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Immortal Mortal Chapter 1082: Ku Xinren

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Chapter 1082: Ku Xinren

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"Keke, that's just a fake promise. I don't need that." Mo Wuji did not hesitate to reject Kun Yun's request.

It was truly laughable. Fight for a Sage Throne? Right now, he only hoped that he wouldn't die. This old kid Kun Yun actually dared to ask him to fight for a Sage Throne? This old kid was probably harbouring some ill intent.

Kun Yun didn't think that Mo Wuji wouldn't even blink an eye before rejecting him. He was talking about a Sage Throne. From the depths of Kun Yun's heart, he really did feel that Mo Wuji had the potential to fight for one. He wanted to say these words now because he would be able to earn the most benefits if Mo Wuji actually becomes one.

Thus, all his words were the truth; there was nothing false about. It's true that he did say them because of a Minor Sacred Art. But the more important was that he wanted to invest in Mo Wuji.

Of course, he knew that Mo Wuji's chances of obtaining a Sage Throne weren't even 1%. However, for most people, there's no need to even talk about 1%; even 0.1% was a struggle. How could Kun Yun have expected that Mo Wuji would reject him in such a straightforward manner?

Deep in his heart, Kun Yun knew that he wasn't as cunning as Mo Wuji thought him to be. If Mo Wuji could really earn the rights to fight for a Sage Throne, he would truly and wholeheartedly support Mo Wuji.

But of course, that was if Mo Wuji earned that right to fight for the throne.

Kun Yun also thought about what would happen if Mo Wuji failed. If Mo Wuji was killed, he would be closest in proximity to Mo Wuji. When that happens, he would be the first to obtain the loot from Mo Wuji's body. What kind of situation had he not seen before? Mo Wuji cultivated the Mortal Dao and was such an outstanding person. It would be weird of Mo Wuji didn't have some secrets.

If Mo Wuji did die, he definitely wouldn't allow those secrets to be revealed. This was because those secrets would end up with him. As for Mo Wuji's corpse, hehe, of course, he would offer it to the Sage as repentance.

Seeing that Mo Wuji wouldn't waver even with that, Kun Yun could only say, "Old Brother Wuji, isn't your cultivation very low? After we go to the place where I hid my treasures, I will bring you to meet an old friend. That old friend of mine also has a treasure. As long as you can borrow it for a few years, I assure you that you will transcend the God King Stage and arrive at the Unity God Stage in a short time."

"What treasure is that?" Mo Wuji could not here but ask.

"Time Plate…" Kun Yun chuckled as he tried to speak with a hint of mysticism.

Mo Wuji had never heard of the Time Plate before. Now that Kun Yun said that the Time Plate could allow him to advance past the God King Stage in a short time, Mo Wuji was moved, "What do you mean? This Time Plate can allow me to step into the Unity God Stage in a short period of time?"

Kun Yun's voice was certain, yet uncertain at the same time, "That's right, the Time Plate has the ability to accelerate time. During the acceleration, your perceptivity towards the Laws of Heaven and Earth will not be affected. As long as you have enough things to feed the Time Plate, you will be able to get the time that you want."

"There's such a treasure?" Mo Wuji also got excited. Previously, he had a time-converting array disc. However, it was as useful as chicken bones and his benefits from it were shallow. If he could obtain the Time Plate which would not affect the Laws, then it would definitely be upending.

Kun Yun said proudly, "Of course. It is a supreme treasure of fortune which even the eight Sages would desire. This is also why I'm so anxious to come here. If those Sages arrive at God World, would we have a share of the treasures here?"

"You said that you can borrow it?" Mo Wuji recalled Kun Yun's words.

Kun Yun said awkwardly, "That's right. When the time comes, I will lend him my Tao Tie Pot. If we give him a little more benefits, he would definitely lend us the Time Plate.

"You aren't trying to snatch it, but borrow it. That's out of my expectations." Mo Wuji's voice was lined with contempt. Towards Kun Yun's character, Mo Wuji had no trust nor faith in it.

Kun Yun was slightly embarrassed as he said, "That fella is too strong. Even Sages would have some reservations towards him."

"Who's that?" When he heard that even Sages had apprehensions towards this fella, Mo Wuji was slightly shocked."

"Dao Monarch Darkness, Ku Xinren," Kun Yun replied.

When Mo Wuji heard this name, he had some suspicions in his heart that this fella might be related to Ku Cai. Actually, Mo Wuji wasn't very sure of Ku Cai's real name. He thought that she took up the name 'Ku Cai' because she was forced with nowhere else to go.

