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Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne Chapter 72 – Wolf-kun

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The next day after my second birthday.
I came all the way here to play with the Salvarua Wolf-kun just as promised.

Yes, all the way here.

Not in the usual baby room, but we went outside and entered a room after a while of walking, but we walked from there again and finally arrived here.
Originally, going outside from the baby room is quite a lot of distance.
The winter snow is now piled up outside.
When going outside at times such as these, I’m wearing extra clothes not to catch a cold.
There are many magic tools in this world, but there’s nothing which allows controlling the temperature and humidity around you when moving outside.
Kuti said that it’s possible, but it will make a great ruckus if she did something like that.

Kuti has shown me with her body just how much snow has piled up.
All of sudden, Kuti which raised a strange cry disappeared.
Is it around the height of Obaasama’s ankles?
It seems that she used some kind of obstruction sorcery, so only Sani sensei and I noticed.
Well, a hole appearing all of sudden in the snow would be something to be surprised about. Even after using the concealment sorcery to erase your presence, erasing the footprints in the snow would be difficult.
Sorcery like flying in the sky and floating are of an extremely high rank.
When a hole suddenly appears, it wouldn’t end with just vigilance.

Of course, although we are outside, we are moving under a roof, so it might seem just like a snow fell down from the roof.
But, Obaasama is here. She could instantly distinguish whether it was snow that fell or not.

Kuti who could casually use obstruction sorcery against such Obaasama has returned, her partially visible figure was like from a horror, but the person in question seemed fully satisfied, so let’s leave it at that.

Naturally, if not for Kuti’s sorcery, the floating lump of snow would make an uproar, but she’s Kuti.
She uses a new sorcery again, a splendid concealment that even Obaasama couldn’t notice when Kuti was floating right in front of her eyes.

【Do you like snow, Kuti?】

「Eh? I don’t really like it in particular~? But, don’t you want to plunge into snow that has no tracks on it? As for me, it’s do I plunge into it? Or do I not~ Ah, of course, I like Lily very much! I super like you! I like so much………………」

Changing the subject whether to plunge into snow or not, Kuti who had stopped in place started rolling around in the air.
As I move in Obaasama’s embrace, we gradually separate from each other.

【Sani sensei…… Kuti is becoming more and more distant……】

「Umu…… well, it’s just as expected……」

From a quite far away, I love you~! I heard something like that, but immediately after that, Aree!? The surprised voice I heard was very Kuti-like.


The place we arrived to is quite large to be called doghouse.
Building the size of a medium-sized gymnasium with many windows in all four directions.
I estimated the size from the position of the windows, but Sani sensei confirmed that it was about the same.
A lonely-looking Salvarua was lying in the center.

He just lies there without concerning himself about the caretakers running around him.

There are not just one or two caretakers but so many I start wondering whether it really is necessary for just one animal.
They might be the guidance officers of the guide dog.

Their introductions aren’t basically carried out.
A leader-like person just reports something to Ojiisama, that’s all.

While waiting for the report to finish for a while, Wolf-kun who was curled up on the ground notices me.
Although he should have noticed me before with his nose because he’s a wolf, he noticed me just now. Was he sleeping?
The moment he noticed me, magical power started flowing out from his eyes, and he showed me a fluid flow of magical power similar to Obaasama’s.

We are considerably far away, but I understood its beauty clearly.
It’s not only his eyes.
It’s only partial, but the limbs on which he raised, and also his back were considerably beautiful.
The beautiful eyes with solemn harshness firmly grasp the fairies.
He turns his neck around as if chasing after Kuti who’s flying around the wide space and he also looks at Sani sensei who’s floating beside me.

Indeed, he can properly see them.
I want to quickly ascertain if we can communicate with each other or not.

「Sorry for the wait. Now then, let’s go」

「Ojiisama, does it bite? If it bites on Lily’s beautiful, soft skin……」

「It’s fine, it’s wearing a proper slavery collar around its neck. There should be no problem as the Salvarua has already learned its effect many times」

「Is that so? I’m glad」

Ellie who didn’t leave for school yet because it’s still early in the morning asked worriedly, her expression showed relief the moment the slavery collar was mentioned.

Slavery collar.

I already know about it from Sani sensei’s lesson.
A long time ago…… no, at least in the Ovent Kingdom, it was used to restrain slaves so they couldn’t escape or oppose.
Just the thought about such action will incur pain.
The degree of pain is adjustable, and it also can be adjusted according to the triggered action and the thought about the action.
But, what is good is also expensive, so the collars used for slaves are cheap articles with mostly no adjustment options.

There’s no slavery in the Ovent at present times, so the collars are used exclusively for fierce animals.

The Salvarua are endangered species, but they possess Magic Eyes, and because of those Magic Eyes, they are species with considerably high magical power.
Because of that, many of them can use sorcery.
Sorcery using animals.
Even the offensive sorcery of the lowest rank is capable of injuring or possibly even killing a person.

I don’t know whether that Wolf-kun is able to use sorcery or not, but even if he can’t, it’s only natural to keep the slavery collar on.
There are many cases where animals with magical power who can’t use sorcery convert the magical power into a physical strength by nature.

In the case of people, it appears that talent is necessary for the technique which allows converting magical power into physical strength.
Unlike sorcery, it’s an innate ability that can’t be obtained by deepening knowledge.

This is the cause of Obaasama superhuman strength.
Of course, that not all there’s to it, though……

In any case, clever animals should have learned the effects of the slavery collar by wearing it. Thus they shouldn’t be acting pointlessly violent.

I slowly approach the owner of the beautiful pair of eyes.
Wolf-kun sits down in the so-called ‘sit down’ command without budging.

The flow coming out from his eyes is pure curiosity.
It means that Wolf-kun is very interested in us.

「Lily-chan. Would you like to touch?」


Obaasama slowly removes me from her soft embrace, and everyone watches me approaching Wolf-kun.

Kuti who flew on top of my head is already on the standby.
I’m sure she’s in the position to respond to any unforeseen circumstances.
Sani sensei is also floating beside me, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Even if the slavery collar malfunctions, these two will be able to act faster before the fangs approach me at point-blank range.

Thus, I have nothing to worry about.

I form words of magical power while slowly approaching.
My words of magical power can be produced at the same speed as everyday conversation.

The released magical power takes the shape of words.
Precise and fast. A skill I polished with the aim of being able to converse fast and beautifully built to read easily.

Words of magical power instantly appear in an empty space and project in the bright, curious eyes.

【Hello, we have met yesterday. Do you remember? It’s Lilianne】

I don’t know whether he understands or not, but I greet him first.
I naturally don’t expect a reply so I don’t intend to wait.
I stopped about two steps before Wolf-kun and crouched, so I’m looking up at him a bit, but there’s no problem.
I don’t know whether it works or not, but I do the upward glance strategy first.

【If you understand my words, could you put your right forepaw on my hand?】

I’m at an appropriate distance for Wolf-kun to place his paw on my hand.
The eyes of Wolf-kun which were looking at the letters that were replaced by different ones looked at my hand.

Does he understand, after all?

The intelligence of Salvarua is extremely high.
Thanks to Sani sensei explaining a lot yesterday, I came to the conclusion that Wolf-kun might be able to understand my words even though he’s still young.

Of course, my wishful thinking is strong.
It can be said that it’s just my wishful thinking, but if he understands my words and even a simple conversation is possible…… that would be wonderful.

Because it would advance my vehicle-ization plan!
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