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Immortal God Emperor Chapter 250 – A sparrow turns into an eaglet

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Even though many direct descendants of the rich and powerful families had asked countless of people, used numerous relations, and tried every possible way that they could, to ask Lu Zhaoge to be their teacher. However, they all got turned down.

Rumor has it that the emperor had once personally asked for a Prince to join the Youyan army, however, he also got declined as well.

The number of people, who had wanted to become Lu Zhaoge’s disciple was uncountable like the fish in the ocean.

As long as Lu Zhaoge had opened his mouth, countless of young men with extraordinary abilities would cry out out, kneeling down to honor him as their teacher.

It wasn’t only because Lu Zhaoge was one of the tiny number of the top masters, but only because of his particular status. Lu Zhaoge had been commanding the Youyan army for decades. His achievements were splendid. Regardless of his prestige, competency, or influence, there rarely was people that could have been compared to him.

Therefore, becoming Lu Zhaoge’s disciple meant in inheriting those outstanding martial arts and becoming a martial arts master. They also had a high possibility in inheriting Lu Zhaoge’s prestigious status. Even if that person was just a beggar, as long as he could have been able to become Lu Zhaoge’s disciple, he would have soared into the sky with just one step, immediately becoming a highly important person that all the influences in the entire Snow Country treasured.

People couldn’t imagine that Lu Zhaoge, who had shut his door and didn’t take anyone as his disciple, had wanted to take an unknown young military officer to be his disciple.

In just a second, all the boiling frightened eyes immediately focused on Ye Congyun.

In an instant, although Ye Congyun had a calm and firm mind, he couldn’t help but to be frightened to his inner core.

Honestly speaking, he wouldn’t have dared to have dreamed about such a good thing like this happening before.

However, at this moment. . . Such an unexpected happiness like this made him completely perplexed. He didn’t know what to say or what to do. His mind was blank. It took a while before he could calm himself and unconsciously looked at Ye Qingyu.

Because before that, he had said that he had wanted to follow Ye Qingyu. The fact that he turned up here was all because of Ye Qingyu.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu also had just recovered to normal after being struck by surprise. He couldn’t help but be overjoyed, laughed out loud and said, “Ha Ha, don’t look at me. Such a good thing like this, why don’t you hurry up and take your chance. . . hey hey hey, you can’t, thousands of times, make any silly mistakes right now. How come you are still dumbfoundedly standing there. Hurry up and kneel down. Bow to your teacher.”

Truthfully speaking, Ye Qingyu really made Ye Congyun happy.

He had originally wanted to help him be reborn as the next Ye Congyun. He had even considered passing on his bronze ancient book about the fighting techniques. But it wasn’t necessary for it to have been suitable for his cultivations. If there were any other methods, it still would have been a little difficult in finding a famous teacher to teach him.

He didn’t think that Lu Zhaoge would have opened his mouth to receive disciple.

Ye Congyun’s luck had really gone against the heaven’s will.

“But, but. . . I. . .” Ye Congyun barely managed to breath. He forced himself to be calm again.

After that, he sincerely bowed to Lu Zhaoge, then said, “Being able to become your disciple is something that I wouldn’t have even dared to dream of, but I. . . my competency is really weak. I am twenty one this year, which passes the best age for cultivating. I am afraid that I would be slow when it comes to any type of cultivation in the future. Therefore, it is possible that I would make you lose face.”

Upon hearing his words, Lu Zhaoge sent out a glimpse of appreciation from his eyes.

“How can a disciple of Lu Zhaoge’s fear to lose face? Let along, the blood running in your body also has the same origins with me. You are the best martial arts candidate in being my successor. Although you have missed the golden age to have cultivated into a martial arts master, Marquis Ye has used a mysterious method to train your body. Therefore, today you have been reborn, like a completely new person, which is also the best phase to start cultivating. Also due to the bloodline in your body, it will propel you to the true cultivation of the martial arts. . . ha ha, don’t be disturbed by other thoughts. Just put your head into martial arts and of fearlessly going on forward. There will be nothing that you can’t do.”

These words had left Ye Congyun without any further hesitations.

“Disciple Ye Congyun, greet the teacher!”

The young military officer kneeled on both of his knees. He then formally paid his respects to his teacher.

Lu Zhaoge nodded his head a few times then said, “Alright, stand up. Today’s matter has been decided. Wait for a while, I will do the official acceptance ceremony, and officially announce of my decision to the entire country. Let everyone know, that you, Congyun, are my disciple. Of course, Lu Zhaoge’s disciple’s acceptance ceremony, can’t be done recklessly like this.”

“My deepest gratitude to you, teacher.”

As time passed by, he slowly regained his composure. His formidable disposition and willpower had helped Ye Congyun start to regain his composure again.

Everybody around also knew that this matter had completely been finished. They used their curiosities and admiring eyes to examine Ye Congyun.

Everyone clearly understood that from now on, this young man would have had a complete change. If before, he was just a small sparrow in a slushy bush roaming around for food, then from this point onward, he would now be an influential eaglet who could deal with the numerous of influences in the entire empire.

This fellow, Ye Congyun, would have been famed in the entire empire in no time.

However, Liu Suifeng and the others were still feeling puzzled inside.

They knew Lu Zhaoge really well. Their Da ge was not like any other ordinary person. Today, he suddenly opened his mouth to take in a young man, whom he had just met for the first time, to be his disciple. The reason behind it was probably not because of the martial arts that had run in Ye Congyun’s blood or the excitement when someone found of a way out of a dead end. There was definitely a more profound reason.

Only Liu Yuqing was deep in his thoughts. On the other hand, his eyes were glaring at Ye Qingyu.

