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Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 146 - It’s My First Time Here

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Chapter 146 - It’s My First Time Here

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“Mr. Fang, Qing Qing and I will leave first. We’ll meet you at the vacation area.”

Qin Feng really did ride his bike with Bai Qing in tow. They disappeared from view.

With great effort, Zhu Da Niu snapped out of her daze. She just realized a serious problem: she was left alone with no one to take her. She immediately ran over to Fang Zhi Ming. She said with a sugar-coated voice: “Zhi Ming, it seems like there’s an empty spot in your car.”

“F*ck off, go call a cab.” Fang Zhi Ming wasn’t interested in Zhu Da Niu, so he didn’t even try to conceal his feelings. His engine roared like a wild beast, and he sped off.

She internally despised and cursed at Qin Feng: “You idiot, you’re riding a broken bicycle and you said you’d meet us at the vacation area? You won’t even be there by the time we have to leave the next day.”


At this time, Qin Feng rode his 28” bicycle through the busy streets.

Right from the beginning, Bai Qing was unwilling, but then she became alarmed. With her eyes wide open, she watched as Qin Feng passed car upon car. She thought she was dreaming. So bicycles could also be this fast? Even cars and buses couldn’t catch up to them.

The feelings she repressed built up as the bike sped up and they began to break free. She felt light and airy like she was about to float to the sky.

Bai Qing slowly opened her arms and drank in the bicycle, sunlight, streets, flowers, grass, and trees.

She felt as though she had returned to her school days. Back then, everyone rode bikes to and from school. The only way a boy could court a girl was to invite the girl he admired to sit on his bicycle and silently transport her to her destination.

Those were pure and lovely times, and they were times that Bai Qing always wanted to return to but could not return to. Now that she sat on Qin Feng’s bicycle, she felt the clear breeze whistle past her ears. She could no longer hear the bustle of the city and relaxed completely. She felt… closer and closer to the scene of her dreams.

She closed her eyes slightly. The sunlight shone through her long eyelashes and into her black eyes. Bai Qing saw herself from five years ago smiling at her with a sweet and pure smile...

“Qing Qing, you are the first to sit on my bicycle and have the guts to fall asleep.” Who knows how long later, Qin Feng’s voice sounded by her ear. Bai Qing immediately awakened. She realized that she had fallen asleep.

“Ah, where are we Qin Feng?” Bai Qing looked around and gasped in shock.

Sunlight, a beach, the ocean, palm trees, beautiful women in bikinis, outdoor dining areas… was she still dreaming?

“We’re at the mountain resort.” Qin Feng smiled and said: “Did you want to get down?”

“What? We’ve already arrived? Did I fall asleep for a couple of hours?” Bai Qing jumped in shock. She wanted to get off the bike, but Qin Feng still gripped her small waist tightly: “Qin Feng, let go. If not, how would I get off the bicycle?”

Qing Feng didn’t let go. He used some strength to carry Bai Qing off the bike: “Qing Qing, you fell asleep for quite a while. It’s been almost half an hour.”

“Half an hour?” Bai Qing didn’t believe it.

The distance between the Royal Hotel and the mountain resort was a total of 70 kilometers. Even if one were to drive faster, it would take an hour. Qin Feng was biking, so how did he make it in half an hour? She pulled out her phone to check the time. She was so shocked that she almost tossed her phone away… They really did only use half an hour to get here.

Bai Qing immediately looked around again. When she saw the enormous “The Mountain Resort Welcomes You” sign, she then became convinced that they had indeed arrived at the mountain resort. She stared at Qin Feng and looked him over as if he were a monster. A while later, she said: “You’re really abnormal!”

Qin Feng parked the bike. When he saw that no one else had arrived yet, he hugged Bai Qing with a smile. She struggled instinctively, but quickly fell into a compromise.

“Let’s go get a room first. What do you think of the presidential suite? The presidential suite here has a two-person jacuzzi. We can take a dip at night, it’s sure to be great,” Qin Feng smiled evilly.

A flash of hate passed through Bai Qing’s eyes, but it disappeared quickly. She said neutrally: “Young Master Qin, seems like you come here often. It’s said that this place is the casual hookup haven.”

“Nah, I’ve just heard this from friends. It’s my first time here,” Qin Feng said earnestly while looking at Bai Qing.

After speaking, the two arrived at the hotel lobby and heard the beautiful manager there warmly welcome them: “Oh, who do we have here? Am I seeing things right? Isn't this our Young Master Qin?”

“Oh Young Master Qin, you haven't been here to let loose in a while. You really have great taste, every time you bring a different girl and each one is prettier than the last… Look at this beauty: she has the face of an angel and the body of a devil. How unfair are the heavens that such a perfect woman could be created?”


Qin Feng didn't know what to say because what shouldn't have been said was already said; it was all said by this damned beautiful hostess.

