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Two hundred and twenty meters away, deep inside the mud in the ravine, Li Yao and Li Jialing couldn't have been more astounded.

They had reduced their heartbeat, breath, and even pores to the minimum and did not release the slightest bit of spiritual energy. Their body temperatures had been lowered to exactly the same as the mud, rocks, and rain nearby. Also, by common sense, it was impossible that they were working with Li Lingfeng. But still, they had been discovered by the queen!


Greatly shocked, Li Yao secretly regretted it. Just now, the queen spent such a long time talking about jibber-jabber with Li Lingfeng and even allowed Li Lingfeng to tell her great secrets probably for Li Jialing to hear!

Li Jialing is a young man no older than twenty after all. He has not been trained to the heartless and inhumane level. It is impossible that he has no emotional fluctuations after hearing such shocking origins.

It was exactly through the insignificant emotional fluctuations that the queen noticed our existence and locked onto us!

But how could the queen have foreseen that we were hiding nearby?

Was it because she knew Li Lingfeng's mind and style so well that she was certain her crushed, desperate brother had no choice except to cooperate with us?

Damn it. I shouldn't have trusted Li Lingfeng at all. He is a useless man for as long as I can tell. Even I can play him like a fool, not to mention the queen!

The queen is quite right. The guy is indeed a pig-like teammate. He is getting us killed this time!

Li Yao thought quickly for half a second if he should immediately run off before he peed his pants.

Or maybe he should rise up and lunge forward together with Li Jialing, each holding one of the queen's legs and crying "mom" at the same time. Would the chances of survival be higher this way?

But during the half a second, a series of dangerous changes already took place between the Li siblings, eclipsing the thunderstorm and the lightning.

Right when his sister berated him for being a "pig teammate" and pointed out Li Yao and Li Jialing's location, Li Lingfeng knew that his plan had failed.

As if he were trying to prove the correctness of his sister's accusation, he truly gave a pig-like performance. Instead of bursting into fury and fighting a desperate battle with Li Linghai, he bellowed and unleashed an infinite aura that filled up the entire "domain", triggering the most glamorous sound and visual effects. Then, under the cover of the aura and the domain, he rushed away immediately!

Perhaps, in Li Lingfeng's knowledge, Li Jialing was Li Linghai's must-kill target.

While Li Linghai was killing her son to get rid of the trouble forever, he would still have a chance to get away.

However, the moment he stomped on the ground, preparing to accelerate and escape, the land below his feet cracked apart. Thousands of lightning bolts, like glittering thorns, dashed out of the core of the planet and grabbed his feet and arms.

Sparks burst out of Li Lingfeng's crystal suit. Countless rune arrays and magical equipment units had been overloaded and blown apart!

As it turned out, in the middle of their conversation, Li Linghai pretended that her soul was shocked by what Li Lingfeng said, and countless lightning bolts were bashed into the ground.

It was supposed to be a sign of the loss of control over her spiritual energy. However, Li Linghai had in fact delivered the power of lightning into the soil in secret and established a magnificent cage around her brother's feet!

"Are you serious? Sending the lightning into the soil right in front of the two Divinity Transformation Stage experts and condensing them into a cage without alarming us at all?"

Bulging his eyes, Li Yao secretly clicked his tongue. "The queen's level is truly immeasurable. But it's impossible!"

"You worthless pig almost jeopardized my great cause!"

Unquestionable determination of killing gradually flowed out of Li Linghai's pale, almost transparent eyes. With a gloomy, expressionless face, she walked toward Li Lingfeng on the bridge of lightning in midair. "If I don't kill you today, who knows what kind of trouble you, the stupid pig who think that you are smart, will cause me tomorrow?"


Having been struck by thousands of lightning bolts, Li Lingfeng was in excruciating pain. In furious roars, the flames of the spiritual energy of the Divinity Transformation Stage flooded out like a tsunami and focused on his domain again, which looked like a giant sphere covered by lightning and rain. With his hair in a mess, he shouted in the middle of the sphere, "Li Linghai, don't push me too far. We are both in the Divinity Transformation Stage, and I am not much worse than you! If you are determined to kill me today, you will have to pay the most devastating price even if I die. Let's see how you are going to face the reinforcements of the four Kurfürst families that will soon arrive. You will die for sure too!"

"Do you think a pig is qualified to let me pay…'the most devastating price'?"

Not stopping at all, Li Linghai put on a smile of mockery on her face that was covered in frost. "That is why I said that a pig like you only has the petty cleverness that makes you think you are smart. You claimed that you had been drawing a psychological portrait of me for decades to infer my mindset and my behavior. You think you know everything about me, but you can't be more terribly mistaken about the most fundamental facts!"


Having been threatened in such a way, Li Lingfeng finally awakened his dignity as an expert in the Divinity Transformation Stage. The whole domain around him was blown at Li Linghai like a volcano eruption, while he performed hand gestures quickly, trying to summon his incomplete Colossus to resist the enemy.

