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My MCV and Doomsday Chapter 534: Black Cloud of Destruction

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Chapter 534: Black Cloud of Destruction
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

From the moment Jiang Liushi obtained Starseed and the virus' outbreak until the sudden appearance of the Black Hole, the world had been changing on a daily basis and alarming rate.

'When Starseed absorbs the Black Hole, I'll know what it this peculiar existence is," thought Jiang Liushi.

The minibus was being driven steadily toward the Black Hole's direction while bypassing all the zombie-infested areas. They were moving forward without hesitation but not extremely fast. The minibus' upgrade had yet to be completed, so Jiang Liushi wasn't in a hurry to face the Black Hole right away.

In the Jiangning's urban area, the Black Hole had transformed all the places from wherever it passed into barren land. On the streets, one could see the exoskeleton of cars, bones, and buildings on the verge of collapse.

Currently, on a street, a group of zombies was moving around. They had bloodshot eyes, very strong bodies, but no will; the zombies were moving based on their instincts. Their limbs were more evolved and flexible than humans', the fingers were as if someone had curved them, and their sharp nails exuded a cold light. When they opened their mouths, one would inevitably shudder from their blood-drenched sharp teeth. Although they were wearing dirty human clothes, they gave off a different feeling; neither human nor zombie - an entirely different creature.

A blond-haired female zombie was wearing a short skirt and tattered T-shirt, while a chunk of meat was hanging from the corner of her mouth. Suddenly, her back arched like a long bow, while her shoulder blades protruded, squirming under the muscles. It was like something was about to break out. The rest of the zombies looked at her with fear and tried to stay as far away as possible from her, forming a blank area around her.

At the same time, a squeaking noise came from afar. It was like a train was approaching, but its speed was much slower than one. It was probably a huge monster. The group of zombies jerked their heads toward the sound's direction like a hungry pack of wolves that had spotted their prey. The female zombie growled from its throat, while her bloodshot eyes became crimson red, staring at the noise's direction. Soon, a huge black shadow appeared, followed by a large group of mutant beasts and numerous zombies.

The slow-moving Black Hole had no longer scales on its surface. It had neither flesh and blood nor a metallic texture like before. In their stead was a single black entity like condensed dark matter in an ethereal form; cold and misty.

When the Black Hole gradually approached, the group of zombies seemed to be attracted to it, and they merged with the group of zombies behind the black shadow. Only the female zombie and a few other mutant zombies were struggling to break free from its control but to no avail. The Black Hole emitted a dark light, strengthening its control over the female zombie and the few other that had acquired intelligence. Then, it led them closer to its body, turning their flesh and blood into nutrition. The Black Hole's size didn't increase any more, but its aura became more oppressive and mind-numbing.

"That's the Black Hole! Look!"

At that moment, in a building a kilometer away from the Black Hole, the huge convoy stopped. At the same time, a large number of black lacquered muzzles were all aimed at the direction of the Black Hole. In front of them was a park. In such an open area, the Black hole had nowhere to hide.

After some time, many paranormals occupied the buildings around the park, taking cover, and started looking through the windows. Han Yuan had reorganized all the paranormals into squads that would cooperate with the soldiers. Their main objective was to find a chance and strike a fatal blow on the Black Hole.

"Hurry up. It's close!" Tang Cangyun was also hidden inside a building, nervously watching at the approaching Black Hole. Although there was still a considerable distance between them, paranormals could clearly see it due to their enhanced visions.

"I heard from some soldiers and paranormals, who escaped from the Black Hole's clutches, that guns are useless against it. And once it comes close, we'll be affected by its mental attacks. Fortunately, several psychic paranormals have been sent to assist us. Don't worry. As the saying goes, countless ants can kill an elephant!" said Tang Cangyun while looking at the Black Hole. He was nervous but also kind of excited. Peach, who was a psychic paranormal, had been allocated to his team, so he felt proud.

Tang Cangyun turned his head and said, "Peach, you don't have to worry about anything. Continue adjusting your mental state. We will depend on you when that time comes."

Peach, wearing jeans and a woolen coat, was sitting on a cushion on the ground and looked very thin. She just closed her eyes and ignored Tang Cangyun. Although she was not using her power, she could still sense the Black Hole's oppressive aura. Its mental waves were too powerful. It was impossible for her to fight against. As she was contemplating on that, Peach suddenly thought of the beautiful girl in Jiang Liushi's team.

'Maybe she could do it. It's a pity that the military didn't agree to Captain Jiang's condition. How could they be here after that?' thought Peach.

"Peach, don't take what Tang said in mind. We came here to fight for the Safety Zone, not to help him boost his career," said Wei Feifei to Peach. She didn't care whether Tang Cangyun could hear her or not. Moreover, she thought that Tang Cangyun didn't mind at all.

As confirming her thoughts, Tang Cangyun just smiled. They had already become a team after reporting their powers and abilities. Since Peach was a psychic paranormal, Tang Cangyun could simultaneously lead other teams. Although Wei Feifei was regretful for her decision to team up with Tang Cangyu, all she could now was to follow his orders. He was quite happy to act as a leader.

'When we succeed, everything will change!' thought Tang Cangyun.

Suddenly, Han Yuan's voice sounded through the intercom. "Everyone! Your attention, please! The Black Hole is approaching. You're to calmly await for further orders. Before you get my order, nobody is allowed to shoot!"

Behind the tanks and armored vehicles, as well as Bai Jianyan's Shockwave Truck,, Han Yuan and his subordinated were standing before a table. As the Commander of this battle, Han Yuan had to attend personally. He had said earlier that the moment the battle began nobody was allowed to retreat, including himself.

Han Yuan's speech had inspired all the combatants. Except for Tang Cangyun, almost everyone was like Peach and Wei Feifei. For them, the Jiangning Safety Zone was their last home. And they had sworn to defend their home!

"This is the Black Hole." Han Yuan took the telescope and saw the Black Hole clearly. It was the first time to see it from such a close distance.

Han Yuan's eyes betrayed a hint of jealousy, as well as greed!

The closer the Black Hole was getting, the more intense the atmosphere was becoming! The War Squad and the black cloud of destruction were about to clash!
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