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Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 193 - One Type of Person is the Most Frightening

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Chapter 193 - One Type of Person is the Most Frightening

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“This time, I was wrong for fighting. I’ll go back with Chief Liu and accept an investigation!” Qin Feng suddenly changed his happy expression into a serious one.

Liu Bing Bing didn’t even want to say anything to Qin Feng. She handcuffed him, brought him into her police car, and drove away first.

On the way back, Liu Bing Bing drove while thinking of how to deal with Qin Feng. However, even after thinking for a long time, she was still at her wit’s end. She still had no conclusive evidence that he fought, and these people were all hooligans, so these kinds of fights between underground powers occurred frequently. The matter could be significant or insignificant. This matter clearly wouldn’t affect a hedonistic young master with a background like Qin Feng at all.

Suddenly, Liu Bing Bing thought of another thing. Her eyes immediately brightened. She suddenly turned the steering wheel, and the car became a bolt of lightning. They left the main road and flew towards the small road to the right.

“Chief Liu, you’re speeding right now, they’re going to revoke your driver’s license.” This urgent turn almost propelled Qin Feng out of the car. When he sat properly again, he complained with dissatisfaction.

Liu Bing Being didn’t respond, she held the steering wheel with one hand and pointed her gun at Qin Feng’s head with the other: “Shut up, your mother doesn’t need you to tell her how to drive.”

“Person! There’s a person!” Qin Feng suddenly yelled and turned the steering wheel. When Liu Bing Bing came back to her senses, she then realized she almost hit an old granny crossing the street.

She exhaled deeply and didn’t dare lose focus again. She held the steering wheel with both hands and didn’t speak to Qin Feng. But, even though an accident almost occurred, Liu Bing Bing didn’t slow down at all. On the contrary, she went even faster and faster. She was in a hurry to get to the South Bay Pier. If it was too late, those bad people may have already escaped.

“Chief Liu, hurry and stop the car. I don’t have the guts to sit in your car anymore.” Good thing Qin Feng previously acquired Intermediate Racing Skills through the lottery, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to control the car at first.

Though this was the case, he didn’t want to be crazy with this fiery woman any longer. This woman drove towards the South Bay Pier. He didn’t know what she was thinking because that area was desolate and uninhabited. She wasn’t planning on murdering him, was she?

Liu Bing Bing kept a cold expression and ignored Qin Feng. She continued to speed forward.

“Chief Liu, I was just fighting, there’s no need for you to be like this, is there? I want to go back to the police station an undergo investigation. Hurry and drive back.

“Chief Liu, you’re a good cop and you are the embodiment of righteousness. We poor commoners see you as a source of dependency. How could you be deaf and mute to a good, law-abiding citizen? This isn’t right.

“Chief Liu, I really have to use the restroom. Stop the car, or I’ll piss in it.”


Liu Bing Bing held it in again and again. She clenched her teeth so hard that they were almost shattered and swallowed. However, once she heard that Qin Feng had to use the restroom, the fire in her almost burst out because she thought of how she was played by Qin Feng the last time she had to use the restroom in the police station.

She suddenly picked up her handgun and stuck it between Qin Feng’s legs. The safety was already removed from the gun earlier, so if the shot went out, it could really end his familial bloodline.

“Do you still have to pee? Keep chattering, and I’ll explode your balls with one gunshot!” Liu Bing Bing directly burst out in vulgar language.

As a policewoman, she encountered too many hooligans on a daily basis, so this kind of vulgar language was commonplace.

However, her expression suddenly became one of shock, and in the next second, she was so angry that she was about to combust.

She originally thought that if she pointed the gun at Qin Feng’s nether regions, he would be so frightened that he’d piss in his pants and cut the nonsense. However, he wasn’t nervous or afraid in the slightest. He actually… raised his bottom and made a comfortable sound.

“Oh! Chief Liu, you haven’t gotten the right spot. Move the gun to the right a little!”


With a dull sound, the police car crashed into a large tree on the side of the road.

Luckily Qin Feng reacted in time and quickly stepped on the brakes so the two of them were mostly fine.

“Chief Liu, I told you to stop the car a long time ago. Now look what happened, you crashed into a tree… If it were your own car, then it wouldn’t really matter, you could crash it if you wanted to. But, this is a public car, why didn’t you treat it with more care?”

Qin Feng said with an indignant expression: “Even though you have a high position and you can make up some excuse about crashing the car, what did the flowers, grass, trees, and bird nests on the trees ever do to you? How could you ruin their lives and homes? Do you know how much they’re hurting because your car is pressing down on them right now? Do you know how expensive house prices are? And you just casually crashed into the little birds’ homes. Do you know…”


There was another dull sound. This time, it was a gunshot!

Liu Bing Bing crazily pulled at her hair and shot at Qin Feng’s head. This girl really made Qin Feng crazy. The gunshot was for real, and if Qin Feng didn’t dodge as quickly as he did, his brain would currently be blown into watermelon juice.

Qin Feng was extremely angry, and the result was severe.

