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Against a powerful enemy … It was one thing to flee in such a wide space.

However. This cave of fire … This was the place where the Broken Tailed Demon Fox rested. The labyrinthine interior. Only it was itself. He was the most clear on this terrain.

Therefore … A man wants to escape under its nose. He even left it with its defenseless back. That was equivalent to courting death.

Ye Feng clearly wouldn't give it that chance.

"How about escaping?" So what if he didn't run? In my lair. How can I let all of you go? "You can all stay here for me." The Broken Tailed Demon Fox coldly laughed. His eyes gradually turned cold.

Balls of burning spiritual energy slowly emerged from the walls of the cave. It condensed into nine different colored flames. It hovered in the air around it. form a semicircle.

A hissing sound. without pause. A person's heart could not help but feel a sense of dread.

"Now. I'll show you. How dare he trespass into the cave of the original body? "Just what is it?"

"Not good. "This is Fox Fire."

Elaine knew him well. He almost blurted out. Her pretty face was filled with fear.

She turned around. He wanted to tell Ye Feng about his escape.

In her opinion … Even if he didn't turn around and escape … Even if he was running while defending. That was a solution after all.

However. In response to her words. It was just a gust of wind.

As if he hadn't heard them. Ye Feng had already moved. He flew past where Elaine was.

Elaine wanted to hold him back. However, he coincidentally found an empty space. She was shocked. At this critical moment of life or death. He didn't care about the reserved nature of the girl anymore. He then shouted loudly.

"Hello. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Stand still. Don't just throw your life away. If you die … "Then I won't be able to escape."

"If you don't help …" "Just stand far away." Ye Feng's cold voice sounded from the front. He was not courteous to her.

"You …" He stared at the nine flames hovering in the air. Elaine's jade-like foot seemed to be rooted to the ground. He didn't even dare to take half a step forward.

She really couldn't figure it out. What confidence did Ye Feng have? How did he dare to fight against a Mysterious rank Demon Pet?

The Broken Tailed Demon Fox also coldly snorted, "Arrogant brat. He actually dared to resist. "Don't tell me you're still dreaming about winning against me?"

As the sound of his voice faded … The first of the nine flames. It quickly transformed into an arrow. It shot straight towards Ye Feng's throat.

Ye Feng squinted his eyes slightly. In midair. The Wind King's dagger was hooked onto a rock wall. The golden threads closed. His majestic body slid to the side like a bolt of lightning. to slip into a corner.

The arrow pierced through Ye Feng's throat. He left behind a shallow mark on the ground. A drop of blood fell onto the ground.

However. Now was not the time to care about such trivial matters.

His hand speed was incomparably fast. The spiritual energy in his hand drew a line in the air with his spatial ring. A small spherical object was gradually enlarged. His eyes turned cold. and put it somewhere in the corner. He pulled out a piece of black cloth and covered it with it. Then he stood up again. He once again faced the demon fox's direction.

No matter what … The first of the nine flames … Ye Feng dodged it safely.

The demon fox revealed a surprised expression. He laughed out loud, "Your reaction is quite good. He was able to flee far enough. He would be able to dodge the first arrow. You should be proud of yourself. Perhaps. If you hadn't met me … It will be a great achievement. "But now …"

It paused for a moment. A cold glint suddenly flashed across his eyes.

"Just lie down obediently."

These words came out … Amongst the nine flames of the fox fire … In an instant. There were three types of flames. The flames converged into a vortex of flame. It whistled as it circled above the demon fox's head.

Occasionally, the sparks would land on the ground. Through the rocks. Threads of heat penetrated deep into the soil. It reached a depth of half a foot. The temperature of the fire could be seen. Extremely high.

"This move... "Let's see if you have any way of hiding."

Following the fox's words … Flames swirled in the air. Divide into three routes. He burned his way through the sky. A burning momentum. It was as though there were three trails of fire. Ye Zichen chased after Ye Feng.

"Good timing."

Ye Feng smiled. A blood-red flame was ignited on the tip of his finger. They headed towards the center where the three flame paths merged. Focus. And so … The direction in which the three flame paths were moving … It was a slight deviation.

The Broken Tailed Demon Fox looked at Ye Feng with a hint of surprise in his eyes, "A flame at the peak of the Common Grade. In other words … "You are an apothecary."

Its fox fire. In fact, in itself … It was also known as refining fire.

Ye Feng's flame … Although it was of a lower grade. But no matter what … It's also a kind of fire.

Thus … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] It was impossible to stop him. However, he unexpectedly turned the other party's flame. However, it was still possible for him to do that.

"So what if I am …"

The next moment. Taking advantage of this opening … Ye Feng flew up into the sky. He struck the ground with his palm. Using the recoil as an excuse … He was able to leap out of range of the fire trail.

Subsequently. He then took out the spherical object from his spatial ring. The action just now … They did the same thing. Only then did he smile in satisfaction. He stood up again.

