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Doom Lord Chapter 141 – Taking Root

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Chapter 141 – Taking Root

After muscular man led severals people and walked a certain distance, one of them couldn’t help speaking out, “Boss, are you really going to bring all our brethrens?”

The muscular man replied, “Why not? We can’t just hide here forever. Now food is getting tougher and tougher to find in the city. The stuffs we have stored can only lasts us hundred people a month. Have you ever thought about what the group will live on after this one month?”

“This …” The man had nothing to say in response.

The muscular man continued, “According to my observation, 80-90% of what that person said should be true. The strange voice has also proven this. In addition, the so-called power values we gained from killing monsters during this time has shown the world has really changed in a big way. Now it seems the only way for the human race to continue surviving is to become a profession.”

“But what if that man harbors ill intentions, wouldn’t we be like lamps in a tiger’s den? They also really have a tiger by their side.” said another panic-stricken individual.

The muscular man said solemnly, “Because he has a tiger at his side, I will believe in him even more. With that big tiger, there’s no need for him to deceive us.”

Had Cheng Yang heard the muscular man’s words, he might not at all feel surprised. After all, he had already known the other side’s details from the previous lifetime.

The group’s hiding place was two hundred meters away from the spot where they had met with Cheng Yang. And due to no monster appearing on the path, it didn’t take long for the muscular man to come over with a large group of people.

The corner of Cheng Yang’s mouth curled slightly upwards. This man truly did not disappoint him.

“Now that you’re here, let’s set off!” Cheng Yang did not wait for the other side to speak, and immediately spoke first.

This muscular man had planned on inquiring more about the situation, but with Cheng Yang opening up, he had to shut his mouth.

Cheng Yang took the lead walking into the distant, while Niu Bing and Liu Xiyue quickly followed behind him. The muscular man gazed at the group of people he brought out and sighed in his heart. He could only hope that his speculation was correct.

The muscular man quickly catched up to Cheng Yang in a few steps, and tried to strike up a conversation with him.

Cheng Yang also didn’t pretend to be cold. As long as the other side asked about things, if he could answer them he would. However, for the stuffs that shouldn’t be said, he would casually fooled his way past them. It was easy to fool someone that doesn’t know much about the apocalypse.

After the conversation, the other side learned the name of Cheng Yang and the others. As for the muscular man’s name, he once more heard it again.

His name was Hu Zhuang, a veteran who opened a security company with a gang of retired brothers. After the apocalypse came, they struggled to survive together with their company of brothers. As a result of their fighting power being higher than ordinary people, from 170-180 people, they still had over 100 people.

The returning journey was many times more challenging than imagined. Taking care of the safety of over a hundred people wasn’t an easy task with just three people. Cheng Yang had to let them gathered as close as possible in the center, while he and Liu Xiyue covered the front and back. As for Niu Bing, the summoned Dark Wolf has been patrolling the perimeter since they set off. Rather than waiting for the monsters to attack them, they might as use it to attract aggro.

Fortunately, the enchanted beast group on this part of the road has basically been wiped out by Cheng Yang’s group. On the way, they only occasionally encountered lone enchanted beasts that periodically spawned. As long as one shows up, they would quickly be killed by Cheng Yang.

At this time, Hu Zhuang and others were finally able to clearly see the power of the professions. The enchanted beasts that were so powerful in their eyes was like paper before Cheng Yang’s ice puck. One hit, one kill. Of course, this was when Liu Xiyue had not shot. If they see an enchanted beast falling down without any warning, it’s reckoned they would be even more surprised.

Arriving at the altar in Heshan Village, Hu Zhuang and others were deeply shocked at the sights of the four statues. No traces of artificial carving could be seen from these incredibly lifelike statues. Also the traces of the territory altar appears simple and unadorned.

Cheng Yang pointed to the front and said, “This is the territory altar, and those are the profession statues. In the future, you can build houses, walls, and many other buildings that are the root to survival here. Therefore, you have a very difficult task to complete in this next period of time. You will need to collect wood. I believe there should be many wood processing plants in the suburbs of Yi Cheng. The stocks inside will be sufficient to construct a few level 1 buildings.”

Hu Zhuang nodded excitedly and said, “There are indeed wood processing plants there. I know where a few of them are located.

“Then begin transferring!” said Cheng Yang. He didn’t want to waste time talking too much.

These people already have 10 points of power value. After all, for them to make some traps or other ways to unite to kill a enchanted beast was still doable. After such a long time of accumulation, a lot of power value has piled up.

First to transfer was Hu Zhuang. Cheng Yang was looking forward to checking out his attributes.