He suddenly moved as quick as lightning. In the next second, the gun that was previously in Liu Bing Bing’s hand ended up in Qin Feng’s. He coldly pointed the gun at Liu Bing Bing.

“It’s a moonless night and the winds are high. It’s a night for murder!” Qin Feng’s eerie laughter resounded within the car.

It was the first time Liu Bing Bing felt such an icy breeze, it spread around her with the air of death. She looked at Qin Feng in alarm and didn’t dare move. She was aware of Qin Feng’s abilities, and she didn’t even get to react when Qin Feng grabbed the gun earlier.

“Qin Feng, don’t be impetuous... You made me really angry at first so I lost my head. I hope you can understand.”

“Understand?” Qin Feng laughed coldly. He slowly dragged the barrel of the gun downwards: “If I were a bit slower at first, I wouldn’t be alive to understand you!”

The barrel of the gun was on Liu Bing Bing’s charming face and slid down her fair jade neck.

Qin Feng didn’t stop, he slid it down to her full chest. The barrel of the gun was like a thrilling roller coaster going from the bottom of the mountain to the top. He even intentionally and ruthlessly pressed down at the top of the mountain before sliding down to the valley across from it.

Though there was a layer of clothing in between, the feeling of the black handgun rubbing her body made a strange feeling pass over her. When the barrel of the gun pressed down on her chest, she almost cried out loud. Her beautiful, frosty eyes glared coldly at Qin Feng. She gritted her teeth and looked as though she wanted to tear Qin Feng apart with five horses.

“Qin Feng, don’t be too ridiculous, stop right now and I’ll write off tonight’s events, including your battle. But if you continue messing around, I assure you that I’ll make you die a horrendous death!”

Since Liu Bing Bing was a Stage Two External Expert, when hooligans saw her, they would flee ignominiously like they saw a she-devil. Getting caught by her was as frightening as a little lamb entering a wolf’s den.

The whole time, she played the role of the wolf, but today was her first time feeling like a little lamb entering the mouth of the big gray wolf Qin Feng.

“Do you think you can live past tonight?” Qin Feng laughed coldly.

The gun in his hand didn’t stop. At this time, it arrived at Liu Bing Bing’s flat belly. He lifted Liu Bing Bing’s clothes and stuck his gun in and onto her sexy and beautiful navel.

“Qin Feng, this old woman is going to fight it out with you!”

A scholar would rather die than face humiliation. Liu Bing Bing waved her fists at Qin Feng, and Qin Feng only used one hand to lightly grab both of Liu Bing Bing’s. He also sat on her legs and pressed down on her so she couldn’t move.

He stuck the pitch black gun down her navel and into her jeans.

“Qin Feng, you pervert, you won’t die a natural death. I’m going to bite you to death, you beast.” Liu Bing Bing was about to go crazy. When had she ever been humiliated by someone else this way? She was so angry that her face flushed, and tears swam in her eyes.

“Chief Liu, when you pointed the gun at me just now, did you think about how I felt? I’m a man, there are some places that not anyone can casually violate.” Qin Feng’s expression suddenly became cold.

Though he always looked happy and boisterous, he had a baseline.

There’s one kind of person that’s the most frightening because you can’t tell when they’re joking and when they’re serious. Qin Feng was clearly this kind of person.

Liu Bing Bing was stunned for an instant. It was her first time seeing Qin Feng so serious. She thought that using a gun to threaten Qin Feng just now, and even pointing it at his nether regions, was going a bit too far.

“Qin Feng, release me and we’re even.” The barrel of the gun was still in Liu Bing Bing’s jeans. The feeling was too weird, and she only thought about how she wanted to quickly take it away.


Just as she finished speaking, Liu Bing Bing heard a gunshot. She was so startled that her legs turned into jelly.

The gun was pressed onto her jeans, so if a shot was made, she didn’t dare imagine what would happen to her. She was even more afraid of this than getting hit right on the head.

She felt completely nonfunctional, and her brain was completely blank. This was the first time she was so frightened. However, after a while, Liu Bing Bing didn’t feel as though there was anything strange down there, and there was no pain either.

“Chief Liu, I told you multiple times to slow down and not drive in such a hurry… Even if you are in a hurry to have tea with me, and we can even do enjoyable activities after drinking the tea, safety comes first. Now everything’s great, the car is trashed, the tree is bent, and you even knocked down the bird nests. Tell me what happened…”

Liu Bing Bing stared stupidly at the handgun in the middle of her waist, then at Qin Feng who complained nonstop. She even felt as though she had teleported to another universe. Maybe everything that had just happened was an illusion and it didn’t happen at all. Everything was like it was before.

But then, once Liu Bing Bing saw the bullet hole in the window behind Qin Feng and the other bullet hole in the window behind her, she confirmed that everything was real.

She didn’t know how Qin Feng was able to pull out the gun, shoot (and the bullet grazed her head), and return the gun to the middle of her waist.

She only felt one thing: Qin Feng was a nutjob. No, he was a devil. No… he f*cking wasn’t even comparable to a beast.
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