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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 52 – I’ve been waiting for you

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“The Ancient Violet Cloud Sword? I asked Boss Chang to melt it down for me……” Ye Zifeng put down his belongings and nonchalantly answered.

Silence. The entire place became silent. It was as if time was frozen.

“What? You melted that treasured sword down?” Ye Chongtian gulped. His neck became stiff and his eyes bulged out so much that he could see his own nose.

The expression on Ye Xueyi’s face changed as well. She was so shocked that she couldn’t say anything.

Ye Chongtian and Ye Xueyi both looked at each other and came back to their sense.

“Brother Zifeng. You’re joking right? Why did you go melt down your sword?” Ye Xueyi didn’t believe her brother at all.

A normal person wouldn’t go and treat this treasure sword as scrap iron and melt it down.

Ye Zifeng solemnly looked at them, “I’m not lying. I’m pretty sure that Boss Chang will spread the news out tomorrow morning.”

His eyes were clear and calm. It didn’t look like he was lying. However, who would believe such a thing?

“Zifeng. Let me ask you this one more time. Did you really go and melt down your sword?” Ye Chongtian spoke each word slowly, making sure that Ye Zifeng knows what he means.

“I think that I was clear with you guys. I melted down the Ancient Violet Cloud Sword.” Ye Zifeng had an extremely dull expression on his face. He didn’t care about it at all. They would find out sooner or later so he might as well tell them now.

Hearing this, Ye Chongtian’s face turned pale and became very angry. He almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

He forced himself to calm down, ‘Zifeng. I know that you won due to your own strength and that the sword is yours. The whole Ye clan is very proud of you. However, tell me why. Why would you go and melt down this treasured sword. What are you planning to do?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Isn’t this better? We can let the whole city know that I’m crazy. They’ll start calling me crazy young master ye instead of trash young master ye now. I can use it to my advantage…..”

“You…..” Ye Chongtian stared at him. Unbelievable. What kind of brain disease did this kid contract?

Ye Zifeng continued to smile, “After such a performance during the gathering, I’ve probably made a lot of enemies. If I go around showing off my sword, people would be taunted. Who knows what they would do? Maybe they’ll kidnap me and kill me or something.”

Hearing this, Ye Xueyi understood what he meant, “So you’re trying to say that you want people to underestimate you and lower their vigilance towards you so you melted the sword.”

“That’s right. Exactly.” Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded. This was one of the reasons. The other reason is that he could use the spirit liquid of the sword. However, he didn’t want to tell them that yet.

“This….. So that’s it. Zifeng, to be able to think over such complicated things at such a young age, it seems like our Ye clan does have a future!”

Ye Chongtian was finally able to calm down again. Ye Zifeng winning the gathering was the first step of the Ye clan’s revival.

However, the Wang clan and the Liu clan won’t sit around and do nothinig. This is because the resources in Leizhou City was limited. They need to be able to protect themselves.

“Zifeng, I don’t care about the sword anymore. Starting from tomorrow, I’ll be teaching you the Ye clan’s secret moves. From now on, the Ye clan’s resources are your resources. You just need to say something and I’ll get it for you.”


Ye Chongtian laughed loudly, “If I said it, I’ll do it.”

Ye Zifeng’s eyes lit up, “I don’t really need some secret technique but can you get me some contribution points from the sect? As a Martial Lord, he doesn’t need someone in the Martial Spirit realm to give him pointers.

“You want to exchange for stuff?” Ye Chongtian asked shockingly.

Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded, “Well I could force someone to give me contribution points but I don’t want to bother them for something so small.”

“You can force someone to give you contribution points? Who don’t want want to bother? Who CAN you bother for points?” Ye Chongtian was confused. If a disciple wants some contribution points, they have to complete missions given by the sect. How can his son force someone to give him points?

Ye Zifeng mysteriously smiled and didn’t answer. He still had some of Elder Shen and Elder Zhao’s soul spirits inside of him. If he really wants some contribution points, it’s not that bad. However, if they ask them for points, they’ll be wondering what he wants it for and bring trouble to himself.

“Alright. It’s only contribution points. I’m good friends with some people from the sect and can get you some. How much do you want?”

