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Miao Yi's words were completely overbearing! Xu Jinsong was so shocked he didn't know how to reply. However, it did seem that the other party had a point! Why did it seem like problems start to become simpler in front of these three imbeciles?

Xu Jinsong quickly found an answer—these three only knew how to act, not think! So they simply plowed through all their problems with brute force!

Miao Yi and the others knew it was pointless to mince words. Talking was just so they could give themselves an excuse, and to give the other party some peace of mind. They still needed to hand over the gifts that were due. After all, once someone is used to receiving gifts from you, if you fail to deliver even once, they would feel upset. It was as though you owe them the gifts. In short, it was easier to get someone to do things for you after providing them the necessary incentive. The concept of trust and friendship did not exist in this equation.

As such, the three Manor Heads once again offered up a set of First Grade Armor Artifacts, which they had already prepared beforehand. After receiving the gift, Xu Jinsong's expression immediately brightened up quite a bit. However, he still gave a reminder, "Given how serious this incident is, I can't overly vouch for the three of you on my own. You'll still have to seek help from Ji Ze and Huang Jizhang. Remember, don't be so hard-headed and clench onto your treasures so tightly. If you die, then even if you had all the treasures in the world, you won't be able to keep a single one of them!"

This was more like the attitude of someone trying to solve a problem for Miao Yi and the others.

The three of them acknowledged Xu Jinsong's instructions, then started discussing how they should deal with the Hall Master.

After a while, Xu Jinsong called for his two handmaidens to send the three of them off. Following which, he slowly walked out with hands behind his back, staring down at Miao Yi and the others as they descended the mountain.

His two handmaidens walked to his side and asked, "Master! The three of them caused such a major incident. Can you really help them get past this predicament?"

"Even without my help, they'll be able to get through this. They simply don't know the rules here because they just arrived, and thus assumed that they could do things here in the same way they did in the outside world. Regardless, Traversing Water Palace won't be so quick to disrespect the Overlord and the Celestial Sage. At most, these guys will only be punished lightly." As he said this, he rubbed the storage ring on his finger with the set of First Grade Armor Artifacts stored inside. Xu Jinsong was in a good mood. After all, how many years would it take the other Manor Heads within his camp to come up with such an expensive gift? To think he got it so easily just by scaring those three a little. Xu Jinsong scoffed, "Hmph. Just three brainless idiots who only know how to solve their problems with brute force!"

After their visit to Xu Jinsong, Miao Yi and the others went to look for Advisors Ji Ze and Huang Jizhang, where they received yet another bout of scolding. They then went to see the Hall Master, who gathered the three Advisors and six Deacons to the main assembly hall shortly after they arrived. 

There was no avoiding the public reprimanding of their actions. Miao Yi, Zhao Fei, and Sikong Wuwei stood in the center of the hall, while the people from both sides chastised their deeds one after the other. However, even though they berated the three new Manor Heads, the three Advisors still put in a few good words for them. As for the six Deacons, they each belonged to their respective Advisors' camps. But since all three Advisors were already trying to help Miao Yi and the others, the six Deacons naturally showed their support as well.

In the end, the lie became the truth, and all the blame was pushed onto Chang Zijiu. It was then decided that Tranquil Sun Manor was guilty of sowing discord and the one who started this whole incident. And since Chang Zijiu was already dead, he had no way of arguing his case. Nothing could be done even if he was painted completely black with sin.

As for Hall Master Shen Huaixin, he was already aware that Tranquil Sun Manor would be in trouble the moment these three set foot here. And since his subordinates were all already pinning the blame on Chang Zijiu, he had a solid excuse to let this matter rest as well.

Truth be told, it wouldn't be wrong to say that he had silently given his permission for Miao Yi and the others to attack Chang Zijiu. However, he never thought that the three of them would cause such a major incident, and eliminate every single person in Tranquil Sun Manor.

Although the blame was pinned onto Tranquil Sun Manor, there was no way Miao Yi and the others could be completely free of fault either. While they were able to avoid being held responsible for a major crime, they still needed to be given a light punishment for their misdeeds.

In the end, it was decided that the three of them would be suspended from their share of the tribute for ten whole years!

After which, Shen Huaixin also commanded Miao Yi and the others to send some of their forces to look over Tranquil Sun Manor for the time being while he gathered new troops to take over. The place was completely empty after all.

The assembly continued on as Shen Huaixin and the others discussed who they should appoint to take over Tranquil Sun Manor. Miao Yi, Zhao Fei, and Sikong Wuwei were naturally kicked out of the hall and this discussion. These three heinous masterminds were not allowed to take part in the assembly any more than this.

