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The underground bunker was located below the Presidential Palace, about 500 meters deep. The bunker was designed to defend against nuclear strikes.

The original intention of its design was to prevent the government and the command system of Country F from being paralyzed even in an emergency situation. However, at the moment, this underground bunker became a tomb that Country F had dug for itself.

Sea Lions Special Forces led by Garrett exchanged fire with president guards on the square in front of the Presidential Palace.

From the start of the assault to the surrender of the last president guard took less than ten minutes. The staff of the Presidential Palace surrendered and put up their hands.

When the life detection device was turned on, Garrett quickly found the entrance to the underground bunker and attacked with the special force.

Almost no resistance was encountered along the way. Defense Minister Marshal Stark and President Aquino IV surrendered. In the last room of the underground bunker, the Europe military consultant Moritz had shot himself after knowing they lost.

At ten o'clock in the morning, Aquino IV stood in front of the camera in despair and broadcasted at the Presidential Palace, to the entirety of Country F, that he has surrendered.

At ten-thirty, Country F formally ceased fire of its artilleries on the shores of Bohol Island.

At eleven-thirty, the 14th, 15th, and 17th Mountain Brigades who fought against Moro, north of MLL, raised white flags and surrendered to Moro 2nd Mountain Brigade.

At eleven-forty, the three divisions of Country F on Leyte Island also announced their surrender to 6th Mechanized Division holding the beach. Then the 5th Mechanized Division sent a regiment to receive weapons and equipment, and then sent a battalion, equipped with radiation protection suits, to search for survivors.

Two minutes before twelve o'clock, Moro declared the end of the war. The invaders were defeated!


Protected by bodyguards, Jiang Chen and President Zhang went side by side through the airport's private passage.

Celestial Trade took control of City M, and now he needed to travel to Country F immediately to contact UN observers. It was impossible for Moro to occupy Country F for a long time. He must use the limited time to win more benefits for Celestial Trade.

"The Capital condemned us for using intercontinental ballistic missiles in the war, as well as large-scale EMP weapons. It claimed that these weapons not only caused irreversible damage to the urban grid in City M but also caused devastating damage to civilian facilities..."

"France, Germany and other countries condemned us -"

"You don't need to tell me about being condemned. Do they have any substantial moves?" said Jiang Chen as he walked toward the Gulfstream G650.

"Not for the time being," Zhang Yaping replied.

[For the time being, do they intend to wait until the peace talks are over?]

Jiang Chen nodded, didn't say anything, and boarded the plane on the runway.

At three-thirty in the afternoon, Jiang Chen and Xin officials arrive in City M International Airport.

Moro 11th Airborne Brigade and 1st Armored Brigade that subsequently landed were stationed there.

In order to avoid the United Nations' request for an immediate withdrawal of troops, Jiang Chen evilly dissolved Country F's police system on the spot, and at the same time opened the prison on the ground that he wanted "to create space for war criminals" and released all criminals other than terrorists, drug lords, and kidnappers. All members of the Congress and the senior officials of Country F were taken into custody.

Now, the entire security in City M relied on the troops of Moro.

In this state of anarchy, Moro could cease fire but it would be impossible to withdraw its troops. Unless the United Nations sends a brigade peacekeeping force to Luzon Island, but that was obviously unrealistic.

Immediately afterward, Jiang Chen ordered the use of truth-telling serum on the President of Country F and the Minister of Defense and they revealed all the secrets in their stomach.


After landing in City M International Airport, Sea Lion Special Forces took over the security work.

The streets were now extremely unsafe. From time to time there were irrational demonstrators who threw stones and Molotov cocktails at the soldiers standing at the checkpoints. In order to avoid any spillovers, Jiang Chen and the Xin officials did not take the highway. Instead, they boarded a Blackhawk helicopter and flew directly to the Presidential Palace.

At the entrance to the palace, Jiang Chen met with three UN special observers.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Two of them were Europeans and one was Jewish. Two UN peacekeeping troops with blue helmets stood next to them, one of them was Chinese.

Jiang Chen could clearly feel that the one peacekeeping soldier looked at him with admiration.

Just a few hours ago, he did what they dreamed of doing.

He smiled in a friendly manner, stepped in front of the UN observers, and politely extended his right hand.


"This is not your territory. Welcome is a word you shouldn't use." The European said in English, but still extended his right hand, "Oliver Rooney, from France, the UN observer responsible for this incident. My assistants, Mr. Mangala, and Mr. Kozinkin."

Indifferent to Mr. Roone's coldness, Jiang Chen smiled and made a pleased gesture, and then he walked into the Presidential Palace.

In the Presidential Palace, a Sea Lions Special Forces soldier stepped forward. He saluted and then handed a Future phone to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen scrolled through the contents of the phone before a faint smile emerged. He tossed the phone on the table in the president's office and then opened the holographic screen.

"Where is Mr. Aquino IV? I need to confirm that he has not been treated unfairly," Rooney said.

"Don't rush things. We are very civilized and we are more civilized than some people." Jiang Chen waved his hand to dismiss his request, and then he tapped on the holographic screen. "Mr. Aquino is in jail and locked up next to his father." But before you meet him, I hope we can watch a video together."

Rooney frowned and wanted to refuse, but the video was already playing.

On the screen, the soldiers of the Sea Lion Special Forces were interrogating Aquino IV. Due to the long video, Jiang Chen dragged his finger on the screen and quickly fast forwarded to the key part of the interrogation– the nuclear weapon in Tacloban!

"... is the idea of Moritz. He told me that both air superiority and sea superiority are in the hands of Celestial Trade. If one wants to win, one must consider ways beyond the war."

"So you detonated a nuclear bomb in Tacloban?" the soldier asked.

When asked about this issue, Aquino IV's expression was slightly distorted, and apparently, he was quite resistant to this problem. However, the efficacy of the truth-telling liquid was absolute. After the soldier repeated the question, the expression on his face changed and he answered with frankness.

"Yes, he told me that as long as the weapon of mass destruction was detonated, all permanent members of the United Nations would not sit idly on this issue. It is only necessary to plant this on Moro and Celestial and the victor of the war would be us."

The three observers' expressions all changed drastically.

Jiang Chen was keenly aware of this, but he said nothing. He just smiled and continued to look at the holographic screen.

"But you lost." The soldier laughed.

"Yes," Aquino replied.

"Okay, then the last question." The soldier turned a page of the book on the table and asked, "Where did the nuclear weapon come from?"

Aquino's lips twitched and showed a stronger resistance than before.

However, the soldier did not care and just raised his voice and repeated the question.

"Where did the nuclear weapon come from?"

This sentence was like a spell, breaking Aquino's psychological defense.

This secret must remain a secret, but also because of the efficacy of the truth-telling serum, it was revealed.


The video ended, and a commotion rose in the Presidential Palace.
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