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"Get away from me! To one corner! Further away! Can't you see that I am injured?" Mei Xue Yan flushed with embarrassment instantaneously.

After a few exchanges and laughs, the two then began to attend to Mei Xue Yan's wound. Jun Mo Xie was a little heartbroken at the sight, to be honest. There were a total of thirteen wounded areas on her body, seven caused by swords and four due to opponent's mastery.

Her waist and shoulders were bruised by opponent's kicks, with more of abrasions and less of internal injuries.

Though her injuries were less severe, Mei Xue Yan cannot stop herself to vent her frustrations within. She retrieved a pill, using snow-water to remove the impurities. Another pill was kept within and prescribed for Mei Xue Yan. She undressed herself, showing off her fair snow-white skin. A little wobbly and uncomfortable, but still she kept still when Jun Mo Xie applied the medication on her wounds.

When she had already given her heart to him, does showing her body even matter?

But Jun Mo Xie had no other intentions. Mei Xue Yan's injuries were like his own. If he had not wanted a quick fix and was less full of himself, Mei Xue's capability would have killed the seventeen masters from Rong Zhou Xuan, one by one. Fighting a quick battle may not be the wisest decision after all.

If that was the case, now is not a good time for any brilliant tactic. Thinking of that, Jun Mo Xie cannot help but to feel a little heartbroken, especially at the wound on her back that was caused by the sword. The wound was half a foot long, almost hurting her bones.

For a peerless beauty like Mei Xue Yan, such a wound was enough to leave flaws on her skin, not to mention the other areas that were affected.

While Jun Mo Xie was applying the medication with care, he maneuvered the heaven and earth's spiritual energy. Pulsating, it gushes into Mei Xue Yan's nerves and pulses, healing the spots of her injuries completely.

Actually, the medication that Jun Mo Xie brought along was enough to heal Mei Xue Yan's injuries, without leaving any traces of blemishes, but only that it required more time. Using Hong Jun Pagoda's spiritual energy healing treatment, in this case, was honestly wasteful. But what Young Master Jun had was capital. What was wasted was already wasted, and there was not a trace of regret on his face.

If Hong Jun Pagoda is spiritual, it would definitely anger someone, knowing what Master Jun had done. He had used this magnificent heaven and earth's spiritual treasure to his advantage – picking up the girl he likes.

Mei Xue Yan could feel that the pain from the wounds, which were originally hurting, were soothe and thus calming her whole body. She guessed that the medication had took effect. What came after was a sudden gush of heaven and earth's spiritual energy that rushed through her body. She was momentarily energized, every nerve and fiber pulsating with energy. Mei Xue Yan rejoiced. This was the result of her practice of heaven and earth's core energy, used at the right time to replenish her core energy that had diminished.

But the moment the thought arose, she realized that the heaven and earth's core energy had been transferred and was treating her own wounds.

Instantly, the wounds felt numbed. This was a sign of recovery. But Mei Xue Yan was mad with anger.

How can I allow myself to use such precious heaven and earth's core energy on these negligible wounds? How desperately do I need them? I am a typical example of a prodigal…!

Jun Mo Xie's reputation of a prodigal son being fed with a silver spoon was truly well-deserved.

But how can I lack the self-control as well?

Mei Xue Yan was irritated. She used what was left of her and spoke, finally,

"Jun Mo Xie, what the hell have you done?"

"What the hell have I done? I am treating your injuries." Jun Mo Xie reasoned. To him, the use of heaven and earth's spiritual energy was not wasteful at all, there was plenty around.

Mei Xue Yan was infuriated almost to the point of insanity. Grating her teeth in anger,

"Y… Y… You… Such a small injury, how could you waste the heaven and earth's spiritual energy? Y… You… Can't you just learn to control yourself?"

What? Jun Mo Xie felt a little strange instantly. Batting his eyes, he said,

"You really need this? You should have told me earlier, or else how will I know? Just tell me if you need it!" At that moment, Mei Xue Yan's wounds were completely healed. Jun Mo Xie gently helped Mei Xue Yan to put on a bear-leathered thick coat. Xiong Kai Shan's bear-leathered coat was essential for the road ahead.

"What nonsense! I practice core energy, of course I will need it!… Your heaven and earth's spiritual energy, such a refined and rare piece which I had never seen before, how can you use it to treat such negligible wounds? You are making me boil with so much anger that I want to bite the hell out of you!" Mei Xue Yan became spiteful.

"What? Ha… Ha… Ha…" Jun Mo Xie had a big laugh. He had really gotten a treasure this time. Opening his palms, he heard a bang. The heaven and earth's spiritual energy surrounded every part of the place. Mei Xue could not believe her eyes,

"W… What is happening?"

"Hehe. This, I have plenty of it." Jun Mo Xie stretched out his fingers lightly, tugging on Mei Xue Yan's chin, talking in a gangsterish manner, "Babe, if you do as I please, serving my needs, I can give you as many heaven and earth's spiritual energy as you wish." Master Jun squared his shoulders playfully, sending out gloating laughters.

In respond, Mei the beauty beat off Mou Deng Tu Zi's hands and pouted her lips, ignoring Jun Mo Xie. But she was conflicted.

