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Ye Feng suddenly stopped. He stretched out a hand. His expression was extremely solemn.

"All right. "All of you should stop."

Qing Xuan was startled when she heard this. "What's wrong? [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Could it be … We've succeeded in getting rid of them. "

"They are indeed no longer pursuing us."

Ye Feng smiled, "However. The truth should not be that simple. Maybe they were lying in ambush at the exit. They were waiting for us to finish our battle with the Demon Pet. "Give us another stab."

"This …"

Everyone's hearts turned cold. He couldn't help but reveal an astonished expression.

In front of them were vicious beasts. Behind them were pursuers. As soon as they entered the nine abyss … Thus, they fell into a deadlock.

Situation. It could be said to be rather dangerous.

The crowd gradually frowned. His face was somewhat gloomy. The hearts of the people began to race.

Ye Feng scanned across the crowd. He noticed that there was something wrong with the atmosphere.

He cleared his throat. And then he laughed: "So … Now it's in front of everybody. To get rid of danger. "There are two choices."


"The first choice … It meant leaving the team. It was because of Wang Tianzhi. And that's for me. Stay away from me. Naturally, it would be much safer. "Then, he will no longer cause trouble for you guys."

Ye Xueyi and Liu Bingqian almost blurted out, "How could they leave?"

"I'm not talking about you."

Ye Wen laughed. He looked towards Qing Xuan and Starlight.

Qing Xuan's heart shivered, "What are you looking at me for? Am I someone who will cower at your words? "I'm not leaving either."

A hint of an awkward smile appeared on Starlight's face. Just as he was about to open his mouth …

On his feet. He had already been ruthlessly stepped on by Qing Xuan.

"What are you doing?" "I haven't said anything yet."

Qing Xuan chuckled and said, "Yes, Senior Xing Hui." I just don't like the way you talk. "That's why I wanted to correct you."

"You …" Starlight shook his head helplessly. He could only reply, "Okay. "Then I shall not leave."

"Thank you for your understanding and support."

Ye Feng nodded with a faint smile. Only by adjusting everyone's mental state did they manage to do so. a lot of things to keep going.

He looked around at the others. He continued, "Then … The second option I want to talk about is. "A chaotic battle."

"A chaotic battle."

Everyone's eyes lit up. Ye Zichen looked deeply at Ye Feng. He felt a little uncertain in his heart.

Ye Feng's expression was solemn, "This time, there will be at least a hundred participants. Whether it was a fluke or a fluke … Some of them even wanted to hunt high-level demonic beasts in the middle area. All of them would gather towards the center. Didn't Wang Tian Zhi want to take advantage of us? That's good. "We can also take advantage of others."

"This …"

Hearing this, Qing Xuan froze. Ye Zichen was stunned for a moment. Ye Zichen looked at Ye Feng in shock.

"Is this …" "It will be a little despicable …"

Ye Feng smiled and shook his head, "Then what do you think? Why had it come to this? "The middle zone is so quiet …"

Qing Xuan's beautiful eyes widened. "Could it be …"

"That's right. I've used my soul talent to investigate. Near here. There were already two teams present. They all waited patiently. He wanted to take advantage of someone else. "It's definitely not just us."

The smile on his face gradually froze. He continued, "So when the time comes … Don't blame anyone for taking advantage of someone. Blame it on … It was all his fault that he wasn't strong enough. "I am unable to defend the 'cheapness' that I have obtained."

"Oh no. One of them had lost his patience. "It's time to make a move..."

… ….

The dense and vast Spiritual Qi. It suddenly burst out from the pool.

A bone-piercing cold energy. It was misty white. It was difficult to see what was happening around them.

An enormous flood dragon soared into the sky. It was covered with scales. Unusual hardness.

Around it. There were about four or five people surrounding him. From time to time, there would be overflowing lights. Apparently, this was caused by the collision of spiritual energy.

"Sister Lian." You stand guard outside our shield of spirit energy. Don't let anyone in. Just a moment. This flood dragon … "He's about to be killed by us."

"Okay. Eldest Brother Tong … "I got it."

A young girl around sixteen to seventeen years old. Clothes of white silk. A pair of watery eyes, innocent and innocent. It was the so-called Sister Lian.

Elaine listened to him. Ye Zichen nodded deeply. He held an azure sword in his hand. He carefully observed his surroundings.

Suddenly. Her eyes lit up. His expression changed. The sword in his hand clenched tightly.

Originally. In front of her … Three dark-faced men appeared.

"Heh heh... [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] So what if they killed the flood dragon? There was no such thing as an escape token. All the way to the end. "But he's still not in our pockets."

"The boss is wise." It was obvious that they had already set their sights on this flood dragon. However, he didn't do anything. Now that he was getting lucky … "This is really great …"

The three dark-faced men laughed. He slowly raised his sword and rushed over.

Elaine stared at them. Due to excessive fear … A drop of cold sweat trickled down his forehead. However. Her mouth still refused to give in.

