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Chapter 535: Ability To Restrain
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"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Zhuhou fled quickly as he flew into the Void Topsy-turvy Grand Array.

"Yiyi, let's follow." Qin Yun held his daughter's hand and stepped onto the Misty Rain Sword to enter a high-speed pursuit. Although Qin Yiyi was still baffled, she obediently followed her father's instructions.

"Still not giving up?" Zhuhou turned his head back and shot his pursuer a cold glance.

The void was already turned on its head. Despite Zhuhou flying a small distance ahead, he would suddenly appear in another space more than five hundred kilometers away. A sharp turn to the left would make him appear hundreds of kilometers away again. Another right turn would send him a few hundred kilometers. Zhuhou had set up The Void Topsy-turvy Grand Array himself, and had long prepared an escape route.

Although Mighty Miracle God and the Heavenly troops were destroying the massive array, the void remained sealed. All they could do was engage in a high-speed pursuit. Before they crossed the five-hundred-kilometer mark… Zhuhou had already flew out of the entire Void Topsy-turvy Grand Array's domain and emerged high into the clouds.

As for Qin Yun, he followed Zhuhou's trajectory. He went left and right as well. He exited the Void Topsy-turvy Grand Array on the heels of Zhuhou.

"Disperse." With a thought from Zhuhou, the Void Topsy-turvy Grand Array naturally dispersed. The void returned to normal, preventing Mighty Miracle God and the Heavenly troops from taking the shortest path.

"Fiend King Zhuhou, you won't be able to escape," roared Mighty Miracle God. "Restrain him!"

"Yes!" "Yes!"

In space outside the Jade Screen world, several generals were powering the Inescapable Net Array.


Golden filaments, which were criss-crossed into a net, directly appeared where Zhuhou was, instantly ensnaring him.

"It's the Inescapable Net Array again." Zhuhou had a nasty expression. "It's useless. It can't stop me." His two furry and colorful tentacles tore open the golden net and he flew forward as he destroyed the net. However, his speed suffered as a result. The Inescapable Net Array's original domain suppression plus the net's restraints made his speed only thirty percent of his top speed.

"As long as I can fly out of this Small World, Master will help me leave." Zhuhou was extremely confident. As a member of the spirit-devouring lineage, he had considerably powerful jaws which allowed him to devour Connate Numinous treasures. His master was even more terrifying! As long as he could make it out of the Small World, his master would be able to take him away… It would be difficult even for Golden Immortals from the Heavenly Courts to stop that.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The golden nets restrained Zhuhou time and time again.

Qin Yun and his daughter followed closely behind.

"Green Touring Palace's Qin Yun." Mighty Miracle God was rapidly closing in, but when he saw this, he bellowed angrily via voice transmission, "Didn't I say to fall back!? You will only get in the way."

"Don't worry. I'll stay a distance away. I won't obstruct you and your troops," said Qin Yun smilingly with a voice transmission. However, he still slowly followed Zhuhou and maintained a certain distance.

Zhuhou's two tentacles were considered very powerful.

Qin Yun also knew that there was no chance of him killing Zhuhou even if he used all his strength. He did not even dare use his Intrinsic Flying Sword, afraid that it would end up being chipped away by the 'devouring.'

"The sixteen Fiend Kings of the spirit-devouring lineage have committed atrocious sins. They have committed sins even worse than some Ancestral Fiends. The number of lives they have devoured are innumerable. Regardless, I have to kill him this time," thought Qin Yun. "My strength wouldn't be enough to do it by myself. I have to rely on Mighty Miracle God, as well as the Inescapable Net Array established by the Heavenly troops. With our collective strength… there is a chance of a successful kill."

"These Fiend Kings are all very careful. Furthermore, every time they make an appearance, they are pursued. Therefore, they only take action once in a very long time. If we miss this time, who knows when the next window of opportunity to kill such a Fiend King will appear."

