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As early as the beginning of March, funded by Luer Motors, Xin State Construction Company carried out magnetic levitation modifications on the two-way six-lane highway from the airport through the city center to the port. Using construction vehicles equipped with a pile driver at the front, the prismatic magnetic generating devices were driven under the road, and the cement was re-cast and paved with asphalt.

Almost in the same month, Luer Motors introduced a magnetic levitation model of a new generation of pure electric vehicles. While maintaining the original wheel structure, the magnetic suspension drive was installed on the chassis. The vehicle could be suspended on the magnetic levitation track.

After exchanging opinions with Luer Motors, Xin Transportation Bureau issued the corresponding Interim Regulations on Magnetic Levitation Traffic Management, tentatively designating the area between 4.5 and 20 meters above the road as a special zone for maglev vehicles; no flying devices were permitted to pass. Based on different speeds, five different tracks with different heights were delineated.

The first track was a buffer track with a height of five meters and a speed limit of less than ten kilometers, equivalent to the speed of a normal motor vehicle in the first gear.

The speed of 60 kilometers per hour was limited to the track eight meters high, and the speed of 80 kilometers per hour was limited to an eleven-meter-high track. The speed of one hundred kilometers was the maximum speed for manual driving and was located on a track fourteen meters high. As for the 17-meter-high track, the automatic cruising track was fixed at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

Maglev vehicles were faster and safer than conventional vehicles. Vehicles driving at the same height were equal in speed, so there was no problem with collisions or rear-end collisions. When entering the top track, maglev vehicles entered automatic cruise mode with the speed locked at 150 kilometers an hour. After setting the route, artificial intelligence ​​replaced the driver to complete driving tasks.

As for the adjustments in the details of overpasses, acceleration, parking, traffic lights, changing tracks, and drivers' licenses, there were also relevant regulations in new traffic management. A total of 100,000 words partially detailed all the problems.

At this point, Xin's traffic had officially leaped to the three-dimensional traffic era.

From now on, Coro City would gradually complete the magnetic levitation transformation of every road in the urban area. By then, with a magnetic levitation car, it would be possible to enjoy the speed of the highway despite being in the heart of the city. Even if the population density doubled, there would be no need to worry about traffic jams.

Coro City would still require a period to popularize the magnetic levitation vehicles, while Penglai City already fully promoted this technology. As early as the completion of the city, the magnetic levitation track was embedded under the urban traffic network. With the introduction of the Interim Regulations on Magnetic Levitation Traffic Management and the release of the Luer EML model, this novel transportation vehicle was popularized in the city on the sea.

However, this innovative vehicle did not receive the attention that it deserved in the international community.

The reason for this was mainly because the concept of the magnetic levitation wasn't a novel concept.

What's more, Luer EML's release just happened be in the midst of a conflict between two "private military contractors" in Ukraine. Celestial Trade even revealed two lethal weapons, outer space weapons and orbital airborne troops. This series of moves snatched headlines from Luer Motor and attention from the international community, causing the innovative technology to not receive the recognition it deserved.

However, from the number of views of the vehicle from major social media sites, people were quite interested in the transportation vehicle that could fly on the road. The citizens of UA, known as the country constantly behind the wheel, immediately headed to Luer stores to demand a release date of the new Luer EML, which made the store managers quite dumbfounded.

They obviously didn't understand the maglev car only worked on roads specifically designed for this purpose. Before the introduction of the magnetic levitation vehicle, magnetic levitation roads must be first built. And this decision wouldn't be the decision of a certain company but rather depended on the transportation department of the nation.

However, the first one to knock on the door wasn't the UA across the ocean but neighboring Hua.

"Hello, Mr. Jiang, my name is Zhou Yuanyuan. This is Guo Maolin, General Manager Guo..."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Jiang." Manager Guo smiled and shook Jiang Chen's hand with great enthusiasm. "I have long heard of Mr. Jiang's profound reputation!"

"That's flattering." Jiang Chen modestly arched his hand, but he felt great about the comment.

After some small talk, Jiang Chen invited the two to sit. The office assistant poured tea for the three then left the office. Minister Zhou perhaps knew about Jiang Chen's temper. He took a sip of the tea and without being indirect, he mentioned the purpose of his visit.

"I'll be honest. After seeing the magnetic levitation cars in Coro City and Penglai City, I was quite astonished! A concept that originally belonged in films has now became reality bit by bit because of your work." Minister Zhou smiled kindly. "I'll be straightforward. Is Mr. Jiang interested in the Hua market?"

"Mr. Zhou wants to bring magnetic levitation cars to Hua?"

"Exactly." Minister Zhou nodded seriously and said with a smile, "This magnetic levitation car is an amazing invention tailored for major metropolitans like Wanghai! If cars can be suspended in the air without any safety issue, then we don't have to put restrictions and only use temporary solutions."

"I understand what you mean. Magnetic levitation vehicles do help greatly in relieving traffic pressure. But you might not know that our magnetic levitation cars can only travel on a specific type of road. Bring the car to the market is only the second priority; the first priority is to build the right infrastructure," Jiang Chen explained.

"Then... is it difficult to develop the infrastructure?"

"The construction isn't difficult, but it isn't cheap," Jiang Chen said bluntly, "And the most important thing is on the policy-side. Without the traffic regulations related to magnetic levitation vehicles, we don't have the guts to export this. We're a proper business and we can't sell a shady product."

"Hahaha, Mr. Jiang certainly has humor. Money isn't a problem. As for the policy, since I came here, do you still have to worry about policy making?" Minister Zhou grinned and put down the teacup in his hand. "This purpose of my trip was to discuss this traffic regulation issue. I have to learn from you, and I hope Mr. Jiang won't mind?"

"Of course I don't mind. I will have my assistant print a copy of the provisional regulations for you." Jiang Chen smiled.

"Thank you, thank you! Right, the next issue is for you business people. Rest assured about the policy side; this has already been discussed by the Central Committee. If we can reach an agreement, this will benefit the country and the people. I would like to thank Mr. Jiang on behalf of the people!" Minister Zhou said then looked at Manager Guo before he handed the conversation to him. "Little Guo, why don't you chat with Mr. Jiang?"

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