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Long Live Summons Chapter 760 – Sunlight Streaming City, Warbeast Store Part 2

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The flying carriages had four vans, each of which was fifteen meters long, and it was enough for the whole team to practice in a quiet environment. The Golden Elves Lin En couple also stay in the carriage, and they thought, the flying carriage horses were poor. In fact, the luxury flying carriage was a large floating machine puppet that could float automatically

without the traction of flying horses. Unlike the Chinese high-speed rail, the carriage never derailed and had anti-gravity devices to protect passengers from fatal accidents.

These flying horses in charge of pulling the carriage were equivalent to “ornaments” for the rich man. The luxury flying carriage horses were a little tired after several hours’ journey, fortunately, the Golden Elves Lin En couple who had natural good feelings toward the flying horses took care of them.

If Fatty Hai was in the position, he would ride a flying horse to show off. Anyway, this was the luxury carriage rented in the capital of Spiritual Cloud State and they must return it later or else there would be a deposit deduction so it’s best to make great use of it.

Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian chose to practice with the instruction of Queen Night and Zhi Zun. Yi Nan, Yue Bing, Blazing Flame and Drunken Cat Sister were mediating in the Gate of Life and Death, so they didn’t participate in the travel to the Heaven Realm. Yue Yu wad forced to come with Yue Yang, but she preferred to stay in the grimoire world and sort out things for him, instead of showing herself in public.

Yue Yang sat in the front of the luxury flying carriage and painted the designs which he had seen at the Gate of Heaven Realm. Yue Yang didn’t know it until he drew them out. Once he had finished most of the pattern, he found that the tombs where the Heaven-rank Innates were buried loomed a great battle array, corresponding to the three teleportation arrays on the edge of the Gate of Heaven Realm, locking the gate from all sides. Yue Yang surmised, there must be an enormous array of runes underground that could be quickly activated if a warrior invaded. In addition to giving the alarm, it could also suppress or even seal the intruder!

When Yue Yang was studying the Gate of Heaven Realm, Red massaged him on the shoulder gently like a little wife caring for her beloved.

Fatty Hai, Fan Lun Tie, Liu Ye, Xia Yi, Bao Er, the four orc sisters and Ye Kong who was worried about their safety, landed on the bustling South-North Avenue in Sunlight Streaming City, with Hui Tai Lang and Ox-Head Li Ao guarding at the back. In the straight road, an empty island appeared in their sight, suspending in the distant sky and giving off the slightly white glow. That was the Sun Island where the strong rankers gathered in the past and today it was the Sunlight Streaming City Lord’s mansion.

As usual, two teams of guards patrolled along the South-North Avenue. The army barracks on both sides had been converted into various shops, and the goods inside were dazzling. Thanks to convenient transportation and rich mineral resources, local people had a good economic income, the flow of goods was particularly fast and there was a large consumer market for luxury goods. Many businessmen were attracted by its fame and some distant products, even from the South Heaven Realm, could be seen here.

“Look, there was a war beast store.” Fan Lun Tie was not interested in roadside snacks. Her hobbies were collecting weapons and visiting war beast shops. Of course, the latter one came about when Yue Yang decided to buy them a Heaven Stage level war beast. Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie came to this idea. Even though she had made great progress in the previous wars, her strength was not sufficient to make a great contribution to the team. Therefore, she also wanted to contract with an excellent Heaven Stage level war beast earlier.

A group of people entered the huge war beast shop called “Potential Alliance”, laughing and talking. Unlike the war beast shops in Tong Tian Tower, this “Potential Alliance”, which had been converted from an old military barracks, was not only huge but also used the basement to create a series of cages to sell the mature war beasts directly.

The idea of selling mature individuals was relatively rare in Tong Tian Tower. Because the mature war beast was more powerful, but their potential had already been used out, unlike the pup that can be raised. In addition, it was almost impossible for the mature individual to have a high integration degree with the new owner. All the mature war beast should have given birth to their own thoughts, and the more powerful they were, the more dependent they were. Without integration, besides the lack of war force, loyalty was also a problem.

Therefore, in the Tong Tian Tower, people preferred to buy war beast pups, even war beast eggs were very popular. In this shop, in contrast, the eggs were stacked together with almost no obvious classification. The war beast eggs in Tong Tian Tower were tested and evaluated in a variety of ways based on their potential and match with the warrior’s attributes and sold separately. In the “Potential Alliance”, war beast eggs were sold like eggs in the market.

“How much are these war beast eggs?” Fan Lun Tie suddenly lit up. There were so many war beast eggs and perhaps she could pick out a suitable war beast. As long as the cultivation was effective, she would have a Heaven Stage level war beast. Yue Yang’s ability to raise the war beast eggs was absolutely first-class. Though he said it’s just luck, every time he could succeed, that’s truly lucky enough.

“Well, that looks good.” Bao Er pointed to a grey egg, which she intuitively thought was a good thing, but she was not so sure, bitting her fingers. With the lucky baby Bao Er, it’s easy to get an excellent one when buying a few eggs. Her ability was not good, while she had a high luck value. The rate to buy a high-level war beast egg with her was just lower than Yue Yang, so it also could be a powerful assurance.

One of the attendants, who had been talking and laughing with his companion, was displeased when he saw that Fan Lun Tie had gone to pick up the worthless war beast eggs, instead of looking at the tumultuary mature war beast in the dungeon. He didn’t say anything, but the look of contempt on his face definitely shown the word “poor”. He might have looked a little better if Bao Er had pointed to a large dragon egg, but the egg she was pointing at was a grey stork that could only be found near the Sunlight Streaming City. This was a low-ranked flying war beast with almost no fighting force. Even the worst mercenaries would not like this war beast. The reason why the war beast shop “Potential Alliance” purchased the eggs was that the two war beast pups of Lightning Velociraptor and Thunder Hellhound were fond of biting the unthreatening grey stork for food. Grey Stork grew fast and reproduced well-resembling rabbits in the wild so the mercenaries even nicknamed it as flying rabbits. In the wild, people often killed them for meat.

Such a garbage war beast, she said it was good? Such an idiot!
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