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Otherworldly Evil Monarch 1184 Power of the Five Elements, Overturning the Sky and Earth!

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Since you refused to give me an explanation, I will have to claim them myself…

This explanation!

Even if the mountains fall and the earth breaks apart, even if the universe collapses and… humanity become extinct!

I will still take what I'm owed!

The justice that my brothers are owed has nothing to do with the fate of the world! The lives of the people will be doomed? That was not because of me!

Even if the world goes to hell, this daddy will still do what should be done! And this matter right now, is something that I should do!

Xia Chang Tian saw that Gu Han and the rest were not willing to assist them, and they felt exceedingly angry and anxious. Could it be that we had truly been in the wrong this time?

Seeing how relentless Jun Mo Xie was, completely disregarding the big picture, although they were incredibly enraged, they still didn't pay much mind to the situation.

The previous battle had greatly sapped Tian Fa's strength. Eight Saint Venerables had fallen, along with 80 percent of their 6,000 fierce warriors. Right now, only Jun Mo Xie, and Mei Xue Yan had Saint Venerable level standards of strength, along with one newly advanced Saint Venerable Big Bear.

The others were only Saint Emperors at best. Although they only had less than 50 people on their side, even their weakest was at the Saint realm. Jun Mo Xie and himself were Third level Saint Monarchs and although it couldn't be compared with Gu Han's cultivation of peak Third level Saint Monarch, it was still a completely different level from Jun Mo Xie's side! As long as they paid special attention to the Tian Fa Xuan Beasts' self detonation attacks, everything would still be within their grasp!

Even if they annihilated Tian Fa first before dealing with the strange races, they wouldn't necessarily lose! At that time, what qualifications would Gu Han have to remain as the leader of the Heaven Saint Palace after word spread that he'd sat by the side and watched as they fought against Tian Fa?

Xia Chang Tian and the rest had already begun hatching various plots in their hearts.

With regards to Jun Mo Xie's relentless attacks, Xia Chang Tian and the others naturally did not fear him in the least. But just as they were about to counterattack, they suddenly found themselves ablaze with some sort of fire! Countless fire dragons that covered the sky had swooped down, completely obscuring their view!

This fire had simply arrived too abruptly!

The fire dragons had instantly appeared, blocking the eyes of the enemy. This kind of attack was absolutely unprecedented!

However, the effects were obvious!

The troops guarding the pass were all experts of their generation and could be said to have immeasurable experience. Although this change was sudden, it didn't cause them to fluster. Truthfully, this fire had only appeared a little too suddenly. But it couldn't actually do anything to them. Although admittedly, it was inevitable that they were shocked by its sudden appearance!

Following that everyone moved their cultivation to defend against the fire. But before they could make any appropriate countermeasures, the ground beneath their feet suddenly disappeared, and they dropped down uncontrollably.

These people's minds were indeed startlingly strong. Most of them managed to stabilize their hearts in an instant, righting themselves and looking for a direction out.

But just at this moment, a loud gushing sound rang out, and a huge water pillar with countless water poured down, smashing onto them!

Such a torrent of water was filled with great power and momentum that couldn't be stopped!

Although this pit was wide, and everyone was a peak expert with great experience and did not panic despite the many changes, they still did not manage to escape in time before they were carried away by the water torrent that appeared out of nowhere!

In that moment, everyone felt as though they were in a dream. No matter how strong their minds were, they still felt greatly alarmed. This matter was too strange and too sudden, completely exceeding their expectations of something that could happen in this world! Everything seemed too unrealistic…

They had clearly been standing on a patch of empty ground. Where did the fire suddenly come from? Since there was fire, there should be something that triggered the fire right? But there clearly aren't any fire inducing objects here at all. But if one said that that was just an illusion, it would be a colossal joke. When were there such realistic illusions in the world? The feeling of the fire on their skins was definitely not an illusion…

As for the water… the clouds in the sky were being swept by powerful winds at extreme speeds. How could it stop to accumulate and send down water? But if it didn't rain, where did the water come from? Besides, even if it did rain… it shouldn't be so heavy and packed!