As they walked out of the Suppressing Tenth Hall's palace gates, Miao Yi, Zhao Fei, and Sikong Wuwei exchanged glances with one another. Although they already knew that they wouldn't get into too much trouble this time, they still found it hard to believe that the punishment was so light. Evidently, this was a result the three of them had bought with their treasures. Otherwise, if they hadn't bribed the three Advisors, they might not have spoken up on their behalf at all.

However, Miao Yi and the others also knew that they couldn't continue concealing their allegiance to all three Advisors. Xu Jinsong and the others would find out about this eventually. There was simply no helping it. When Miao Yi and the others took up office, they never expected the state of affairs in this place to be like this. And despite not possessing any real authority, the three Advisors each sent them a name list of the people they wanted to be promoted without even so much as a discussion beforehand. Miao Yi, Zhao Fei, and Sikong Wuwei only had ten Mountain Chieftain positions under each of them, but those three Advisors actually listed more than ten people in total in a single breath. No matter how capable Miao Yi and the others were, there was no way they could make the arrangements. Thus, it would come as no surprise for them to be found out.

That said, Miao Yi and the others didn't really mind either way. When they launched their attack on Tranquil Sun Manor, they had already thought things through. 'If they find out about us, then so be it. Once we get past this incident, we're not planning to involve ourselves in meddlesome affairs any longer. We'll hide in our shells as long as we can. What can they do to us anyway? The only thing they have up their sleeves is to figure out ways to make things hard for us. But how can we possibly be troubled by such a soft and weak-spirited place?' To Miao Yi, Zhao Fei, and Sikong Wuwei, who had long gotten used to the sight of bloodshed and carnage, as long as their lives weren't at risk, then all the problems in the world wouldn't prove to be a challenge at all. This place was different from the world outside, where their lives could be threatened upon a moment's carelessness. Those were the situations where they would have no choice but to deal with the looming predicament. 

The three of them already possessed more than enough cultivation resources on hand, so now was the perfect time to focus their efforts on their cultivation. They wouldn't have to worry about stealing cultivation resources for a long period of time. As such, even if the three of them ended up being alienated by the rest of Suppressing Tenth Hall, they weren't concerned in the least!

They walked out the palace and got on their mounts, and as they continued their descent down the mountain, Sikong Wuwei suddenly chuckled and asked, "Have you guys realized that hiding out here has its perks too?"

Zhao Fei smiled faintly and continued, "There's no fighting and no need to worry about our lives all the time. We can fully cultivate in peace here. Truth be told, it's not a bad place for us."

The three of them looked at one another, then immediately burst out in laughter. When they plotted out their revenge for Qi Xiuhong, they never thought that things would end up this way. After all, this peaceful environment wasn't something money could buy. And as for the other Subjugation Crusade survivors, even though they might have chosen the more thriving areas to take over, they would inevitably have to wrestle authority against the other local powerhouses as well, and battles would be just as unavoidable for them. Thinking about this, Miao Yi, Zhao Fei, and Sikong Wuwei couldn't help thinking it wasn't such a bad idea to come here after all. Perhaps this was Qi Xiuhong's way of repaying them from the beyond.

Mu Tailai and the others were waiting at the foot of the mountain for Miao Yi and the others. When they saw the cheerful looks on their masters' faces, they knew that things must have ended well for them. However, they couldn't help musing to themselves in astonishment, 'They're completely fine even after causing such a huge mess?'

Nine riders proceeded to leave Suppressing Tenth Hall together, galloping at full speed back to their respective territories without rest. Along the way, they split up once again, as each group continued on their way back home separately.

Back in Raincloud Manor, as Miao Yi was getting down from his mount, Yan Xiu hurriedly came over and told him that he had an important guest waiting for him. This guest was none other than the Advisor of Traversing Water Palace—Tao Qingli!

'Granny Tao's granddaughter, Tao Qingli?' Miao Yi was shocked by the news, but it didn't take him long to figure out why the other party had come. He understood that there was no way to keep such a huge incident under wraps from the higher-ups. After all, who could conceal the sudden demise of over a thousand cultivators? However, he didn't think that Suppressing Tenth Hall wouldn't even give him a warning beforehand. There wasn't even enough time for him to make any preparations at all. That said, for Tao Qingli to have come here personally, it was evident how serious this incident was to her. And this also helped confirm Miao Yi's suspicions!

After handing down several instructions to Yan Xiu, Miao Yi hurriedly entered the Manor.

As he stepped inside the main hall, he noticed a gentle-looking girl dressed in blue robes sitting on the high seat. She carried a certain elegance about her, and standing next to her were her two handmaidens. Meanwhile, Qian'Er and Xue'Er were obediently standing at the bottom and answering her questions.

