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TranXending Vision Chapter 912 - Consciences and Awakenings

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After walking out, Zhu Xuanyue checked the situation on the streets and then headed towards a police car stopped by the road.

A Caucasian policeman was sitting inside enjoying a burger. His eyes wandered around the streets, stopping on a pretty passerby, eyeing her ass. Like many Western men, he liked women with huge assess.

The policeman quickly noticed an Asian girl walking towards him. She was ridiculously pretty. The other thing he noticed was that the girl was holding a sanitary pad in her hand. He stared at her perky and full breasts, wondering where she was from. He guessed either Japan or South Korea.

Zhu Xuanyue walked over to the police car, opened the car door and crouched to get inside.

The policeman stared at her in shock and quickly took to questioning her actions. “Who are you? What are you trying to do?”

“Drive,” said Zhu Xuanyue.

The policeman was amused. “To where?”

“Langley,” said Zhu Xuanyue.

“What for?”

“I’m going to kill someone at the CIA.” Zhu Xuanyue looked at the policeman with her inky black eyes.

“A psycho!” The policeman was prepared to pull out his gun but before he could, his entire body went soft. Throwing away his burger, he started the car and drove towards Langley.

Xia Lei, who was at the coast far away, could not help but laugh. He regretted not stating what kind of car she should get. A policeman driving away from his post would raise questions from the police station nearby. If he did not reply, it would cause suspicion and they might send people over to investigate.

No matter what, he was not worried about Zhu Xuanyue because even if every policeman in Washington was dispatched to catch her, it would not be enough. She could eat them as food or get them to shoot at each other, kill themselves, or jump off the buildings. There were many ways to kill them.

Half an hour later, the police car left the town area and entered a suburban road with no surveillance. The police car fell off the hacker computer’s radar too.

Xia Lei turned off his computer and left the study.

When he was at the door, he stopped abruptly and thought to himself, “I’m instructing a demon to kill. I did not even care that Zhu Xuanyue had just destroyed a young American girl’s life. I did not care about what’ll happen to that policeman. Not just that, I even instructed her to kill the people at the CIA. If I do this, wouldn’t I be the same as her?”

He was furious at America's attacks against him. However, innocent people were going to die because of his retaliation. He had used unscrupulous methods to attain his goals. How different was he from a terrorist who strapped bombs to himself and walked into a market? Although he did not strap bombs to himself, Zhu Xuanyue was his bomb!

“My enemy is the American government, the CIA, the Lockheed Martin company. They are organisations. If I retaliate, how different would I be from a terrorist? I sent Zhu Xuanyue to kill the people in the CIA but soon there’ll be new ones taking over. Would I have to kill again and again? Would I end up killing the entire country?” Xia Lei asked himself.

He thought about the cashier at the supermarket. She was so young. She had parents who loved her, maybe even a lover. But with Zhu Xuanyue’s appearance, her parents and her lover lost her forever. She would live her life like a block of wood. What had she done to deserve this? She did nothing wrong!

And that policeman, with his age, he might have a wife and children. However, because of Zhu Xuanyue, he might not be able to go home. His wife and children would suffer because of him. Had he done anything wrong? He did nothing wrong!

Zhu Xuanyue was basically a powerful bomb in his hands. He could not use her like that. He never wanted to view these regular civilians as his enemy. The ordinary people were the ones who suffered in the face of war, not the people in their ivory towers.

“I won’t do anything against humanity!” Very soon, Xia Lei made a decision. He fished out his satellite phone and called the number he memorised.

Very quickly, he heard Zhu Xuanyue’s voice. “Uncle Xia, I haven’t arrived. “

Xia Lei took a deep breath. “Make him turn around, go back to Washington.”

“Eh? Why?” asked Zhu Xuanyue. “Didn’t you want me to go kill the people at the CIA? The CIA wants to kill you so I’ll kill them all!”

Xia Lei shuddered. “Listen to me, the operation has been aborted. “


“Be a good girl. Wait at Washington, I’ll meet you in fifty hours.” Xia Lei had made a decision.

“You’re coming to the US?”

“Yes, I’m coming to solve this problem with you,” said Xia Lei.

Zhu Xuanyue was not a good weapon to be controlled remotely. He had to be there for more precise attacks. Then he would not harm innocents. This would also be easier for him to attain his goals.

He had always wanted to check on the AE Research Centre. This was a good opportunity.

In the past, he never dared step on American soil. Now, it was different. He had this ‘super bodyguard’ with him. While he had to be careful in dangerous territory, the threats were still manageable.

He didn’t know when Zhu Xuanyue would return to normal. There were too many unknown variables about her eventual maturity. Worse, he did not know if Zhu Xuanyue would turn against him. How would he be able to command her then? He must complete his mission while he could still control her, or he wouldn’t have the chance again!

Also, the FA Group was in Mexico. This time, he didn’t just need to take action in the US, he would also bring Zhu Xuanyue to Mexico to take revenge on the FA Group!

Due to these reasons, he must go to the US!

He heard Zhu Xuanyue’s laughter over the phone. “Hehehe… Uncle Xia, I knew you’d never abandon me. You must miss me, right?”

Xia Lei calmed his emotions down. He said flatly, “Yes, I miss you very much. Listen to me, wait for me in Washington. I’ll see you in fifty hours. Bring your phone with you, I might call you anytime.”

“Mm!” said Zhu Xuanyue happily. “Uncle Xia, I’ll listen to you, I’ll wait in Washington.”

“After the policeman brings you to Washington. Don’t kill him, don’t turn him into an idiot, alright?” said Xia Lei.

“Uh… Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I’ve already turned him into an idiot,” said Zhu Xuanyue.

“I’ve already made him turn around. We’re heading towards Washington now. Hurry up, I miss you. I wish I could meet you now.”

Xia Lei sighed lightly. “Mm, alright, I’ll come as soon as possible. Wait for my call.”

“Mm!” came a grunt.

Xia Lei ended the call with a heavy heart. Although he hadn’t personally killed them, two innocents had lost their souls and would become ‘idiots’ because of him. His conscience was uncomfortable. It did not feel good.

He must arrive in Washington DC in fifty hours. Other than the flight, he must make necessary arrangements during the remaining thirty plus hours. The first thing was to settle his will with his lawyer, then pass it to his women and Xia Xue. Second, he had to think about how he could leave China. This would be the most difficult part.

There was a special force team of guards guarding the Peace Villa. On the surface, they were there to protect him but in reality, they were watching him. Every move would be reported to their superiors. It would make things difficult if he was seen trying to leave the country.

As he thought about it, a face surfaced in his mind. A plan gradually formed.

“That’ll do.” A smile crept up his face. He opened the safe in his study, then took out the two human skin masks. He brought the masks to Liang Siyao’s room.

The room was quiet, Liang Siyao was in deep sleep. She had a faint smile on her face as if she was at peace.

Xia Lei did not wake her. He gently walked to her vanity, took several cosmetic products and headed to her washroom.

However, before he entered, he heard Liang Siyao’s voice.

“I hate you… Hey, don’t do that...”

Xia Lei felt as if his legs were filled with lead, he couldn’t move them. He turned to look at her. She had stuck out a luscious leg from under her blanket, even her butt cheek was exposed in the air.

He could already guess what she was dreaming of.

“Be gentle, I have a baby in me.”

Although he was aroused, he still went over and covered her with a blanket.

“You can’t even be good in your sleep, you must have a son.” Xia Lei wanted to spank her bottom but decided not to. She would wake, then her dream would come true. Right now, every second was precious.

Xia Lei entered the washroom and began his artistic journey.
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