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Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 416 - Fighting the Unicorn Rhinoceros (1)

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Chapter 416 - Fighting the Unicorn Rhinoceros (1)

Translator: BinBin

Editor: EllisBLV13

Pursing her lips, Hua Yan squatted beside her garden outside of Chang Xin’s villa.

She hurried from the villa after she finished her dinner and hid her presence under the shadow of the villa. She planned on ambushing the one who stole her spiritual flowers when he appeared. However, it was already in the wee hours of the morning, and the flower thief still had not appeared.

“Yan Yan, you scared me!” Chang Xin suddenly appeared from the villa. She wore a loose white nightgown with a fiery red windbreaker draped over her shoulders.

She stood in the moonlight so that it gave her an enchanting and charming aura.

She noticed Hua Yan in the garden once she was outside. She had only been able to see a vague figure because the moonlight was her only illumination. She almost thought that Hua Yan was a large mouse.

“Big Sister Xin Xin. I’m not a ghost. What’re you afraid of?” Hua Yan came forward and clung to Chang Xin’s arm,

Chang Xin smacked Hua Yan’s forehead, feigning anger, and said, “You naughty little girl. Won’t you feel cold standing outside in those flimsy clothes? You really treated your garden like your own child. What if you catch a cold?”

Hua Yan made a face as a countermeasure to Chang Xin’s warning causing Chang Xin’s to burst into laughter.

“Big Sister Xin Xin, what are you doing out here at this hour? Why haven’t you gone to bed?” Hua Yan’s rolled her glassy eyes and said mischievously, “Could it be you’re waiting for that brat?”

Chang Xin’s face instantly flushed. Luckily, it was dark outside so Hua Yan could not see her face. Otherwise, she would have searched for a hole to hide in.

“What kind of story is playing in your dirty mind, young lady? Why would I wait for that brat to return home? I’m actually wondering if I should lock the door or not because it’s so late, and it’s time for us to rest.”

Qin Feng disappeared right after classes had ended and still had not return home.

Even though Chang Xin did not say anything, a weird feeling kept stirring her mind. She could not go to sleep unless Qin Feng had returned home.

So the reason Chang Xin came outside was to see whether or not Qin Feng had returned home. She never expected Hua Yan to be outside as well and that she’d figure out her intention.

“Really?” Hua Yan grinned at Chang Xin. Suddenly, she sighed, “Ai! Big Sister Xin Xin, you see, you’re such a fine young lady, beautiful with an hourglass body figure, and rich. I’m pretty sure that there was no man in this world that could resist your charms. I can’t understand how Big Sister Xin Xin fell in love with that brat Qin Feng. He is a pervert, and what’s more his background is a mystery. We have no idea what he used to be in his previous life. Big Sister Xin Xin, you must think twice about him!”

“What are you talking about? I already said that I came out to lock the gate and go to sleep.”

Chang Xin was so embarrassed that a bright pink quickly crawled up her face to her ears. In order to prevent Hua Yan from talking nonsense, Chang Xin gnashed her teeth and pulled Hua Yan back into the villa. She turned around and locked the door from inside in front of Hua Yan.

“Hmph! That brat deserves this for not coming back home before this late hour. We’ll let him sleep on the street tonight! If he still adheres to his misguided course, I’ll kick him out of my house!”

Looking at Chang Xin’s angry, cold face, a flicker of mischief veiled Hua Yan’s eyes. Nobody knew her plan.


“Argh! Big Brother, please wait for me!”

Qin Feng had taken a liking to Liu Jie so he kept him as his little brother. Liu Jie changed his appellation from Professor Qin Feng to Big Brother.

Both of them arrived at the outskirts of the provincial capital. After they parked the Buick sedan outside of the Dark Forest, they entered the Dark Forest and started looking for the unicorn rhinoceros.

Qin Feng remained calm without batting an eye even as he ran at top speed for a long time. However, this was not the case for Liu Jie. He was fat, so he was entirely exhausted from running for twenty minutes straight.

