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Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 470 - The Strongest Class is Beginning to Take Shape

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Chapter 470 - The Strongest Class is Beginning to Take Shape

Translator: BinBin

Editor: EllisBLV13

Location: Medical college of Jindu University

It had been two days since Qin Feng was fired.

In the past two days, the lessons for Chinese Medicine were canceled and replaced by Xiao Lei’s western medicine practical sessions. Without Qin Feng, the students behaved like a bunch of drug addicts without their drugs. All of them became dispirited and discouraged. They bowed their heads in sorrow and slumped their shoulders in disappointment.

On the podium, Xiao Lei gave his lecture enthusiastically. In contrast, the students lay listlessly on the table and paid him no attention to him at all.

“Do you think it’s true that Professor Qin Feng was fired? It has been two days. Why is he still not back?”

There was static in the air, and all of them discussed Qin Feng.

“I think it’s true. The university forum was completely flooded with the matter. Also, the university authorities made the dismissal of Professor Qin Feng public.”

“Fuck them! How can they sack my big brother? Are they looking for death?!” Liu Jie became more and more aggressive, and more and more shameless after he became Qin Feng’s minion. He pounded on the iron table and left a large crater in it.

It sounded like an explosion or an earthquake, and it startled everyone. Xiao Lei, who was standing at the podium, went weak in the knees and fell to the ground.

“Who… who pounded on the table? Stand up now! Don’t you want to graduate?” Xiao Lei was embarrassed. Growing angry, he shot up and glared at the students.

Liu Jie released all his inner qi and pounded on the iron table again. His strength was so strong that the iron table reached its limit and collapsed.

“It’s me! What do you want, huh? Why should I care about graduation since Professor Qin Feng is no longer teaching here? I don’t want to continue my studies anymore, I quit!”

For two days, there was a ball of fire depressed in Liu Jie heart. He was angry; he was resentful, and he could not contain his anger anymore. He exploded. As a descendant of an aristocratic family, what mattered the most was talent in cultivating martial arts and how far could he go as a martial artist. Study and literature prowess wasn’t something they emphasized. Hence, Liu Jie had no total qualms about giving up on his study.

“Hmph! I’m quitting too… I was only here to learn Chinese medicine from Professor Qin Feng. Since he is gone, it’s purposeless for me to stay here!” Ma Chao rose to his feet and tipped the table in front of him with a kick. He looked menacing and fierce, startling Xiao Lei so much that he glued his back at the wall.

“I don’t want to study anymore! I want to quit university now!”

“Without Professor Qin Feng, we won’t continue our lesson!”


More and more student stood up.

After a minute, all two hundred or so students had risen to their feet except Fang Ming and his three minions because they were pretty delighted with Qin Feng’s expulsion.

“Hey, sit down! I said sit down! Can’t you people understand human language?… Fine, very well! You think you’re smart? I’ll report you all to the university authorities! Just you people wait here!” Xiao Lei was so shocked by the students’ aura that he couldn’t help sweat. He crawled his way to the door and went away dejected.

Xiao Lei’s threat did little good for the students. They completely defied his intimidating remark.

“Liu Jie, can you reach Professor Qin Feng by phone? Ask him where is he now. Why did he leave us without giving us a message? Was he planning to take a French leave after flirting with all our fellow female friends?”

“I’ve called him, but the line is always out of service!” Liu Jie said helplessly.

“Could it be that Professor Qin Feng doesn’t have the face see us after he was fired by the university authorities? I remember that we added Professor Qin Feng to our medical college Wechat group, didn’t we? Why don’t we tag him there and force him to show himself?” a student suggested.

Following that suggestion, the two hundred or so students quickly dug into their pocket and pulled out their cell phones to tag Qin Feng in the Wechat group. Some of them even spammed his inbox to reach him. However, much to their distress, all their efforts were in vain. Qin Feng did not show himself in the end.

“Professor Qin Feng refused to answer our calls. Is he ignoring us on purpose?” Ma Chao’s brows furrowed deeply.

“Quick, somebody sends a money packet to the group,” Liu Jie suddenly shouted.

Taking his cue, his peers began to throw money packets into the group. Within five seconds, they had given out hundreds of money packets.

“What the fuck, Liu Jie? These money packets are for baiting Professor Qin Feng. How can you take them all?”

“Not you too, Ma Chao?!”

“Oh, my goodness, even Goddess Hua Yan and Goddess Qiao Shi Shi are taking the money packets. Even beautiful Yan Wu Shuang also?”

Hundreds of money packets were soon gone within seconds. When they checked the record, they realized that Qin Feng hadn’t taken even a single one which pretty much answered their long-held question. Finding out that Qin Feng had disappeared acted the same way the wind intensifies the wildfires that run across the green plain. It amplified the pent-up fire in the students’ heart and made them go into a frenzy.

“What a bunch of assholes! I’m going to ask for help from my dad. He is one of the deans of the medical college. I want him to bring Professor Qin Feng back to our university!” Ma Chao went outside to make the call.

“I’m making a call to my dad and ask him to bring my fellow brethren to camp out at our university. In the worst case scenario, I’ll lead my fellow brethren to fight the school!” Liu Jie went out in a rage.