But the most astonishing scene happened!

Right when Li Lingfeng attracted the spiritual energy in nature with his entire soul, boosting his domain to the maximum, the bolts of lightning around Li Linghai were ten times brighter than before, to the point that they were almost dazzling.

After a while of stunning dances, spins, and interchanges, the thousands of lightning were condensed into nine purple, overwhelming dragons, and the nine dragons then turned into the image of a magnificent giant that was roaring in the middle of stars!

The image…

It was ensconced into an imposing throne majestically, with the vibe of suppressing everything, controlling everything, and dominating everything. It almost had "I am the strongest man in the entire world" written inside its eyes!

In the next 0.1 seconds, the grand image was suddenly gone and absorbed into her body by Li Linghai.

Two purple stars the size of needle tips appeared at the deepest part of Li Linghai's pale eyes, and a hint of violet vaguely flowed out of the endings of her white hair that looked like a waterfall of ice too.

The queen looked calm, indifferent, and inviolable a moment ago, but right now, she was truly like a supreme dominator who could decide the life or death of billions of people with a wave of her hands!

She opened her hands, and dozens of dragon-like lightning bolts immediately dashed out of her fingertips to Li Lingfeng's right hand brutally. They controlled the enemy's Cosmos Ring and disrupted its functions with the intense spiritual energy, preventing Li Lingfeng from retrieving the Colossus!

There is even such a technique?!

Li Yao felt that his blood was freezing. He hurried to take off his Cosmos Ring, and after thinking for a moment, simply put it into his mouth.

Li Lingfeng, on the other hand, would seem less terrified even if he had run into a ghost. He had even completely lost his fighting will.

In a daze, he watched the purple electric arcs that were rolling like tides around Li Linghai. The electric arcs surged higher and higher and even built the illusions of thousands of soldiers launching a suicide charge in the middle of the thunderstorm. The neighs, roars, and collisions of blades and armors even dwarfed the rumbling thunders, further adding to Li Linghai's infinite dominance.

"The true dragon revealing itself, the infinite flames of the emperor darken the sea of stars!"

Li Lingfeng shouted desperately, "This… This is 'Dragon Over The Sky', a technique of the legendary 'Supreme Emperor'! How is it possible? How is it possible? The Supreme Emperor was the only one who had ever grasped such an unparalleled technique with the fortunes of the dominator of the infinite sea of stars! Where did you find such a technique? This is a martial art that solely belongs to the emperors. Those who do not have enough fortunes will find it unbearable. You are just a mortal. How could you have survived such a blast of spiritual energy? Your body should've exploded!"

Li Linghai took a deep breath and simply allowed the purple flames made of thousands of lightning to flow among her nostrils and mouth. Her face was so hollow that it did not seem to belong to her. With a casual smile, she said, "Brother, you know too much."

Her voice was low, deep, and majestic. Her every word sounded like the most unquestionable decree that would make everybody kneel and obey. She was like a totally desperate person from before.

"Could it be—"

Li Lingfeng finally understood everything. Caught in such desperation that his face turned pale, he shouted miserably, "I understand it now. The mysterious world fragment that you found when you were lost in space a hundred years ago was 'Gold Throne, the Empyreal Transcendence Sector' that all the Immortal Cultivators dream about, where the Supreme Emperor was buried!

"You… You excavated the legacies of the Supreme Emperor!"

"Supreme Emperor" were words that not only shocked Li Lingfeng but also made Li Yao and Li Jialing dizzy. Their ears were humming, and they found it barely possible to catch their breath for a long time.

The Supreme Emperor was the greatest expert of mankind in history, who overthrew the dark tyranny of demons that lasted thirty thousand years, who established an enormous country that spun three thousand Sectors and the system of the modern Cultivation civilization, and who pushed the civilization of mankind to the highest peak with the Star Ocean Imperium!

In the legends, the Supreme Emperor was the top expert of the civilization of mankind ever recorded.

In the legends, the Supreme Emperor received three volumes of "Book of Revelation" and opened tremendous heritages left by the Pangu civilization. Through the ultimate treasures and advanced technologies, he boosted the civilization of mankind forward by thousands of years.

In the legends, even though the Supreme Emperor developed twenty clones at the last years of his reign, pouring more than half of his strength into the clones so that the clones could help him control the sea of stars, the strength of his original body was still unbelievable and unparalleled!

In the legends, after the fierce battle between the Supreme Emperor and the Mad Armageddon, his strongest clone, which almost blew up the entire Empyreal Terminus Sector, the Supreme Emperor suffered heavy wounds and was never seen again.

In the legends, the Supreme Emperor hid in a world fragment named "the Empyreal Transcendence Sector" and fell asleep on the gold throne. The things that were buried together with him included the most sophisticated techniques, the most powerful Colossi, and the secret treasures that could arm an enormous space fleet!

Whoever had the "legacy of the Supreme Emperor" would be able to dominate the entire universe!

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