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Jun Mo Xie had been restraining his tyranny with difficulty. However, there was a suddenly a 'whistling' sound as his body spun and rose high in the sky. Then, a glistened brilliance flashed in the sky.

The Flame of Yellow Blood had been unsheathed!

"Don't… please… spare me…" the big man who hung in midair hadn't even finished speaking when he was cut into two halves. Then, there was a 'squishing' sound as his lower back disconnected with his body, and fell down. This left a gaping hole in his abdominal cavity. And, blood fell down with a huge clamor like a giant sack. His vital organs also dropped downwards along with his intestines. However, the entirety of his organs didn't drop to the ground. After all, his intestines were firmly attached with his body. So, they only hung down from the upper half of his body.

His intestines resembled a thin snake. They even issued some steam as they dropped from high up. However, they suddenly stopped short of the ground. Consequently, they were left to resemble a blood-red ribbon that was hung from a flagpole.

However, that big man still hadn't died at this time. He screamed as his upper-half twitched while remaining hung on the flagpole. Then, he trembled as his eyeballs popped out with a "Puff! Puff!" sound under the effect of the excessive pain. However, they were also left to hang from his face after that…

More blood smeared the ground…


The spectators' faces were splashed with bits of his blood. But, each one of them remained standing on their spot in a daze, and continued to stare foolishly at this scene. They couldn't dare to make a single move; their eyeballs had also frozen from extreme fear. Their faces clearly belied their state of extreme horror.

These scholars had only read rigid and inanimate books. Could they have ever seen such a bloody scene? These men had heard nothing of the outside world, and had only been absorbed in books. In fact, they hadn't even killed a chicken in their homes. However, they were witnessing one of the cruelest and bloodiest scenes in the world at the moment. Even fainting at the sight of such an extremely terrible spectacle would've been a luxury for them…

Who would've anticipated this? It had merely seemed as if Jun Mo Xie was having a huge argument with the three scholars. They clearly had a dispute, but no one had thought that it would end in such a fatal conclusion…

There had been no warning when that man had flown into the sky. Then, the back of his head was hung from the flagpole. After that, his lower-half had ceased to exist with a 'slashing' sound. His belly had been left to resemble a bottomless fish tank, and his organs were suspended from it with a 'squishing' sound.

Jun Mo Xie had created such a scene of slaughter in broad daylight and public view!

This crowd had come here with a lofty attitude. Moreover, they had been carrying the same mindset — [The law can't hold a crowd responsible!]

[You may be extremely shameless Jun Mo Xie. But, even you will never kill someone in front of so many people in broad daylight. Even you wouldn't dare do it! Moreover, you will only be able to run and hide your tail in the face of such great condemnation. And, your Jun Family's reputation would drown in front of the entire Tian Xiang once you've fled. Even one man's spit would be enough to drown you once that time comes!]

[Then, there's the Emperor and his power. But, no Emperor can ignore such turmoil in his populace; an Emperor can't neglect the reaction of the masses! So, the Imperial Court would have no choice but to react to this uproar once it would reach the court. And, they would only have two options — the first one would be to send troops to suppress the protest. And, the second one would be to make the Jun Family apologize in public with a proper explanation!]

However, how could the many anti-Jun factions compel the Emperor to act in their favor? They had waved their banners, and had aroused the popular sentiment in their favor. This was the only way they could ask for the Jun Family's execution…

Therefore, they felt that the Jun Family's day of judgement had finally arrived…

Their actions had obviously been very extreme. However, none of them had ever expected that the actions taken by Jun Mo Xie would be even more extreme than theirs! He didn't run or hide. Instead, he faced them head on. He didn't even deliver a great speech to explain the truth. Instead, he plainly used his power to act in a cruel and bloodthirsty manner.

The spectators felt their heart jump through their very throat as they watched this extremely cruel, torturous, and bloody scene. In fact, they felt as if their eyes would pop-out. Their vision had suddenly blurred, and they couldn't even hear properly. In fact, they felt like they were experiencing a nightmare…

They could only think of one thing; [I have to leave this place as quickly as possible! It doesn't matter if the Jun Family is innocent or not… I don't care if it shamed in front of the whole world… It doesn't matter who wins or loses in this struggle! It doesn't even matter how the others will perceive this! I want nothing to do with this! It simply doesn't matter to me anymore… this is so terrible… oh ho…]

"Ha ha ha… you preferred to have your body crushed because you wanted to leave this world whilst you remained pure, right? So, where is that 'purity' now? Your body has been crushed! But, where have you left your purity? Why don't I see it?" Jun Mo Xie laughed in a cruel manner. He then sneered at the bloody spectacle he had created, "I can only see a pile of pulpy flesh. But, I can't see any 'purity'!"

Jun Mo Xie laughed loudly as he slowly moved towards a scholar who stood in front of him. Then, he asked him in an extremely gentle tone, "I didn't see his 'purity'. Did you see it? You please tell me if you saw it, okay?"

That middle-aged scholar had wanted to cram back into the crowd. But, his legs had become weak and powerless at the sight of this slaughter. Moreover, there were many people behind him. He had exerted his entire strength, but the people who stood behind him had made no room. In fact, he had felt that he had run into the firmest copper wall, and was left terror-stricken at this realization. And then, Jun Mo Xie had suddenly walked up to him, and had asked that question in an 'amiable' manner.

