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Transcending the Nine Heavens 1382 The Demon King Ascends To Heaven

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The Nine Heavens passageway was finally open!

Ning Tianya heaved a sigh.

He had also been astounded by the celestial phenomenon earlier for quite a while before he remembered that Chu Yang had entrusted him with a request.

Alright, there's no harm taking a look below too.

Swaying left and right, he walked leisurely toward the entrance of the passageway.

He was already near the entrance; it wasn't far off at all. Ning Tianya might even go right past it accidentally if he were to take off and fly.

When he reached the entrance, he noticed that there were already people from the Lan Clan standing guard there. In addition, there was also a Lan Clan residence in the vicinity. It looked like they had been standing guard here for a significant period of time.

At this moment, several people were walking out of the residence toward the entrance of the passageway.

"Old guy! What are you looking at and behaving so suspiciously here for? Where are you going?" Someone yelled fiercely the moment he turned the corner.

Ning Tianya was stunned for almost half a day before he realized — This 'old guy' was referring to himself!

He couldn't help but be greatly enraged in a comical manner.

Do I really look that friendly?

"I'm going down, step aside." Ning Tianya seriously had no interest in even raising his hand against these small fry in front of him.

"Go down? You want to go down?" That large man from the Lan Clan burst into laughter. "Do you think you can go down just because you want to? Who do you think you are? Do you think you are Ning Tianya?"

Right away, Ning Tianya was so irate that he even found this funny.

This fellow is so impressive. He actually got my identity right immediately. What a shame that he was just being sarcastic.

"Yes, how did you know that I'm Ning Tianya?" asked a smiley Ning Tianya.

That large man was stunned for a moment before he burst into loud and raucous laughter. In a mocking and sarcastic tone, he said, "You are Ning Tianya? Hahaha… Old Ning, don't you recognize me? I'm Bu Liuqing…"

Beside him, seven to eight men burst into uproarious laughter, bending back and forth as they guffawed!

Ning Tianya's countenance darkened at once.

These bastards are practically intolerable!

After Chu Yang made him fuming mad, to think he was being antagonized here too! And by these vulgar small fry no less…

In a fit of rage, he shouted, "Get out of my way!"

A wave of mighty aura shot out from him!

The next moment, these seven to eight men were stunned into stupefaction and unable to move all of a sudden, as though they had just seen a ghost.

Ning Tianya snorted coldly, suddenly feeling like there was no need for the Lan Clan to exist in this world anymore. But the next moment, he then felt that it was seriously an insult to his status to allow small fry like these people to provoke such murderous intent in him.

A thought did occur to him, however — Should the Lan Clan really not know what was good for them during his trip to the Lower Three Heavens this time, then… perhaps he should just kill them…

Then, he walked calmly and leisurely right past those seven to eight men to the entrance of the passageway and went in.

At this point, the large Lan Clan team at the back was still several hundred feet away. They could only watch as someone who didn't belong to the Lan Clan enter the passageway. They couldn't help but be greatly surprised. However, by the time they hurried over, Ning Tianya was already nowhere in sight…

Ning Tianya sped through the passageway.

Before long, he had already covered half the passageway. He was completely serene, without any ups or downs in his emotions.

Right at this moment, he noticed a black line in the far distance in front speeding toward him in the passageway!

Ning Tianya was taken aback — The person approaching him was very strong. Was there actually such an expert in the Middle Three Heavens?

As he pondered, the person opposite got nearer and nearer. It was then that Ning Tianya realized that it was a man in black, who had his arm around a young woman's waist, as he sped the entire way. In the blink of an eye, he was already right in front of him.

Then, that man in black also let out a sound of surprise when he discovered Ning Tianya and actually stopped right in his tracks.

The transition from an extremely high speed to standing still while holding onto another person was surprisingly smooth and incredibly natural. This level of control made even Ning Tianya emit a sound of approval.

The man's hair hung loose and silky smooth on his shoulder but gave people a rather strange feeling.

His appearance was also very weird. One of his eyebrows pointed straight up while the other pointed straight down.

One eye was large while the other was small. His ears also didn't seem to be symmetrical…

Ning Tianya had only taken a sweeping glance, but he already found it unbearable to continue looking at him. This fellow's looks were seriously too unfortunate… And so, he was about to go past him.

But this person actually reached out and stopped him.

Ning Tianya raised his head in astonishment.

Only to see this person staring at him before his expression suddenly turned into one of astonishment.

Ning Tianya became even more perplexed. Could it be that he knew him?

Then, the man, in an astounded tone, asked, "Old man! Am I handsome?"

Ning Tianya felt a little faint at once.

Was he handsome?

Which part of you is even vaguely associated with 'handsome' when you look like that?

However, Ning Tianya was also aware that even if this person's cultivation was weaker than his own, it was probably not too far off. If they were to exchange blows, it really would cause a delay.

And he… didn't seem like a bad person anyway?

Smiling, he replied, "Yes! Practically too handsome for words! This old man has lived for so many years, but I've never seen anyone who is more handsome than you."

"Wahaha… Old man, you have good taste!" The man in black burst into laughter. With his arm around the young woman, he went past Ning Tianya, as though the only reason why he had stopped in his tracks was simply to ask the other party whether he was handsome or not.

Shaking his head, Ning Tianya continued walking forward. A voice drifted over to him from behind. "The aesthetic sense of the Upper Three Heavens is indeed different from the Lower and Middle Three Heavens. Everyone in the Lower and Middle Three Heavens says that I'm ugly. I didn't expect that I would immediately become a beautiful man now that I'm in the Upper Three Heavens…"

He actually sounded pretty pleased with himself.

