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Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 414 - Joining the Martial Artist Alliance

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Chapter 414 - Joining the Martial Artist Alliance

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“Yea, they pay us handsomely. We can get rewards such as potions to use for cultivation, herbs, pills, spiritual equipment, skill books and much more!” chirped Liu Jie.

Qin Feng’s eyes gleamed brightly. He was on the edge of breaking through to Stage 4 inner qi, and he needed a large number of spiritual plants and mystical herbs to do so. He thought it wasn’t a great idea to keep stealing spiritual plants from Hua Yan’s garden. If Hua Yan ever found out that it had been him, he would experience a horrible ending.

After weighing the situation, Qin Feng felt that the Martial Artist Alliance might be a good place.

“Is it permissible for anyone to accept and assign missions in the Martial Artist Alliance?” Qin Feng asked his second question.

“No, it’s not. The Martial Artist Alliance is a large clandestine organization. Normally, the presence of this organization is only known by martial artists. The people outside of Martial World know nothing about this organization. To enter the Martial Artist Alliance, you must first have to get a membership. That is to say that you have to register yourself as a member. Each member has their own identity. You can either use your real name or an alias. Then, you can start to accept or assign missions,” Liu Jie explained thoroughly the mechanism of Martial Artist Alliance to Qin Feng.

Qin Feng was dazzled by Liu Jie’s story. The Martial Artist Alliance worked the same way as Mensa International. Mensa International was a central organization for gifted and talented humans with a high IQ, whereas the Martial Artist Alliance was the central organization for martial artists. The former was open to highly intelligent humans, gifted children and talented people from around the world, whereas the latter aggregated every martial artist in China.

“Professor Qin Feng, you’ve never been to the Martial Artist Alliance before?” Liu Jie did not believe Qin Feng.

“Does the Martial Artist Alliance only exist in the provincial capital?” Qin Feng countered Liu Jie with his own question.

“No. The one in the provincial capital is the headquarters. The Martial Artist Alliance has many branches covering every city of China. Each city must have one. It’s just that ordinary people would not know about it.”

Qin Feng was shocked. That means there must be a branch in Acropolis City! Qin Feng chided his ignorance, I should’ve known about it!

Anyway, Qin Feng could not be blamed. Even though Qin Huang had been a martial artist and Uncle Fu was an External Strength Master, Qin Feng was born without the gift. He was normal, and he was destined to be unable to cultivate martial arts in his lifetime.

As such, Qin Huang detached himself from the Qin Family in the provincial capital and brought along Qin Feng all the way down to Acropolis City where he began his business empire. Qin Huang knew that Qin Feng could never be a martial artist, so Qin Huang thought he might as well plunged himself into business. After Qin Feng had grown up, he figured that he would pass down his business empire to Qin Feng so that he could live an ordinary life until death claimed his life.

As such, Qin Huang and Uncle Fu never mentioned or brought Qin Feng to the Martial Artist Alliance branch in Acropolis City because neither of them had anticipated that Qin Feng would one day become a martial artist.

“Liu Jie, where is the Martial Artist Alliance in the provincial capital? Could you take me there?” Qin Feng could not push down the buzz in his heart anymore. He was thrilled.

“Yea, sure. Let’s go there by car.”

Liu Jie and Qin Feng returned the same way they arrived. When they arrived at the car park off-campus, Liu Jie pressed his car key and the front lights of a vintage Buick sedan lit up.

“Wow, you even own a car, and you still said to me that you’re poor!” Qin Feng kicked Liu Jie’s butt out of anger.

Scratching his head, Liu Jie said awkwardly, “Professor Qin Feng, this is my dad’s car. I just took it out for a spin. My dad would kill me if he found out that I drive his car.”

“What a poor excuse, you bloody little liar!”

“Professor Qin Feng, trust me, please. I did not lie.”

The two talked and joked while getting into the car. While they traveled down the street, Qin Feng peered into the labyrinthine city behind the car window. He noticed that the provincial capital seemingly came to life at nightfall. The streets presented a scene of feasting and revelry with endless streams of passersby bustling in between restaurants and bars along either side of the road.

A distant and vague memory surged and settled into his mind as he was swept into the mad whirl of the city.

He pondered, How long has it been since I withdrew myself from this kind of life filled with jazz and booze?

The Buick tore down the street and stopped outside a quadrangle.

After they got out of the car, they walked for around ten minutes into the deepest part of the quadrangle.

Qin Feng made a map in his mind as he walked so that he would not get lost in this maze-like compound.

After walking for a while, Qin Feng somehow found a few memories of this place in his mind. He realized that this place was only a block away from Yulin Street where he previously set up a stall to sell talismans. In the daytime, the place was filled with many stalls, and there were a few shops selling antiques on the street.

It was totally out of his expectations that the main headquarter of the Martial Artist Alliance was hidden in such a lively compound. Liu Jie led Qin Feng to an ordinary quadrangle. There were four security guards outside, and they barred them from entering further.

“Who are you? Beyond this point is a private area, and unauthorized people are prohibited to enter!”

“Big Brother, both of us are martial artists, and we planned to accept some missions and restock our supplies.”

It was obvious that it wasn’t the first time Liu Jie had been there as he pulled out a red booklet and passed it to the security guards.

One of the security guards took a glance and nodded, “You can go in now.”

After that, he turned to Qin Feng and asked, “How about you? Where are your credentials?”

“Big brother, this is my friend. He just became a martial artist not long ago. He’s here to register as a member,” Liu Jie helped Qin Feng explain his situation.

The security guard measured Qin Feng from top to bottom and nodded at last.

“Both of you, follow me. We’ve to run an examination on this mister to check his strength. You two can proceed to the lobby after he passes the examination.”

