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Spirit Vessel Chapter 760: On Southern Ocean

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Feiyun’s laughter gradually stopped, akin to finding a fly in a bowl during a meal and losing all interest.

VIoletsea King’s arrival shut the place up. He had a powerful aura on top of having four armored corpses behind him. The energy of death permeated the area.

Some naturally recognized him and became aghast. They ran off, not daring to linger for half a second.

“Yi Zhenfeng, let’s talk.” The middle-aged man wore a corpse robe with a blinding radiance.

“Violetsea Corpse Cave has been destroyed. How many people made it out? Which sect are you trying to join? Senluo? Potala?” Feiyun smiled.

He didn’t like this person since the guy was definitely working behind the scene to command the three corpses attacking him back at the ruins. But why?

Does he know my real identity? This has to be it or he wouldn’t be here right now to talk.

“Violetsea has a mighty foundation and has lasted for thousands of years, the army can’t destroy us.” Violetsea King’s expression darkened.

The heretics present finally speculated that he was the king there, a real overlord. Yi Zhenfeng is quite a badass to be speaking on the same level as him!

Of course, some felt something wrong about this atmosphere and quietly left.

“What do you want? Your sect has some beauties for me?” Feiyun said.

“I’m talking about the matter at Bronze Cauldron Mountain.” The king calmly said.

He knows who I am then. Feiyun’s expression also darkened, thinking that this guy must die.

If his identity were revealed to the heretics, he would never be able to survive.

“Sounds good. We should really talk then. Where to?” Feiyun’s expression changed continuously before ending with a smile.

“Follow me.” The king smirked before flying out of the window, turning into a violet trail. The four corpses also followed right behind him.

Feiyun followed later but caught up in no time at all. The two of them headed deeper into the Southern Ocean.

The gales were quite strong in this area, painted by the pale moonlight. The dark surface on the blue sea had silver ripples whenever the night gale blew by.

Violetsea King floated in the air with a white glow around him. His blood was surging strong enough to issue gurgling noises. The four corpses took up different positions; their miasma as strong as ever and shielded this area.

The other lords from the ancient town couldn’t see anything inside.

One white and one violet figure seemed to be talking in there.

“This Yi Zhenfeng is getting more and more impressive, he’s on the same level as Violetking?” Dark Realm Lord was sitting on a black battleship; his long hair freely fluttered to the wind. The area nearby looked like a black hole devouring light and heat.

“I heard Violetsea King had reached the ninth level since 160 years ago. This is definitely a top master.” Lifeless Realm Lord was inside a floating palace, looking quite mysterious.

“This Yi Zhenfeng isn’t shabby either, he fought against seven experts and killed three, definitely a fierce cultivator.” A white-haired old man from Nether Realm said.

Next to him was a youth with nine floating swords around him. He had a cold aura like a sheathed sword. This was the young lord of Nether Realm, Nalan Xuezang.

The strongest sects in the heretical faction were obviously Mount Potala and Senluo Temple. Then there was Mount Yin Yang who normally didn’t interfere with Jin. The weaker ones included the three realms.

Mount Potala wasn’t the one who initiated the conference; the heretical king was. The reason why it wasn’t happening at Mount Potala was to make people feel safer in going.

Everyone knew that the heretical king wanted to take over this faction in order to attack Jin, eventually creating a heretical dynasty.

The other lords naturally wouldn’t agree. After all, their ancestors expended blood and sweat in order to build up the individual sects. How could they hand over their legacy to someone else?

That’s why the three realms have teamed up in order to stop Senluo. Thus, their appearance here wasn’t too surprising.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a loud explosion detonated thunderously followed by a tsunami towering at one hundred meters.

“Violetsea King, you dare to ambush me? We’re fighting to the death then!” Someone furiously shouted while the spectators were still confused.

Violetsea King felt pain in his arm with blood streaming down. His face was twisted. The guy clearly attacked first yet stated otherwise?

“Fine, don’t blame me for…”

“You dare to threaten me, die!” Feiyun didn’t give him a chance to talk and gathered fire in his palm, culminating in a massive seal.

It looked like a fireball illuminating the entire area.

“Boom!” This contained all of Feiyun’s power and caught the king off guard.

The latter got blown several miles away into the ocean. The flame was hard to evaporate all of the water in the vicinity. The water from the other places caved back down and created a maelstrom.

The king wanted to force Feiyun to make a copy of Golden Silkworm for him. If Feiyun were to refuse, he would reveal the guy’s identity.

Feiyun naturally knew that compromising wasn’t possible. The guy would snitch after getting a copy anyway. Thus, all Feiyun could do was to annihilate him before he could talk.

“Raaa!” The four corpses attacked at the same time. They opened their mouth and shout out gray thunderbolts, turning the sky into an ocean of currents.

Feiyun’s seven phoenix bones activated and formed a complete rotation. He unleashed a massive true dragon with its claws at the ready, tearing one of the corpses to pieces.

“The power of a true dragon!” Nalan Xuezang murmured.

People said that only Enlightened Beings could unleash power at the true dragon level.

This power was relatively even to the force of a real dragon.

“Yi Zhenfeng’s cultivation isn’t at the Nirvana realm yet or he could kill that king in the blink of an eye.”

“His body is tough though, that’s a requirement for being a love thief. Otherwise, how can he sleep with ten girls a night? Keke.” The short-haired, tanned youth appeared again, standing with his hands crossed in front of his chest. He tried his best to look cool like a lonely master, wanting people to think that he could sleep with ten girls too.

Not far from there, a dozen of scantily clad female heretics that train in dual cultivation became interested in this handsome Yi Zhenfeng.

“Poof!” A second corpse comparable to a peak eighth-level got crushed by Feiyun. Its corpse palace turned into powder.

As he was killing the third one, a strange fluctuation occurred beneath. The water level rose and turned into a massive corpse talisman. The runes rotated continuously, seemingly alive. This rune had a devastating effect.

Feiyun sensed danger and knew that the king at the bottom of the ocean had utilized a Dominating Armament with enough power to stop an Enlightened Being. It could kill a pseudo-Enlightened Being as well.

This was one of the strongest ace cards of Violetsea.

“Boom!” A violet radiance rushed to the sky and affected the entire sea. Its water became chaotic.

Feiyun hurriedly used his Swift Samsara to run out of this radius. However, he slammed onto a violet barrier and sparks went flying.

His body became as bright and hot as a furnace in order to stop the first wave of attack from the talisman. His clothes became tattered.

The talisman gathered power again for a second wave. Meanwhile, Feiyun tried his best to break through the barrier but it was useless. This talisman could trap an Enlightened Being for a short period.

Feiyun’s powerful body still wasn’t enough. He needed his weapon essence.

“Brother Yi, I’ll lend you a Dominating Armament.” Bi Ningshuai tossed out the Blood-being Exalted Pot. It looked like a bloody head flying through the night sky.

This and the insane talisman painted a terrifying picture.
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