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God and Devil World 1026 Author’s Thoughts!

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After an entire year of writing, is finally over! The ending is not too perfect, however, Yue Zhong is considered invincible on Earth and the rest of the 800 worlds. If I had to continue on, it will be an entirely new adventure in the universe. I had the intentions to continue writing, however, my body is not in the best condition. Thus, the ending can be considered a hiatus of sorts.
I will take a break, and recuperate properly. After 2 months, the new book, will be up. It will be a Xuanhuan novel of sorts, based on cultivation, and I hope everyone will enjoy it then!

2 months later, let us meet again in the Xuanhuan world, and go on an adventure with the main character! Thank you for everybody's support and acceptance of my shortcomings! Thank you!

-资产暴增(Assets Exploding)

Translator's Thoughts

It's been an interesting journey since I took over from Chapter 193 back in 2015 with a few people at the start of my translating career, namely Adam Hochin, Daniel Salsbury, Dedition, ZNC, Hibaragi Kou and many others who had helped a little. I started off as a fan of novels, and when the novel came to a stop, I offered to take over as a contribution to the community. Look how far we have all come.

The novel has its ups and downs, and personally, as a fan, I didn't like how some of the arcs turned out, and how some of the themes were repetitive. However, I understand that the author had health issues, and I'm pretty sure that it's not easy to work on a novel for over a thousand chapters without certain things being repeated, or themes not fleshed out properly. There have been issues with numbering, and characters being forgotten as well, but which novel doesn't have its problems?

It's been an amazing journey, and I would like to thank all the readers for your support so far, I hope I did a good enough job, (while trying to balance all my other aspects of my life as well), and see you for my next project!

P.S. For those who did not manage to read the first 100+ chapters, Qidian has told me to finish those up as well, so rest assured that you guys will get to read the entire thing! Look forward to it!

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