The security guard led Qin Feng and Liu Jie into the compound. Qin Feng was taken aback by the interior of the compound.

From outside, the compound was an ordinary quadrangle; however, the interior of the compound was completely open.

The roads sprawled all over the compound, and there was no end to them. The street lights on both sides of the street were extremely bright causing the surroundings to be as bright as daytime. The compound was equipped with many facilities such as shops, hotels, pharmacies, banks, and so on as if it were a small town.

Qin Feng looked around in curiosity.

Wow, it’s so cool here!

Then, the security guard led him to a room. The room was vast and spacious without anything aside from a large monitor in the corner. The large monitor intrigued him as Qin Feng had never seen this kind of thing before in his life.

“Test your strength over there. You can become one of us once you passed our test. If you, unfortunately, fail the test, both of you have to leave the compound,” said the security guard emotionlessly.

Qin Feng did not care about the security guard’s attitude and walked towards the monitor. The security guard taught him how to use it, and it was easy. He just needed to hit the thing under the monitor screen and it would show Qin Feng’s strength on the monitor screen.

Martial arts was composed of external strength cultivation and inner qi cultivation.

Regardless, anyone who broke through Stage 1 inner qi or Stage 1 external strength would be considered as a martial artist. At this stage, they could exert a force of 100 kg which is twice the strength of an ordinary person.

Taking a deep breath, his muscles bulged, and a gale of wind suddenly rose from nowhere. He moved as fast as lightning slamming his fist on the target with great force.


A loud muffled sound echoed through the room scaring both Liu Jie and the security guard.

The security guard hurried towards the screen, and his eyes almost popped out when he saw the number two hundred and ninety-eight on the monitor.

This man exerted 300 kg of force. That’s almost on par with a Stage 5 external expert or a Stage 6 inner qi expert! There are only a few martial artists of this caliber in the Martial Artist Alliance!

“Do I passed the test or not?” asked Qin Feng after realizing the security guard had not said anything after such a long time.

Qin Feng was a Stage 4 external expert, and he had consumed strength-enhancing potion twice before he arrived. With his intermediate level Thunder Tiger Fist Technique, Qin Feng was certain that he could release a force of 350 kg with ease. The force of 298 kg on the monitor screen was the result of him suppressing his power.

“Yes,” the security guard finally returned to his senses. His attitude toward Qin Feng had changed, “ You-- You passed.”

Liu Jie said that he had just become a martial artist not long ago, so the security guard had not expected him to be so strong.

“You’re so powerful, Professor Qin Feng!” Liu Jie ran to Qin Feng’s side and exclaimed.

The security guard went to register Qin Feng as a member.

“Mister, please give yourself a name. It can be an alias or your true name.”

Qin Feng thought about it deeply. He realized that his enemies could be in the Martial Artist Alliance, so if he used his real name, he might blow his disguise. At last, he chose an alias for himself.

“Let it be Green Wolf!” said Qin Feng.

“Will you confirm it?” the security guard keyed Qin Feng’s identity into the computer and said, “This will be your only identity after joining the Martial Artist Alliance. You can’t change it after it’s successfully registered.”

“Yes. Let it be Green Wolf,” Qin Feng said determinedly.

A wolf could survive even under the harshest condition. They were wise, sly, and had tons of endurance. They concealed themselves in the dark, lurked and waited for the perfect moment to kill their enemies in one strike.

Qin Feng felt a wolf described his current situation and his characteristics very well.

After a short while, the security guard handed a red booklet to Qin Feng.

“Dear Mr. Green Wolf, this is your membership document. Please keep it on your person at all times,” Qin Feng took his document and took a few glances at it. The security guard then pulled out a weird-patterned cell phone and gave it to Qin Feng, “This is a special communication device created by the Martial Artist Alliance. It’ll notify you of every mission issued by the main headquarters in the provincial capital and all branches across China. Your login ID and password will be your alias and a self-generated password. The password can be changed after your first login, so don’t worry about it. You can log on to our website and look through your profile to check whether the information is correct or wrong.”

The security guard gave Qin Feng everything he needed. He also gave him a book titled ‘The Beginner’s Guide To The Martial Artist Alliance.’ Inside the guide was everything about the Martial Artist Alliance that could assist the new members in familiarizing themselves with the facilities of Martial Artist Alliance.

The security guard returned to his original position after he helped Qin Feng complete the membership registration. After that, Liu Jie brought Qin Feng to the lobby of the Martial Artist Alliance. It was already 10 PM at night, so the lobby was devoid of people.

The lobby of Martial Artist Alliance was built to look exactly like the stock exchange center. It was huge and spacious, and it could hold up to a thousand people. There was minimal furnishing in the lobby. Only equipped a few rows of chairs and a large LED screen hanging on the wall that was the mission board.

Qin Feng and Liu Jie took a seat and looked at the mission board.

The mission board showed all the missions that were being issued by Martial Artist Alliance.

“Ding!… Hedonist Sovereign System released an SSS grade mission: ‘Martial Artist Alliance’!

“Main mission: figure out who the leader of the Martial Artist Alliance is and the purpose of the Martial Artist Alliance!

“Time limit: unlimited!

“If Host Qin Feng clears the mission, the system will reward 1,000,000 Hedonist Points and a few unknown rewards. If the mission fails, 2,000,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted!”


“Ding… 1st side mission of ‘Martial Artist Alliance’: accept and clear a level 5 mission issued by the Martial Artist Alliance!

“Time period: three months!

“If Host Qin Feng clears the mission, the system will reward Host Qin Feng 10,000 Hedonist Points and randomly initiate a mystery interface in the system. If the mission fails, 20,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted.

“Please wait for the announcements of other side missions!”

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