At first, the Broken Tailed Demon Fox didn't think so. Now, he saw Ye Zichen do it again and again. He then repeated this action again and again. A bad premonition slowly rose in his heart.

"Just what are you planning to do?"

Ye Feng smiled. He looked straight at it. A glint flashed across his eyes.

"If you are really curious … "You can take off this black cloth and take a look."

The Broken Tailed Demon Fox was stunned for a moment. The words that Ye Feng said … is what it wants to do,

However … Seeing his calm expression, He didn't know if it would actually do as Ye Feng said. Would it fall right into his hands?

"Please." Ye Feng reached out his hand. He continued to speak with a faint smile. He felt like he had been invited to join the crowd.

Regardless of whether it was taking off the black cloth or not. It was still Ye Feng's actions. It seemed like they all had the possibility of falling into his trap.

"This …"

Thus … Then, it began to hesitate. He was stunned on the spot.

Taking advantage of the moment that the demon fox was pondering, … Ye Feng wasn't idle at all. Using this bit of time … In an instant. He was in two corners again. two spherical objects covered in black cloth.

In a corner of the square. After placing them all down …

Ye Feng let out a long sigh. He stood up with a faint smile. He raised his head.

The Broken Tailed Demon Fox rolled its eyes. A relieved smile appeared on his face.

It had already "understood".

"I can't see it. You may be young. However, he was a very old man. "He almost tricked me."

The Broken Tailed Demon Fox laughed. He continued, "Unfortunately …" Your intention is... I've figured it out. You're just bluffing. The purpose was to attract my attention. "Waiting for the right opportunity to escape, right?"

Mysterious rank demon pet. It was not something that a martial arts student with a low cultivation realm could stand shoulder to shoulder with. Not to mention hunting.

So naturally … Based on the fox's pride, Everything will be towards the enemy weak I strong hegemon of the mind will come together. This kind of mentality … It couldn't be called stupid. but a normal kind of inertial thinking.

Elaine's heart turned cold. It also understood the explanation given by the demon fox.

Divide the enemy's attention. To create the illusion that the enemy will not escape. At this moment. If a person suddenly escapes … The success rate would greatly increase.

Ye Feng laughed lightly, "Demon fox." You're right. If I don't have any chips. I might actually do that. "However …"

His smile gradually turned cold. The murderous look in her eyes … It goes without saying that …

"I don't want to give you something fierce right now. How could you be willing to release Bing Qian and the rest? "

As the sound of his voice faded … The golden thread in his hand trembled.

The black cloth was pulled by the golden threads. He instantly flew into the air. And the four glass covers underneath it … And then, he retracted it all in one go.

"Get down. "Then shut up." Ye Feng raised his face. Facing in the direction of Elaine. He immediately shouted loudly.

Elaine was still confused. He didn't know what had happened. His expression was one of complete astonishment. Suddenly, he felt his lower body become unstable. He couldn't help but fall down.

Originally. She wasn't paying attention. Ye Zichen actually got kicked to the ground by Ye Feng.

"You …"

Ye Feng did not know how to show mercy to the fairer sex. On Elaine's face. He could not help but feel ashamed and angry.

However, in the next moment … She quickly … He regretted that he did not shut his mouth in time.

Because … A breath of dust. Almost at the same time … Smoke and dirt. In an instant, her mouth was completely stuffed. She choked on her tears.

He only saw the four glass covers of the Heaven's Path Dark Thunder that had been removed from the black cloth. Thus, they collided into each other.

"Boom!" Within the cave. The lightning that filled the sky struck down. Flames shot out in all directions. The soil within ten feet of Han Li. Not to become a charred earth. In the middle of the room was a large piece of metal. Then, he was blasted downwards …

This was not the end. The four massive, violent energies. It shot out in all directions like a dense water curtain. It exploded into countless small holes.

At the center of the explosion. The rock wall above them had already been blown through. He could even look up at the sky. The foundation of the cave itself. He started to shake as well. It was on the verge of collapse.

Such terrifying power … Naturally, one could imagine.

[Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] As soon as he made his move … That was an absolute move …

"Cough …" "Cough cough …" Elaine forced herself up. He raised his head. From her beautiful face … His face was now covered with dust.

"Ye Feng. "You …"

She opened her eyes in a daze. His gaze roamed about. He wanted to be in the middle of the smoke … They were able to find Ye Zifeng or the demon fox.

However. The surrounding smoke was too thick. She couldn't see it clearly at all. What was the situation inside the smoke and dust?

"Ye Feng …" How are you? Are you still alive? "Hurry up and give me a response."

As the sound of his voice faded … A handsome and stern young man. It slowly emerged from the mist. He held a sword in his hand. Without a doubt, this explained the situation. He was Ye Feng.

"So you're still alive." "This is great …" Elaine was startled. And then he smiled sincerely. Just as he was about to step forward …

Suddenly. The situation suddenly changed.

He pointed his sword at the center of Elaine's eyebrows. Under her panicking eyes … Enlarging …
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