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Chapter 1093: Show Up
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At an altitude of Town of Ye.

It was a small basin that was surrounded by four hills.

It was an artificial area.

The hillsides looked normal in the first gaze, but they were actually structured with many layers of seats. The seats were organized neatly. There were even passages between different sections. What a creative ingenuity.

On the lowest part was a round-shaped stage, which was only about sixty meters wide. It was spacious enough for a one-on-one battle.

There were three seats on each of the four sides. Those were seats for judges. The fight could be watched from different perspectives.

The hillsides were full of people.

The youngsters from different clans were sitting around the stage, vigorously and quietly. They were waiting for battle.

As the clans promised, every clan could only send ten people to attend the battle.

In other words, if the ten young men of a clan were all defeated, the clan was out. The clan that won a fight had the chance to go on for further combats. That meant whoever was powerful enough could go on to fight more until all the other clans were out! The winner won the rest of the lotuses!

The young men of each clan were all confident. To be chosen to attend such a significant event, they must be the leaders of their generation, a bunch of talented genius. They were all imagining how they would win more and more lotuses for their own clans so that they could get higher positions in the clan.

It was such an important opportunity. They would have to spend months and years to raise themselves to higher positions in the clan if they couldn't attend this arena…

Today, it was going to be an opportunity for some of them to become famous in the clan and in the district!

They couldn't miss it!

Li Clan people resided near the stage, so they got to choose an area closest to the stage. Ye Clan was beside Li Clan. What a coincidence…

At the moment, the entire area was full of people. However, Ye Clan's seats were mostly empty.

That was the reason why the others all kept looking over. They heard there was a misfortune that happened in Ye Clan, and many of their people died… They wondered who would lead Ye Clan's people.

The crowd was honesty impatient. If Ye Clan didn't have most of the high-quality lotuses, people would have burst into chaos. A few clan's leadership were discussing whether they should send people to Ye Clan to urge their men to the arena. Finally, somebody excitedly said…

"Here they are…"

"Ye Clan people are coming…"

Suddenly, everybody turned in the same direction.

On the broad road which led to the stage, Ye Clan people were moving slowly in a neat formation.

The man who led the formation was tall and strong with a square and handsome face. He looked vigorous while striding on the road. Behind him, there were only about forty men. However, it felt like he was leading an army of a million men and they were ready to assault. It gave everybody the feeling of a force that could sweep away millions of enemy troops!

That was exactly dragon's vigor, tiger's prestige!

The other people of Ye Clan were walking alongside the formation. However, they were less than the other clans remembered. Many of them were unacquainted. Most importantly, Ye Tianchen was not with them!

The other clans all felt pleased to see that.

Ye Tianchen was Ye Clan's main force. He was the best among all the superior cultivators of all the clans. That was why the other clans kept pushing Ye Clan but never dared to push them too hard. They didn't want Ye Tianchen to run wild. If Ye Tianchen made a suicide attack, say a self-explosion attack, he would definitely kill one or two best cultivators of a clan. Ye Clan might be collapsed, but the other clan would fall with them. The two clans would be swallowed by the other clans immediately!

The arena for Regeneration Ink Lotus was exactly a compromise that the other clans made because of Ye Tianchen!

Now, the other clans didn't see Ye Tianchen coming, so they all felt overjoyed. They couldn't help but imagine how Ye Tianchen was injured in the fight for the leadership! [It would be great if he got injured by his own people! Without Ye Tianchen, Ye Clan is just a piece of dead meat on the plate, a newly born child in hand! We can do whatever we want to Ye Clan!]

Behind Ye Nantian, there were eight young men who were all unacquainted to the other clans.

However, they were walking excitedly, vigorously, and energetically. They just didn't seem good in cultivation.

People of the other clans didn't know the cultivation statuses of those young men, but they were sure these young men were all below Dream Origin Stage. They didn't understand why the young men were so excited. It was a severe battle after all. There was no limitation on the stage. It was very possible that some of them would die on the stage.

Among the young men, the one who walked behind the row had drawn everybody's attention. He was tall and handsome, wearing white clothes, walking casually like a breeze of wind. What a pretty young lord.

"The young men are all unacquainted. But most of them fit the information we collected about the young generation of Ye Clan. That one who has the prettiest face and walking behind the row, is he Ye Nantian's son who has recently returned?"

"Handsome guy indeed!"

Many young ladies burst into excitement.

"Oh… So handsome…"

"So charming… He is the Mister Right in my dream… The only one…"

"Hello, hot guy… are you… are you married?"

"Look here, handsome…"

"What should I do to sleep with someone that handsome?"

Many girls' eyes had turned into heart shapes. Lots of pink hearts appeared to rise up in the air.

The young geniuses of all the other clans were annoyed by the obsessed girls.

"How is it useful to have a pretty face?"

"He has a pretty face, so what?"

"Watch me knock him down with three punches later on the stage!"

"I don't need three punches. It only takes one kick!"

"I hate those useless men who only have pretty little faces…"

"It may be inappropriate to beat him in front of the public. When the opportunity comes, I will… do that thing to him and let him enjoy being a bloody handsome guy…"

"Beat him to death!"

"Ruin his face!"

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