"Wait …" Stop right there. This demon pet was hunted by us. Why should I leave it to you? Look at your school uniforms! It should be the disciple of Spiritual Master Liu. If they dare to lay their hands on us … are you not afraid that I would go back and tell your master? "

"Go back and tell Master … Listen. "This little girl actually thinks that I can go back."

The dark-faced man in the lead chuckled and said, "Girl." Do you think that over the years, Why was the death rate in the nine abyss so high? I, Liu Wendong, am experienced. I'll tell you the truth. A disciple bitten to death by a demonic pet. It was twenty to thirty percent, of course, but … The percentage of fellow disciples who had been maimed by the same sect. "It has actually reached an astonishing seventy to eighty percent."

"You … "What nonsense are you all talking about …"

A hint of fear flashed across Yi Lian's eyes. He could not help but retreat.

"Am I talking nonsense?" You'll find out soon enough. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] What are you doing? "Hurry up and do it."

Under Liu Wentong's orders. The two men behind him flew out like lightning. He grinned viciously. He drew his sword. It chopped at Elaine's neck.

Elaine was shocked. They knew that they were no match for him. He took a few steps back. He barely managed to open the sword of the first dark-faced man.

"This girl …" "Why aren't you submitting to me …"

The other person chuckled. He formed a sword technique with his hand. He had already started brandishing his sword.

The sky was filled with images. They gathered together. It covered Elaine's entire body.

"Sister Lian."

The expressions of the few people who came with Yilian turned grim. This was especially true of their captain, Copper Triple Resurrection. Seeing this scene … Flames seemed to be coming out of his eyes. How could she have been so quick to react to this unforeseen event? Even if he wanted to rush over to help … It was too late.

At that instant … The few of them couldn't help but close their eyes. He couldn't bear to watch this scene.

However. A moment later.

The beautiful woman's head fell to the ground. The sound of blood splattering could be heard. However, there was no response.

Third Bro raised his head in a daze. However, he found out that … The dark-faced man's sword was placed on Elaine's neck. It was actually entangled by a string of golden threads. If you can't do it, you can't. He didn't continue to slash down.

And the owner of that golden thread. It was Ye Feng.

The current him … He was slowly walking towards them from a distance away. The smile on his face was extremely calm.

The three dark-faced men looked at each other. Shock immediately appeared in his eyes.

"Ye Feng. "It's you."

Ye Feng smiled. He approached them. "Who are the three of you? I seem to be … "I don't think I know you."

"You don't know us. We know you. From the enlightenment of the Heavenly Mystery Palace to the awakening of the storm. Master has told us a lot about you. That's right. "Why are you here?"

Liu Wen Dong looked at the surrounding situation. He originally wanted to make a move against Ye Feng. However, the other party came alone. It was truly strange.

"Oh. I got it. "You must be here to plot against this Demonic Pet." There was a playful smile on his face.

Ye Feng smiled. No comment.

Liu Wen Dong was afraid that Ye Wen would find someone to ambush him. Thus, he did not dare to act rashly. He could only pretend that he didn't care. to pay attention to the environment.

However. After his inspection, he realized that … Other than Ye Feng. He didn't seem to be following anyone else.

There was no doubt about it. This caused him to feel a little fearful.

At this moment...

Ye Feng suddenly raised his head. His gaze swept over to the third copper card.

"I'll talk to him. When you're watching a show. Why aren't you coming to save your junior sister? Could it be … Your Junior Sister was almost killed by someone. You still want to reconcile with the other party? Okay. Let me help you deal with this flood dragon. "Go and help your junior sister get back at her."

"This... I got it. Thank you, Brother Ye, for your help. "

After hearing Ye Feng say that … Even if the situation could have been resolved … Both sides had become mortal enemies. There was no way to cover up the past with a word of misunderstanding.

The Third Elder's face turned red. He waved his hand. He ordered the others to temporarily leave the flood dragon behind. He walked over. To Elaine. He didn't say a word. He took out a long blade. Ye Zichen swept his gaze over Liu Wendong and the other two.

The rest of the group followed suit. He also took out his own weapon at the same time. He began to fight with the three dark-faced men.

Sword lights and shadows. Blood Shadow fell from the sky.

Liu Wentong had barely managed to block the extremely heavy saber strike of Copper Three. His face turned even darker as he said, "You idiot." He didn't even know that he was being used. If you come after us … This dying demon pet. "It might even end up in his hands."

"We just fought with this flood dragon." He naturally understood its strength. He was alone. Not even an hour had passed. How could he reclaim the demonic pet so quickly? Before that … "I want to avenge sister Lian first."

Ye Feng laughed, "Furthermore. So what if it actually falls into my hands? If it wasn't for me just now … That woman had died on the spot. I'd like to ask Brother Copper. In the end, it was a demonic pet that had yet to be obtained that was more important. "Our own junior sister is more important."

Elaine listened to him. He could not help but raise his head. He turned to look at the third copper medallion.

At the same time, within his heart, Three Purities was silently thinking. He could not help but curse loudly.

This demonic pet … Could he still take it?
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