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Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 231 - This is Boss Feng

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Chapter 231 - This is Boss Feng

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“Stinking brat, I’d advise you to hurry and tie your hands and prepare to be captured. When we three brothers get angry, even beasts are afraid of us.” Once the remaining three lackeys saw Qin Feng kick Cockscomb, they suddenly stopped.

They began to tremble internally but still put up at strong and unperturbed front.

“By beasts, do you mean domestic birds?” Qin Feng smiled at the three of them. “Even if this older brother doesn’t burst out in anger, common domestic fowl like chicken, ducks, and geese are afraid when they see me!”

A scholar prefers death over humiliation!

These three lackeys could get beaten up by Qin Feng, but they couldn’t tolerate Qin Feng’s insults because there were a good number of little beauties in the private room watching.

“Stinking brat, you want to get hit!”

The three of them held up empty beer bottles again and pounced at Qin Feng together.

This time, Qin Feng took the initiative to meet the attack head-on. He lightly tapped his foot and arrived in front of one of them in the blink of an eye. He waved his hand and sent the man and his empty bottle flying.


Qin Feng caught the flying empty bottle, turned his hand over, and ruthlessly smashed it on a second person’s head. That lackey swayed a couple of times, then fell over.

A fist and a bottle toppled two lackeys.

The movements were quick, violent, and smooth.

The third lackey didn’t even see what happened clearly, and his two comrades fell. Now he was left to face Qin Feng alone. Qin Feng didn’t need to do anything, yet the lackey’s legs already turned to jelly. He directly sank to his knees in front of Qin Feng.

“Boss, y-you can shame me, but please don’t hit me, okay?” After kneeling down, he began to beg for mercy.

At this time, the door to the private room was suddenly smashed open. Five or six strong men rushed in quickly.

Once they entered, they stood in two lines. Then, a tall and sturdy man with long hair walked leisurely into the room. He faintly exuded the aggressiveness of a leader.

Once Long-hair entered the room, his gaze swept indifferently within it. He opened his mouth to say, “What happened here? Why are you fighting on this elder’s territory?”

The man who entered was Long-hair who managed the Feng Group. He was in the middle of monitoring the private room section when he heard intense fighting sounds coming from the room. Thus, he brought his men and they rushed in.

When Buck-teeth and his four lackeys saw Long-hair, they were so frightened that they wanted to die. They were all from the streets, so of course they had heard of the infamous Long-hair and his two brothers.

Especially since these three became the top-ranked subject of the news in the Acropolis underground recently, rumors about the three of them were everywhere. These three spent a month to form the Feng Group—a new power—and even took over the Wild Wolf Gang’s territory in the Northern District. They were truly brave and scheming.

The three brothers’ positions developed, and they were now equals with the boss of the Wild Wolf Gang. This Fei Tian Bar was opened by the three brothers, and no one dared to cause trouble in their territory. Now that Long-hair personally came here to inquire about the situation, Buck-teeth’s teeth began to chatter.

“Big Brother Long-hair, m-my brothers and I came here to buy things. That brat drank too much and wanted to take advantage of these little beauties and I couldn’t just stand there and watch, so I stood up to convince the brat not to do so. In the end, not only did he not listen, he even took to fighting. He’s really too arrogant.”

Since Buck-teeth and his men were in the streets often, how could they not get cut? If they didn’t want to get cut, their reaction speeds had to be really fast!

Buck-teeth had been in the streets for so long and he didn’t really learn anything other than training his reaction speed into becoming extremely fast. A second ago, he was worried he would die, but now he rushed up in front of Long-hair and began presenting his charges against Qin Feng.

“Right, right, that brat had too many drinks and wanted to disrespect my female classmates. In the end, he began to fight. This person is too shameless!” Xu Xiao Bai also reacted. He immediately went along with Big Brother Buck-teeth’s words and began to frame Qin Feng.

After hearing the two men’s stories, Long-hair’s face fell. If someone dared cause a ruckus on his land, they were clearly looking to die.

