased.

If he won, from now onward, he would be leading a whole new era in Canglan Continent.

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