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Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 277 - Qin Feng is Popular

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Chapter 277 - Qin Feng is Popular

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Editor: Vampirecat

Don’t ever underestimate the evil within a woman’s heart. Even a man would tremble in fear should she become evil.

When Qin Feng saw the windows were crowded with more and more girls, the corner of his mouth lifted slightly. He knew Liu Wen Jing was deliberately hiding inside the dorm and refusing to come out. Now he was trying to force this lass to come down voluntarily.

At this moment, Liu Wen Jing was sitting by the window. With a pleased expression on her face, she took a sip from the cup of coffee in her hand and looked at Qin Feng standing below the window. Her water-clear eyes were filled with a smile.

“Stinking brat, trying to force me down with such an old approach? Hah, you’re such a hilarious nitwit… You know what, the everyday sight of men confessing to me at the foot of this building is as magnificent as students queueing up for food in the canteen. I’ve gotten used to it. You just keep screaming and shouting for all you’re worth; I won’t heed you.”

“Jing Jing, what’s the name for the man standing downstairs? Is he the handsome guy who walked Lovers’ Bridge with you?”

“Jing Jing, since you’ve walked Lovers’ Bridge with him, why would you ignore him, then? I think this guy is fine… Handsome and tall, straight and impressive looking; even his skin is softer and smoother than mine. He must come from a rich family. He’s better and finer than the bunch of guys who came to confess to you before. Jing Jing, I’m so jealous of you!”

“Jing Jing, give him to me if you don’t like him, then; I’m mad about him. I’ve seen the video in the forum of him beating the vulgar men at Lovers’ Bridge—it’s so awesome! One must feel secure having him as a boyfriend.”

The three roommates of Liu Wen Jing were standing by the window. They took a look at the handsome and upright Qin Feng standing downstairs. Instantly, the three of them were smitten by Qin Feng’s handsomeness and they almost drooled on his head.

“It’s fine. I can’t thank you enough if you three can take him away. I promise, I won’t be angry,” Liu Wen Jing said, a smile playing on her lips.

Earlier on, Liu Wen Jing had been very angry when any boys dared to confess to her at the foot of the building. Sometimes, she even had the urge to pour water on them, to turn them into drowned rats, and shoo them away. However, this time it was Qin Feng confessing to her, and Liu Wen Jing had other feelings in her heart.

She felt some pleasure after succeeding in her revenge, a little bit of enjoyment, and a small amount of warmth and excitement. She couldn’t help a faint youthful smile; it was just like her first awakening of love.

“Jesus Christ, I’m just late for a minute and those stinking b*tches got the jump on me. F*ck, I’ll fight it out with you all!”

“Xiao Yue, wait for me. I don’t want to change my shoes anymore; I’ll just wear slippers!”

“And me, and me… I think, I’ll just wear my pajamas!”

Liu Wen Jing was still deeply immersed in the soft-as-water happiness Qin Feng provided. By the time she raised her head, she realized the trio had already rushed downstairs to look for Qin Feng. When she took a look downstairs again, she was so stunned by the scene that she even spilled her coffee.

“Oh my goodness! Are these women mad?”

Originally there was only Qin Feng standing alone under the blazing sun in the open space, confessing to Liu Wen Jing again and again like a dummy. But now, the space was packed with a dense crowd, and all of them were girls.

Some of these girls were gorgeously dressed; some didn’t even take time to change their shoes. There were also some big-busted girls who ran downstairs in just their pajamas. The scene was as hot as a blind date convention.

“Handsome boy, what’s your name? Do you have a girlfriend? How do I look to you?”

“Handsome boy, the sun is high; let me hold an umbrella for you. See, you’re sweating; let me wipe it for you.”

“Actually that Liu Wen Jing is not that good. Although she is beautiful and has a well-formed body, but I tell you, in our university, there are many girls selling their own bodies to others, some of them even become kept women for some middle-aged uncles. I suspect that Liu Wen Jing is one of them. Now, you look at my body; I have a nice flaming body as well. Is there any part of me that doesn’t meet your expectations? You have so many more options; I don’t understand why you want to put all your eggs in one basket.”


There were people helping him hold an umbrella, giving him water, massaging his shoulders and back, helping him wipe his sweat, and fanning him…

Qin Feng was flabbergasted by these passionate girls who came out from nowhere. Suddenly, a conclusion came into his mind: the students of Normal University were polarized into two groups—unfriendly male students and extremely passionate female students.

If Qin Feng had known early on that the atmosphere of Normal University was like this, he was certain that he wouldn’t have enrolled in Acropolis University back then.

Every woman was boy crazy—even the most beautiful or powerful and arrogant woman. It was just a matter of whether or not there was a man that had the ability to reveal their true behavior.

These girls that surrounded Qin Feng were a group of immature young girls with no social experience. So they were more likely to be boy crazy.

When these woman saw Qin Feng’s photo on their college chat forum and saw him brandish his long whip in a grand and majestic way, just like a peerless master in a fairy realm of flowery forest, these women had already become his fangirl.

Qin Feng was handsome, tall, well-built, highly skilled with strong martial arts, and looked like a young master born to a wealthy family.

A perfect man like him was not a prince in a fairy tale, nor the Spiderman or Batman in sci-fi or fantasy blockbuster movies. He wasn’t even a character from the domestic cartoons Calabash Brothers or Black Cat Sergeant.

He was a real figure, a real man living in the real world who was standing under the women’s dorm like a jade tree in the wind. It was such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and anyone who wouldn’t come to compete for him would be a total idiot!