He looked in the direction that the two pointed. Once his gaze fell on Qin Feng’s face, his expression changed dramatically. He looked as terrified as someone who saw a ghost. He never would have thought that the shameless beast these people were talking about was actually Boss Young Master Qin.

Qin Feng saw Long-hair coming, and he smiled happily as he walked up to him. Buck-teeth and Xu Xiao Bai pointed at Qin Feng with icy expressions and yelled, “Big Brother Long-hair, it’s this brat. Look at how arrogant he is; he’s even smiling. He clearly isn’t taking you seriously.”

“Big Brother Long-hair. You have to teach this brat a good lesson and let him know who exactly Acropolis’s Northern District belongs to!”

The two people directed the blame at Qin Feng in unison. At this time, Long-hair was stunned. Him clean up Young Master Qin? He wouldn’t have the guts to do that if someone lent him 10 guts.

The girls were badly frightened by Long-hair’s group who had suddenly burst in.

These people were clearly very powerful. Their bodies exuded light gusts of evil, making the little girls who hadn’t seen much of society shudder.

Among them, the most nervous was Liu Xiao Jia. She was worried that these people would bully Qin Feng when she saw the expression of the stalwart man with the long hair suddenly become fierce. He swung his thick arms and slapped ruthlessly.


This slap employed all his strength, and it fell with an enormous sound.

However, the slap fell on a surprising location. It didn’t fall on Qin Feng’s face, it fell accurately on Big Brother Buck-teeth’s head.

After the slap fell, Long-hair roared, “F*ck, you’d dare to yell at Boss Feng and frame him? See how this elder will beat you to death.” Then, he lifted his arm and slapped Xu Xiao Bai in the face.


Xu Xiao Bai was tall, thin, and weak. After getting slapped once by Long-hair, he spun three times and stars filled his vision.

“Big Brother Long-hair, did you hit the wrong people? The troublemaking brat is there.” Buck-teeth covered his head with an astonished expression. He still hadn’t made sense of the situation.

Long-hair gave him another big slap in the face and yelled ferociously, “Wrong your a**. That is your Boss Feng. How dare you call him a brat?”

Long-hair was angered to death by Buck-teeth and Xu Xiao Bai. He was deeply frightened that these two would say more irreverent things about Qin Feng. At this time, he used both hands to slap simultaneously and didn’t give them a sliver of a chance to open their mouths.

Everyone else stared at the scene with so much shock that their eyeballs almost fell out. Even if they were dumber than they currently were, they’d still understand that this Qin Feng evidently had a powerful role.

“F*ck, two little tramps. Since you came to the Fei Tian Bar and looked for trouble with Boss Feng, it seems that you are tired of living. You four, come here, drag these two outside, break their arms and legs, and throw them into the dumpsters out back.” Long-hair slapped Xu Xiao Bai and Buck-teeth tens of times. He hit them until his own hands began to hurt.

Four of Long-hair’s men immediately ran over and dragged the two unconscious people outside. Xu Xiao Bai’s four lackeys and Buck-teeth’s four lackeys were stunned. They were so frightened that they trembled from head to toe. They could only watch helplessly as their bosses were dragged away, and they had no opportunity to resist.

“Big Brother Feng… L-Let’s just let it go?” Liu Xiao Jia suddenly ran to Qin Feng’s side and looked fearfully at him.

Since Xu Xiao Bai was her classmate and she heard the big and strong Long-hair state that they were going to break the two people’s arms and legs, she felt that the punishment for them was too severe.

Qin Feng waved his hand, and Long-hair’s men stopped immediately. His gaze swept over the room and finally fell on Xu Xiao Bai’s four lackeys. He said indifferently, “I’ll spare you all for Xiao Jia’s sake this time. In the future, don’t bother Xiao Jia again, and in particular, don’t have intentions of hitting on her. For some things, even if they aren’t said aloud, they’ll still be known. If you dare have any unacceptable thoughts toward Xiao Jia again, I’ll personally come looking for you.”

