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Chapter 509: Word Spreads
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The helpless bystanders in Frost Shark Palace were extremely grateful. A small minority of them were mortals, while the rest were at the Essence Soul realm. There were even some imprisoned Skyimmortals. Until now, they had lived aggrieved existences, with the lucky ones made musicians or dancers. The truly unfortunate ones were reared for meat. Now with the sudden appearance of Yang Song, all of them were excited as they shouted, "Greetings, Exalted Immortal."

"Let's go." Yang Song immediately stored away the five array flags. At the instant he stored them away, Yang Song vanished along with the group of innocents via Major Void Transference.

And far away, Kuishi felt the disappearance of the restraining force. When she took in the scene below her, she found that the frosty land was in a wretched state. Frost Shark Palace was in shambles, with its fiends all dead. Worst of all, there was the two most important Frost Shark Palace Palatial Lords. One of them was left without a body, while the other's corpse was taken away by Wood Dragon Protector.

"Darn it." Kuishi was somewhat infuriated. She was constantly repressed by the Five Directions Azure Fire Flags and was unable to cast Major Void Transference. By the time she arrived, the trio had escaped.

"Those two idiots from Frost Shark Palace. They couldn't even last a minute. If they managed to last a little longer, I would have easily rescued them." Kuishi was fuming inwardly. "Most stupid of all is that they did not recognize the White Jade Token they obtained. Now that Qin Yun gets to benefit from it for nothing!"

Burning with anger, Kuishi flicked her sleeve and returned to the Tenebrous Fiend world with Major Void Transference.

In Green Touring Palace, Qin Yun immediately rushed for his residence the moment he arrived.

And on the way, many senior brothers and sisters greeted him very politely.

"Junior Brother Qin."

"Junior Brother Qin, when will you come to my cave abode to ponder over the Dao of Yin-Yang?"

There were too many Green Touring Palace disciples, so naturally there were all sorts of characters. Many female disciples used their bodies to attract a bunch of senior brothers and junior brothers. With this small army of men helping them in their times of need, they could thrive in the Three Realms. Qin Yun was strong and had extremely high potential. He was naturally the target of many female disciples.

Qin Yun exchanged brief pleasantries with them, all the while quickly returning to his residence.

In his chamber.

Qin Yun did a simple check through the other treasures Frost Shark had. There was nothing that surprised him.

"I cannot be too greedy. I'm already lucky enough to get a White Jade Token." Qin Yun flipped his hand and produced the White Jade Token. "After obtaining Chaos Lightning Beast Bai Xiao's treasure, I really owe a huge amount of karma."

"As for returning it? That is for when I'm at peak Golden Immortal strength. How many Golden Immortals in the Three Realms have that strength?"

Lightning Beast Bai Xiao was one of the Chaos Godfiends that existed before Pangu split the heavens and earth apart.

In fact, before the Three Realms were born, the hazy Chaos gave birth to a large number of Chaos Godfiends. For example, Goddess Nüwa, Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure, Grand Supreme Dao Ancestor, Ancestral Dragon, Gonggong, Zhurong, Torch Dragon, Phoenix, Goddess Houtu, Wood God Gou Mang, etc.

Of course, existences such as Goddess Nüwa, Ancestral Dragon, and Zhurong were especially powerful ones. The moment they were born, they possessed peak Golden Immortal strength. The Ancestral Dragon's bloodline was so powerful that it began the lineage of the dragons. As for Zhurong, Gonggong, Goddess Houtu, their descendants were likewise very impressive.

There were a bunch of relatively ordinary Chaos Godfiends. Although they were born with divine powers, most of them were at the level of the nine sons of the Ancestral Dragon or at the pinnacle of the Skyimmortal realm!

However, since the era of Chaos, too much time had passed. They had experienced numerous calamities.

After all these calamities, many of the Chaos Godfiends had perished. The lucky ones were received when they reincarnated, becoming part of the demons or humans. The number of Chaos Godfiends that survived the passage of time were extremely small in number.

"Chaos Lightning Beast Bai Xiao wasn't considered strong. He only had strength at the half-step Golden Immortal. Back when the Daoists and Buddhists joined forces to deal with the fiends, the flames of war spread throughout the Three Realms. Chaos Lightning Beast Bai Xiao perished in battle under the hands of an Ancestral Fiend." Qin Yun held the White Jade Token in hand. "His cave abode, the Lightning Beast Manor, stores the treasures he had collected over the ages. The most precious item among his collection is that Heaven Earth Spirit Root, the Lightning Fruit Tree."

There were few things in the Three Realms that were deemed Heaven Earth Spirit Roots. The most famous one was the Immortal Peach Tree.

The Immortal Peach garden in the Heavenly Courts had a total of 3600 Immortal Peach Trees. Every time Queen Mother hosted a Immortal Peach Banquet… the Heavenly Courts would invite mighty figures from all across the Three Realms to attend it. Those invited were those with rather high standing in the Three Realms.

