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Snowy helped Zhou Jing walk in front, as Zhang Zian took Snowy's mobile phone to help her complete her live broadcast job.

"Sexy store manager, live online!"

He felt that he was better at this than Snowy; no matter what kind of marine life Snowy pointed at with her phone, she would only repeat those words over and over again such as "So beautiful!", "Wow! It looks so cool!", "Alas! So disgusting! Haha, this fish looks interesting!"

Although he couldn't recall the specific names of these marine creatures, at least he knew what groups they belonged to and was able to infer their habits from there. His explanation was no less than that of a quasi-professional aquarium guide, but he was only broadcasting live. Regardless of what he said, the sisters would stun whatever he said, and there will be a barrage of "big pig trotters". It made him rather indignant.

"The essence of Monterey Aquarium is not those big creatures such as giant octopuses, sharks, manta rays, et cetera. Although these big guys look prestigious and attractive, they're actually commonly found in other aquariums. Truly knowledgeable people come here to focus on admiring seahorses, jellyfish, and sea slugs. "

"Big pig trotter!"

"Like that one," Zhang Zian held the mobile phone near a transparent aquarium. "This is blood-red jellyfish with sex gills is nicknamed the "Spanish Dance Concubine."

"Big pig trotter!"

"I feel like it's actually part of a fat cow..."

"I'm so hungry... Well, I'll go and make instant noodles now."

"Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a sanitary napkin stained with blood?"

"Haha, indeed! By the way, I am feeling for the Store Manager."

"Well, I'm not hungry anymore."

The netizen Sand Sculpture's description was quite appropriate. This blood-red six-gilled is about ten centimeters long and bright red like blood, surrounded by a white edge. It danced in the sea with its body gracefully. Seeing it as a dancer requires some abstract imagination, but food aficionados could've easily seen it as a piece of a fat cow that had been simmering in a hot pot for a long time.

"Wow! I know this thing but I forgot the name. If think it's called a blue dragon or something online..."

"Yeah! Unfortunately, it is smaller than expected ... bad review!"

As the camera swept through another aquarium, the sharp-eyed audience recognized the deep blue Atlantic Poseidon, shaped like an alien creature that was popular online.

The overall image of the Poseidon's jellyfish was difficult to describe. It looked like a blue salamander with four feet and a blue chrysanthemum blooming on the sole of each foot. If the Osprey transport aircraft in the United States had four rotors, it would've looked very similar to this creature

"Is that a jellyfish? It's so pretty!"

Walking across the glass floor-to-ceiling wall, they saw dozens of ghost-like jellyfish floating in the dim water across the glass as if roaming in space without the constraints of gravity. It looked a little immortal, but also a bit like it came from the netherworld.

"That's the famous moon jellyfish. Since its tentacles are not obvious, people usually focus on their umbrella-shaped film. The way they float in the sea looks like a full moon reflected on the sea, hence the name," Zhang Zian explained. "The four bright donut-shaped rings in their bodies are actually their gonads."

If you visited the aquarium and took the normal tour route, there were relevant instructions in the corresponding places but were all in English.

The moon jellyfish was small and looked harmless to humans and animals, but the Pacific gold jellyfish next to it was shocking. Several wandering gold jellyfish had a disc-shaped film with a diameter of tens of centimeters, and each of their 24 tentacles was three or four meters long, like a yellow crystal chandelier and a dazzling array of beads. Based on the length of their tentacles, no one would've wanted to get tangled with them while swimming in the sea. Even so, the jellyfish wasn't very toxic.

Gold jellyfish and moon jellyfish were both very common jellyfish species. There were also some less common and even rare jellyfish such as the egg yolk jellyfish, crystal jellyfish, inverted jellyfish, and more. Only tourists who studied marine life were able to understand how rare it was to see these creatures in front of them. Most people just took a look at it. To them, it was nothing more than jellyfish. When they looked at it, they would've thought of cold jellyfish and wanted to know whether it was poisonous or not.

As for the strange, thick and cute hippocampus, everyone liked it. This was especially true when the girls heard that the male is responsible for incubating the offspring. It also set off a wave of controversy in the live broadcast room that human men are all big pig trotters and were incomparable to the hippocampus.

The male fans who were now targeted for no reason also vented their anger on Zhang Zian.

There were relatively few creatures that were visible in the background, reserved only for the eyes of the staff. The more eye-catching creatures such as the sea otters, tiger sharks, wolf eels, turtles, and giant octopuses were placed in the tourist area. They couldn't be seen here and could only wait to leave here in a while before going around to visit them. Otherwise, they would've left with regrets.

The Monterrey Oceanarium was connected to the Pacific Ocean. The peninsula was also a state marine protection area. Although there were hundreds of thousands of species of marine life, the seawater in the museum remained clear. The designer was very clever and used large water pipes to connect the pool in the pavilion with the Pacific Ocean. During the day, fresh seawater was introduced and filtered to keep it clear for the audience. When the hall was closed at night, the filter was closed to introduce seawater full of plankton for the sea creatures to feed.

Zhou Jing's abdominal pain was still tolerable. As she walked, she listened to Zhang Zian's explanation behind her and looked back at him from time to time. His knowledge of marine life was incomparable to that of most people and might've been even better than hers. After all, she didn't have much interest in marine life and worked here just to make money.

Snowy saw her doubts and also distracted her. She introduced Zhang Zian and told her that he opened a pet store in China that had an aquarium branch. However, the number of creatures in the store was less than one ten-thousandth of what was in this aquarium, but there were a few rare species in his shop.

Zhou Jing then realized why he seemed very interested in visiting the aquarium. It turned out that he was in a similar profession.

The aisle in front indicated that they reached the end, and the surrounding staff disappeared unknowingly. The aisle soon became deserted.

At the end of the aisle was a spacious door with a sign that read "Performance Preparation Room" next to it. It seemed that this was the preparation room before the mermaid show.

Zhou Jing reached the door and looked at Snowy with a complex look. First, she knocked on the door, then slowly twisted the handle to push it inwards.

"The show is right about to begin. Where did you go, you idiot?"

An English woman's loud scream came from the room.

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