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Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 291 - It was Crazy to Remove a Bullet

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Chapter 291 - It was Crazy to Remove a Bullet

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Editor: Vampirecat

Liu Bing Bing didn’t have a vulgar mind like Qin Feng, so she was slightly stunned when she heard what Qin Feng had said.

“What do you mean by handjob? I’m just removing the bullet in your leg; why do I need to do a handjob for you? And I’m fast at removing bullets, as long as keep your mouth shut. Now, take your pants off.” Liu Bing Bing gave Qin Feng a glacial stare as her delicate face blushed all of a sudden.

Qin Feng was shot at the thigh area, it would be easier to remove the bullet if he took his trousers off. However, Liu Bing Bing refused to help Qin Feng out of them. She was born aloof and cold; she never helped any guy take off his pants. She’d rather be killed than do this kind of thing.

“Aiyo! Director Liu, my thigh suddenly feels numb; do you think I’ll lost my leg… I lost too much blood just now and I feel dizzy at the moment. I can’t even lift my arms, let alone take off my pants. Director Liu, I think it’s better send me back to Qin Manor; we’ve a doctor there. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair.”

Qin Feng turned vulgar again. Every time he became vulgar was the time he displayed his splendid acting skills.

He still remembered he had a mission in the system regarding Liu Bing Bing: make this hot-tempered lass submit to him entirely. Qin Feng had put much effort in training her a few times before and the results were good. At least Liu Bing Bing wouldn’t try to kill him now like she had the first time she met him.

Since her attitude toward him had changed imperceptibly after a few training sessions, of course Qin Feng had to double up on his efforts.

“Stop acting, you stinking brat. You were as lively as a dragon just now when you got on the ambulance and now you say you don’t have any energy left? Do you think I’m dumb enough to fall into your crafty plot? I won’t help you to take off your trousers, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.” Liu Bing Bing stared warily at Qin Feng, her delicate face blushing red.

“Director Liu, I was shot; do you think I’m still in a mood to cheat you? Maybe it’s because your kick just now worsened my wound. Anyway, I now can’t feel my leg and I’m tired and wobbly. Please take me back to Qin Manor. I don’t want you to help me remove the bullet anyway.” As Qin Feng spoke, he showed a pained expression to Liu Bing Bing.

Liu Bing Bing dropped her guard slightly. When she decided that the kick she delivered to Qin Feng was indeed a little harsh, she then asked herself, “Did I really injure him?”

Liu Bing Bing became solemn; she pinched Qin Feng’s tender thigh as hard as she could and asked, “Qin Feng, do you feel anything now?”

Qin Feng howled inside his heart. Jesus Christ, why is this Liu Bing Bing even stronger than those muscle men? She almost pinched a piece of meat from my thigh! If it wasn’t for Qin Feng’s high pain tolerance, he would have wept in pain already.

“No, I don’t feel anything!” said Qin Feng through clenched teeth, holding his breath.

Liu Bing Bing became grave. Seems like he really can’t feel his own leg. If we don’t get the bullet out, this little brat might lose his leg forever.

“Director Liu, don’t be so hard on yourself. I really appreciate your help, but please take me back to Qin Manor.” Qin Feng gazed with deep feeling at Liu Bing Bing.

“Stop talking nonsense; your mother said I’ll help you remove the bullet. Lie down, little brat; if you dare to move so much as an inch, your mother will crush you!”

Liu Bing Bing’s countenance sank all of a sudden. As she spoke, she extended her hand to undo Qin Feng’s belt.

Her hands were as pure as lush green jade, slender and fine; they rested on Qin Feng’s belt for long time and still couldn’t undo it. It was something that could be done within a few seconds but it took more than a minute for Liu Bing Bing. Beads of sweat started to formed on her forehead; the small, enclosed ambulance space was instantly filled with the fragrance of Liu Bing Bing’s body.


Liu Bing Bing finally undid Qin Feng’s belt with a crisp snap. Her fine and tender hands were trembling slightly; besides her own belt, when had she helped others undo their belts? Liu Bing Bing’s ears reddened once she thought of it.


Liu Bing Bing pulled off Qin Feng’s belt in one go and threw it aside. After that, she quickly unbuttoned his pants. When her jade hand fell on the zipper, she stopped for awhile. After she mustered enough courage, she then gritted her teeth and pulled it downward.

Qin Feng’s trousers were damp with his blood and stuck to his thigh and wound. Liu Bing Bing grew colder and more serious; she slowly pulled his trousers downward, trying to avoid rubbing his wound.

The bright red trousers were slowly taken off by Liu Bing Bing. Qin Feng lay front of Liu Bing Bing in only his boxer-briefs. His boxer-briefs were stained with blood. The mouth of the wound gaped open, revealing gleaming white bone.

Liu Bing Bing initially thought she’d be very awkward after she took off Qin Feng’s trousers. However, when she saw Qing Feng’s wound, her eyes reddened and she almost cried.

“Qin Feng, bite this white cloth; it’ll be very painful later. I’ll try my best to remove the bullet fast. Please hold on for bit,” Liu Bing Bing reminded Qin Feng gently. This was the first time Qin Feng saw such a gentle side to this lass.

Forceps, alcohol, gauze, and steel tray…

All the implements were neatly placed on the steel tray. Liu Bing Bing took the forceps and sanitized it with an alcohol lamp. After she’d done her preparations, she then bent over Qin Feng’s legs and carefully extracted the bullet from his thigh.

This scene was too ambiguous—Qin Feng lay on the stretcher, Liu Bing Bing bent over his legs—people who didn’t know better might think they were doing something they shouldn’t.


