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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1376 - Suppressing One by One

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"Heavenly Beast descends upon the world!"

Xiao Yunjue reacted swiftly. He spat out several puffs of ancient beast Qi which transformed into illusionary, enormous beasts from ancient times, forming a great army charging at Qin Nan.


Following a saber's chime, the beasts were shattered instantly.

"That goddamned Heaven-Shattering Saber!"

Xiao Yunjue immediately wore an unpleasant expression.

The ancient beasts he summoned were all illusionary. Normally, ordinary Monarch Arts were unable to inflict any damage to them.

"Xiao Yunjue, Wan Fenghun, stop preserving your strength. Use all your power to kill this asshole right here!"

Meng Langxie yelled as he roamed in the rift after transforming himself into a sword.

Qin Nan's cultivation was simply too overwhelming, like a deep abyss with an immeasurable depth. They would simply be suppressed if the battle continued any further.

"Got it!"

Xiao Yunjue and Wan Fenghun immediately made up their minds after quickly analyzing the situation.

"Force of the God Beast, strengthen my flesh!"

"Ancestor of the Soul Path, seal..."

"Right Scriptures of the Godly Exterminator..."

At that instant, formidable auras burst out from Xiao Yunjue, Wan Fenghun and Meng Langxie's bodies as if the seals inside their bodies were activated. Their strength began to skyrocket and become magnificent like titans.

As the Young Masters of the God Beast Forbidden Ground, Godly Exterminator Forbidden Ground and the Dead Spirit Tribe, their bodies surely had the power left by the ancient authorities of their factions, readily available when they found themselves in a pinch.

"Qin Nan, I don't care if you've achieved the Martial Monarch Realm. You're going to die now!"

The trio spread out and positioned themselves in three directions. Their faces were wearing a savage look as they executed the remarkable Monarch Arts, which poured down like a surging tide, resulting in an astonishing sight.

From afar, the trio looked like three infuriated deities bringing judgment upon a sinful being that had committed blasphemy.

"HAHA, just about time, Divine Battle Fist!"

Qin Nan's robe flapped to the wind as he burst out laughing instead of feeling intimidated. The illusionary figure of the Divine God of Battle covering his body suddenly broke into countless rays of dragon-shaped blue glows and circulated around his left arm. It felt like a mysterious power had totally awakened in his left arm.


As he threw a punch forward, the sky and the ground cracked open. The incredible Monarch Arts were crushed instantly by the brute force. Even the entire blue space shuddered slightly.

The truth was, the Divine God of Battle was able to shatter the entire Canglan Continent into pieces at his peak when he was still in the Nine Heavens. Even though Qin Nan could only exert the strength of a single wisp of the Divine God of Battle's will, the power it unleashed was still extremely terrifying, significantly surpassing the trio's limit.

"Destruction Spear!"

Qin Nan did not stop there. He continued to throw three pitch-black spears forward, which swept past the layers of gust produced by the collision and penetrated the trio's chests, nailing them in the rift.


Three other cries of agony took place.

The six Genius Martial Monarchs were suppressed by a single Qin Nan.

"Qin Nan! You dare humiliate me! Do you believe that I'll lead the experts of the entire God Beast Forbidden Ground and torture you..."

Xiao Yunjue cried out in agony. His eyes were full of wrath.

Even though he had lost countless times since he was born, it was the first time someone had nailed him in the rift.

However, he did not have the chance to finish the sentence.


Qin Nan snapped coldly. The Heaven-Shattering Saber began to emit an icy saber glow again.

He was not just aiming to suppress Xiao Yunjue and the others, but to kill them once and for all.

"Qin Nan, each of their bodies has the will left by the Martial God Realm experts of their factions. If they were to encounter any danger putting their lives at risk, the will would be activated. It won't be favorable for you for the time being. You should kill them after you've achieved the Martial Monarch Realm."

The Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain's master voice suddenly appeared in Qin Nan's mind.

"Wills of Martial Gods huh?" Qin Nan's eyes flickered as he glanced at the six cultivators and said calmly, "I'll give you the chance to enjoy a great show, before taking your heads."

Qin Nan withdrew the Heaven-Shattering Saber. The terrifying aura from his body dissipated, turning him back to the same insignificant Martial Progenitor.

"Xiao Nanzi, be honest to the Princess, how did you do it?"

Princess Miao Miao immediately went up to Qin Nan with wide eyes. Her attractive face was full of curiosity.

Gong Yang and Tang Qingshan reacted the same way too, especially the latter.

He had witnessed Qin Nan failing to inherit the Monarch Horoscope during the Monarch Horoscope Contest with his own eyes.

"It's a long story. I'll explain it in details later."

"But now, Princess, Senior Brother, Brother Yang, I have a very important favor to ask. I hope you can help when the time comes."

Qin Nan wore a very stern look.


Princess Miao Miao and the others were astounded. It was their first time hearing Qin Nan asking for their favors in such a serious manner.

"I'm going to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm," Qin Nan paused slightly before adding, "On my own."

His tone was calm, and it was a simple sentence, yet at this particular moment, either Princess Miao Miao and her crew, or Xiao Yunjue and his crew who were nailed in the rift felt a great clap of thunder exploding in their minds when they heard the words.

As the battle of deciding the successor in the blue space came to an end...

Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain, on the Skyless Dojo...


Both the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain's master and Little Worm's eyes glittered.

"What's that?"

Neither the Martial Monarch Realm authorities nor the Martial Progenitor rogue cultivators were aware of what had just happened. Their faces were filled with astonishment.

How could a mere badge result in such a tremendous rare phenomenon?

"May the Monarch Force strengthen everyone from the Ocean Tribe shone by the light!"

Wan Yonggu's figure turned into a beam of light dashing high up into the sky. The badge in his hand emitted a blinding gray light shining upon everyone at the scene, including Sheng Tianjing and the others. upon


A shocking scene took place. After the gray light spread to the surroundings, the monarch force inside each of the Martial Monarchs bodies left and entered the bodies of the people from the Ocean Tribe, including Jiang Kongzhou and Wu Hong!

Their auras instantly skyrocketed!

As for the Martial Monarchs who had lost their monarch force, their auras dropped significantly in comparison!

"What's going on?"

"The monarch force in my body is no longer under my control!"

"Wan Yonggu, what are you trying to do? What exactly is that badge?"

The Martial Monarchs were shocked and infuriated!

It was their first time encountering such an eerie situation.

"The badge in your hand, is it the legendary artifact that the Monarch Ranking owns, the Martial Path God Monarch Badge?"

The ancient existence from the South-Heaven Sacred Ground stared into the sky as he recalled something.

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