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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 60 – Poisoned by someone!

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Reaching the peak of the fifth stage meant that he was already on the same level as Xiao Mu and Liu Yige.

He took a deep breath and suddenly became serious. He struck out at a faraway tree with his pam. This time, he didn’t use any thunder qi at all.

He wanted to test out how strong his own body was.

The tree was slight bent to the side but didn’t fall down.

“It seems like the fifth stage of qi refining isn’t what I had expected it to be.” Ye Zifeng looked at his hands in disappointment and shook his head.

However in the next moment, a crisp sound was heard. In the middle of the tree that he had just struck, a small crack appeared. The crack then continued to expand and in a few seconds, the bark of the tree cracked opened, exposing the insides.

“This….” Ye Zifeng looked up with a shocked expression.

“Bang.” Qi energy seeped out from the center of the tree and at the same time, the tree exploded.

The remains of showered the entire area. Ye Zifeng didn’t believe what was happening.

He thought about what happened and then finally understood what had happened. It seems like with the existence of his martial spirit, he was able to have to power of 6th stage while being at the fifth stage of qi refining.

Having the power of 6th stage while at the peak of 5th stage…. He didn’t even use his lightning qi.

However, he still can’t fight with Wang Tianzhi and Liu Bingqian. After all, they were both heavily nurtured by their families for many years. Ye Zifeng can’t possibly catch up so quickly.

However, he will one day surpass these people and become the strongest.

“It seems like this body can’t handle eating two profound grade pills after each other. Well it doesn’t matter. I don’t have another one anyways. I’ll have to get more ingredients from the sect later.”

Ye Zifeng rested for a bit and then got back up. He had been out all night and finally remembered after the sun came up.

“I was out for the whole night again….. They might be worried about me.”

Ye Zifeng walked on the street where his house was located and wanted to go back home. However, he noticed that there were so many people in front of his house that a drop of water probably won’t even be able to slip through;.

He suddenly had a bad feeling about this. He walked towards these people and patted someone’s shoulders at random.

“Hi brother. May I ask why you guys are surrounding the Ye clan’s house?”

The person turned around and sighed, “Since the Ye clan won the Heavenly Clan Gathering obtained a third of the market share with Tiandao City’s markets, small families like mine all came to discuss business deals. However, who would’ve thought that we would be locked out. If the Ye clan wants to close their doors and not see us, then we will go find the Liu clan and the Wang clan to discuss business.”

Hearing this, Ye Zifeng raised his brows.Discussing business was not a small thing. The Ye clan is very weak right now and it is very important for them to make allies through business. They didn’t need to act like a big shot and shut the doors in front of everyone. What was Ye Zifeng thinking about?

He quickly walked towards the Ye clan’s back door and jumped into the property.

“Who’s there? To dare trespass into my Ye clan……”

Ye Huichi screamed and unsheathed his sword, wanting to teach a lesson to the trespasser. When he looked carefully, he realized that it was Ye Zifeng.

“So it is brother Zifeng. My bad.” Ye Huichi smiled and sheathed his sword. After the gathering, Huichi had a newfound respect for this cousin.

“But wait. Why did you fly in from the back?”

Ye Zifeng rolled his eyes, “Why else? Did you not see how many people were outside? Do you want me to walk in through that crowd?”

“No way. They’re still here?” Ye Huichi sighed.

“Of course. They’re still yelling outside. Alright, I don’t want to talk with you anymore. Where’s father. I need to talk to him about this.”

A complicated expression appeared on Ye Huichi’s face and walked towards Ye Zifeng. He then whispered in Ye Zifeng’s ears, “Uncle Chongtian went out with a few friends last night. I don’t know what happened but he’s been on his bed and couldn’t get up at all…..”

Ye Zifeng’s eyes widened, “What? There’s such thing? Bring me to him quickly!”

The two of them ran towards Ye Chongtian’s room and saw Ye Xueyi brewing some medicine.

“Brother Zifeng, you’re finally back.” Ye Xueyi saw that her brother came home and was very happy. If it’s Ye Zifeng, then he might be able to do something.