Liu Bing Bing used the forceps and stabbed into Qin Feng’s flesh. This was an unbearable pain that no one could withstand. Normally removing a bullet required general anesthesia or at least, local anesthesia. But now Qin Feng hadn’t taken anything, so he could feel the pain full well. When the icy cold forceps stabbed into his flesh, he couldn’t hold back a loud cry.

As he shouted, both of his hands instinctively grabbed something in front of him. He then squeezed hard on that thing—he didn’t know what that was, but the texture was very good and made him forget the pain in his thigh.

“Ah ah… Qin Feng, what’re you doing? Get your dirty paws off me now!” A second before, Liu Bing Bing had been feeling guilty for hurting Qin Feng and the next second, she felt a sharp pain from her neckline. She was so angry that she almost gave this little brat a kick and laid waste to him.

“I-I’m sorry! I-It was too painful!” Qin Feng quickly released his hands and looked at Liu Bing Bing awkwardly.

Liu Bing Bing took a few deep breaths to cool herself down. She stared icily at Qin Feng and then resumed her extraction of the bullet.

Just now Liu Bing Bing’s forceps had already been inside his wound and almost reached the bullet. Frightened by Qin Feng’s sudden ambush, she’d hastily pulled the forceps out without clamping tightly on the bullet. And now, she had to do it all over again. When the forceps stabbed into his flesh, Qin Feng felt the pain and started to reach for something again.


This time, Qin Feng didn’t have the guts to grab Liu Bing Bing’s neckline. He shifted targets and grabbed firmly at Liu Bing Bing’s calves. Liu Bing Bing furrowed her eyebrows slightly but in the end, she paid no heed to Qin Feng’s movement and concentrated on removing the bullet.

The forceps thrusted in and out of his wound; that feeling was so painful that his body trembled. Both of his hands moved all the way from Liu Bing Bing’s calves to her thighs and continued to move into a deeper place. However, his attempt was blocked by Liu Bing Bing as she tightly clamped her legs. In the end, Qin Feng could only withdraw his hands and cling tightly to Liu Bing Bing’s booty.

Ow ow!

Ow ow ow!

Every time Qin Feng yelped in pain, both of his hands would instinctively squeezed harder on Liu Bing Bing’s booty. A myriad of expressions flashed across Liu Bing Bing’s face; her delicate and cold face was now entirely flushed, as red as a ripen tomato, and water seemed to be dripping from it. However, she didn’t stopped her hands; instead, she tried very hard to maintain her composure and keep herself focused. When the forceps reached inside the wound, she clamped on that damn bullet and quickly pulled it out, successfully removing it. [TLN: the phrase ‘as red as a ripen tomato and water seemed to be dripping from it’ represent a person is embarrassed or aroused.]


The bullet fell on the steel tray with a crisp sound. Weak and with all her energy spent, Liu Bing Bing’s body quivered and fell to the floor. She felt weak because her booty was the most sensitive part of her body. So when Qin Feng squeezed it, she was so grieved that she wished she was dead. Now she sat on the floor, champed with rage, and wished to treat Qin Feng to a feast of punches. However, she couldn’t bear to do it.

“Ah… ah ah ah, you shameless pervert. Do you have any idea what you’re doing?” As soon as Liu Bing Bing sat down, her gaze fell on a weird object that she’d never noticed before.

Liu Bing Bing’s neck reddened in an instant; however, her eyes were filled with chilly murderous intent.

“You bastard, how dare a little brat like you have such a barbarous thought when your mother painstakingly helped you to remove the bullet! Your mother will f*cking snap that thing into…” Liu Bing Bing was mad as hell. This Qin Feng was too arrogant, vulgar, and shameless!

She furiously grabbed a scalpel and rushed to Qin Feng’s side, wanting to stab him. Qin Feng’s face was distorted with fear. As he opened his mouth to stop Liu Bing Bing, the ambulance door suddenly opened.

“Hmm, I remember the door wasn’t locked. Who locked it?”

“Fast fast fast, get the casualty loaded. He’s lost too much blood; he’ll be in great danger if we’re too late.”

The door was opened from outside and the sounds of rain and wind drifted over. At the door stood two doctors in white coats and two nurses, and another two policemen who were helping the doctors in carrying the stretcher.

The group of people was carrying a casualty and getting on the ambulance. When they saw the sight in the ambulance, all of them held their breath, stunned in place.

Doctors and nurses were flabbergasted. They couldn’t fathom why there was a man and a woman in an ambulance. And most importantly, they were doing something embarrassing.

Those two policemen were Liu Bing Bing’s subordinates. The shocking sight robbed them of speech. When they saw their Director Liu bent over a man with her head apparently buried in the man’s crotch… they then thought in their hearts, “This is our Director Liu, the coolest and proudest in our bureau. It turns out she’s this kind of woman.”

“What’re you guys looking at? Don’t you guys have anything else to do? Hurry up and rescue the other casualties… And if anyone dares to mention anything they saw today to other people, be prepared to leave our bureau!”


The door was shut by Liu Bing Bing’s kick. After she took care of her subordinates, she then turned her head and stared at Qin Feng with a pair of reddened eyes. She released a dense killing aura throughout her body; Qin Feng was so scared that his little heart was about to explode. He knew howling winds and torrential rains were coming, but he really hadn’t done anything.

Bang bang bang!

Ow ow ow!

The doctors, nurses, and policemen were still dazed outside the door. They could only hear the sound of vigorous movements and Qin Feng’s cries constantly drifting over from inside the ambulance.

The cries were screaming in Qin Feng’s and Liu Bing Bing’s ears but they became something else to the people outside the ambulance. All of them looked at one another with surprise and amazed expressions on their faces. The two little nurses were flushed with shyness; they couldn’t imagine what types of positions the two people inside were using for combating…
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