“You should keep fit now, you fatty!” Qin Feng rolled his eyes at Liu Jie.

“Big Brother, I’m that kind of person who will grow fat even if I drink water. You can’t understand this kind of suffering,” Liu Jie’s face was covered with big drops of perspiration. He stopped out of his fatigue and said, “Big Brother, can we stop and rest for a while? Otherwise, I might die of exhaustion before we find the unicorn rhinoceros.

Looking at Liu Jie who refused to move for another inch, Qin Feng helplessly shook his head and murmured inwardly.


A wild horse’s cries howled across the forest shattering the tranquil and gloomy dark night. It made Liu Jie flinch.

His eyes were filled with fear. He pointed his finger at the fiery-red gallant horse and stuttered in fright, “Big--Big-- Big Brother, b-beast-- there is a beast here! Hurry up and run!

Hopping lightly on his feet, Qin Feng arrived at Liu Jie’s side. He was disappointed at Liu Jie’s cowardice and kicked him in the butt sending him flying onto the back of the gallant horse.

“Beast? You f*cking head! This is your Big Brother’s mount. Its name is Flaming Dragon Horse!”

Qin Feng jumped on the back of the horse as well and cantered into the forest with Liu Jie.

The Flaming Dragon Horse raced through the forest at its top speed causing the wind to howl as the only perceptible sound around them.

Liu Jie finally returned to his senses. His eyes were illuminated with excitement. Out of his curiosity, he kept rubbing his jiggly butt on the back of the horse, caressing the fur, and pat the Flaming Dragon Horse’s head. He felt that he was in a dream.

“You’re too f*cking cool, big brother! You can even get your hand on a rare Ferghana Gallant horse! Don’t tell me that you’re actually related to one of the aristocratic families in the provincial capital?!” Liu Jie danced about joyfully.

Qin Feng smacked Liu Jie in the head and glowered, “Can you please not rub your big, fat, a** on my horse? You disgust me!”

The Flaming Dragon Horse did not have much space, to begin with, and could only carry one person at most. Now, there was even less space with the big and fat Liu Jie sitting behind him. His back leaned against Liu Jie’s back, so every time Liu Jie moved, his bottom touched Qin Feng’s body.

Qin Feng would have been very happy if Liu Jie was a drop-dead gorgeous woman; however, in reality, he wasn’t, and Qin Feng felt every minute like a thousand years for him.

Liu Jie did not move anymore after Qin Feng yelled at him, but he kept yapping on and on without stopping. It was obvious that he was stunned by Qin Feng’s strength and treasures that he’d gone crazy.

The Flaming Dragon Horse was fast and had a lot of endurance. It ran as fast as lightning for more than ten minutes without decelerating even weighed down by Qin Feng and Liu Jie.

At the same time. Qin Feng kept observing the topography of the Dark Forest.

He found some resemblance to the forest on Devil Beast Mountain. Both were filled with a chilly, gloomy and suffocating aura. However, there was a slight difference in between the two forests: the forest on Devil Beast Mountain had a lot of trees, and all of them were huge and tall whereas the trees of the Dark Forest were lesser and the ground was covered with many rare flowers and plants.

After accepting the Dark Forest mission, the mission board had sent some information about the mission they were taking to their communication devices. Contained in the information were the analysis of the area and the attacking patterns of unicorn rhinoceros. The unicorn rhinoceros normally lingered around the outer and middle ring of Dark Forest, surviving by hunting and consuming beasts weaker than them.

After half an hour, they finally arrived at the middle ring of Dark Forest.


Qin Feng pulled the bridle, and the Flaming Dragon Horse raised its two front hooves in the air as it stopped and released a deafening neigh.

Liu Jie did not realize that Qin Feng was no longer sitting behind him. When he regained his senses and raised his head upward, he saw his Big Brother standing on a huge tree with a crimson spear that had appeared from thin air in his hand.