"This subordinate is the Manor Head of Raincloud Manor—Miao Yi! I respectfully greet the Advisor!" Miao Yi quickly stepped forward and bowed. At the same time, he quietly cast a sideways glance at Qian'Er and Xue'Er, noticing that their foreheads were already beading with sweat.

The two girls quickly transmitted their voices over to Miao Yi and informed him that the other party had indeed come for the incident relating to Tranquil Sun Manor.

"So you're the guy who took tenth place in the Sea of Constellations Subjugation Crusade, Miao Yi?" Tao Qingli shot him a cold gaze and asked.

"Yes, it is I!" Miao Yi replied.

Tao Qingli didn't mince words and cut straight to the point, "Who gave you the audacity to attack Tranquil Sun Manor?"

Miao Yi answered, "I was truly unaware of the situation here in Traversing Water Palace. When I was still working under Traversing Moon Palace, the rights to a single territory rested upon those who had the biggest fist. I never thought… I've just returned from Suppressing Tenth Hall, and have already been made aware of my mistakes. I will never do it again!"

"Excuses! When you, Zhao Fei, and Sikong Wuwei chose your respective territories, I found it odd that the three of you picked areas that so coincidentally surrounded Tranquil Sun Manor in the center. Now I see that you've all been plotting this right from the start!" Tao Qingli barked, "What are you trying to achieve exactly? Answer honestly!"

Miao Yi smiled wryly and said, "I really don't have any ulterior motives. We got into a bit of a sticky situation back in the capital city, so when the three of us picked this place, we were only thinking about hiding ourselves. At the time, we heard that the Traversing Water Palace Lord would be able to shelter us, so we decided on this place then and there. And it was also thanks to the Palace Lord that we were able to get out of the capital city unscathed. You can ask her yourself if you don't believe me!"

Tao Qingli stared daggers at him, asking, "Don't you think your story has a little too many holes? Previously, you said that you did it for the sake of taking over another territory. Now, you're telling me it was because you wanted to find a place to hide. Which excuse should I trust? Or is there still something you're not telling me?"

Miao Yi cupped his fists and said, "If I may, Advisor, I did come here seeking a place to hide. At first, I didn't plan on attacking Tranquil Sun Manor either. However, I was ultimately forced to do so. I wasn't given a choice!"

Tao Qingli smiled coldly. "I sure would like to know who would be bold enough to force you to attack Tranquil Sun Manor. Is it Shen Huaixin?"

Miao Yi smiled wryly and said, "I dare not say. I'm afraid they will come after me if I do!"

"If you don't, I'll come after you right now!" Tao Qingli said coldly, "Don't make me do things the hard way. Even if I killed you right here right now, no one would dare say a thing against me!"

"Since you insist, then I have no choice but to tell you the truth!" Miao Yi placed his hands by the side and stood up straight, saying loudly, "Before I came to Suppressing Tenth Hall, I really had no idea… no idea how big of a mess this place is! Even for someone like me who's been to many different territories, I must say I've never seen a place as chaotic as this. What an eye-opener indeed!"

Tao Qingli was a little confused by Miao Yi's words, and asked, "Chaotic? How is this place chaotic? Do you think I have no idea what the outside world is like? In the entire Celestial Nation, where can you find a place more peaceful than Traversing Water Palace? Out there, there's always a constant threat to one's life, and wars are a dime a dozen. The three of you are lucky to be able to come here. Normal cultivators can only dream of working under our banner. Had it not been out of respect for the Celestial Sage, do you think the three of you would be so lucky? It's bad enough that you don't know how to appreciate it, how dare you make such blasphemous claims on top of that?!"

"Peaceful?" Miao Yi suddenly burst out in laughter, nodding repeatedly as he said, "Yes, it is peaceful! So peaceful indeed! To the point that everything is thrown out of order! Zhao Fei, Sikong Wuwei, and I have only just stepped into office not too long ago, but the three Advisors of Suppressing Tenth Hall didn't even inform us—or even start a proper discussion for that matter—before sending a whole stack of names right up to our doorstep! Even with the three of us combined, we only have thirty Mountain Chieftain positions at our disposal. However, the three Advisors want us to make preparations for over forty Mountain Chieftains! And we can't even say no! Since the three of us have just recently arrived, we're still rather unfamiliar with the area, and thus didn't wish to offend anyone! If I may be so bold as to ask, Advisor Tao, do you have any tips you can share with the three of us on how to assign over forty Mountain Chieftain positions without offending anyone?"
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