However, those light words had seemed like explosive thunderclaps to his ears. Jun Mo Xie's affable appearance had turned to that of a hellish demon in his eyes. In fact, he could even see two long horns above the Young Master's head…

The middle-aged scholar looked at Jun Mo Xie with despair in his eyes. Then, an "urgh" sound came from his throat, and he fell down like a loose noodle; he had faint…

"Ah… how did it turn out so bad…? Isn't this Young Master's tone 'mild' enough to be termed as 'friendly'?" Jun Mo Xie shook his head with regret. Then, he walked over to another person, "He didn't give me a reply… So, you come and see… Is there any purity here? Well… take a look and tell me… I genuinely wish to know!"

This man stared blankly with bloodshot eyes. His complexion became deathly pale as he subconsciously shook his head in a stiff and dazed manner. Jun Mo Xie gave a long sigh, "So, you didn't see it either. I even thought that I was mistaken at first. After all, he had shouted so loudly that I thought it was true. So, I had believed that I would get to see his purity after his body had been crushed… But, this is such a disappointment…"

The scholar-in-question reacted the moment Jun Mo Xie turned and left; he crouched and vomited. In fact, he had vomited in such a violent manner that it seemed if he would puke out his very intestines!

"I've asked several people, but they didn't see that man's purity. How about you take a look?" Jun Mo Xie slowly walked to the three leading scholars. He then gave a kick to the fainted Yan Feng, and the scholar immediately woke up…

Then, Jun Mo Xie clutched the three of them, and forced them to the bloody mess. He then forced their heads towards it. They weren't even half-a-foot from it when he fiercely asked, "Come! Take a look! Try to find the 'purity' for me! Where is it? I'm very curious!"

He laughed cruelly as he spoke-up in a dark manner, "Purity…? Humph! Let me take a look at your purity! It's as barren as a desert!"

The three men were forced to see the blood scene up-close since Jun Mo Xie's fingers were wrapped around their heads. They felt that their brains were being hammered. They felt helpless, and wanted to vomit. Moreover, that big man was still hanging overhead, and hadn't even died yet. In fact, he was still issuing painful groans…

Those three scholars felt they were in hell. They had been gripped with such fear that they tried their hardest to faint. But, their nerves were extremely taut, and they were unable to faint. In fact, they couldn't even close their eyes if they wanted to. Instead, they could only open them to the greatest degree and see the cruelest spectacle from up-close…

"Do you see it? Is any purity here? Tell me if you see any. I'm very curious," the soft and amiable voice of Jun Mo Xie left the three men to shiver like they had malaria.

"Answer me! You'll end up like him in a moment! After all, I want people to see your purity also! So, tell me… do you see any purity?"

"N… no…" The three men looked like a spread-out tripod stand since they had been gripped together by Jun Mo Xie's hand. And, they could only shake their heads in response…

"So… you still feel pure?" Jun Mo Xie smiled like a demon.

"No, no, no… We don't feel like that…" The three men violently shook their heads.

"Ah well… So, which of those two options will you finally choose?" Jun Mo Xie asked patiently. His voice was extremely gentle. In fact, it was full of magnetism.

"I… choose… I choose the first… the first one…" the three men tried to outdo each other as they called out. They were frightened to death, and their resolve had been destroyed long ago. [What's the point of integrity? What's point of an official's lifestyle? What's the value of righteousness? Are they more important than my life? Survival is the greatest priority!]

"Very good! I'm very happy with your choice! In fact, I'm very satisfied!" Jun Mo Xie was clearly somewhat gratified as he complemented them.

"Jun… Jun… Third Young Master… I know who's behind all this…" Qin Qiu Shi raised his head, and suddenly called out loudly, "And, I'm willing to tell you! I only beg you… I beg you… please spare… please spare our lives in return!"

It seemed that this Qin Qiu Shi had finally 'renounced the darkness, and had sought the light'. It felt as if he had finally mended his ways under the threat of his impending doom. But, that youngster was very clever. So, he knew that Jun Mo Xie wouldn't let them live even after the matter had concluded. Therefore, he felt that this moment was the most fortune for begging even it meant that he'd lose his honor in the process…

Anyway, the probably won't have to see Jun Mo Xie's face after this day…

"Spare your lives? I never expected that you'd have the courage to haggle with me at this time!" Jun Mo Xie had never even thought about it. After all, he had never been that magnanimous as a person.

A man would have to pay the corresponding costs for his crimes. And, a mistake would remain as a mistake even if the said-individual were to try remedying his errors later. In fact, it would be completely useless!

"The person behind this…?" Jun Mo Xie snorted. "You think I don't know? I know better than you about who is behind this! And, I'll think over the aspect of sparing your lives… So, get out of my way for the time being!"

Jun Mo Xie's voice was as cold as ice. He waved his hand, and his body started to whirl like a whirlwind. No one could understand what was happening. He was seen holding three very strange items in his hand by the time he stopped. They resembled horns, but they were very thin horns.

These things were crude, but they had appeared in that world for the first time — the first megaphones!

Jun Mo Xie handed one to each of them, and spoke-up in a cold manner, "Go on! Open the way for me!"
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