With a loud boom, all the experts were smashed into the pit. Of the 47 peak cultivators, aside from the two Saint Monarchs, three Saint Venerables and two Fourth level Saint Emperors, the others were all flushed into the pit!

It wasn't that a person with higher cultivation would have stronger abilities when adapting to sudden changes. The truth was that those who managed to remain standing were those who did not panic under pressure. The moment one's heart was flustered, their abilities to handle changes would drop drastically. Two of the people who were flushed down were Saint Venerable experts!

Water continued to flood into the pit. Even more amazing was that the several hundred underground wells also suddenly exploded, their water combining together and gushing out. With water coming from the top and bottom, the pit looked like an ocean in the middle of a huge tornado…

The sound that came from that was also like thunder to the ears!

All the experts stationed on the mountain were veterans who'd experienced hundreds of battles. What kind of horrors had they not seen? Although they had fallen into a dangerous situation because of a momentary mistake, it didn't mean that they would lie down and die. They would use all their means to try and escape.

Some tried to directly charge upwards and get out, but the water pouring down was too heavy and strong. Some tried to bash a path through the walls, but they found to their dismay that despite their best efforts, they could only make a dent about half a zhang deep. The walls of this pit were actually even harder than steel…

This was clearly just a regular ground a moment ago, ah! How did everything change all of a sudden?

Some experts simply found a spot to sit down and meditate, treating everything before them as the Evil Monarch's illusory tricks. As long as they ignored the illusions, then no matter how mighty it seemed, it would still just dissipate naturally…

One had to admit that this method was indeed the most effective at countering illusions and heart demons. But when their skin was filled with boils and their clothes were burnt away by the fire, they realized to their dismay that… this wasn't an illusion, ah! All of this was real, and the fire could really burn people to death…

The crowd soon realized that while the water was not weak, and the fire was not small, it was only enough to hinder them. It was still far from being enough to kill them. Although the water was deep, it wouldn't be able to drown so many experts.

As long as they used breath holding techniques, it wouldn't be difficult to stay alive even if they were trapped underwater for half a month. The fire was indeed capable of burning people to death, but that was just for ordinary people. To these peak experts, the fire didn't mean that much. At most, their clothes, hair, eyebrows and body hair would be burned away, but it wouldn't do them much harm.

A moment later, their heads surfaced from the water. Right now, the only problem left was how they should go back up. Even if the pit was deeper, and the earth was harder, could it hold so many Saint Venerables and Saint Emperors?

That would be a huge joke!

And so, all the experts were confident in their hearts.

But just at this time, someone cried out in alarm. "This water… why is this water suddenly so cold?" Everyone's hearts instantly chilled. As the person said, this water was indeed losing heat at an alarming rate. The water that was flowing like a river a moment ago, had become slow and icy. In the next moment…

There was no more next moment. Before they could even react, and before anyone managed to figure out what was happening, a crisp snapping sound was heard as the water suddenly solidified into ice, encasing everyone in it!

That was not all. The temperature was actually still dropping, and the hard ice was still emanating loud crackling sounds, turning harder and harder. With a speed that left one to gasp with shock, the ice began to turn into Xuan Ice! And it was transforming faster and faster, as if there wasn't any limit.

Xuan Ice was something that even the violent sun's rays could not thaw. In terms of hardness, it was even more formidable than metal!

Anyone who studied physics would understand that the concept of water turning into ice had to do with the density of the molecules being pulled closer together. At the same time, it would expand in size. If the volume was small, the change would not be too obvious. But by the size of that pit of water, and all of it turning into ice so suddenly, the pressure from it was incredible. All the experts who was trapped were all gritting their teeth and using all their strength as they tried to resist this growing pressure.

Right now, it wasn't that nobody had the ability to break the ice around them and escape. But the main problem was that the violent explosive effects from their actions would definitely affect the brothers around them! In such a situation, heavy injuries were naturally unavoidable!

Finally, the crowd began to panic. It wasn't possible for everyone to try to break out of the ice together. Such an action would certainly be extremely costly, to the point where only one would live among 10!

Everyone was brothers who'd accompanied each other for hundreds to thousands of years. How would they be willing to hurt another brother to save their own lives?
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