“Ahem ahem… Beauties, I appreciate your kindness. But today I only came for Liu Wen Jing alone; please go back.”

Qin Feng felt if he didn’t chase these people away, then the skin all over his body would be shredded by these lustful women. He hastily continued to yell upstairs:

“Jing Jing, I know you’re angry and I know you’re in the dorms. I hope you’ll give me a chance. Eat a candlelit dinner and watch a movie with me, okay? …If you don’t come down, I’ll wait the entire night for you. If you don’t come out tomorrow, either, then I’ll wait until the end of time!”

Qin Feng didn’t change his words. It was the same words he’d yelled for more than 10 minutes.

Because of his persistence and consistency, these words became a classic line in Normal University’s college forum. In the next 10 years, countless male students in Normal University would win the heart of the object of their affection using these words.

“If you don’t come down, I’ll wait the entire night for you. If you don’t come out tomorrow, either, then I’ll wait until the end of time!”

These were such romantic words that those women’s hearts melted when they heard them. Even Liu Wen Jing, who was hiding upstairs, experienced huge perilous waves in her heart at these words.

Suddenly, she was scared. She was afraid that Qin Feng would be snatched by the dozens of women standing downstairs. Her mind became a mush as she didn’t know what she was thinking. Qin Feng betrayed her; how could she be hurt once again by this scoundrel’s flowery speech?

“Stinking brat, why’re you yelling below the women’s dorm at noon. Are you asking for a beating?” A loud clamor drifted from afar. Three beefy men approached with displeased expressions.

Seeing the leader of the trio, those beauties who were quarreling and making a racket suddenly fell silent. All of them had different expressions, but all their faces showed a hint of nervousness and fear.

The trio consisted of Normal University basketball students. Unlike other nerds of the same year, all three of them had tall, stocky builds. They were now wearing singlets and black shorts, exposing the lines of their perfect muscles to everybody in sight. A lot of girls were covering their small mouths with their hands after seeing this hot scene.

The leader of the trio was Gao Hu; the other two was his underlings, Liu Feng and Zhao Chuan.

They were nicknamed Normal University’s B*tchy Trio.

Three of them were more lustful than others. Countless new students and junior female schoolmates had fallen into their evil clutches. Due to their beefy physiques and fighting prowess, nobody dared to get rid of them even if they tyrannized and oppressed people in the university.

Students were afraid to stand up to them while the university chancellors were unwilling to get rid of them.

This was because the head of the trio—Gao Hu—had some background in Acropolis City. The Gao family was considered a small family clan in Acropolis City, and had many connections with the university. As long as they didn’t kill or burns, nobody dared to contain them.

“F*ck, I’m talking to you; are you deaf or are you dumb?” Gao Hu crossed his arms and stood aside with a cold expression. However, both of his underlings went into the crowd and started yelling at Qin Feng.

“Do you know me?” answered Qin Feng while smiling at the duo. He was completely unaffected by their yelling.

“How could I know a trash like you? Who do you think you are?” Liu Feng shouted arrogantly.

“Then why should I talk to you? If you see a dog barking at you on the street or in the campus, will you stop and talk with it?” Qin Feng answered him smugly.

“Of course I won’t. How can I talk with a…” Liu Feng stopped abruptly after he realized what was Qin Feng implying. His face sank and he bellowed at Qin Feng, “F*ck you! How dare you call me a dog?”

“No, I didn’t. It is you who considers yourself a dog.” With a puzzled look, Qin Feng looked at Liu Feng and asked, “The guy who’s standing there is your big brother, right? Then, doesn’t that make both of you his dogs? Even if I say you’re a dog, I don’t mean to scold you. In fact, both of you should feel happy because both of you have done a great job in being dogs that one can see it with just a simple glance!”

Qin Feng scolded them without using a single vulgar word, but Liu Feng and Zhao Chuan were so mad that they wanted to vomit blood. The beauties surrounding them couldn’t restrain themselves and burst into laughter. However, they feared this B*tchy Group in their heart, so they could only muffle their laughter and laugh in secret. Seeing their expressions didn’t cool Liu Feng and Zhao Chuan down but instead made them even angrier.

“F*ck, what an arrogant little scoundrel. Let me beat you into a pig head and we’ll see if you can be so arrogant again!” The duo had never been scolded by anyone like this before in Normal University; now they gave out loud battle cries and thrust their fists at Qin Feng.

With a faint smile in his eyes, Qin Feng waved his two hands and precisely grabbed both of their fists. Then he gave a slight twist; subtle bone-cracking sounds could be heard, followed by their miserable shrieks of ghostly cries and wolflike howls.

“Stop it right there!” ordered Gao Hu, who was standing on one side the whole time. With an icy cold countenance, he strode toward Qin Feng.

“You little brat, if you still want to leave Normal University unharmed, then loosen your hands right now!” As a descendant of a small family, the air around Gao Hu was different from that of an ordinary person.

He stood in front of Qin Feng with his hands clasped behind his back, his sight swift and sharp, his air rampant and arrogant. He looked at Qin Feng as if Qin Feng were a mere ant and every word of his was imperial edict. Once he opened his mouth, nobody would dare ignore him and could only followed his order.

“What if I refuse? Beat me if you can!”

If the air of Gao Hu was rampant and arrogant, then the air of Qin Feng now was arrogant and despotic.

He, as the number one young master in Acropolis City, wasn’t really afraid of anyone’s threats. And those who threatened Qin Feng before had vanished, along with their families, and couldn’t be found in Acropolis City.
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