If this Dao Monarch Darkness was related to Ku Cai, then her name might have more meaning than he thought.

Mo Wuji hesitated slightly before saying, "Since that's the case, I will inscribe an Art of Destruction for you after we land. Because the Time Plate is likely to require a lot of resources and because I was blocked by the Gods Race's Unity God experts when the Laws were being restored, I don't have many peak-grade god spiritual veins left. I will need you to lend me some."

Mo Wuji didn't suspect those words of Kun Yun. Although this fella had a belly full of dirty water, Kun Yun did not go back on his promises. As for the god spiritual veins, Mo Wuji had thought about it a long time ago. Even if there wasn't this matter, he would have still gotten some spiritual veins from Kun Yun.

With Kun Yun's current abilities, and with no one stopping him, he would definitely snatch more god spiritual veins than Kun Yun.

"Alright. I will give you 100 peak-grade god spiritual veins. Oh, and they all have the energy of creation." Kun Yun did not hesitate to agree to Mo Wuji's request.

Mo Wuji's heart turned cold. He thought that he was already overestimating Kun Yun's wealth of god spiritual veins. After hearing Kun Yun's words, he knew that he was still underestimating Kun Yun. If this fella wasn't rich, he wouldn't have offered 100 veins at one go.

"500 peak-grade god spiritual veins. There's no room for bargaining. You have to agree now." Mo Wuji was straightforward in the way he spoke.

"Alright. I agree." Once again, Kun Yun didn't hesitate to agree.

Mo Wuji already started to sigh in his heart. Exactly how rich was this fella?

After this agreement, Kun Yun also started to take more initiative. When Mo Wuji was studying the Great Art of Destruction, he went ahead to help control Mo Wuji's pace of descent.

Time passed slowly in freefall. One month later, Mo Wuji suddenly waved his hand.

Right below Mo Wuji, Kun Yun immediately felt a terrifying energy of destruction. Even though they were in a void-like space, he did not suspect that this energy of destruction was enough to tear apart his body and primordial spirit.

What a powerful Great Art of Destruction. Moreover, Kun Yun was sure that Mo Wuji had only touched the surface of the Great Art of Destruction. Just this surface was enough to destroy the Laws of Space in this area. This further ignited Kun Yun's desire to learn the Art of Destruction.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" The space around them started to collapse. Kun Yun hurriedly entered the Tao Tie Pot.

Although he was being defended by the Tao Tie Pot, Kun Yun could still feel the intense spatial waves. He couldn't even send his spiritual will out; the moment his spiritual will left the pot, it would be destroyed by Mo Wuji's Great Art of Destruction.

Kun Yun sighed. Previously, he thought that he was still on the same level as Mo Wuji. Now that Mo Wuji had some control over the Great Art of Destruction, he knew that the distance between the two of them was getting larger.

The sounds of rumbling persisted unceasingly. While in mid-air, Mo Wuji continuously formed hand seals. Even though the Laws in this area were incomparably tough, they could only emit sounds of cracking under Mo Wuji's Great Art of Destruction.

As he stood in mid-air, Mo Wuji was incomparably excited. It was true that he was only at the surface of the Great Art of Destruction. But this surface was already able to produce such grand power. By the time he achieves major success in the Great Art of Destruction, perhaps even the God World would crumble under a single stroke.

This was a sacred art which could even destroy the Laws of Heaven and Earth. Against such a sacred art, his sea of consciousness and spiritual will were pierceable.

No wonder why that Gods Race Unity God expert was able to use an unperfected Minor Art of Curses to kill millions of people. What if the other party was using a Great Art of Curses…

As he thought of this, Mo Wuji suddenly felt scared. This sacred art was truly too powerful. If it was circulated, how terrifying would it be?

Taking a deep breath, Mo Wuji firmed his resolution. No matter what, he would not allow his Great Art of Destruction to leave his hands.

Against this Great Art of Destruction, no life was spared.

"Bang!" Mo Wuji felt a huge impact below his feet.

Mo Wuji just realised that he had stopped falling. His two feet were right above the Tao Tie Pot. He didn't see Kun Yun; that fella was probably under the pot.

Just as Mo Wuji stepped off, Kun Yun dug out from under the pot. At this instant, his entire body was covered with mud. He simply brushed the mud off his face and said expectantly, "Old Brother Wuji, your Great Art of Destruction almost killed me."

Mo Wuji did not respond to Kun Yun as he sent his spiritual will outwards. The spiritual energy here wasn't rich. Instead, the air here was filled with defeat and agedness.
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