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Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 217 - This Isn’t My Car

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Chapter 217 - This Isn’t My Car

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Li Yu Chen’s face darkened, and she was too embarrassed to open her mouth. On the other hand, a satisfied smile appeared on Mother Li’s face because Qin Feng was quite familiar with her daughter’s body.

The female sales representative brought the four of them to the intimate undergarment section. Different styles hung in the area: nurse, queen, teacher, catwoman, etc. Everything needed was available.

The clothing material was extremely thin, and most of it was made of sheer gauze material. Only a couple of sections were made of actual cloth.

Once Li Yu Chen saw these items, she lowered her head in embarrassment and wanted to find a hole to hide in.

“Auntie Li, these undergarments look pretty good, I would definitely like it if Chen-chen wore them for me. I believe they will bring unpredictable results. However, there’s too little cloth, wouldn’t Chen-chen get a cold wearing them?” Qin Feng liked all the styles he looked at, and spoke with feigned propriety.

Mother Li currently sat between Qin Feng and Yang Kang and began to pick. However, she was a bit more partial towards Qin Feng. After all, the Qin Family was too rich. Even if Qin Feng’s family went to shambles, he would probably still have enough money to be fine for the rest of his life.

When Mother Li saw that Qin Feng seemed to like these things, she immediately smiled: “Aren’t clothes that are light, soft, and fitted advocated these days? These styles are very fashionable, I think we should just buy a couple back.

“Chen-chen, what do you say?” Mother Li covertly pinched Li Yu Chen’s waist as she asked.

“Then let’s buy one.” Li Yu Chen was swept with hopelessness.

“Then we’ll take that pink one. Chen-chen loves pink.” Qin Feng pointed at the outfit with the least material.

Li Yu Chen clenched her teeth because she hated pink. Qin Feng clearly only said that because that outfit was the most revealing and sexy.

The female sales representative turned completely red when she looked at the pink outfit. After taking it down, she said to Qin Feng; “Sir, does it need to be tried on?”

“No, no, hurry and wrap it up.” Li Yu Chen quickly waved her hand without waiting for Qin Feng to open his mouth.

She would rather die than try something like this here.

When Yang Kang saw what Qin Feng chose for Li Yu Chen and her shy expression, he thought she liked those things. He became excited, his face flushed, and his heart beat when he thought of how Li Yu Chen would look wearing that pink outfit.

“Chen-chen, this black lace one looks good as well. Why don’t I buy it for you, and when you have time, you can wear it for m…” Yang Kang pointed at a black silk outfit and looked at Li Yu Chen with a smile.

Before he could finish speaking, Li Yu Chen glared fiercely at him: “Scram, who wants you to buy me this kind of stuff?”


After exiting the undergarment shop, Li Yu Chen was in no mood to continue shopping. They left the pedestrian walkway. They seemed to be here specifically to buy Li Yu Chen lingerie, and would just go back after.

Li Yu Chen suppressed her anger, hugged Qin Feng’s arm, and walked in front with a huff. Mother Li and Yang Kang were left far behind. The two returned to where the car was parked and they still had not seen Yang Kang and Mother Li come out.

Qin Feng casually leaned on Yang Kang’s Porsche and waited for them. He had just leaned on the car when he saw a group of good-for-nothings swagger over.

“Hey, stinking brat, who let you stop your car here?”

“Is this not a parking spot?” Qin Feng wasn’t too familiar with the area and thought cars really couldn’t be parked there.

“Haha, you can park here, but you have to pay a parking protection fee.” Of the five, a man with dyed purple hair stepped forward.

He could tell from Qin Feng’s voice that Qin Feng was an outsider, and this hooligan absolutely would not let go of these kinds of rich outsiders. When he saw that Qin Feng was young and drove a Porsche 911, he was prepared to defraud Qin Feng.

“We need a protection fee? Is this land yours?” Qin Feng then understood that he met a native hooligan.

“You’ve guessed correctly brat. Not only is this land ours, this Qingshui town, and wherever this elder looks is this elder’s territory. What, are you dissatisfied, punk?” Purple-hair glared coldly at Qin Feng. The four younger brothers behind him also had fierce expressions, and wanted to scare Qin Feng with their aura.

“So this is your land. Then it really doesn’t make sense for me to stop the car here.” Qin Feng smiled lightly and suddenly said: “Brothers, then what do you say we should do?”

“Don’t f*cking call us your brothers. Don’t think that if you kiss ass your elder won’t ask for the payment.” When Purple-hair saw that Qin Feng was shocked, he waved his hands and continued to speak with a fierce expression: “By parking here, you’ve squashed the little grass I’m growing. The grass is my treasure, and I treat them like my own flesh and blood. Now that you’ve squashed tens of my flesh and blood, what do you say we should do?”

Purple-hair wrangled with Qin Feng with a look of seriousness. The younger brothers behind him all were tickled.

“Aiya, this is unacceptable, tens of your kin.” Qin Feng had a lamenting expression: “If we had to calculate, it would be quite a bit in compensation.”

Purple-hair didn’t bring up money, Qin Feng was the one who brought it up. Purple-hair looked at Qin Feng with appraisal and said: “You have pretty good awareness, brat. Then I won’t be too calculating. Take out a hundred thousand and give it to your elder to placate his shock.”

Qin Feng’s expression suddenly changed. He said with a bit of anger: “A hundred thousand? Brother, that doesn’t sound so good.”

Purple-hair and his four underlings immediately rolled up their sleeves and glared fiercely at Qin Feng: “What the hell? You squashed tens of your elder’s kin to death and you still don’t want to pay up?

“Don’t be too agitated brothers, of course the money has to be repaid. I just felt that it was a bit too little. After all, it’s tens of your kin,” Qin Feng said with a laugh.

