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As they were getting closer to Long Teng City, Jiang Liushi could finally see what was happening there. Long Teng City was surrounded by more than 20 black refitted SUVs with weapons on their roofs. There were even high-altitude machine guns installed on them.

At that moment, a man with an RPG-launcher shot at the wall, demolishing it immediately. 

"Eh? It's him?" Suddenly, Jiang Liushi saw a familiar face, Xia Mei's brother. The castrated young man was wrapped in bandages from the waist and below, and he was staring at Long Teng's members with bloodshot eyes.

It was not hard for Jiang Liushi to guess why the castrated man was there. From their first encounter, the castrated man had regarded Jiang Liushi and his team as Long Teng's member, so he launched an attack on Long Teng to avenge the loss of his little brother.

What really came as a surprise to Jiang Liushi was not the castrated man's appearance, but the cutting-edge and powerful weapons his team was using. Meanwhile, amongst his subordinates, at least half of them were paranormals.

"Does he carry that much power in the Sword Club?" exclaimed Jiang Liushi. Then he added in a low voice, "The tattooed man's background is not simple. Is he a trusted confidant of the Sword Club's leader?"

Jiang Zhuying chimed in, "The Sword Club should have plans to eradicate Long Teng long ago, and the accident of Xia Mei's brother was the last drop that made the cup run over."

Suddenly, their discussion came to an abrupt stop a few RPG rockets struck the wall, destroying half of it. At the same time, several people guarding the wall lost their lives. 

"Sword Club! You all, we have already run off this damnable place! What else do you want from us?" shouted a paranormal covered in red hue from the wall that had yet to collapse.

Long Teng's members had been forced to settle on a remote area, but ever since then, they were almost no conflicts. Naturally, the status quo's sudden change was shocking.

In the next moment, an RPG rocket was launched his way. The rocket struck the wall, releasing an explosive sound, and a crack appeared on it. As for the paranormal covered in a red hue, he was a strong one, so he dodged in time. Although the collective abilities of Long Teng's members paled in comparison with the Sword Club's, they were still a force to be reckoned with. 

"All guards, head my orders! Fall back and bring the fight inside! Evacuate all the residents and guide the ordinary people to leave from the back gate! All paranormals will stay and fight!" shouted the paranormal covered in a red hue. His voice was loud enough to be heard everywhere on the battlefield.

"Captain Yuan Fei, they have set up a machine gun outside the back gate! Many of our people were killed!" shouted a woman dressed in military attire. Her voice was crisp, while her sweet face was dyed black by the dust and ashes the explosion generated.

"Cut the carp! It's just a machine gun. Destroy it as soon as possible!" shouted Yuan Fei with a stern look. He clearly knew that Long Teng would suffer heavy losses, but there was no other way. Therefore, he decided to delay his enemies as much as possible to save a few more lives.

Suddenly, the woman dressed in military attire exclaimed, "Captain Yuan Fei! Look over there! Can you see who it is!?"

After looking at the direction the woman was pointing at, Yuan Fei was stunned!

"Jiang Cheng? He is finally back!" said Yuan Fei with a smile on his face.

"Captain Jiang! Captain Jiang!" shouted the woman in excitement. "Eh? Why is a tour bus following behind?" asked the woman.

Yuan Fei guessed that the six slaves were inside, but it was still a conspicuous and impractical vehicle for them to use. Moreover, a seemingly alloyed steel casting was tied up on its roof, which made it look extremely fierce.

"What is that?" asked the woman.

Before she could even make a guess, the woman suddenly saw the tour bus' roof splitting open and a young man jumping out of it.

Then, the young man kicked the chain, breaking it, and pulled at the peculiar thing with his hands. Shortly after, the woman was able to distinguish what that thing was. It was a huge scalp!

"Oh, My God!" shouted Yuan Fei in amazement as the scalp was about two meters long, while it seemed to weigh at least seven tons. "How can that young man lift it?"

At that moment, Jiang Liushi flung the huge scalp!

Unsurprisingly, the huge scalp belonged to the huge pangolin. After killing it, Jiang Liushi removed its flesh and skin as the whole scalp was made of alloy and he didn't want to waste it. Although he planned to store it in the MCV's storage space, he did not do so as many people were present. Thus, he temporarily kept it on the tour bus' roof.

Since the scalp was so sturdy, Jiang Liushi decided to use it as a weapon!

Naturally, upon seeing such a humongous item thrown at them, the Sword Club's members were almost scared to death. 

Someone screamed, "Run! Quickly!"

Unfortunately for them, the humongous scalp's speed was too fast, and it hit an SUV directly.

At that moment, everyone heard an ear-splitting sound. The SUV was flattened, becoming a part of the ground, while the scalp kept rolling, destroying everything in its path!
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