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Ye Mo didn't keep heading off, he came here and realized his preparations weren't sufficient. He didn't expect there were these powers still here a few months into the Heartless Sea. So he planned to go to that Ling Island to scout out where the Immortal Curl Flower appeared in the Heartless Sea and to buy a precise map. It would be best if he could get one that clearly stated where the spirit beast power factions were in the Heartless Sea so he could avoid them.
Ye Mo thought that since Ling Island was just an island, it wouldn't be very big, but when he came to the island, he found that he was greatly mistaken. There was a spirit sense barrier formation but Ye Mo couldn't see how big the island was at all.
The South Peace City was rather big but Ye Mo felt that even a few more of that city wouldn't even be one tenth of the land here. There was actually such a huge island here in the Heartless Sea! This was far from what Ye Mo expected. What shook him the most was that the defense formation here reached level nine peak stage. Even Ji Ling might not be able to set it up.
After entering the island, Ye Mo felt a powerful spirit sense scan over clearly checking his power, but that spirit sense didn't stop at all and he didn't get questioned.
There were many cultivators here but Ye Mo didn't see any beast cultivators. They were all human cultivators.
When Ye Mo first came in, he found that the prosperity here was no lesser than any great city on land. The spacious streets had all sorts of stores on the sides and in some open spaces, there were some stalls. This was a huge market and there were all sorts of cultivators there.
There was the smell of the ocean, Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense and most of the materials here were related to the sea.
Ye Mo asked and a decent level five beast core was only a few thousand top grade spirit stones, this price was very cheap.
Ye Mo wasn't interested in these beast cores here, if there was one level eight or above, he might ask about it.
Ye Mo came to a rather large shop called Sea Treasure Place, he wanted to buy a large map but as soon as he walked into this shop, his body went cold and his power was instantly limited to below golden core state.
Ye Mo was shook and subconsciously was about to release his magic artifact but he soon calmed down, this probably wasn't targeted at him, anyone who came in here would have his power restricted.
He carefully looked around and saw all the cultivators here acted normal and he knew he was thinking too much.
He broke out in a cold sweat and became more careful. On this island, even a shop was this careful and could set up such terrifying formations that limited others' power, this was too shocking. Even in the South Peace State, he didn't see such a shop. He couldn't set up this power limiting formation.
If this wasn't someone else's shop, Ye Mo even wanted to study this formation. What formation was this powerful that could even limit one's power? But Ye Mo knew he couldn't do that, perhaps as soon as his spirit sense touched the formation, he would be taken away for questioning.
Contrary to the South Peace State, there were no attendants nor someone to introduce you to things. You had to go look around yourself and ask.
There were tens of cultivators looking inside and he also looked around.
He was planning to ask someone if there were sea maps but when he saw the variety of forgery materials, he was immediately interested.
He needed all sorts of materials to practice forgery. He was a level six forgery great master. If he bought some materials and kept practicing forgery, would he be a cultivation artifact forgery grand master when he went back to North Far State?
Ye Mo also saw a strange phenomena, the spirit artifacts here was absurdly expensive while the materials here were much cheaper than the South Peace State.
"Sigh, I really want to learn forgery, if I knew, I wouldn't have to hunt beasts and find materials anymore," a nascent soul state cultivator shook his head and sighed.
Ye Mo heard this and had an idea. He didn't have many spirit stones left and now he had a better way of collecting materials.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo walked up to the person behind the counter and asked, "Is there a sea map here?"
The person was only golden core state and could tell Ye Mo was stronger than him, he quickly said, "Yes qian bei, please wait a moment."
Then, he casually took out more than ten jade slips and said, "Qian bei, our Sea Treasure place's sea maps are the most complete, this includes everywhere within a few million radius of the Ling island and the markings are very clear…"
Ye Mo took out a few and looked before frowning, "I don't want this, I want the map for the entire Heartless Sea ."
With this, all the cultivators in the shop looked at Ye Mo - clearly Ye Mo asked for too much.
"Huh…" the person dazed and shook his head. "Qian bei, there's no sea map for the Heartless Sea, even the entire Ling Island won't have it. An auction ten years ago had one but it wasn't very complete, it was bought away for 100 million spirit stones."
Ye Mo was shook, even if there was such a map he wouldn't be able to afford it.
Seeing this, the person smiled. Clearly, there were too much ignorant cultivators like Ye Mo. He clearly wanted to cross the Heartless Sea, many cultivators wanted to do this but none of them succeeded.
"Thank you," Ye Mo smiled bitterly.
He still wanted to ask about the Immortal Curl Flower but it seemed he didn't need to or he would be seen as a queer.
Ye Mo didn't have the mood to buy materials here anymore, they were cheap but he needed large amounts.
After leaving the shop, Ye Mo felt his power recover. He felt more threatened by the formation of the shop, but this method was quite useful. If he could master this formation, perhaps he could use it for his shop in Mo Yue City.
He didn't continue asking other shops and instead came to the market. He found a spacious place and put up a sign, 'Forgery on the Spot'.
Ye Mo calculated the price for a spirit artifact and the materials needed. The spirit artifact was five times the price of the mateirals. This was quite absurd. In South Peace State it would be about 1.5 to 2 times the price.
So Ye Mo's sign read, 'Forgery of middle grade spirit artifact, price is two times the price of the materials. That means if you gave two times the materials, you can get one spirit artifact.'
Ye Mo thought he would immediately get a lot of people wanting to ask him for forgery but he waited for a whole day and there was not a single customer. Did these people love getting ripped off at shops or did they not want something from a road side stall?
This wasn't right, cultivators wouldn't care about that. They only cared about quality.
There were quite some cultivators looking at this sign but they pointed at it and left.
He wasted a whole day and didn't get a single customer. Just when he was about to leave, he heard a person ask timidly, "May I ask if you really only take double the price of the materials?"
Ye Mo heard this and rejoiced. He looked up and saw one man and woman, both were golden core state primary stage. It was the female cultivator speaking, her hair was slightly yellow and her body was skinny.
Ye Mo quickly said, "Yes, yes, just double the material price, but you're my first customer, I've decided to forge for free!"
Ye Mo just needed a start.
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