Now it was time for Purple-hair and his lackeys to be frozen in shock. The hundred thousand was meant to be an exorbitant price they just said casually. They thought that even if Qin Feng refused to pay, it would be fine if they could negotiate a price and get tens of thousands. They would have never guessed this person would raise the price on his own.

As they say, there are a lot of people that are crazy and have lots of money. Purple-hair and the other four thought to themselves that they actually bumped into this kind of person today.

“O-of course the situation wouldn’t be resolved with just a hundred thousand.” After coming back to his senses, Purple-hair immediately pursed his lips and said: “The hundred thousand is for placating my shock. You still have to give two hundred thousand to compensate for these innocent lives. The total is three hundred thousand. Hurry and cough it up.

“Otherwise your elders will kill you today!”

Li Yu Chen was attracted by the commotion. When she heard Qin Feng talking to the hooligans, she didn’t feel good.

She knew Qin Feng’s family was rich, but she only now discovered that Qin Feng’s brain had problems. The guy originally just wanted to take a hundred thousand from you, yet you keep urging him and helping him raise the price—if he wasn’t an idiot, what was he?

“Qin Feng, ignore them, let’s go!” Li Yu Chen walked up stormily and tugged Qin Feng to leave.

Since Qin Feng came to Qingshui town to help her fake a marriage, Li Yu Chen didn’t want to see him get extorted by her house.

“Aiyo, what a pretty girl. Where do you want to go? It’ll be so great if you stay and play with these older brothers.”

Li Yu Chen immediately rushed forward, and the five hooligans’ eyes narrowed. How would they let Li Yu Chen pull away Qin Feng and escape? The five people formed a circle and surrounded them.

“What do you guys want to do? I’m a Qingshui townsperson. Don’t think about messing around or I’ll call the police.” Li Yu Chen was disgusted when she saw the lascivious gazes in their eyes. She glared coldly at them.

Purple-hair and the other four weren’t angry at all. When they examined Li Yu Chen up close, they found that this girl was of the highest quality. It was their first time seeing such a beautiful woman, and even her angry expression was extremely mesmerizing.

“Brother, is this your girl?” Purple-hair looked at Qin Feng with a playful smile.

“This is my wife. Isn’t she beautiful?” Qin Feng hugged Li Yu Chen in passing, and smiled at the five people with arrogance.

“Beautiful, beautiful!” Purple-hair now wasn’t in the mood for extortion. He wanted to first pull Li Yu Chen to an empty corner and do her before anything else. He immediately said to Qin Feng: “Brother, how about this? You don’t have to give so much money. Give a hundred thousand for a shock-suppression fee, turn your girl over for your older brother to play with, and we’ll call it even!”

“Brothers, what do you think?” The smile on Purple-hair’s face became stronger.

He felt that the brat Qin Feng had some brain problems right from the beginning, so he believed that Qin Feng would definitely agree to the suggestion.

“ Qin Feng, you dare?!”

The five of them angered Li Yu Chen to death, but she was just a weak girl, so she couldn’t defeat five people on her own. At this time, she was afraid Qin Feng would leave her here. She immediately and harshly pinched Qin Feng in the waist and looked angrily at him.

“No, no, only I can play with my woman. I’ll just pay you guys.” Qin Feng immediately waved his hand and hugged Li Yu Chen tighter. He could clearly feel the softness at Li Yu Chen’s chest pressing against him.

Li Yu Chen glared fiercely at Qin Feng, and warmth suddenly surged through her heart.

“F*ck, stinking brat, you’re refusing a toast for a drink of punishment. You want to pay? Okay, then give your elder a million yuan immediately, or this isn’t over.” Purple-hair got immediately angry and yelled at Qin Feng.

Qin Feng tilted his head and looked at the entrance to the pedestrian walkway. He saw Mother Li and Yang Kang walking over and said with a smile: “Okay, then we’ll set it at a million, and nothing less!”

“F*ck, I’ve truly met a f*cking idiot today.” It was the first time Purple-hair met such an idiot. Though he saw that he couldn’t get on Li Yu Chen, he was satisfied to gain a million yuan.

He yelled at Qin Feng with a vicious expression: “Take out the million yuan. If you dare trick your elder, see if I don’t kill you!”

Purple-hair was in a hurry to get the money when Yang Kang arrived. When he saw his Porsche surrounded by a group of people, he immediately shouted.

“Hey, why are you all grouped around my car? Don’t scratch my car. Do you know what kind of car it is? It’s a Porsche 911, and it’s worth over two million yuan. Can you afford it if you ruin it?”

After seeing Yang Kang run over, Qin Feng hugged Li Yu Chen and brought her to the side. He smiled at Purple-hair: “Okay, the car owner is here now. Ask him for the price we agreed upon earlier.


Purple-hair and the other four immediately froze and suddenly understood.

It didn’t seem like this brat was the Porsche’s owner? No wonder he was so arrogant when talking about the price earlier. The five of them felt that their small hearts were deeply insulted by Qin Feng.

“What money are you talking about? Did you hear what your elder said, you five stinking brats? Hurry and stand to the side.” Yang Kang didn’t know what happened here.

At this time, he was extremely unhappy to see a group of people surrounding his Porsche.

He didn’t buy this car; he couldn’t even afford a motorcycle. This was a luxury car that had newly arrived at the repair shop in need of lacquer. Yang Kang never drove such a good car, he secretly drove the car back to the village behind his boss’s back to show off. If it got scratched, how could he explain this to his boss?

Yang Kang’s temper was powerful, but the five hooligans were even more angry. They were originally going to look for trouble with Qin Feng, but when they saw Yang Kang yell at them several times, they immediately rushed up to Yang Kang and fiercely surrounded him.
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