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Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 234 - Frightful People Aren’t Actually That Frightening

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Chapter 234 - Frightful People Aren’t Actually That Frightening

Translator: Wiwbiwb

Editor: Vampirecat

Royal Group, Sales Department Lobby

Qin Feng was in the middle of cleaning up his original desk. He carried a stack of files and walked toward Wang Chao’s office. During the monthly performance meeting two days ago, Qin Feng had been appointed as the new leader of Group Two in the sales department. Now, Wang Chao’s office was his.

And Wang Chao, who used to sit in the office, was relocated to the sales department lobby where he sat as equals with the normal sales representatives.

“Qin Feng, I’ll put these reports on your desk so when you need them, they’ll be right at hand.” Xu Ruo Rou helped Qin Feng move his things. At this time, she placed a large stack of documents neatly on the desk.

The two busied themselves for a while. When they were almost done moving everything, Xu Ruo Rou was so tired she was panting and wiping her sweat with the back of her hand.

Qin Feng could hardly care where the files were placed because he wasn’t going to look through them. At this time, his gaze was pinned to Xu Ruo Rou’s body.

When he saw Xu Ruo Rou’s full chest rising and falling with her breaths and seeming as though they would burst out of her white dress shirt at any time, Qin Feng instantly pounced on her and pulled her onto his lap.

“Ah… Qin Feng, what are you doing? This is the office; hurry and let go of me.” Xu Ruo Rou jumped in shock at Qin Feng’s actions and immediately attempted to struggle free.

However, Qin Feng was too strong. After struggling for a while, she found herself still in his embrace.

“Ruo Rou, I’m the group leader of Group Two, so I’m your superior.” Qin Feng pulled out a tissue and carefully wiped Xu Ruo Rou’s sweat while smiling. “You know that workplaces all have unspoken rules, especially large companies on the stock market like Royal Group. The unspoken rules are common. If you want to do well in the company, you have to curry favor with your superiors. If I want to hug you right now, how can you resist? You should obediently lie in my embrace and act cute.”

After hearing Qin Feng’s fallacious reasoning, Xu Ruo Rou’s face darkened.

When Wang Chao was group leader, she experienced being oppressed, and there were a couple of times where Wang Chao almost violated her. Now that Qin Feng had beaten down Wang Chao and become the group leader, she’d thought her good days were coming. She suddenly realized that this was just the beginning of another nightmare.

However, when Wang Chao wanted to take advantage of Xu Ruo Rou, she was swept with disgust. When Qin Feng took advantage of her, she didn’t feel that way. She was more worried that it would be bad if coworkers saw their behavior.

“Qin Feng, hurry and let go. If someone comes in later, it’ll be trouble.” Xu Ruo Rou knew she couldn’t break out of Qin Feng’s hold, so she could only look at him angrily.

Qin Feng touched Xu Ruo Rou’s head and released her with a smile. Then, he stood and pulled Xu Ruo Rou to sit on his seat.

“This office is indeed better than outside. It’s quiet, and I won’t get disturbed when sleeping or playing games. However, my heart is a bit empty because I won’t sit facing you during work.” Qin Feng sat on the table and looked at Xu Ruo Rou with a smile.

Xu Ruo Rou’s charming face blushed slightly. In reality, she was a bit disappointed when she thought of how she wouldn’t be able to see Qin Feng during work after he moved away. However, Xu Ruo Rou was more proud and happy that Qin Feng was promoted to the group leader position.

“Qin Feng, your promotion is a good thing. Congratulations… It proves that Chairman Qin and Assistant Han think highly of you. Don’t disappoint them.”

“In the future, you can’t sleep or play games at work. You have to do your work well.” Xu Ruo Rou began to lecture Qin Feng.

“Those two requests are a bit difficult; I’d need someone supervising me at all times.” Qin Feng nodded solemnly and said, “How about this: stay in my office in the future, Ruo Rou, and supervise me.”

Once Xu Ruo Rou heard Qin Feng’s words, she understood his intentions.

If Qin Feng really was looking for someone to supervise him, that would be great. However, there was an 80% chance he was wanting to trick her into coming into his office so he could take advantage of her.

“I don’t want to. I still have my own things to take care of. I’m heading out now.” Xu Ruo Rou stood with a smile, wanting to leave.

Qin Feng embraced her and pressed her back into the chair. He said earnestly, “Ruo Rou, I’m serious. Sit and work here from now on. Do whatever you want and don’t work yourself too hard. I’m the group leader now and I have a lot of excellent clients and resources, so I can just give them all to you.”

Qin Feng was in earnest. He wanted to let Xu Ruo Rou be more relaxed and let her be happy going to work every day.

Xu Ruo Rou got a bit choked up, and a warmth surged through her heart.

She knew that although Qin Feng always seemed careless and hedonistic, he was someone that truly took the effort to care for and think of her.

“Qin… Group Leader Qin!” At this time, Wang Chao suddenly walked in.

He’d now gone from being Group Leader to Vice Group Leader and he wasn’t quite used to it yet. He was about to call Qin Feng’s name before catching and correcting himself halfway.

Once Xu Ruo Rou saw Wang Chao enter, she jumped in shock and immediately stood up, getting off the seat she was sitting on.

She was still a bit afraid of Wang Chao. After all, he was still a vice group leader. It would definitely be bad if word went around that she was sitting in Qin Feng’s seat.

Qin Feng saw Xu Ruo Rou’s alarmed expression and smilingly pressed her back down. He kept a hand on her shoulder and didn’t move it away. Then, he looked indifferently at Wang Chao and said:

“Little Wang, why are you in such a hurry? And don’t you know how to knock before coming in? You can’t do this.”