He waved the spear in his hand drawing a myriad of fiery red afterimages in the air.

Shroom! Shroom! Shroom!

Dozens of fireballs of great intensity shot out and smashed into the surrounding trees setting them ablaze. The flames spread fast, and within the span of a few seconds, the whole forest was engulfed in fire illuminating the sky as bright as day.

Liu Jie was still on top of the Flaming Dragon Horse. His mouth gaped into a large ‘O’ shape.

He could no longer distinguish whether his Big Brother was a martial artist or a demon cultivator. His mind went blank as it was filled with plenty of questions, Where did Big Brother get that long spear from? And where does he keep it?

“Big Brother, what are you doing?” Liu Feng looked at Qin Feng who hovered in mid-air with worship in his eyes.

“It’s been such a long time since I last let loose my power. It’s time for me to warm-up!” Qin Feng laughed.

“Big Brother, all the beasts of the Dark Forest hate light. You might cause the beasts to go on a rampage if you release so many fireballs!” Liu Jie suddenly recalled that light might agitate the beasts in Dark Forest, and he worried.

“Haha! That is my plan! We should kill the unicorn rhinoceros and clear the mission as fast as we can. I want to go home and sleep!”

Liu Jie was stunned by Qin Feng. Big Brother Qin Feng is too domineering!

Every time Liu Jie came into the forest to carry out a mission, he would scurry around the forest carefully like a burglar. Every time he was tasked to kill a beast, he would only made his move after he found the target, and certain that there was no other danger around him.

It was out of his expectation that his Big Brother Qin Feng would take the initiative to attract the beast!


The deafening roar of beasts echoed from the deepest parts of the forest. The Flaming Dragon Horse was aroused by the roar and pottered around. Liu Jie’s expression became cold as well. He studied the forest with his dark, almost-black eyes.

Ow! Ow! Ow!

The menacing roars of beasts grew nearer. Judging from the intensity of sounds and the trembling ground, Liu Jie surmised that there were at least three or four beasts charging toward them!

“Oh my gosh! Big Brother, hurry up and run. Four unicorn rhinoceroses are too much for us!” Liu Jie screamed as he saw four large unicorn rhinoceroses charging at them.

This was the first time Qin Feng saw a unicorn rhinoceros. They were larger than ordinary rhinoceros, and their hide was much stronger and tougher. They had very little hair on their bodies, and the hair was hard enough to stand on their backs like tiny needles. Their ears were round, and their heads were large and long. Their necks were short, and there was a long, hard sharp tusk above their noses.

These unicorn rhinoceros were no ordinary rhinoceros. Their limbs were large and muscular as opposed to ordinary rhinoceros which had short limbs. They were faster, and their very presence made people tremble with fear.

The four unicorn rhinoceroses charged toward Qin Feng while he was studying them. It was only mere seconds before the tusk on the top of the unicorn rhinoceros was within reach of Qin Feng’s pecs.

“Big Brother! Run!” Liu Jie was ambushed by two unicorn rhinoceroses as well. However, he still spared his consciousness to warn Qin Feng.


Qin Feng hopped up onto a large tree.


The rampaging unicorn rhinoceros rammed itself into the big tree and raised up a storm of leaves. The leaves fell from the tree to the ground making quite a scenic view.

“Xiao Jie, lure away those two unicorn rhinoceroses with the Flaming Dragon Horse! Be careful!” Qin Feng commanded. Taking his cue, Liu Jie maneuvered the Flaming Dragon Horse away.

The two unicorn rhinoceroses chased after Liu Jie, and Qin Feng soon lost sight of them.

There were only two unicorn rhinoceroses left. Qin Feng felt that it would be easier for him to engage them.

Shroom! Shroom!

Qin Feng moved like a specter in the dark zigzagging between trees while shooting fireballs from his Spear of Rathalos. The dozens of fireballs of great intensity flew toward the unicorn rhinoceroses and exploded against their bodies successfully making them flinch.
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