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Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 318 - Sky City’s Four Talents

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Chapter 318 - Sky City’s Four Talents

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In the First Clubhouse’s men’s restroom, four men with unordinary auras dressed brightly and neatly were gathered with their heads and voices lowered as if in discussion!

The tall and strong Li Yang wearing a purple suit suddenly spoke, “Su Xia Tian is here!”

The expressions of the remaining three men shifted slightly. Wen Xu, a man with dyed blonde hair and a sky-blue suit, said, “The girl really is here! We can implement our plans for today!”

As for the other two men, one was Jiang Man Hong, who wore a white suit and looked tall, fair, and handsome like a prince. The other was Zhao Yue Sheng, who had the air of a scholar. He wore a gray robe and held a wooden folding fan.

These four were Sky City’s famous Four Talents!

“Li Yang, did you see whether or not Su Xia Tian came alone?” asked Jiang Man Hong.

Li Yang nodded. “Yup, alone. She’s talking to some women in the clubhouse!”

Once the four men heard that Su Xia Tian had come alone, knowing smiles filled their faces!

“Then according to the plan, let Talent Jiang play Su Xia Tian a song first and bring her into our circle. Then, Li Yang, use your perfect body to attract her. At the same time, I’ll write her something in calligraphy. Lastly, Wen Xu will give her a good cocktail, and our plan will be mostly complete!”

Zhao Yue Sheng reconfirmed everyone’s tasks. Each of the four talents had their own skills, and they were going to use their specialties to entice Su Xia Tian and lure her into their clutches!

“Wen Xu, put more of the drug in the drink. We four brothers have to take her tonight. Don’t make it so that the drug wears off after the first person is done!”

“Don’t worry, I specifically got this strong medicine from Africa, so this girl will be in a drunken stupor tonight!” The blonde Wen Xu revealed a vulgar smile.

“The drug shouldn’t be too strong, though. If the woman is messed up, then we won’t be able to take her and we’ll face the consequences!” Zhao Yue Sheng’s face darkened slightly. “Our plan is already dangerous to begin with. The Su family is Sky City’s most powerful family, and the Su elder loves the pair of beautiful sisters the most. Otherwise, with such quality good looks and figure, who knows how many rich young masters would have played with Su Xia Tian already?

“This pair of sisters are still virgins because no one dares to provoke the Su family. We’ll record footage of tonight as backup to threaten Su Xia Tian with exposure of what happens. With the video, I think this girl won’t reveal the situation to preserve face. But if this girl dies halfway when we’re playing with her, then it’ll be trouble!”

The four men present were all sons of major families in Sky City, so they were clear on the seriousness of Zhao Yue Sheng’s warning. Three sets of eyes fell on Wen Xu.

“Don’t worry, though the drug is potent, it’s made from natural plants. It won’t harm the body or leave any residual effects. Otherwise, I would’ve just bought a box of drugs in Sky City and there wouldn’t have been a need to purposely find someone in Africa to send the goods over!”

Wen Xu made a solemn vow, and the other three men’s nervous expressions were eased.

The four of them exchanged glances, and vulgar smiles reappeared on their faces. Once they thought of how they could do Sky City’s Number One She-Devil, Su Xia Tian, they were so excited that they wanted to shout aloud!

“Happy collaborating!”

The four of them fist-bumped one another with excitement!

“Happy collaborating!”

Then, an unfamiliar voice was heard, scaring the Four Talents and turning their legs to jelly. They immediately looked toward the restroom doorway to see a tall, strong, and handsome man standing there. None of the four men recognized him.

“Brothers, what are you chatting about in the restroom? If you’re collaborating, count me in!” Qin Feng smiled and walked up to the four men. At the same time, he stopped recording on his phone and slipped it into his pants pocket.

“W-Who the f*ck are you? How did you get in here? Where are the guards? Where are the guards that I stationed at the door?!”

The Four Talents stared at Qin Feng in alarm. They had placed two bodyguards at the entrance to prevent anyone else from entering the restroom because they had very important things to discuss. However, Qin Feng now walked in nonchalantly. This defied the Four Talents’ understanding.

Their hearts were in turmoil, and they were so pale that they were about to break into a cold sweat!

They were all very worried. This guy wouldn’t have happened to have heard their plan, would he?

“Guards? You mean those two guys lying asleep by the entrance?” Qin Feng walked in, pulled down his zipper, and began to urinate. “So those two are your guards. You guys are dressed so lavishly, how could you have found guys like that to be guards? They fell asleep at the doorway to the restroom. Say, how did they fall asleep?”

Qin Feng appeared as though he cared nothing of the Four Talents, and he urinated while whistling. The Four Talents watched Qin Feng’s back with a fierce frigidity. Then, they all nodded in unison and stalked toward Qin Feng.

Regardless of whether or not this brat heard their plan, the Four Talents were going to knock him unconscious, strip him bare, and toss him into the clubhouse.

“Stinking brat, drink piss…”

The muscular Li Yang was the first to rush up, while the remaining three Talents followed.

Li Yang had just uttered half of his insult when he suddenly stopped. Qin Feng had turned and shot a stream of warm yellow liquid at Li Yang, wetting his entire head. Li Yang went from being a handsome, high-spirited guy to a drowned dog stuck in a sticky situation.

