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God and Devil World Chapter 1026: Alien Spawn!

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Chapter 1026: Alien Spawn!
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On the hellish streets of South Origin City, 7 male thugs with obvious signs of madness in their eyes were pressing down 2 beautiful women beneath them, letting out perverted laughs. They were no different from beasts right now.

The 2 women were crying and pleading, "No! Please!! Let us go!! Please!"

The leader of the group, a burly and muscular bald man with a scorpion tattoo on his right arm, had a fierce look as he barked out, "Damn it, bitch, keep quiet!! This senior is going to be eaten by those freaks, why the fuck should I care about anything else? If you girls let us have a good time, I will let you leave alive! Otherwise, I will chop off your arms and legs!!"

Under that harsh threat, the 2 women became pale and did not dare to struggle any further. They were truly afraid of having their limbs dismembered. At that point, it would be no different from being dead.

The muscular man then had a lustful look in his eyes, as he sniggered obscenely, "Hold them down, this senior will have his way!! Haha! Haha!!!"
Under the threat of death, this bald man with a scorpion-tattoo had truly gone crazy.

At this time, one of the men beside him, who had blond hair and piercings, had a vicious glint in his eyes. He directly swung his huge hammer and smashed down viciously on the head of the bald man.


Following a sickening crunch, the head of the bald man burst apart like a watermelon, as red and white matter splattered all over the ground.

After killing the bald man, the blond guy let out a maniacal laughter full of hatred, "Haha!! Boss Liu, you never expected for me to kill you right?! You damn bastard, actually raping this senior's girlfriend last time, making me a cuckold! This senior has been thinking of killing you for a long time!! Haha!! Haha!! Now that you have died at my hands, it can be considered your retribution!! Haha!! Haha!!"

After that, his eyes turned even more crazed and violent, as he looked at the other 5 hooligans, muttering, "Oh yeah, there's still you bastards. Since I've already killed Boss Liu, why not just do away with you guys as well?"

"He's mad!"

"Everybody!! Kill him!!"
The eyes of the 5 thugs flashed with fear and anger as they pounced for the blond man.

"For this day, I've spent so much to learn from Deep Cloud Martial School, just to kill you bastards! Haha!! Haha!! Other than Boss Liu, all you dogs are not my match at all!"

As he spoke, his eyes flashed viciously, and he charged into the midst of the 5 thugs, smashing down on the head of the thugs, busting their heads apart one by one like watermelons.

When he was done, his entire body was covered in brain matter and blood, looking like a demon.

The 2 women looked at him, their eyes filled with fear as they trembled.

He then turned to look at the 2 women with a savage expression, while licking his lips with an obscene gaze, "Hehe, lucky! Before I die, I get to toy with decent goods! Haha!"

The blond-haired man quickly took off his pants, revealing his naked bottom, as he laughed obscenely and walked towards the 2 women.

"Haha! Give me…"

As he was about to grab the hair of one of the women and push her towards his groin, there was a flash, slicing through the man.

His body was split in two, as blood splattered out on the woman in front of him.

A bladed-alien turned to stare coldly at the women, its eyes filled with a violent, killing intent.


When the woman saw the crumpled half of the man, she could not help but scream out in horror, as a puddle of yellow liquid flowed from her waist.

As though agitated, the bladed alien shot forwards.

With its speed, the lady was definitely going to be killed before she could react.

At that critical moment, a white light beam shot down from the skies, blasting the alien, and obliterating it.

Only then did the woman regain her senses, as she broke out crying, both from relief and fear.

The other woman turned to look up, noticing the 12 Protector Battleships, as particle beams fired out continuously, taking out the aliens below.

She was moved, as tears flowed down her cheeks, "We're saved!! We're saved!! We're alive!!"

The aliens within South Origin City did not number more than a thousand, thus, they were easily taken out by the Protector Battleships that could easily wipe out tens of thousands.

There had been an alien nest near the city, however, as Yue Zhong had gone to storm it, the number of aliens were lesser. Had Yue Zhong not gone in to annihilate the aliens at that time, it was likely that there not even be corpses left to bury by the time he got back to South Origin City.

After an hour, every single alien within the city had been cleaned up and taken out.

Once that was dealt with, all the cultivators saved by Yue Zhong quickly disembarked to organize the citizens within for an evacuation.

With the orderly instructions and overseeing people, the survivors all quickly went up the Protector Battleships.

There was soon a long queue in front of the entrances of the helicarriers.
The citizens of South Origin City boarded the Battleships in an orderly manner.

One fashionably-dressed young lady, who had beautiful looks, was about to enter the Battleship when a beam scanned past her, and immediately, a mechanical voice sounded out, "Warning, warning, parasitic life form detected. Likely to be infected by the alien spawn! Kill immediately!"

Once the voice sounded, a panel opened up to reveal a particle cannon.

Another survivor had a look of shock, as he hurried in front of the beautiful girl and shouted, "What?! Infected?! Impossible!! She's my sister!! She can't be infected! Don't kill her! If you want to, take me down first!"

His words had barely sounded when a particle beam fired right through his head, blasting it apart.

At the same time, the beam penetrated through the chest of the woman, causing a huge hole as blood flowed out profusely.

She did not die, however, as her mouth opened and a number of alien spawn shot out, intending to leap for the humans nearby.

"Alien spawn!!"

Seeing the sudden appearance of the alien spawn, the people began to panic and chaos broke out. They were not willing to be infected by those spawn and devoured.
However, the moment those spawn jumped out, the particle beams quickly made short work of them, blasting them to pieces.

At the same time, the beautiful woman who had been a host disintegrated as well.
Yue Zhong's voice sounded coldly from the battleships, "Do not panic. I've taken care of those aliens. Quieten down and go through the checks as you're supposed to. Those who aren't willing to board, if you're clean of any infections after the scan, you may go. Those who reject the scans will be executed immediately."

Hearing his words, many of them began to relax. The tests might be strict, but it was to ensure their safety.

One burly man roared out, "That's too overbearing! We're not your slaves! Why should we listen to you?! Everybody, come charge with me! He definitely can't deal with us all!"

The moment he said that a particle beam blasted his lower body, disintegrating it.

He slumped to the ground, and his mouth opened, revealing more alien spawn that crawled out from any available crevices.

The moment those alien spawn crawled out, particle beams fired out on them and incinerated them.

As though sensing the threat of death, those infected hiding within the crowd began to open their mouths, as slime-covered alien spawn crawled out from their mouths, pouncing towards the other humans.

Unfortunately for them, the moment they appeared, the readied particle beams blasted out, obliterating them as well as their hosts.

Of the 160,000 survivors, 40,000 had been infected. Yue Zhong could not afford to be merciful as he ordered for all hosts to be annihilated. In the end, there were only 120,000 survivors left.
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