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Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 208 - Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade

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Chapter 208 - Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade

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“Dad, are you alright?” Qin Feng shot beside Qin Huang and began to help him untie the ropes around him.

“Feng’er, why are you here? Hurry and leave, people want to assassinate us. They found two extremely skilled assassins and they’re nearby. Don’t fall into their trap.

“Leave quickly, Feng’er, leave quickly!”

Qin Huang still wasn’t aware of what happened outside. This area was at the riverside, so the wind was extremely strong. When situated within the house, one couldn’t heard the fighting outside of it.

“Dad, those two are already taken care of. We’re safe now.” Qin Feng already untied the ropes and helped his father up.

Qin Huang looked at Qin Feng with a startled expression. He clearly didn’t dare believe this.

He immediately ran out of the house to see Bronze Number Eight who was half submerged in the ground and the two halves of Bronze Number Five who fell from the rooftop and rolled to the two sides of him. Qin Huang was so frightened that he almost yelped.

“Feng’er, d-did you kill these people?” Qin Huang looked at Qin Feng with alarm. His voice trembled: “How did you find this place? Who are these people?”

“Dad, these two are assassins from the Golden Assassin Crew. Hao Long Tian paid them to kill us. While I was eating in Royal Group, they called and told me you were abducted, so I rushed over to save you.”

Qin Feng quickly summarized the complicated things that happened in the past hour for Qin Huang. After hearing all this, Qin Huang was swept with lingering fear.

Recently, he had forgotten to deal with Hao Long Tian. His deep eyes locked onto Qin Feng as he suddenly asked: “Feng’er, tell me honestly, what stages are you abilities at currently?”

Qin Feng hesitated a bit before speaking: “Dad, I can’t really tell you clearly, but even if I met a Stage Seven External Expert, I could handle him. If I met an expert that cultivated internal techniques, it’d be hard to say, but a Stage Four Internal Expert is already no match for me right now.”

Stage seven externally, stage four internally… this was a pretty good expert already.

Qin Feng was now only twenty, so for him to wield such abilities made him a rare talent. Qin Huang thought about how when he was at his peak, he didn’t even surpass Stage Four External abilities.

That year, Qin Huang was also just twenty, and his ability was already that of the rare few cultivation geniuses among the younger generation of the provincial capital. Also, his was a stage obtained through lots of effort and a spirit pill from the Capital’s Qin Family. However, his abilities could not compare to Qin Feng’s even though Qin Feng trained quietly on his own.

Plus, at the time Qin Huang could only cultivate external techniques while Qin Feng was already a genius that cultivated both internal and external abilities.

“The heavens have opened their eyes, the heavens have really opened their eyes…” After finding out about Qin Feng’s current abilities, Qin Huang couldn’t help but tear up.

Countless memories and humiliation from the past surged out. Qin Huang had increasingly more hope in the Qin Family’s competition ten months from now in the Provincial Capital. As long as Qin Feng got first place, many of the past matters could be opened again, and his mother could be brought up again.

“Dad, I already know the transaction location between Hao Long Tian and the two assassins. I’ll call Uncle Fu right now to eliminate Hao Long Tian.” Qin Feng’s heart ached a bit when he saw his old man crying.

He went to the side to call Uncle Fu and told him Hao Long Tian’s location. The Hao Family had long been eliminated, but Hao Long Tian remained the whole time, and he almost killed both the father and son of the Qin Family.

Qin Feng couldn’t allow this kind of hidden danger to remain in existence. This time, he’d cut the weeds, eliminate the roots, and completely eliminate the Hao Family.

After making the call, Qin Huang’s mood stabilized. Qin Feng handled Bronze Number Five and Number Eight’s bodies, then rushed towards the Qin Manor with his father.

Qin Feng rode his bike, and Qin Huang sat in the front. Though it was extremely uncomfortable, this image was horrifying enough. It was the first time Qin Huang sat on Qin Feng’s bicycle. Once he personally experienced its speed, Qin Huang finally understood why he would arrive at the company after Qin Feng in the mornings even though he rode in his Benz and they left at the same time.

Qin Feng’s 28” bicycle looked like a bike, but it was even faster than a racecar. At Qin Huang’s age, after sitting on the bicycle, he felt as though half his life was almost gone.

When the father and son got back to the Qin Manor, Uncle Fu was already waiting before the villa entrance. He held a sackcloth bag in his hand and walked towards the two.

“Chairman Qin, Young Master Qin!” He greeted the two and opened the bag. The Qin father and son looked inside: it was Hao Long Tian’s head.

“And the corpse?” Qin Huang’s expression didn’t change; this matter was clearly expected.

“In the backyard,” Uncle Fu responded.

“Bury him in an uninhabited mountain. Since he was a previously well-regarded person in Acropolis City, we should try to bury him.” Qin Huang waved his hand, and Uncle Fu took the cloth bag away.

After Uncle Fu left, Qin Huang and Qin Feng walked into the villa’s lobby and sat facing one another in the drawing room. Qin Huang’s expression flashed like he regretted Hao Long Tian’s death.