Also, there was the Ginseng Fruit Tree, the Yellowed Pear Tree, etc. These Connate Fruit Trees were born out of the Chaos. Either they were snatched by the Connate Godfiends during the Chaos era, or they were snatched after the heaven and earth were split apart.

When Chaos Lightning Fruit Beast Bai Xiao was born, a fruit tree was born beside him. It was the Connate Lightning Fruit Tree.

He naturally took it away secretly and planted it in his cave abode.

"With the White Jade Token, I can only enter the Lightning Beast Manor. It does not mean I'm able to occupy the entire Lightning Beast Manor," thought Qin Yun. "However, the last time the White Jade Token appeared was more than two hundred thousand years ago. If my math is right, the Lightning Fruit Tree should have its Lightning fruits ripen thrice. Every time, there will be nine Lightning Fruits… So there will be a total of twenty-seven Lightning Fruits."

"The White Jade Token is safest in Green Touring Palace! No one will dare attempt to steal it from Green Touring Palace." Qin Yun was really afraid that if he were to take the White Jade Token out with him, mighty figures might even attack him for it.

"How should I use this White Jade Token to benefit me the most?" Qin Yun began pondering.

As Qin Yun began considering how to best use the White Jade Token, the news that he had obtained it was already spreading.

"Brother." Kuishi sat there eating grapes as she said, "There was nothing I could do either. That Yang Song was mad. He used a specially prepared Six-Six Black Blood Flying Spearheads and even burned his Essence Soul to push his strength to its limits! Frost Shark and his brother died too quickly. I rushed over at full speed, but was ultimately too slow."

"He burned his Essence Soul?" Fiend Supremacy frowned.

"Yes, and there's something else." Kuishi felt a little aggrieved. "When General Frost Shark died, he left behind a jade token which Qin Yun received. It suddenly produced a phenomena, and that jade token happened to be the White Jade Token of that Chaos Lightning Beast."

"White Jade Token?" Fiend Supremacy found it unbelievable. "It's in Qin Yun's hands?"

"Yes." Kuishi nodded.

"The implication of the White Jade Token is no trivial matter. I will report the matter to the higher-ups." Fiend Supremacy frowned slightly. "With Qin Yun obtaining the White Jade Token, it's like giving wings to a tiger. He will only become harder to deal with."

"What? That Qin Yun obtained the Lightning Beast Manor's White Jade Token?" Bear Mountain was holding a wine cup as his eyes went wide.

"The news is spreading in Green Touring Palace. Many fellow disciples are trying to meet him. It has even spread to Eight Scenic Palace and Jade Void Palace. I heard that he obtained the White Jade Token by joining Jade Void Palace's Immortal Yang Song and Buddhism's Wood Dragon Protector in an attack on the two brothers from Frost Shark Palace," said a white wolf demon beside him.

"Why don't such good things fall into my lap?" Bear Mountain could not accept what was happening.

"Sigh. We can only envy him." The white wolf demon shook his head.

Indeed, news quickly spread in Eight Scenic Palace, Jade Void Palace, and Green Touring Palace.

Almost every spot in Green Touring Palace had disciples discussing the matter.

"Now that Junior Brother Qin has obtained the White Jade Token, the fruits that the Lightning Fruit Tree in Lightning Beast Manor bears are things even mighty figures would want."

"Those Lightning Fruits are also known as Nine-leafed Lightning Fruits. They produce one leaf every nine thousand years. Once all nine leaves sprout, the fruit is said to be ripe. 81000 years to have nine of them. An ordinary Skyimmortal would have their body transform into a body of lightning after eating one. Their strength would increase tremendously. If they consumed two, they would be able to control the might of the divine lightning, gaining the typical strength of a ninth firmament Skyimmortal. Of course, those who cultivate in the Lightning Dharma will benefit greatly from consuming that."

"A rare treasure. Truly rare."

"The last time the White Jade Token appeared was more than two hundred thousand years ago. That means there are twenty-seven ripe fruits now inside Lightning Beast Manor."

As these Green Touring Palace disciples spoke, all of them were moved.

Unfortunately, most of the Green Touring Palace disciples could only think about such treasures with envy.

"White Jade Token?"

Far away, Sa Xu, who was playing chess, heard the discussion. His eyes could not help but light up.

He created the Heavenly Constellation Lightning Dharma himself and had been stuck at the ninth firmament Skyimmortal realm. Although he had the strength of a mighty figure, he had not been able to become a Golden Immortal.

"Lightning Fruit? I might try for it." Sa Xu thought to himself.

Word kept spreading as more and more people learned of the news. An increasing amount of experts in the Three Realms had their attention on Qin Yun. The Lightning Dharma was the leader of the myriad Dharma. Many people in the Three Realms cultivated in the Lightning Dharma; therefore, the Lightning Fruits were especially attractive to those who cultivated in the Lightning Dharma.
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