Liu Xiao Jia still didn’t realize Xu Xiao Bai’s plans for tonight, but Qin Feng had known what they were right from the beginning. However, he didn’t explain the situation to Liu Xiao Jia because it was too dirty and Qin Feng didn’t want Liu Xiao Jia to be exposed to the wickedness of the world too early.

He wanted to intimidate Xu Xiao Bai and his people. Based on the fear on the faces of Xu Xiao Bai’s lackeys, they were already shaken by Qin Feng.

“Big Brother… We won’t, we won’t do it again!” The four people immediately swore to Qin Feng.

“You all can scram.” Qin Feng waved his hand and suddenly added, “Xu Xiao Bai reserved this room today. Long-hair, go return the money. Tonight, I’ll pay for the expenses of Liu Xiao Jia’s birthday party. Don’t let these people taint her birthday.”

“Boss Feng, I’ll take care of it!” Qin Feng had spoken, and Long-hair immediately went to carry it out.

He brought everyone out of Qin Feng’s private room. The previously crowded room was now left with only Qin Feng and five little beauties.

Liu Xiao Jia and her four classmates still hadn’t recovered from their shock. They looked starry-eyed at Qin Feng, making him feel a bit embarrassed.

“Ahem… Let’s drink!” Qin Feng coughed twice awkwardly and raised his glass with a smile.

The five girls quickly regained their senses and immediately lifted their glasses. Each of them tilted their heads back and drank down their cups of draft beer.

“Big Brother Feng, I-I only called you an uncle earlier as a joke. D-Don’t get mad.” After drinking the beer, Chen Mei Han looked nervously at Qin Feng.

After the five girls discovered Qin Feng’s background, they were all afraid of him. Even Fei Tian Bar’s boss was extremely deferential toward Qin Feng, so Qin Feng was probably a gang leader.

“Haha, I’m so young and handsome yet you actually dared to call me ‘uncle,’ so tell me how I wouldn’t be angry?” Qin Feng glared at Chen Mei Han and joked with her.

Chen Mei Han treated it as truth and was quite afraid. Flustered, she said, “Big Brother Feng, I-I was wrong, and I won’t do it next time. L-Let me off this once.”

When Qin Feng saw Chen Mei Han’s nervous expression, he thought to himself that this little girl could really act. He said with a laugh, “I can let you off; you just have to sit here, let this big brother hug you, and give this big brother a kiss.”

Chen Mei Han instantly found herself in a bit of a difficult position. She lowered her head shyly and gave Liu Xiao Jia a pleading glance. Liu Xiao Jia then regained her senses. She harshly pinched him in the waist when she thought of how Qin Feng could say such vulgar things at first.

“Big Brother Feng, don’t scare Little Mei, she’s my good friend.” Liu Xiao Jia pouted as she glared at Qin Feng with dissatisfaction.

“Haha, I was just joking with Little Mei… Don’t be nervous; I’m not as scary as you think I am. I’m actually a kind and simple big boy.” Qin Feng smiled. “I trust that you can all tell!”

After speaking, he saw five girls nodding in unison.

Then, Qin Feng sang with the five girls in the private room.

In the beginning, Little Mei and the other three girls were a bit afraid of Qin Feng, but after playing with him, they found that Qin Feng really wasn’t that frightening. The five girls all scrambled to sing, but Liu Xiao Jia sang the most movingly. Every song made Qin Feng feel as though he was returning to the days of his youth.

They all had lots of fun at this birthday party, and it didn’t end until 11 o’clock at night. Qin Feng brought the five girls out of the Fei Tian Bar. He even called on Long-hair to bring the other four girls home safely.

After exiting the bar, Qin Feng and Liu Xiao Jia arrived beside the Batmobile. Once Qin Feng pressed on the Lamborghini’s keys, Little Mei and the other three girls shrieked so piercingly that it could pierce through eardrums.

Just previously, they kept hearing Buck-teeth boast that he had a Batmobile parked at the entrance to the bar. They only understood now that Qin Feng had driven this supercar over tonight.
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