Qin Yun was bent on killing Zhuhou, so although Mighty Miracle God was not being polite at all, all he did was smile.


The five thousand Heavenly troops led by Mighty Miracle God finally joined the chase, but Zhuhou had already flow several thousand kilometers away.

"Hide further away." Mighty Miracle God shot a glance at Qin Yun before continuing straight for Zhuhou.

"Die." Mighty Miracle God roared angrily as he brandished his dual-bladed ax. The cleave was augmented by the entire military arsenal as the void collapsed with a tumultuous boom. Due to the golden net's entanglement, Zhuhou was flying slower, so he had no choice but to fend off the attack.


The strike which combined the strength of five thousand Heavenly troops was indeed terrifying. It cleaved right onto Zhuhou's tentacles.

The tentacles were extremely tensile as they managed to withstand the strike, but the remnant forces which blasted out as a shockwave ended up inundating Zhuhou's body. The other parts of his body were far inferior to his tentacles.

"Pfft." Zhuhou's face turned pale as blood trickled down the corner of his mouth.

"If not for the combined forces of the five-thousand-strong Heavenly troops, would a mere Mighty Miracle God be able to injure me?" Zhuhou was secretly vexed.

As he resisted, Zhuhou continued flying.

"Take this." Beside Mighty Miracle God, another general threw out a black chain which rapidly expanded to encompass a region of five hundred kilometers as it circled around Zhuhou in an attempt to bind him.

Another general threw a bell. A gentle shake let out pearly music which inundated Zhuhou's body, encroaching straight for his Essence Soul.


Zhuhou's two tentacles easily tore through the black chains, but the broken chain rapidly mended itself and enveloped him.

The music of the bell left Zhuhou's face gruesome and somewhat in pain.

"Now take this." Mighty Miracle God cleaved with his mighty ax, carrying the power of the five-thousand-strong Heavenly troops.

The net, chain, and bell restrained Zhuhou in numerous ways as Mighty Miracle God unleashed a barrage of attack with the troops' augmentation.

However, Zhuhou forcefully defended against the attack and constantly flew high into the sky.

He rapidly covered five thousand kilometers with the aid of the Void Topsy-turvy Grand Array and had reached high into the clouds. While Mighty Miracle God engaged in pursuit, he traversed nearly twenty-five hundred kilometers again, defending and flying simultaneously.

"Another four thousand kilometers before I can fly out of the Jade Screen world." Zhuhou kept flying upwards as he constantly tore through the clouds. Even the numerous attacks from the Heavenly troops only managed to slow him down a little.

"Another thirty-five hundred kilometers." Zhuhou pressed on.

"Another three thousand kilometers." Zhuhou's injuries were worsening as another mouthful of blood spewed out. Mighty Miracle God continued attacking fervently.

"Twenty-five hundred kilometers." Although Zhuhou's injuries looked severe, he still took out a blood-colored pill and consumed it, allowing his body to rapidly recover to peak condition.

Even though the might of Mighty Miracle God and the five-thousand-strong Heavenly troops was overwhelming, to the point of worsening Zhuhou's injuries, to enervate him would require a lengthy period of time.

After all, heavy injuries could be healed with pills.

As for expending his pills? Who knew how many life-preservation pills Zhuhou had?

"Two thousand kilometers." A glint suffused in Zhuhou's eyes as the clouds thinned. He could already see the vast starry sky, and he was just two thousand kilometers away from completely escaping the Small World's confines. Out of it, the Heavenly Dao no longer suppressed the area, and his master could take him away.

"It's useless. These Heavenly troops from the Heavenly Courts remain incompetent as usual." Zhuhou smugly shot a glance at Mighty Miracle God who was chasing behind him with a ferocious expression.

Mighty Miracle God was indeed anxious and angry.

