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Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 348 - I Don’t Know Your Mother

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Chapter 348 - I Don’t Know Your Mother

Translator: BinBin

Editor: Vampirecat

Yunhai City, Heping Town!

Both Bai Qing and her mother hadn’t been able to sleep soundly last night. This was because they’d waited all day and night but their men still hadn’t come back!

“Qing Qing, your father’s been out since yesterday afternoon. I haven’t heard from him yet, and I couldn’t get through to his phone. Could it be something has happened to him?” Mother Bai became restless again. Father Bai was the pillar of the family; what would they do if he was harmed?

“Mom, calm down… Let’s go to have a look at Feng Yun Fun City now. I don’t think they’d dare to do anything to us in broad daylight. I’m sure we can rescue Dad and Little Brother today!”

Bai Qing gritted her teeth and made a decision, to which Mother Bai agreed. Bai Qing and her mother then rushed to Feng Yun Fun City!

Heping Town was small; Bai Qing and her mother arrived at Feng Yun Fun City after 10 minutes!

The largest recreation center in Heping Town, Feng Yun Fun City had four floors, and the building was constructed like a palace. It was grand and imposing!

“Hey! Hold it right there. What’re you two doing?” As soon as Bai Qing and her mother arrived at the main gate, they were halted by two security guards. These two weren’t regular security guards. One could tell that these two were hooligans cladded in security clothes. They exposed their rowdyism as soon as they spoke!

Feng Yun Fun City was a place dedicated to male customers, and a member card was required in order to access their facilities. Besides, the security measures were strict; they would check every customer thoroughly, in and out. It was obvious that Bai Qing and her mother hadn’t come to spend, so the security guards had to ask them a few questions.

“We’re your customers. Why would you block our way?” Faking composure, Bai Qing stared at the security guards.

She’d lived in Acropolis City for four to five years, so she knew that some corrupted compounds like this place had strict security measures!

“You came for spending? Show us your member card, then!” The security guards didn’t believe Bai Qing at all and stuck their eyes on her body instead. Gleams of lewdness could be seen in their eyes.

From their perspective, a divinely graceful woman with a curvaceous body like Bai Qing was an absolutely rare gem in a small village like Heping Town!

”I-I forgot to bring the member card. Anyway, we came here for a massage. Let us in now! Is this how your Feng Yun Fun City treats its customers?!” Bai Qing never expected that they would need a member card to enter the venue; she was slightly nervous.

“Stop bullshitting. You’re not allowed to enter if you don’t have the member card!” The security guards were tough and refused to let Bai Qing and her mother enter. They continued to glue their eyes to Bai Qing’s boobs without the slightest scruple, drooling at the same time.

Bai Qing was disgusted by their action. But when she remembered that her dad and her little brother were still inside, Bai Qing could only brace herself. “We came for our family. My dad and my little brother are inside there!”

“What is your dad’s name?” the two security guards asked Bai Qing in a stern manner, withdrawing their sleazy gazes.

“He is Bai Yang!”

“Just wait here. I’ll go inside and check for you!” One of the security guards quickly entered the compound!

Bai Qing and Mother Bai waited at the entrance anxiously. Very soon, the security guard returned, except he smiled playfully when he looked at Bai Qing again.

“I’ve checked with the personnel. Yes, your father is inside. I can let you in, but not that old fart!”

“Why I’m not allowed to go in? Bai Yang is my husband. I’ve to go inside to search for him!” When she learned she couldn’t go inside, Mother Bai became flurried, she yelled.

“Stop yelling, you f*cker! If I say you can’t enter, that means you can’t enter! Hurry up and leave, either alone or both of you!” Running out of patience, the security guards pushed Mother Bai away.

Mother Bai almost fell to the ground. Luckily, Bai Qing reacted fast and helped her mother up.

“Mom! Please go back first. I’ll go in by myself.”

“No, you mustn’t! How can I let you go inside alone? Haven’t you noticed how those scumbags looked at you just now? Let’s leave now and call the police instead!” Mother Bai whispered in her daughter’s ear.

How could Bai Qing not have noticed the wretched looks of those two security guards? However, when she thought of the safety of her dad and her little brother, Bai Qing clenched her teeth and said resolutely, “Mom! Don’t worry, I’ll be fine by myself. It’s still early, and I’m certain that there must be a lot of guests in there. If they really tried to do something on me, I’ll shout… Moreover, it’s better if I go inside alone. Mom, you go back first and wait for me. If I haven’t returned by tonight, please call the police!”

Mother Bai could only agree to Bai Qing’s suggestion after Bai Qing persuaded her.

Bai Qing went into Feng Yun Fun City alone. As soon as she entered the hall on the 1st floor, the atmosphere changed completely!

The hall was noisy and raucous. Inside the hall were various kinds of slot machines. There was a huge crowd of people, and all of them were screaming and yelling in front of the slot machines like mad. Plus, a scantily clad bunny girl stood beside each slot machine, hooraying and raising the players’ spirits!

“Stop looking around and follow me!” One of the security guards from the entrance led Bai Qing inside. He sent a furious glare at her and continued to walk up a flight of stairs.

They came to the 3rd floor, which was the city of footbaths. They passed the footbath area, and arrived at a small room.