Days before, Wang Chao had still been Qin Feng’s superior, and could command Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou as he wished. Today, he became Qin Feng’s subordinate and when facing Qin Feng, he had to nod and bow.

This feeling was like an instantaneous fall from heaven to hell. Wang Chao was extremely unhappy, but no matter how unhappy he was, he could only suppress his anger and keep it tightly sealed in his heart.

“Sorry, sorry, I was too rude and impetuous.” Wang Chao forced a smile on his face as he spoke with Qin Feng.

This scene put Xu Ruo Rou in a bit of a daze. She knew Qin Feng was already the group leader, but she didn’t feel the power and benefits of his being a group leader yet.

Now, seeing the previously extremely arrogant Group Leader Wang Chao as a sycophant trying to curry favor, Xu Ruo Rou could feel the power and prestige personally.

“Alright, today’s my first day at work after getting promoted, so I won’t hold it against you. Go out and knock on the door. Wait for me to call you before you enter.” Qin Feng waved his hand and Wang Chao withdrew while gritting his teeth.

After exiting, Wang Chao knocked on the door lightly, then smiled joyfully and said, “Qin… Group Leader Qin, can I come in?”

“Come in,” said Qin Feng as he cleared his throat.

Wang Chao put on a convincing vice-leader act. Xu Ruo Rou couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh.

“Group Leader Qin, these are the most recent assignments I’ve been working on, and I’ve brought them to hand over to you. If you don’t understand anything, feel free to ask me.” Wang Chao placed a stack of files on the table. He came to submit his work this time.

Qin Feng casually shoved the files to the ground. He said, “Little Wang, go pour me a cup of water.”

Qin Feng still remembered his first day working in the sales department when Wang Chao made things difficult for him and made him pour water. Now, after a month, it was finally his turn to command Wang Chao to pour him water.

Coldness flashed across Wang Chao’s face. He hesitated for a while, then quickly ran to pour a cup of water. He returned and said, “Group Leader Qin, your water.”

Qin Feng looked at the cup of water on the table and suddenly lifted his hand and slammed it on the table, causing the cup to overturn. The water inside splashed all over Wang Chao.

“Little Wang, you really have no sense. Don’t you see that Ruo Rou is sitting here as well? By pouring one cup of water, do you mean for me or Ruo Rou to drink it?”

A cup of water splashed him—and it was freshly boiled hot water. The water burned Wang Chao and he hopped about in pain.

“Group Leader Qin, my bad, my bad. I’ll pour a cup of water for you both right this instant.”

Though he was brimming with anger, Wang Chao didn’t dare express his emotions.

He also couldn’t worry about his wet dress shirt that stuck to his body; he immediately ran to pour two cups of water. He looked at Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou and said, “Group Leader Qin, the water you requested.

“Beauty Ruo Rou, I’m really sorry I forgot about you at first. Please, don’t take it to heart.”

At this time Xu Ruo Rou thought she was dreaming. She never thought the day would come where Wang Chao would pour water for her with servility.

Though Qin Feng was intentionally making things difficult for Wang Chao, Xu Ruo Rou didn’t empathize with him at all. Once Xu Ruo Rou thought about the two times Wang Chao almost violated her, her stomach was filled with fire.

Before meeting Qin Feng, her personality was extremely weak, and she wouldn’t hold grudges. However, during this time she’d been undergoing Qin Feng’s training and persistent instruction, Xu Ruo Rou had actually changed a lot. She was no longer that weak of a young lady.

She could now yell at that jerk Wang Chao to his face. The last time Wang Chao almost violated her, she learned to fight back. She finally began to agree with one of Qin Feng’s viewpoints: when dealing with someone as terrible as Wang Chao, one had to control evil with evil.

The more you feared him and the more you gave in, the more he bullied you. This type of person would only put away his crooked thoughts if you suppressed him and made him completely afraid of you.

“Okay, if there’s nothing else, then leave; don’t stand there as an eyesore.” Qin Feng waved his arms and shooed Wang Chao away.

The instant Wang Chao turned, his whole face darkened. He’d already decided that in the future, unless it was an absolute emergency, he would not go to Qin Feng’s office so casually, because if he did, he’d just be looking to be oppressed.

Ruo Rou, how does it feel?” Once Wang Chao left, Qin Feng’s expression became serious.

He had no intention of intentionally making things difficult for someone like Wang Chao because that was a complete waste of his great youth. Qin Feng did this as an example for Xu Ruo Rou. This was also considered a way to teach Xu Ruo Rou. He wanted to let her know that the people you considered frightening and formidable wouldn’t always stand on your head, pressing you down. Maybe a day would suddenly come when you’d discover that they weren’t much and they had to treat you with extreme deference.

“I feel really great. I know why you did that, and it taught me a lot. Thank you, Qin Feng.” Xu Ruo Rou was intelligent and quick-witted; she instantly understood Qin Feng’s intentions.

“‘Thank yous’ are obligatory, but just thanking through speech doesn’t express enough sincerity,” Qin Feng said as he looked at Xu Ruo Rou with a smile.

A shiver ran down Xu Ruo Rou’s spine, and she felt as though her body was going to be in danger again.

“Th-Then what kind of reward do you want?” Xu Ruo Rou shrank back and looked at Qin Feng with alarm.

The more she exhibited this weakness and pitifulness, the more she incited the wildness in Qin Feng’s heart.

“What do you say? I want to eat you up in the office!” Qin Feng laughed evilly and pounced on Xu Ruo Rou.

Xu Ruo Rou didn’t have enough time to dodge, and she was swept into Qin Feng’s embrace.
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