Should I allow him to take some advantage? That is heaven and earth's spiritual energy, such exquisite and rare treasure which I have been longing for.

No, I will not plead him for it! If he refuse to give… refuse… to give… Hmmm.

With an innocent heart of a mystical beast, he would have gave in to any girl who pouted, brows furrowed or showed any form of displease, quickly and willingly giving them the heaven and earth's spiritual energy. This would require Mei Xue Yan to be a million times more careful…

But given Mei Xue Yan's pride, she would rather go close to Jun Mo Xie or people similar like him, who were certain who they want to dedicate their lives to, than to flirt with them. Of course, Jun Mo Xie knew this perfectly well.

Jun Mo Xie acted decisively on his own since Mei Xue Yan was injured. Both of them rested for a few days. Mei Xue Yan was very touched by the act that she did not bother finding fault with him. For the place to rehabilitate, again, Jun Mo Xie used his resources, using a large quantity of snow to make a snow room. Under secrecy and without anyone's notice, both of them, with the aid of a large quantity of spiritual pills and heaven and earth's spiritual energy, recovered completely. They could then enter the realms at an enormous speed.

But within these few days, people from the outside world became very apprehensive.

"There still isn't a single news from Xunshi Immortal Palace?" Zi Jing Hong paced around the room, hands behind his back, forehead furrowed with apprehension. "What about Ning Wu Qing? Did he escape?"

Although a battle had lost, Zi Jing Hong would never have thought that Xunshi Immortal Palace's army would be annihilated. The thought would be over-exaggerated and too unbelievable. Although half of Xunshi Immortal Palace's leading figures were dead, but they still have the far-sighted Ning Wu Qing. With one decision-maker, it would be easier to execute implementations. Besides Ning Wu Qing, there were eight more Beyond Supreme masters and twenty Supreme experts! Given such scale of abilities, depending solely on Supreme Mei would be impossible to defeat, much say to kill all of the opponents.

The only biggest possibility was that Supreme Mei escaped when the situation turned unfavourable.

But, where did Ning Wu Qing led his people to? Or did he manage to catch up at the end? If that was the unfortunate case, at least Mei Supreme had the unrivalled ability to take flight which no one on earth would be able to compete against. There would be no reason for the opponent to escape.

As Zi Jing thought to himself, he began fuming with rage,

"Ning Wu Qing was known as a wily, and his life has been spared for the longest time, how can they lose the chance? No matter if they did get him, win or lose, they should have at least informed. How can they disappear without a trace? I really can't stand what they had done! If they continue to employ such working methods, with no beginning and end in mind, how can they move on to greater endeavors?"

Xiao Wei Cheng sat down heavily on the other side of the room. He quietly held on to his tea cup, drank his tea and remained silent for a long time. There were five to six Beyond Supreme experts in the room, who belonged to the Sea of Fantasy Blood and Supreme Gold City. There was an air of tension in the room, everyone seemed to ponder about something.

There were small flea markets everywhere and the only guest inn was located here, which had already been occupied by the Sea of Fantasy Blood. Even so, for the large number of people they had, there was insufficient space for them to stay. When Xiao Wei Cheng and his people arrived, the dining hall had to be turned into a guest room temporarily. The class of Beyond Supreme experts lived like ordinary manual workers, four to five of them squeezing in a room. How humiliating could this be…

"Brother Xiao, you mentioned previously that the Supreme Killer Chu Qi Hun had also participated in the battle of the Aristocrats Sect and Supreme Mei? How true is that?" Zi Jing asked, without a tinge of embarrassment, although for a long time no one responded. For a while, he was unhappy and angry.

"That is my guess, at most." Xiao Wei Cheng replied heavily, straightening the crown on his head, without battling his eye. Till today, he still dwelt on the battle designed by Zi Jing that Supreme Gold City fought, and had not treated Zi Jing well ever since. If he still harboured the thought of killing Supreme Mei, having the intention for any gains, he would have turned the tide for Supreme Gold City earlier then.

"What evidence did Brother Xiao have to come to that conclusion?" Zi Jing asked thoughtfully, "Brother Xiao, it would not have mattered much if there is only a Chu Qi Hun. But Supreme Mei is highly skilled in Xuan cultivation, beyond what you and I have mastered. At the moment, she has displayed the violent and malice side of her and is no longer the old, kind-hearted Mei Xue. Given her craftiness, and if she has the mysterious Chu Qi Hun as an assistant on her hands, this will land us in deep trouble. We cannot afford to treat this lightly."

"I already know this. During the previous battle, this damn Chu Li Hun was the one plotting to kill so many of us!" Xiao Wei added on, a little unwillingly, "All the victims were killed with one shot, even the ones closest to him could not hear any gun shooting at all. Till this decade, no one, other than the scoundrel Chu Li Hun who kills, owns such an immaculate killing skill!"

As Zi Jing listened on, she was surprised. She, quickly but softly, asked for the reasons behind what had happened. Before the battle, Xiao Wei could only set his opinions aside and recount what had happened, without leaving any information behind. As he recounted, he thought of his brothers, countless of them, who were buried and left in the wilderness. He cannot help but to grit his teeth in anger, the glint of anger in his eyes, his heart boiling with vengeance.
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