“You wait here. You’ll be meeting your dad soon!” After the security guard had finished speaking, he then leave the room, smiling wickedly!

Bai Qing studied the office. The 50-square-meter office was empty, equipped with only a working desk, a bookshelf, and a couch near the door. She sat on the couch and waited for a while, and a big-bellied middle-aged man with thinning hair came in!

“W-Who are you?” Bai Qing suddenly got on her feet. When she realized the person who had came wasn’t her dad, she became edgy and defensive!

“Haha! Don’t be afraid of me, beauty! I’m the manager of Feng Yun Fun City, Manager Chang! You came for your father, am I right?” With an evil grin, Manager Chang soothed Bai Qing and shut the door.

Bai Qing kept her distance from Manager Chang, and warily asked him, “Where are my dad and my little brother? I want to see them. Now!”

“Relax, beauty. Why don’t we take our time and have a cup of tea first? You’ll see your father eventually.” Manager Chang’s grin became broader. He suddenly walked up to Bai Qing.

Bai Qing was so afraid that she recoiled. Very soon, she’d backed into a corner. She then hastily yelled in a grave tone, “Don’t come any closer! Release my dad and my little brother now. Otherwise, I’ll call the police!”


Manager Chang’s face suddenly contorted. He gave Bai Qing’s face a huge slap.

With a ghastly look, he glared at Bai Qing and said, “Call the police? Do you f*cking want to die? What can you do since you’re in my territory, huh? If you still want to see your father and your little brother, strip off your clothes now and entertain me! As long as you serve me well, I’ll give you the opportunity to reunite with them!”

Bai Qing covered her searingly painful cheek and gritted her teeth tightly, refusing to allow her tears fall from her eyes. How was there any chance she would surrender to Manager Chang? She replied to him in an icy tone, “Hah, I won’t yield to you even if it costs my life! Wake up and smell the coffee! My mom is waiting for me at home. If I don’t return in time, she’ll call the police to arrest you all!”

“Haha! Hahaha!” Manager Chang cracked up, and guffawed uproariously and incessantly as if he’d heard a big joke.

“Too naive. You’re so naive. Do you really think I’m afraid of the police? What can the police do to me? Your little brother gambled and lost 500,000 yuan to us. Yesterday, your father came to look for him, but he didn’t have enough money to ransom him. In the end, your father lost 700,000 yuan in gambling as well. So now, the total debt they owe us is 1,200,000 yuan. I can release them now if you can pay the debt in full!”

Bai Qing didn’t believe his nonsense. This was because she knew her dad and her little brother well. They would never gamble, let alone gamble in such big amounts!

“That’s not possible! I don’t believe you. Release them now!”


Manager Chang was impatient. He gave yet Bai Qing’s face another huge slap.

He was like a despot in Heping Town. Nobody dared to oppose him, neither the police nor the mobsters. He had raped countless women in Feng Yun Fun City. Most of them were like Bai Qing, who refused to surrender to him, but they became as obedient as rabbits after he bashed them a few times.

“You’re a fine b*tch. I’ve played countless women, and none of them can compare to you. Now, let me have a good time with you. Rest assured, I’m very sure you’ll enjoy it very much!”

Bai Qing was now crying on the floor after she received two slaps from Manager Chang. On the other hand, Manager Chang had already pounced on her and began to rip off her clothes!


The office’s door was suddenly opened!

A squad of fully armed police rushed inside, stunning Manager Chang!

Seeing her saviors, Bai Qing hastily ran to the leading female officer’s side. She thought these cops had been summoned by her mother.

“Who are you guys? How can you all casually barge into my territory? Do you know who am I? Didn’t Director Zhang tell you beforehand?”

Manager Chang soon regained his vicious aura; he wasn’t afraid of this police squad.

When his gaze fell on the leading female officer, he realized that this cop was yet another fine woman! She was valiant and formidable-looking, and her body was hot! Manager Chang’s gaze instantly became frivolous; he even winked at that female officer!


Liu Bing Bing was furious!

Only Qin Feng hadn’t died from flirting with her openly. The other people who dared to do so had died tragically.

Without any demur, she delivered a kick to Manager Chang’s chest. Her great strength had sent Manager Chang flying directly into the wall. He knocked down a few paintings from the wall to the floor!

“Shameless rascal! Arrest him!” Liu Bing Bing’s countenance was frosty. She called out and two policemen behind her rushed forward.

All of them were Liu Bing Bing’s subordinates, whom she’d brought from Acropolis City. So they knew this beautiful director’s temper.

When they saw Manager Chang wink at Director Liu, all of them had foreseen the end of this fellow!

“You’re mad! Are you trying to rebel against me? Even Director Zhang has to fawn on me. How dare you arrest me?!

“Release me! Release me right away!” Manager Chang was yelling and resisting. Those two cops pretendedly ignored him. They carried him out of the office and tie him up with the other inmates!

After Manager Chang had been carried away, Bai Qing finally calmed down. She hastily grabbed Liu Bing Bing’s hand and asked, “Miss Police, how is my mother? Is she fine?”

Eyeing Bai Qing, Liu Bing Bing realized this woman was really pretty. With a puzzled expression, she then replied to her, “I don’t know your mother!”
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