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Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 300 - To Beat Someone at Their Own Game

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Chapter 300 - To Beat Someone at Their Own Game

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Everyone ate with great joy and harmony!

Of course, “everyone” in this case only meant Xu Ruo Rou, Rao Shi Man, and Xiao Bai. Qin Feng had been long forgotten by the two women. There was only a fungus and pork dish in front of him; the two women had taken the other dishes away.

Qin Feng had just said a double entendre, so the two women were really merciful just by not sending Qin Feng away.

“Shi Man, since your flight tomorrow is early, this is my parting present for you. I hope every day will be happy after you get back.” Qin Feng suddenly pulled out a Soul-Cleansing Necklace from his pocket.

This necklace was exactly the same as the one Qin Feng gave Zhao Ling Xian. It had the ability to refresh the wearer.

After spending 3,000 Hedonist Points on the Wind Blade technique, Qin Feng spent the remaining 500 Hedonist Points on this Soul-Cleansing Necklace. He felt that a famous celebrity like Rao Shi Man must be always tired and have a wounded spirit, so this Soul-Cleansing Necklace would be very suitable for her.

Rao Shi Man really liked the light-green necklace made up of translucent beads strung together. Girls usually liked these little trinkets, and since this was a gift Qin Feng gave to her especially, Rao Shi Man accepted it with gratitude.

“Qin Feng, thank you! Can you help me put it on?” Rao Shi Man looked tenderly at Qin Feng.

Ever since the stage collapsed and Qin Feng braved death to save her, Rao Shi Man felt endless gratitude toward Qin Feng. She also had a bit of a strange feeling toward him. It had a light sweetness and warmth to it that would occasionally bubble up in her heart. She couldn’t suppress it even if she wanted to.

Of course Qin Feng was happy to put the Soul-Cleansing Necklace on Rao Shi Man. He arrived behind her and, bent over slightly, his face almost pressing against Rao Shi Man’s neck.

Rao Shi Man’s entire body exuded a light fragrance. Her neck was tender, fair, and exquisite like jade. When Qin Feng put on the necklace, his fingers inadvertently brushed the skin of her neck. It was soft and silken, possessing a gentle warmth, making Qin Feng want to kiss it.

“Are you done?” Rao Shi Man’s beautiful face was flushed, and her voice was as weak as a mosquito.

When Qin Feng’s hand brushed her neck, she felt numb. Her heartbeat increased and she blushed. All her strength seemed to have been whisked away. If this continued, Rao Shi Man was afraid that she’d slip off her chair and fall to the floor.

“Done!” Qin Feng had finished putting on the necklace a long time ago. He’d put it on thrice, then removed it thrice intentionally to touch Rao Shi Man’s neck a couple more times and to smell the scent of her body.

Since Rao Shi Man was a famous celebrity, her current farewell was very likely an eternal farewell. Qin Feng felt reluctant to part with her.

“Shi Man, the necklace looks really good on you… If you really like it, wear it all the time. Don’t even take it off when you shower. I purposely requested this necklace from a Buddhist pilgrimage site. It has protective capabilities and can cleanse the soul and focus your attention.” After Qin Feng put the necklace on, he went to look at Rao Shi Man from the front. He even straightened out the mussed hair on her forehead.

This small action was very attentive, making them seem like a sweet, newlywed couple. Rao Shi Man was so shy that her neck flushed a bit as well. However, she didn’t stop Qin Feng’s behavior.

“Okay, I’ll wear it always.” Not only did Rao Shi Man say this out loud, she also meant it.

Right after donning the Soul-Cleansing Necklace, Rao Shi Man felt that the light-green necklace really exuded coolness. The cool feeling spread throughout her body, causing the fatigue and feelings of difficulty to slowly disperse and making her feel refreshed.

After gifting his present, Qin Feng sat down. Xu Ruo Rou smiled and chimed in.

“Little Sister Shi Man, as a famous celebrity, you probably aren’t lacking anything. I didn’t know what to give you, so I made an embroidery. Please accept this humble present.” Xu Ruo Rou took out her present and gave it to Rao Shi Man.

This was an embroidery of around half a meter. A lotus pond filled with faint green lotus leaves and blooming pink lotuses was embroidered on it, and it looked very pretty.

“Little Sister Shi Man, in my heart, you’ll always be as elegant and pure as a lotus, untainted though grown in mud, and cleansed of evil!”

Rao Shi Man was so moved that her eyes turned a bit red. She really liked this embroidery that Xu Ruo Rou gifted her. “Thank you, Big Sister Ruo Rou. I’ll cherish and keep this for eternity in the same way I’ll cherish our friendship.

“When there’s time, you and Qin Feng must come to the capital to see me. I’ll take you both around for a fun time.” Rao Shi Man and Xu Ruo Rou hugged tightly. Though it wasn’t yet time to part, the two of them were already rather unwilling to leave each other.