In his heart, he was exceedingly eager to find out more about it.

Even the Pass Lord Lu was helpless. What kind of methods had Ye Qingyu used to cope with this?

And also the Pass Lord Lu had been in a desolated room, what kind of conditions had Ye Qingyu met?

. . .

. . .

Hundred herb hall.

“How come he hasn’t showed up yet.”

The usually calm Lin Qingyi was no longer here.

He was like an ant crawling on a burning pan. At the main hall’s door on the first floor of the Hundred herb hall, he was hastily pacing back and forth. He looked towards the crowd at the entrance as if he was searching for something.

Beside him, there were three young apprentices. They didn’t dare to say a word and just silently stood there.

“There is about one hour until the agreed time. Master Lin, don’t worry. He will come here really fast. . .” Shopkeeper Sui swept away the sweats on his forehead. Meanwhile, he blindly followed Lin Qingyi with a smile on his face.

Since the Mysterious Heaven Pill was crushed by a young apprentice, everything was reversed entirely.

That Mysterious Heaven Pill was originally determined as a fake one. In a blink, after it was crushed, a strange fragrance filled up the air, which was something that Shopkeeper Sui had never seen before in his whole life. That was indescribably an eccentric fragrance, not to mention, an undeniably marvelous effect. Although Shopkeeper Sui was not an outstanding martial arts master, with just one sniff, he had already had a refreshed and pleasant feeling.

In a blink of an eye, Shopkeeper Sui had already known what was going to happen.

Definitely, Lin Qingyi was disappointed. He was like a rabbit, which was stepped on its tail jolting up. He then looked at the broken pieces of the crushed Mysterious Heaven Pill in his hand with doubtable eyes as if he had seen a ghost during the day time.

Those three dull apprentices were still standing dumbfoundedly in the same place.

Shopkeeper Sui could still have remembered it clearly until now. The expressions of Lin Qingyi at that time when seeing the crumbled pieces of the medicine pill were: his hands were trembling; His complexion had changed unimaginably from frightened to joyful then confused then some kinds of indescribable feelings. . .

At that time, Lin Qingyi had held the crumbled pieces of the medicine pill as if he was holding something that was from Heaven.

Afterwards, everything was as if it had been decided before.

Lin Qingyi directly used his body to test the pill, swallowing down half of the Mysterious Heaven Pill.

Then again. . .

“Bring me some hot water to bath in. . .” At that moment, Lin Qingyi’s expression was one of being scared.

He used an honorific to earnestly say, “I want to take a shower to welcome the invincible Pill Master. . . Shopkeeper Sui, you have to protect the remnants of the Mysterious Heaven Pill. You must preserve it well. . . alright, I’d better preserve it myself. Give me other remaining remnants of the pill.”

After that. . .

When Lin Qingyi had finished taking his bath, he was like a sincere follower, waiting at the main door of the main hall of the Hundred Herb Hall.

According to the information from a mysterious man, today, he would have returned to the Hundred Herb Hall to inquire about the Mysterious Heaven Pill’s sales agreement.

Shopkeeper Sui’s heart went through a series of changes. From the clouds to the valley, from the underestimation to the changes of the clouds, this mysterious man’s curse had been thrown away to the cloud nine. Right now, he was fervently praying inside, that this mysterious man would have come here soon.

He was deeply worried that if this mysterious man didn’t show up, then what was is that they could have done next?

The worries in his head were slowly becoming true.

Lin Qingyi had been waiting in earnest till the sun went down. The mysterious man in white clothes still had not turned up.

“What’s happened? How come he hasn’t arrived?”

Lin Baiyi anxiously rubbed his hand.

As a genius Pill Master, not to mention the fact that he had always been around his teacher to watch and learn since he was a kid, he knew the meanings of the Mysterious Heaven Pill better than anyone else. This was definitely a pill that could be able to innovate the martial arts cultivations, which was the masterpiece of the Medicine Pills in this world. Even though, it was just stopped at the level of a Medicine Pill, it wasn’t exaggerated to say that it could have been much more precious than a spirit pill.

It didn’t have any adverse effects but in enhancing the martial arts cultivation.

Just only this single point was enough to make the entire empire crazy about it.

What did that mean?

It meant that once this Medicine Pill, Mysterious Heaven Pill, was produced on a massive scale. In a really short amount of time, it would have created an army of martial arts masters. That meant that many masters on the Spirit Spring stage were like some kinds of white potatoes and white radishes, which were constantly being bred in such a short time.

In the boring and long times of the past, countless Pill Masters, and countless geniuses had all wanted to have turned this imagination into reality.

But they had all failed in the end.

Therefore, the entire Pill Master circle had eventually openly admitted that this kind of Medicine Pill had no longer existed.

However, at this very moment, it had used this method to reappear again.

Lin Qingyi had personally tried out this Mysterious Heaven Pill.

Even though the duration since he had consumed to test the pill till now had only been four hours, he could vaguely determine that this Mysterious Heaven Pill didn’t have any side effects, not to mention its ability to enhance the cultivation levels, which was so obvious and certain. Lin Qingyi had used his fifty-year Spirit Spring Cultivation of a martial arts master to examine it. Therefore, he had comprehended it more deeply.

He had also attempted to distinguish the ingredients that made up the Mysterious Heaven Pill.

With his experiences in making Pills, he still didn’t get any results.

He had no way to define the ingredients of the Mysterious Heaven Pill. He could in no way, tell of a single ingredient of it.

This made him understand that if only he could have found the Mysterious Heaven Pill maker, or else, there was basically no means to find out the half-finished product from this or the pill formula.

“What exactly on earth was this, and how he could have made such a miraculous medicine pill?”

Lin Qingyi was extremely curious.

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