“You called me?” Qin Feng turned and looked at Yang Xu in astonishment.

He even intentionally shook his ass to spray the other three as well!

“F*ck, turn back around. No one called you, just keep pissing!”

“F*ck, don’t move around. You’ve gotten it all over me!”


The restroom was instantly filled with the cries and complaints of the Four Talents.

The Four Talents had rushed over violently to beat up Qin Feng, and they were all covered in urine. They wanted to die. They shouted stupidly for a good while before running over to the sinks, where they began to rinse their clothes and heads!

Qin Feng finished urinating, pulled up his pants, and left while whistling. When he passed the sinks, he looked at the four men. “Huh? Did you come into the restroom to shower? This isn’t a public bath. Did you guys walk into the wrong place?”

The expressions of the four men darkened, so angered by Qin Feng that they almost spat blood!


After washing his hands, Qin Feng used water to style his hair handsomely. He then went to the ballroom of the clubhouse, where lots of men and women were gathered.

The men were all clad in tuxedos, ties, and black dress shoes. They put on gentlemanly fronts and flirted with the pretty ladies. The women were all dressed splendidly. They either wore long dresses or qipao of the see-through style. They held glasses of red wine, wore heavy makeup, and chatted about bags and brand name watches worth tens or hundreds of thousands.

This was a social gathering for the upper class. Qin Feng remembered the last time he participated in a similar gathering for the rich and powerful; that was when Han Ying Ying first came to Acropolis. It felt like a lifetime ago now that he stood in a ballroom again.

“Handsome, could I have a drink with you?”

Qin Feng was tall and handsome with an impressive appearance. Once he stepped into the ballroom, a very beautiful woman walked over!

Qin Feng took a glass of red wine from the tray a passing waiter held and replied, “That would be my pleasure!”


The two of them clinked their glasses. Qin Feng drank the whole glass of wine in one gulp, while the beauty took a small sip. She saw that Qin Feng was a new face, and she wanted to check his background. Who knew if this was the only son of a hidden rich family? Then she’d be in luck!

However, when she saw Qin Feng’s lowly and rough manner in drinking wine, disappointment and disdain flashed in the beauty’s eyes.

“Beauty, why are you bored after one sip? You should drink the wine in one shot if we’re to have a good relationship. Are you not giving this big brother any face?” Qin Feng shouted, then wiped his mouth with the back of his hand while looking at the beauty.

“You’re crazy!” The beauty glared at Qin Feng, swayed her hips, and walked slowly away.

Qin Feng watched the back of the retreating beauty and smiled slightly. He naturally knew the woman’s motive. However, Qin Feng now felt nothing for women like her, so it was wasteful to spend another word on her.

Qin Feng looked around and quickly found Su Xia Tian surrounded by a group of people. In a gathering for the rich such as this one, a person’s social standing could be determined by the number of people surrounding them. In the entire ballroom, Su Xia Tian was surrounded by the most people. The first circle was composed of beautiful women, and men only dared to stand in the second circle. This clearly showed that this she-devil was a dominant and powerful young heiress!

When Qin Feng looked over, Su Xia Tian happened to look in his direction as well, and their eyes met!

Qin Feng smiled vulgarly while Su Xia Tian bit her lip and glared at Qin Feng. She was afraid Qin Feng would suddenly rush up and greet her—that would be so embarrassing!

Su Xia Tian soon found that her worries were for naught. Though this Qin Feng was shameless and perverted, he kept his word. They previously agreed that they would pretend not to know each other in the clubhouse, so the guy really only glanced at her, then turned and walked in the opposite direction!

However, Su Xia Tian’s lips had just curved up into a smile when they completely froze!

A man’s robust voice echoed in the ballroom, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! Right now, I’m going to dedicate a piano piece to the most beautiful and youthful Miss Su Xia Tian. I hope you’ll like it!”

Qin Feng sat at the piano in the center of the clubhouse. The soft lighting fell on his body. He wore a well-ironed black suit. Today, he wasn’t a prince on a white horse, but a dark knight that saves the princess!

Qin Feng’s hands came down before Su Xia Tian could refuse.

His hands were fair and long. Many women saw them and were ashamed.

His ten fingers came to life. They nimbly and elegantly danced across the black and white keys!

Qin Feng had Elementary Piano Skills. His playing was so good that he’d surprised Zhao Ling Xian, who was an arts student majoring in music. It had also won over the famous celebrity Rao Shi Man…

Once the elegant piano piece was played, it lingered in the audience’s heads and hearts. The noisy and bustling scene immediately quieted, leaving only expressions of content and avid listening.

This was the first time Qin Feng played and heard this piano piece, but it seemed as though he had practiced it hundreds or thousands of times. This was the mysteriousness of the Elementary Piano Skills. Qin Feng felt that the Hedonist Sovereign System could be renamed to the “Acting-Pretentious System”!

“Sky City’s Four Talents are here!” A startled gasp suddenly came from the audience!

The handsome men and beautiful women who were immersed in Qin Feng’s piano playing regained their senses and looked toward the entrance of the ballroom!
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