Name: Hu Zhuang
Subordinate Force: Luo Feng Village
Occupation: Warrior Rank: Low-order Warrior’s apprentice (0%)
Age: 41 Life: 110 years
Health: 30 Mana: 20
Physical Attack: 4 Magic Attack: 1
Physical Defense: 2 Magic Defense: 1
Attack Speed: 1 Movement Speed: 1.2
1. Each increasing a minor order, enhances personal physical defense by 3%.
2. Each increasing a minor order, enhances the team’s physical defense by 3%.
1. Yun Ling: Level 1 (Warrior’s Foundation, allows one through cultivation to gradually increase their strength. Skill level increase associated with career order ascension.)
2. Cut: Level 1 (Gathers a force within the body and deals 100% physical damage at the target in front of user. Spell consumes 2 mana. Proficiency 0%.)
+Iron sword: Warrior status symbol, no additional properties.
+Wooden shield: Able to block enemy attacks, no additional properties.
Hu Zhuang’s attributes was the ideal stats to become a meat tank. It was equal to increasing the physical defense by 5% per level. Also another attribute allowed all the professions in his team to increase their own physical defense by 3%. This was a very valuable talent for the territory.

In the previous lifetime, Hu Zhuang had joined Yuan Jianze’s influence, becoming a brave general under the other side’s command. Before Cheng Yang was reborn, he has already achieve first peak-order. His defensive stats along with a piece of equipment, adds up his physical defense to 20 points, making the majority of the profession despair upon seeing him.

Currently, only one person in the entire territory of Luo Feng Village possesses similar talent to Hu Zhuang, and that was Zhou Jie. However, Zhou Jie’s bonus was toward the archer’s range. Both talents were equally wonderful in their own area of expertise.

Currently, Zhou Jie was a member in Yu Kai’s Fox Hunt Army, trying to speed up increasing his personal strength as well as military rank. This was very important. Because if the military rank wasn’t raise, then the team bonus of the talent would not be able to be in effect. As far as the rules were concerned, a team that were artificially put together with a group of people wasn’t really considered a team in its book. It needs to be a formal team created in the military barrack or Mercenary Association. And the size of this team was completely dependent on the military rank or mercenary rank.

Quickly, Liu Xiyue and Niu Bing completed all the transfers for the ordinary people. Previously, in order to prevent the rules from automatically assigning the mayor and vice-mayor for Heshan Village, apart from setting Liu Xiyue as the mayor, he had also set Niu Bing as the vice-mayor.

But now with other people joining them, there was no need for Niu Bing to become the vice-mayor anymore. Thus, the position of vice-mayor was given to Hu Zhuang who currently had a blank expression on his face.

When Hu Zhuang was appointed the vice-mayor, he also received a prompt telling him about it. He looked at Cheng Yang, stunned with his mood mixed and complex, “Lord, why does it say I am the vice-mayor….

Cheng Yang didn’t wait for him to finish, he said, “You are very suitable to become the vice-mayor of this village. Before this, Niu Bing was appointed the vice-mayor because there was no other option. Now that it was not needed of him anymore, I will make other arrangements for him. I hope that you do well in your post as vice-mayor, so that later when there is a new field station, I can feel confident in appointing you the mayor for it. Also the three of us can not stay here for a long period of time, so this Heshan Village will mainly be taken care of by you. If you aren’t fit to be vice-mayor, who would?”

Hu Zhuang’s mouth moved, but ultimately he didn’t refute.

Cheng Yang looked at the time. At this time, it was already past 3 PM. He immediately said, “Now I will take you to Yi Cheng to collect some wood, and hopefully we can construct level 2 residences for tonight. For the walls, I will try to find a way to solve it when I come back tomorrow.”

The rest of the people didn’t had an opinion.

This time back to Yi Cheng, the entire team was full of spirit. Before their hearts was in despair due the sudden apocalypse, but now this feeling of despair was gradually disappearing; replaced with a sense of rebirth welling up from the from the bottom of their heart.

Now they has gotten the key to control their own destiny.

It was Hu Zhuang that led the way this time. He walked towards a nearby wood processing plant in accordance to his memory. The enchanted beasts that appeared along the journey were basically killed by Hu Zhuang and others. They were very excited to kill the enchanted beasts without the usage of traps.

After arriving at the wood processing plant, a huge log was pulled out from the ruins and then carried back by the professions that dealt physical. As for the others, they were keeping guard around them.

The returning journey wasn’t so smooth. In the middle, they met a large group of enchanted beasts that wandered in from other places. In this group was a leader that has reached first late-order.

Fortunately, Cheng Yang has discovered the other side’s whereabouts ahead of time and made the newly transfers retreat far away. Then with Liu Xiyue, he went straight into the enchanted beast group, launching a crazy massacre.

When Hu Zhuang and other people arrived at the scene and saw the bodies on the ground, they couldn’t help but have a new understanding of the strength of Cheng Yang’s group of three. An image of Cheng Yang’s invincibility began to bury deep in their hearts.
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