Xiao Bai had just returned to Qin Manor, so he didn’t know Rao Shi Man, much less have a present for her. If Qin Feng didn’t force him back to the manor, he would still be a security guard at one of Royal Group’s subsidiary companies.

However, Rao Shi Man didn’t care about these things. She came to Acropolis this time to help Big Sis Qing Xue get out of her arranged marriage. Having been able to meet Young Master Qin, she was now satisfied.

However, Rao Shi Man originally came to Acropolis with confidence and an indomitable will. Now that she saw Young Master Qin and learned about him from Xu Ruo Rou, Rao Shi Man’s previously staunch convictions began to waver. She felt conflicted when she saw Young Master Qin suntanned and starved from teaching in a remote mountain village.

She and Big Sis Qing Xue thought Young Master Qin was dissolute, hedonistic, and unruly human scum by nature, but this was not the case. Young Master Qin was low-key, humble, and polite. He secretly gave back to society, yet bore the weight of its criticism. This person was worth respecting. Did she really have to harm him?

“Little Sister Shi Man, Young Master Qin, I’m full. You all continue eating; I’ll go wash the dishes.” Xu Ruo Rou didn’t have a large appetite. She brought her dishes and the other empty dishes to the kitchen.

Xiao Bai wanted to eat more, but upon seeing the look Qin Feng shot him, he immediately stood after putting his chopsticks and bowl down. “Uh, I’m done eating as well. Miss Shi Man, please take your time eating. I’m going back to my room to rest.”

Xiao Bai wanted to leave, but Rao Shi Man called out to him, “Young Master Qin, don’t leave yet. I’m done eating as well, and I have something I need to speak to you about in private. Could you come sit in my room?”

“That… is kind of inconvenient, isn’t it?” asked Xiao Bai with a bit of awkwardness.

“Not really. I greatly admire Young Master Qin for teaching in a remote mountain village, so I wanted you to tell me about your experiences. I want to use your experiences to write a song, to give myself some inspiration,” said Rao Shi Man with a smile.

“Won’t you give me that little bit of face?”

“Alright, then I won’t be overly polite with Miss Shi Man as well.” Xiao Bai gave Qin Feng a look, then followed Rao Shi Man up the stairs.

Qin Feng watched the two of them go up. Then, he sat on the sofa in the parlor, pulled out his phone, plugged in a wire, and donned earphones. The sound of an opening door passed through the earphones.

“Young Master Qin, this is my room. I didn’t know you were coming so suddenly today, so I didn’t get to clean it well. Please excuse the mess.” Rao Shi Man opened the door and allowed Xiao Bai to enter.

A pinhole camera was hidden on the second button of Xiao Bai’s white dress shirt. Qin Feng, who sat on the sofa in the first-floor parlor looked at his phone with a smile as he saw the Rao Shi Man and her room through the pinhole camera. The sound came from a recording device in Xiao Bai’s pants pocket.

Xiao Bai was originally hired as a bodyguard for Qin Manor. He was much more familiar with advanced technology for eavesdropping and video recording than acting.

“Haha, there’s no need to be polite, Miss Shi Man. You’ve come all the way from the capital and as a host, I haven’t properly received you. Please accept my apologies.” Xiao Bai originally had the personality of a bodyguard and a killer, but he now had to pretend to be cultured and scholarly. He felt a bit awkward doing so.

“Alright, then let’s not be so polite with each other. Young Master Qin, come sit on my bed.”

“F*ck!” Qin Feng, who was sitting on the sofa in the lobby yelled, “This woman, how could you be so careless? It’s one thing to bring a man into your room, but letting him sit on your bed as soon as he enters it? …Why wouldn’t you let me get on your bed last night?”

Xiao Bai looked bashful, but he didn’t refuse. He sat on Rao Shi Man’s bed.

“Young Master Qin, wait for me. I’m used to wearing my pajamas in my room, so I’ll go change first before speaking with you,” said Rao Shi Man as she grabbed a black-strapped dress and walked into the bathroom.

Xiao Bai stood up. He quickly looked around every corner of the room and discovered a hidden camera on the corner of the wall by the windowsill.

Five minutes later, Rao Shi Man came out of the bathroom.

She’d changed out of her magnificent chiffon dress into a black-strapped nightgown. The nightgown was simple and seductive. It exposed her lovely shoulders. On each of her shoulders were three black straps in disarray, two of them hanging on her shoulders and one having fallen off.

The black silk nightgown was very pleasing and elegant. It shone in the dim light. Compared to a golden, custom-made long dress, Rao Shi Man’s snow-white, clear skin was even more dazzling and precious. Her long, slender, and beautiful legs alone were enough to blind millions of fans with their radiance.

Qin Feng, who sat on the sofa on the first floor, couldn’t take it anymore. He almost rushed up to Rao Shi Man to take her right there.

Xiao Bai, who sat on Rao Shi Man’s bed on the third floor, felt nothing. He lowered his head and didn’t look at Rao Shi Man for fear that if he looked, Young Master Qin would dig his eyes out.
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