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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1375 - Martial Path God Monarch

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Under the tremendous aura, every cultivator felt like a huge boulder was dropped into their calm mind like the surface of a lake, stirring a great tide.

Some of the Martial Progenitors even felt a strong pain from their chest all of a sudden, as they experienced an indescribable pressure.

The aura did not originate from monarch aura, nor was it some natural temperament similar to that displayed by Princess Miao Miao. It was the imperious aura that one possessed after going through countless difficulties, battles and killing many Martial Monarch Realm authorities.

The Martial Monarchs present on the dojo did possess the same aura to a certain degree, yet their aura was extremely weak compared to that displayed by the two.

Even Sheng Tianjing, Zhuang Cidao and Su Qingning’s auras were incomparable to theirs.

"Heng Wuduan? Does that mean you're the number one Martial Monarch four thousand years ago, Heng Wuduan?" exclaimed a silver-haired old man as he recalled something.

"I remember now! The records also mentioned that Wan Yonggu was the number one Martial Monarch five thousand years ago, the man who killed eight Martial Monarchs by himself even though his cultivation was weaker. His achievement was unmatchable!" said an aged Martial Monarch from the Undead Tribe with astonishment.

"What? The number one Martial Monarchs from four thousand and five thousand years ago?"

The rest of the Martial Monarchs and the Martial Progenitor rogue cultivators were startled.

In other words, around four thousand and five thousand years ago, both Heng Wuduan and Wan Yonggu were once in a position equivalent to Sheng Tianjing. They were considered the top genius in the entire Canglan Continent.

"Hmm? I didn't expect anyone in this era to remember us," Heng Wuduan spoke for the first time, whose voice sounded like claps of thunder.

"That isn't right! According to the records, both of you failed to achieve the Martial God Realm and were killed after being surrounded and flanked by your enemies. Why are you still alive?" said the old Martial Monarch from the Undead Tribe as he recalled something.

"That's right, we were killed in the past, and we haven't come back to life now. However, we are given a new identity, one of the Monarch Envoys of the Monarch Ranking," Wan Yonggu slowly withdrew his smile.

"Monarch Envoy?"

The eyes of the cultivators widened.

Most people in the crowd had once taken part in a Monarch Horoscope Contest, thus they were well aware of the existence of Monarch Envoys. However, they never thought the Monarch Envoys would have such formidable backgrounds.

"There were rumors about the Monarch Ranking inviting the peerless geniuses who died to live in this world in a different form, but I never thought it was real."

An old Martial Monarch of the Battle Tribe exclaimed.

The other Martial Monarchs took deep breaths.

They did know lots of secrets about the continent after achieving their current positions.

It seemed like the power of the Monarch Ranking and the God Ranking was significantly stronger than what they had imagined.

"Not bad, not bad indeed, even the top one genius from four and five thousand years ago have shown up. How impressive of the Monarch Ranking and the God Ranking," Sheng Tianjing clapped softly. Although he seemed to be uttering a compliment, his eyes were perfectly calm, "But, the time has changed. Everything in the past isn't worth mentioning anymore, let it be four thousand years, or ten thousand years."

It was his Sheng Tianjing's era now!

He would simply crush anything standing in his way into pieces!

The two were being too naive trying to rely on the power of the Skyless Dojo to break the rules, just so they could achieve the Martial Monarch Realm themselves!

"You're right, the time has changed, but haven't you heard before...it's called making a comeback!"

At that instant, Wan Yonggu and Heng Wuduan's eyes flickered with tremendous glows. The imperious auras unleashed from their bodies skyrocketed and grew significantly stronger!

They had compromised to become Monarch Envoys for thousand years for this very day!

They aimed to come back to life and stir chaos, just so the cultivators of Canglan Continent would look up to them again. No one would be able to stop then, even those that had surpassed the rules of cultivation!

"Making a comeback? What a joke," Sheng Tianjing remained calm despite facing the overwhelming pressure. He flung his sleeves and demanded, "Kill them."

He would like to see what they had up in their sleeves!

"Got it!"

At that instant, the Martial Monarch Realm authorities of the Three Great Factions and the Undead Tribe immediately unleashed tremendous glows which turned into icy killing blows locking onto the people of Ocean Tribe, Wan Yonggu and Heng Wuduan!

The whole Skyless Dojo began to tremble!


The experts of the Ocean Tribe were stunned. They immediately took out all their ancient talismans and Monarch Weapons without hesitation!

They would have no chance of surviving if they did not try their very best!

"This is most likely a head-on battle between the Monarch Ranking, God Ranking and the South-Heaven Gate! However, it seems like the Monarch Ranking and God Ranking is going to lose it!"

The Martial Monarchs from the other factions mumbled after witnessing the battle to take place.

It was the first time for many of them to see the battle between the three great authorities of Canglan Continent.

"HAHA, Sheng Tianjing, I'm afraid I'm going to let you down today!"

"Ancient Martial Path, the eternal existence of God Monarch, on behalf of the name of Monarch, all monarch force, hear my command!"

In the nick of time, Wan Yonggu burst out laughing staring into the sky. Wisps of gray auras were unleashed from his body, as a strange gray badge the size of a palm slowly floated above his palm.


The moment the badge appeared, it felt like rays of lightning from the Nine Heavens were exploding at the deepest part in the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain, shaking the world vigorously!

In addition to that, even the Skyless Dojo began to emit stronger blue glows as if it were suffering a great pressure, dying the surroundings blue!

At the same time, in the blue space in the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain...

The entire space shuddered all of a sudden.


Qin Nan frowned.

His Monarch Heart suddenly became restless all of a sudden.

"It seems like something is happening outside. The Monarch Ranking, God Ranking and South-Heaven Gate are making their moves. I have to make use of the time."

As the thought crossed Qin Nan's mind, his battle intent grew stronger.

"How is it still growing?"

The eyes of Xiao Yunjue, Wan Fenghun and the others widened after seeing this..

Didn't he already use a secret technique?

It had been a few hundred breaths since then, how is he still growing stronger?

"Destruction Spear!"

Qin Nan's figure disappeared with a whoosh, before he appeared behind Blood Rune, Qilin Flame and Vast Skythunder and raised his hand, summoning three pitch-black spears.


The three spears sprang forward like dragons lunging out from the ocean. They were fired at a shocking pace, penetrating the talismans and Monarch Weapons the trio was wearing, before puncturing their chests and nailed them in the rift in the distance.


Three cries of agony were heard.

Although the Destruction Spears were not strong enough to kill them, the Destruction Will would continue to penetrate their limbs and destroy their flesh.

"Now, it's you three's turn!"

Qin Nan's figure moved again, like a deity descending upon the mundane world.
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