“Feng’er, did you see that? Even the most impressive people will die one day.

“They might die naturally from sickness, old age, an accident, or murder. Before they die, they could cover the sky with one hand, and their glory was limitless. After they die, those that bury him are the enemies that killed him.”

Qin Huang shook his head and sighed: “This is life; laughable life.”

“Thus, we must continuously work hard and fight . We must make ourselves strong and take control of our own life and death,” Qin Feng suddenly spoke.

Qin Huang immediately sat up straight and earnestly considered Qin Feng. He found that his son had changed, and he changed too much. Qin Huang almost didn’t know him.

How could Qin Feng not change? Ever since he acquired the Hedonist Sovereign System, who knew how many life or death situations he experienced in a little over a month?

He went from Young Master Qin who didn’t have enough strength to truss a chicken, to a martial artist who could take someone’s life with the wave of his hand; he went from being a hedonistic and dissolute son that only went after beauties, to a hot-blooded man that was still very perverted, but possessed real feelings and responsibilities.

He was growing, and growing extremely quickly.

It went without saying that Qin Huang almost didn’t recognize Qin Feng. After all, sometimes even Qin Feng was startled by his own changes… how could a man become so perfect!

Qin Huang suddenly laughed. He looked at Qin Feng with appraisal and said: “Feng’er, you’re right, we must continue to work hard. When in dire straits, we shouldn’t even give up in the last second.”

These words were a bit heavy, so Qin Feng took the initiative to change the subject.

“Dad, do you know the Golden Assassin Crew?”

“I’ve heard of them, but I don’t know them that well.” Qin Huang’s expression suddenly became heavy when he heard the group’s name.

“According to the rumors, this is the most mysterious assassin group in China, and there are as many experts in it as there are clouds. If you can pay the hiring fee, they’re willing to take any assignment.”

“Also, they way they take payments is extremely unique, they only accept the payment in gold, and they don’t accept any other currency. That’s why they’re called the Golden Assassin Crew.”

Qin Feng listened earnestly because when he fought with Bronze Number Eight and Five, he found that they were Stage Five and Stage Six External Experts respectively.

Also, he could tell from what the two people said that they were assassins with just average skills in the Golden Assassin Crew, so this group was an absolutely frightening existence. Now that Qin Feng killed someone in their group, there were sure to be members of the Golden Assassin Crew coming to take revenge in the coming days. He had to learn more about their abilities so he could take the best countermeasures.

“People say that this assassin crew has never failed an assignment. In the past, I didn’t know whether or not this was true, but now I know it’s false because you already made them fail their assignment once.” After saying this, Qin Huang sighed and continued: “Ai… though we kept our lives this time, we offended such a mysterious assassin crew, so we have to be much more careful!”

“Father, don’t worry. If these people dare to come looking for trouble, I won’t let them off lightly,” Qin Feng said earnestly.

After Qin Huang heard these words, he felt gratified. In the past, he always protected his son and was busy wiping his butt or cleaning terrible messes. Now his son was finally grown up and began to protect him. This kind of change made Qin Huang’s heart surge with warmth.

“Okay, let’s not talk about these inauspicious things. This time, your old man didn’t die thanks to you. You must have been really worried. Hurry and go back to your room to rest. I also have to rest. Hao Long Tian is dead, and the war between the Qin and Hao families are finally over so I can sleep in peace,” Qin Huang waved his hand and spoke with a bit of emotion.

“Then rest at ease, dad. I’ll go back to the house.” Qin Feng stood and dismissed himself.

After returning to his own room, Qin Feng shut the door and immediately hopped into bed. With a slight thought, the crescent moon blade that was over two meters and the long, approximately five meter-long whip fell onto his bed.

He brought Bronze Number Eight’s crescent moon blade and Bronze Number Five’s long whip back because he felt that these two weapons had spiritual Qi, and were weapons like his Truesteel Sword and Williams’ Winter Iron Gloves. However, there was some difference between the grades of these four weapons.

But, they were considered treasures compared to normal swords, spears, staffs, and clubs.

Qin Feng picked up the crescent moon blade Bronze Number Eight used and examined it. The length of the blade was a meter, and the handle was a meter and a half. The blade seemed to be made of Winter Iron, and one could feel a wintry air when they touched it. Besides the five holes in the blade, there was a vivid and lifelike green dragon with closed eyes etched into it. It seemed as though once the dragon opened its eyes, it would fly to the sky.

This crescent moon blade looked extremely tyrannical from the outside, and was a very heavy: 41 kilograms in total. Normal people would be unable to play around with it.

Qin Feng held the crescent moon blade and examined it for a bit. Then, he used the Hedonist Sovereign System to discern the item. This System could discern weapons with spiritual Qi, and the Winter Iron Gloves was a weapon that the System itself discerned.

Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade

Equipment Grade: White Top Grade Equipment

Weapon Description: Crafted with the thousand year winter iron as its main material, it is incomparably solid and can cut mountains and split land. Natural winter iron properties can allow the user to feel the ice-cold air of the winter iron and clear willpower. Increases nimbleness and precision during a fight.
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