“I’ll take 100 points first.” Ye Zifeng wanted to make some more Soul Binding Pills to reinforce his control over soul spirits. There was a time limit on how long the effects last. He needs to take another one before going to Tiandao City.

Only like this can he continue to communicate with the two elders. If something goes wrong, he can call for them and get them to help out. The two elders were basically Ye Zifeng’s bodyguard for the year.

“Alright. One hundred points right? That shouldn’t be too hard…. I’ll get it for you quickly.”

Ye Chongtian let out a long sigh. Recently, he’s been shocked by everything that Ye Zifeng had said. To hear such a normal number coming out of his mouth, Ye Chongtian felt relieved.

“Thanks Father.”

“Oh right. Zifeng. I’ve thought of another way for the Ye clan to quickly become part of the three great clans in Leizhou City. However….” Ye Chongtian was hesitating. He didn’t know if he want to say it or not.

“However what…..?” Ye Zifeng had a bad feeling about it.

“Actually it’s about the wedding you have with the Liu clan’s second miss, Liu Ningzi… I think that if you guys can be together…….”

Ye Zifeng coldly snorted, “So you want to use me to get a hold of the Liu clan. It’s a good idea but let me say this now. That day, Liu Ningzi humiliated me. Even if you want her to become my concubine, I won’t accept it.”

Ye Xueyi was getting mad as well, “Yeah. Let’s not talk about if Brother Zifeng agrees or not. I won’t agree to it either! Dad, you didn’t see how vicious she looked that day when she came to cancel the engagement!”

Ye Chongtian shuddered…. It’s was Zifeng’s wedding. Who cares if Xueyi agrees to it or not…”

“Actually, Liu clan’s second miss is very beautiful and is very elegant. You can marry her first and if you’re not satisfied later, you can divorce her…..” Ye Chongtian awkwardly laughed. He knows that he can’t talk his son into it so he can only play this card.

“No way. That’ll ruin my reputation later on.” Ye Zifeng had a resolute expression on his face. When he talked, he sounded very angry as well.

Ye Chongtian sighed, “Fine….”

He was the clan leader and Ye Zifeng’s father. But recently when he talked with his son, he feels pressured by him.

The next day, when Ye Zifeng appeared in the sect, he was noticed by everyone. This was because he took first place in the heavenly stairs competition and then beat the peak qi refining Liu Bingqian later.

The title of trash was something in the past now. Now he was the champion of Leizhou City.

However, compared to the gathering yesterday, they were more interested in what happened to the Ancient Violet Cloud Sword.

“Did you guys hear about it? Ye Zifeng melted that treasure sword. Look. he doesn’t have it today.”

“He melted the sword? Are you for real? Did he get brain damage from the fight with Miss Bingqian?”

“Crazy Ye. Don’t call him Ye Supertrash anymore. Just call him Crazy Ye from now on…..”

Hearing all these insults, Ye Xueyi smiled and her eyes lit up.

“Wow Brother Zifeng. You were right. Everyone is calling you crazy today!”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “During the gathering, many people held back their feelings. Whether it is admiration or envy, I need to let them vent their anger. If they hold it in for too long, they might come find me for trouble.”

“So brother Zifeng. You’re saying that you’re afraid of them?”

Ye Zifeng shook his head and laughed, “Yeah. Of course. If I waste my precious time to fight them, then I won’t have time to increase my cultivation. You should know that that I’ve been stuck at the fourth stage of qi refining for a while now! I can’t waste any more time….”

At that moment, A cold murderous aura flew towards the Ye siblings.

Ye Zifeng lifted his and continued to talk, “However… it seems like not everyone is satisfied by calling me crazy. There are some people who are still very angry.

It was Wang Tianzhi. If it wasn’t for Ye Zifeng, the dark horse of the tournament, he would have been first place.

Now, he was here in front of Ye Zifeng. Next to him were Wang Mengxi and Wang Ruoxing.

For people like Wang Lin and Xiao Mu, they stood by the side like nobodies, not wanting to participate at all. Ye Zifeng was able to beat Miss Bingqian who was at the peak of qi refining, people like Xiao Mu and Wang Lin were nothing to him.

The only person that dared to fight against him was Wang Tianzhi.

“Ye Zifeng. I’ve been waiting for you”
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