Gradually, the voices became further and further away. The young woman replied, "Yes, you are very handsome right from the start…"

"Yes, of course, hahaha…" The voices finally disappeared.

Ning Tianya almost fell flat on his face. He thought to himself, "The Nine Heavens passageway has finally opened after so much difficulty, but the first person to go up is actually a lunatic… and a very strong lunatic at that."

Shaking his head, he sped ahead and vanished within the passageway.

As everyone knows, those two earlier were, of course, Tan Tan and Xie Danfeng.

Tan Tan was full of joy right now as he continued walking forward, feeling as though he was on cloud nine. He had received acknowledgment the moment he entered the passageway. That old fellow earlier was stronger than him and had no reason to fear him, yet he had acknowledged that he was very handsome.

This was what made Tan Tan the happiest.

In front, another group of people was approaching. They moved neatly, with guards clearing the path in front and escorting people at the back. They filed in one after another, as if they were part of an organization — These people were the large Lan Clan contingent on the way to the Lower Three Heavens.

They had been waiting here for more than half a year. There hadn't been any news at all ever since the Eldest Young Master had gone down, causing the clan to be extremely anxious.

Especially at this point where the younger generation of the Lan Clan had almost been entirely wiped out, which made the clan even more anxious.

A few days ago, when they received news of the Second Young Master's death, the clan had issued strict orders — The moment the passageway opened, they were to go down to look for the Eldest Young Master and check on him…

Hence, the moment the celestial phenomenon took place, all of them had immediately commenced preparations and set out at once.

However, they didn't expect there to be someone who was even quicker than them. An old man had actually entered their clan's passageway before them… All of them were rather miffed.

The fact that that old man was an expert didn't change the way they felt. Therefore, everyone decided that they would catch up to that old man and teach him a lesson or two.

There were quite a few Supreme Martial Artists among them after all…

Halfway through the passageway, they spotted a man in black who looked extremely strange and ugly coming toward them. But what made all of them the most bewildered was that this unbelievably hideous fellow actually had his arm around a peerless beauty!

This inevitably made them feel a sense of psychological imbalance.

To be honest, even though Xie Danfeng was no doubt a one-in-a-thousand beauty and was rather attractive, she was definitely no 'peerless beauty'! However, she was standing next to Tan Tan now. And when compared relatively to his looks…

My god! What do you mean by 'peerless beauty'? She's practically a celestial maiden! No, even a celestial maiden isn't this pretty!

Be it phrases like 'unsurpassed beauty' or 'drop-dead gorgeous', when used on Xie Danfeng when she was next to Tan Tan, all of these descriptions paled in comparison!

At their level of cultivation, this bunch of experts was already past the point of being lecherous. But upon seeing this classic case of 'beauty and the beast', they still felt like this was a terrible waste!

However, this ultimately didn't have anything to do with them. Even though it was a bit of a shame, they could only pretend that they didn't see anything.

When someone couldn't help but gripe a little, another person stopped him at once. "Our mission is to go to the Lower Three Heavens and check whether there's any development on the Eldest Young Master's end. If there isn't, then we are to capture the Nine Tribulations Sword Master's woman and bring her back up. This is an important matter to do with the Lan Clan's survival; we must not cause unnecessary trouble. As for the passageway, there will naturally be people guarding it… We should focus on getting there as soon as possible."

Just as they were about to pass each other by, all of them acted as though the other party didn't exist. With some frustration in their hearts, they hurried on their way.

The conversation between those two had taken place via telepathy. By right, others shouldn't have been able to hear them. However, Tan Tan's cultivation was several levels above theirs and was even well-versed in the secret arts of the Divine Clan. Thus, he heard them loud and clear. He couldn't help but be stunned.

"These are people from the Lan Clan, one of the Nine Super Clans? And they want to capture the Nine Tribulations Sword Master's woman? Isn't that Chu Yang's woman then? What the f*ck, that means… all of you are after my sister-in-law?"

When he thought of that, how could he possibly hold himself back? Right away, he stopped in his tracks. Spreading out his arms, he blocked the way. "Hey, all of you, stand right there!"

The Lan Clan experts were stunned at once.

You should be thanking the heavens that we're not finding fault with you. Yet you're actually provoking us now? Are you out of your mind?

Trying to keep their tempers in check, they asked, "What's the matter?"

Tan Tan raised his head and asked, "Look at me, am I handsome?!"

The Supreme Martial Artist leading the Lan Clan team felt a little faint. He replied furiously, "What does whether or not you're handsome have to do with me? Step aside!"

A persistent Tan Tan responded, "No, tell me whether or not I'm handsome first?"

Right away, two people burst into laughter. One of them said mockingly, "What a bastard. To think he has the cheek to ask other people whether he's handsome or not when he looks like dog shit…"

At once, loud laughter rang out.

Tan Tan's countenance darkened. He snapped furiously, "Did you say that I look like dog shit? Are you sure you're talking about me?"

That person replied, "I don't know whether you look like dog shit or not, but in my eyes, I'm simply watching a pile of dog shit asking others whether or not he's handsome!"

Before he finished, an enraged Tan Tan bellowed, "How dare you call me dog shit!" As he reached out, his arm suddenly extended endlessly and grabbed that person's head. He dragged him over and gave him a slap across one cheek and then another on the other side. He repeated this several times, giving him more than ten slaps. Then, he asked again, "Am I handsome!"

In the first place, he was just using this as an excuse to create a fuss. And now, he was even more merciless in his actions. After more than ten slaps, that person's head had already turned into tofu and he died long ago, so how could he possibly answer him?

However, Tan Tan refused to let go of the matter. He said in rage, "How dare you not answer me!"

He grabbed yet another person and asked fiercely, "Am I handsome?!"

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