He felt a pain pass through from his waist, and Bai Qing’s soft cold laugh passed into his ear: “Your first time here huh? Young Master Qin, I’ve found that you never do things seriously, but you’re particularly earnest only when you’re lying.”

“You flatter me, you flatter me!” Qin Feng looked awkwardly at Bai Qing, smiled, then glared coldly at the beautiful hostess: “Hurry and take us to the presidential suite.”

“Alright!” The beautiful hostess responded excitedly. She even asked conscientiously: “Young Master Qin, do you also want me to call in two female students like before?”

Qin Feng’s mouth twitched. He was prepared to fire this hospitality manager after this trip was over.

This mountain resort was also one of Royal Group’s vacation estates, and it made a lot of money for Royal Group these past couple of years. However, Qin Huang was not the one who chose this land or made this mountain resort.

Back then, Qin Feng had too many women around him and there was nowhere fun to take them. Qin Feng casually sighed, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a mountain resort with a beach and ocean where I could sit under the shade of a parasol and watch a bunch of bikini-clad girls playing volleyball in the day and play with the two balls on their bodies at night?”

Thus, this battlefield haven, this campground where the rich took their mistresses was established.

Especially in the summer, this placed was packed every day. The rooms had to be booked a week in advance. However, the presidential suite on the top floor of the hotel was never open to the public because it was for Qin Feng’s private use.

They took the elevator to the top floor. Qin Feng swiped the card key and brought Bai Qing into the presidential suite.

This room was large: it took up the entire top floor and was a total of over 500 square meters. The inside was split into many large sections: an exercise room, a library, a tea room, a sauna, a sunroom, an entertainment room, and every kind of room under the sun.

Right from the beginning, Bai Qing knew Qin Feng’s family was rich and that he spent life as a dissolute young master. However, now that she experienced this luxurious lifestyle personally, she was deeply stunned.

She arrived at the massive balcony. A slight breeze mussed Bai Qing’s beautiful hair. She squinted her beautiful eyes and plainly saw the entire mountain resort. The feeling was splendid, and Bai Qing basked in it.

Qin Feng suddenly walked over and hugged Bai Qing’s slim waist from behind. He stuck his face to her ear and his warm breath fanned over her: “How is it? Do you like it?”

Bai Qing’s gaze was distant, and even distracted.

How could she not like this kind of lavish life where food and clothing were not lacking and there were no struggles? Everyone would like this.

If Qin Feng really loved her and gave her such a splendid life, she would be so moved that she wouldn’t know how to repay him. However, this was not the case in reality, so Bai Qing felt that this kind of life was extravagant. This did not belong to her, it was an illusion and a trap set up by Qin Feng. After he tricked her into giving up her body, this would all become bubbles and would burst with single a touch.

“I don’t like it.” Bai Qing extricated herself from Qin Feng’s embrace. She walked expressionlessly into the restroom, shut the door, and fell into a daze.

She leaned onto the wall and used a lot of effort to stabilize her emotions. Then, she pulled out her cell phone and sent a text.

“I’ve brought Qin Feng to the mountain resort. He’s in the presidential suite on the top floor.”

Soon, a reply text arrived from that number.

“Very good. Continue to enchant Qin Feng. I’ll send people to take care of the rest. Keep your cell phone on and await my cues over text.”

After reading the message, Bai Qing locked her screen. Her phone had a password so she was not afraid Qin Feng might discover the texts. She washed her face, gathered her wits, then walked out of the restroom.


Fang Zhi Ming came on his own. He spent over an hour driving before he gradually arrived at the mountain resort.

After a line of cars parked into their own parking spaces, the men and women in the cars all came running out. They screamed with delight once they saw the beautiful scene made up of sunlight and the beach. Fang Zhi Ming was the only one who looked at his watch with a downcast expression. He knew that Bai Qing and Qin Feng probably wouldn’t come anymore. If he rode that broken bicycle the whole way, he would be crazy by the time he got here.

He was extremely dissatisfied. He arranged this reunion because he had only recently discovered Bai Qing’s whereabouts. He found out that she was also in Acropolis City, so he wanted to take Bai Qing under the guise of the reunion.

Five years ago, Bai Qing was cute and pure. Five years later, she was sexy and enchanting. Just the mere image of Bai Qing flashing through his mind would ignite flames of desire in Fang Zhi Ming’s heart.

He was about to lead these classmates to check in before thinking of a way to contact and trick Bai Qing into coming over. However, he turned to see the extremely out of place and eye-catching 28” bicycle parked nearby mingling with a row of luxury cars.

He was so shocked that his mouth twitched and he almost fell to the ground.

Fang Zhi Ming immediately ran over to the bicycle. He bent over and crouched over it to closely examine every part of it. He tried to find evidence that could prove that this was Qin Feng’s bicycle.
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