"The spirit-devouring lineage and spirit-devouring lineage are known as fiends among fiends. These fiends have ludicrous life-preservation means." Mighty Miracle God was furious. Experts from the spirit-devouring lineage would cultivate a particular part of the body to exaggerated proportions. Just a half-step Ancestral Fiend would be able to devour a Connate Numinous treasure. On the contrary, the sea of blood lineage experts were not that ridiculous. Their frontal combat strength was not that powerful, but the sea of blood lineage were nearly unkillable. The difficulty of killing them… was even higher than killing experts from the spirit-devouring lineage.

"I refuse to believe he has many of those pills that can rejuvenate a half-step Ancestral Fiend's Dharmic powers. He will definitely run out of them soon." Mighty Miracle God brandished his ax in derangement.

"Haha, another fifteen hundred kilometers." Zhuhou turned increasingly excited as his escape was near at hand.

Mighty Miracle God as well as the Heavenly troops could only pursue in indignation at full strength.

But at that moment—

Qin Yun, who was holding his daughter Yiyi's hand, shook his head slightly. "From the looks of it, these are all the means available to Mighty Miracle God and his troops. Even for the Heavenly Courts, it's not easy for them to take down a Fiend King of the spirit-devouring lineage in a Small World."

"Fifteen hundred kilometers. It's time to take action." Qin Yun waited no longer.


360 resplendent Stellar Flying Swords materialized as they flew out and headed straight for Zhuhou.

"Don't disturb us." Mighty Miracle God could not help but turn his head back as he angrily reprimanded upon seeing that. He was already feeling vexed that his mission was about to end in failure. He had also long instructed all uninvolved personnel to retreat and had till tolerated Qin Yun's tailing. Now, Qin Yun was even making trouble for him?


Qin Yun ignored him.

As the 360 Stellar Flying Swords pursued Zhuhou, the sword flashes swished into water, and instantly formed a gigantic sphere that trapped Zhuhou completely like a cage.

This move was one of the five major sword moves Qin Yun created—Water Cage!

Water Cage was like the perfected Heavenly Cycles, an unending circulation.

"Back then, the Heavenly troops had not arrived and I was afraid that you would flee after I had alarmed you previously. Therefore, I only used thirty percent of my strength. Now, take my strongest move for trapping enemies." Qin Yun was rather confident.

His great divine power, the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm, was a divine power best for trapping his enemies. The ancient Celestial Thearch had mainly relied on his 360 stars to trap his enemies. Even if the 360 stars had to advance and fill the breach from the fallen stars, they would still create an obstructive effect since the numbers were sufficient. The ancient Celestial Thearch had relied on an array formation, while Qin Yun relied on his sword arts.

The 360 Stellar Flying Swords cast Water Cage.

It was a great divine power best at trapping the enemy! Matched with a sword move which was best at trapping enemies, few ordinary Golden Immortal mighty figures would be able to match Qin Yun.

"Oh?" Zhuhou still attempted to destroy all obstructions ahead of him with his furry tentacles, but this time, although he tore through the aqueous layers, there was just too much. The obstructive force was also immense. He expended a great deal of strength before he tore open the massive Water Cage, but immediately, water swooshed over and formed the Water Cage again.

"Back when I used all my strength, didn't I quickly crack open his sword move? Why is the obstructive force so much higher now? Was he hiding his strength previously?" Zhuhou was alarmed.

Under the obstruction of the Water Cage, Zhuhou's flight was reduced to a turtle's crawl. It was less than a thousandth of his top speed.

"He's that good at trapping enemies? It's far stronger than the Inescapable Net Array of my Heavenly troops. Perhaps, he is few and far between among Golden Immortal mighty figures." Mighty Miracle God widened his eyes upon seeing that, feeling astounded and happy.

"Brother Qin Yun, Brother Qin Yun. Sorry for what I said before. After we kill this Zhuhou, I'll provide you compensation," said Mighty Miracle God quickly in joy.

"Let's kill this Fiend King first," said Qin Yun with a smile.
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