“Hmph! Do you people think we’ve been left high and dry? Hah, naive! My uncle is the team leader of Jindu University’s power department. Once I make the call to him, he will cut off all the electrical supply to the university. At that time, I want to see how those lecturers watch romance-actions movie in their offices!” Xiao Mei, who teased Qin Feng during his first class by asking him to watch her boobs, huffed as she made a call to her uncle.

“My dad is in charge of the boiler room. I’ll ask him to shut down all the boilers and let the cold kill those bastards!” the student who Qin Feng asked him to wash his face yelled out of his fury.

“I have some friends working in the newspaper. If the university authorities refused to bring Professor Qin Feng back, I’ll ask them to send reporters to make this matter public!”

“I don’t know anybody who could be any help to us, but my uncle is the university’s security team leader. If worst comes to the worst, I’ll have him to lead his security team and detain all the university authorities!”

“You people are too kind. I have a much better plan. I’ll look for the hoodlums and have them tail after the university authorities’ children. They will wait for their children to finish school, and rob them of their pocket money!”


One after another, the students called everyone they knew regardless of their serviceability and credibility. There was only one goal in their minds: bring Professor Qin Feng back.

The time they knew and followed Qin Feng was not long, not even a month, but it was more than enough for Qin Feng to make them understand the phrase: a day as a teacher, father for life.

All of the students treated Qin Feng like their elder, their family.

Before Qin Feng came to the medical college, all two hundred students in the medical college were lax in discipline and self-centered. They would only mind their own business and paid no mind to whatever was happening around them. They would turn a blind eye even when they saw their comrades being bullied, and it was considered good for them not to involved themselves into bullying that person, let alone save them. However, Qin Feng changed all this. Not only did he teach them about Chinese medicine, he also taught them the importance of team spirit.

Qin Feng wanted to build the strongest class from this class, and now, it was beginning to take form. In the face of adversity, they did not scatter but worked together to find a solution.

Starting with Gao Tian Yao insulting Liu Jie until Qin Feng slapped him in front of everybody and told the rest of the students to stand up and fight back, the students of medical college had begun changing. Their changes might have been minute, but a little at a time had made a big difference. When they united as one, it became an inexhaustible power, and they could settle every problem thrown at them with this power.

A class without a spirit to support it had no future. What would their class become in the absence of Qin Feng?

Even Hua Yan and Qiao Shi Shi were searching their directories and see if they could find someone of good help to Qin Feng. There was, however, a girl who did nothing. Clad in her usual black, tight-fitting leather shirt and pants, Yan Wu Shuang sat quietly in a corner of the class. Her delicate brows were locked, and she seemed to be in her thought. Nobody knew what kind of story was playing in her mind.


Now, Qin Feng was standing in front of the Ma family’s ancient mansion. He wasn’t aware of what was happening at the medical college; otherwise, he would cry.

He wouldn’t cry because he was touched, but because he was angry.

Haven’t you guys ever heard of the phrase don’t trouble troubles until trouble troubles you? How can you people shut down the boilers of the university, find somebody to kidnap the university authorities, look for hoodlums to extort money from their children, and cut off the university electrical supply? Why can’t you sit down quietly and obediently while awaiting my return?


The Ma family members were stunned as they focused their gaze on Qin Feng and Su Xia Tian. They did not know who Qin Feng was, but they knew Su Xia Tian. They felt their hearts tighten when they saw Su Xia Tian.

“Hey, isn’t this Little Girl Xia Tian? What made you come to our Ma family’s ancient mansion tonight?” Ma Long had lived his life long enough that he was good at controlling his own emotions. He was only briefly dazed before he returned to his usual calm demeanor. He looked at Su Xia Tian with an affable expression as if the one who led the other forces to destroy the Su family wasn’t him.

“Big Brother Qin Feng promised me a fun time here at the Ma family’s ancient mansion today, so he brought me here… Yes, you’re right! We’re here to beat you up!” Su Xia Tian said fearlessly and stood with arms akimbo, staring at Ma Long.

Ma Long’s mouth quivered, and he almost lost his head.

“Little Girl Xia Tian, careless talk leads to trouble. Go home now. Don’t make your elder sister and your grandpa worry about you,” Su Xia Tian was notorious for her mischievousness, and Ma Long knew it very well. He knew she actually was a good-hearted girl, and she meant nothing, so he forgave her rudeness.

“Who said I’m messing around, you bloody bastard geezer? Can’t you see that I’m serious?”

Su Xia Tian was angry when Ma Long doubted her. She huffed, “This she-demon will say it again: Big Brother Qin Feng and I are here to beat you up!”

Hearing this, the Ma family members were instantly on alert. This was because all of them could see that Su Xia Tian did not seem to be joking.

“Haha! Just you two and you want to beat us up? What a silly dream!” Ma Hui suddenly laughed. With a contemptuous gaze, he yelled at Qin Feng and Su Xia Tian, “Get lost now! Don’t blame us if we hurt you two!”

Ma Hui’s threatening words failed to make Qin Feng and Su Xia Tian flinch. Qin Feng wrapped his arms around Su Xia Tian’s neck and asked, “Xia Tian, who is that fellow? He looks so ugly, and he insults my eyes.”
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