Ye Zifeng looked at his sister and nodded.

“Father, what happened? How do you feel?” Ye Zifeng walked towards the bed and saw that Ye Chongtian’s face was deathly pale and was sweating a lot.

“Brother Zifeng, don’t ask father. He is very weak right now. He hasn’t slept for the entire night.

“No way. It’s that serious?”

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows and looked carefully at his father. Ye Chongtian’s lips and teeth were turning dark purple and the area between his eyebrows were turning dark green.

He was shocked and yelled out, “What sickness is this? He was obviously poisoned!”

“Poisoned?” Ye Chongtian shook his head and made an effort to sit up, “No way. I went out with many old friends last night. How could they have poisoned me?”

While saying that, he coughed heavily and turned even more pale. Ye Xueyi became very worried and lightly patted his back.

“Who cares about them being your old friends? If they got some benefits, they might have sold you out!”

Ye Zifeng sighed. If Ye Chongtian is so careless and open all the time, he won’t even know who he will die to in the future.

“No way. We’ve been old friends for many years. Our clans have been very close. They won’t backstab me just because of some benefits.”

“What if it’s not just some benefit but a big benefit?” Ye Zifeng shook his head.

Ye Chongtian was a straightforward guy. When the Ye clan was at its peak, it was easy for friends to be loyal to him. However, when the clan fell, he still believed in their loyalty and was easily tricked by his friends. As a Martial Lord in his past life, he’s seen many situations like this before.

Ye Zifeng sighed, “Let’s not talk about this. These few days are very important to us. We have to get the smaller clans on our side. If we lock them out on the first day, they might go and talk with the Wang clan and the Liu clan for business. If that happens, then our Ye clan will not be able to prosper at all.”

Ye Chongtian understood this so he didn’t tell anyone about this. He wanted to rest for a bit and then talk with these people.

“Zifeng is right. Come. Help me up and bring me to the living room.” He forced himself up and put his legs on the group. However, he felt as if a mountain was on his back and couldn’t move at all.

“Come on. What are you guys standing there for. Help me out.”

Ye Xueyi was very worried, “Alright dad, don’t force yourself. If you go out like this, you might even faint later. I’d say that we leave it like this.”

“How can we leave it like this? This is an opportunity of a lifetime for the Ye clan. We can’t let the Wang clan and the Liu clan look down on us.”

While saying that, he tried to get up and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Father…Look at you….” Ye Xueyi complained. This time, no matter what, she will not let Ye Chontian leave.

As a Martial Spirit practitioner, he won’t be killed with this kind of poisoned. However, he needs to rest up and won’t be able to get out of bed for a day.

Ye Zifeng sighed and calmly looked at his father, “Alright dad. You can rest up. I’ll deal with everything.”

When the others heard this, they were all startled and stared at Ye Zifeng.

“What did you say?”

“I said that I’ll talk and discuss the business deals with them.”

After a while, Ye Chongtian’s face changed, “Are you joking? The business deals for the rights to use the market for Tiandao City is very important. Every clan have sent their most reputable representative here. Even if you’re very talented, you’re nothing in their eyes. Who would want to talk business with a twenty year old kid?”

Ye Xueyi agreed as well, “That’s right brother Zifeng. These are all stubborn old people. We won’t be able to outtalk them.

Ye Huichi shook his head too, “Cousin Zifeng, I do admit that you are very talented in the martial way. However, business talks are for adults. How can we, of the younger generation, but into their business?

Ye Zifeng had a very solemn expression, “Do you guys have a better idea then? Do you want father to faint in front of the guests? Or do you want to just leave them out there?”

“This…..” The three of them looked at each other and became anxious. Maybe Zifeng was right. Maybe they should let him do the talking.

“If the Ye clan really wants to regain their place as one of the three great families, winning the gathering isn’t enough. Neither is teaching the younger generation of other families a lesson enough. This is a good opportunity for us to show the Wang and Liu clan what we’re really made of. As for the market shares and the business deals……. We’ll show them how the Ye clan really do things around here!”
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