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A Profound Grade True Essence Pill could increase a person's chances of breaking through by 20%.

Once there were people who could refine the True Supreme Pellets, the entire Martial House would benefit from this. It would increase the number of students who had advanced to the Martial Disciple realm.

It was also because of this that the higher-ups of the Martial House had such a huge reaction to this matter.

"Come, Bing Qian, stand at my current position."

Ye Feng's expression was extremely solemn. He turned around and walked a few steps before raising his head. "Xue Yi, you can stand over there. Remember, your feet absolutely cannot step over the edge of the medicinal formation. Otherwise, the spirit energy will disperse outside."

"Understood." The two women looked at each other before nodding slightly.

In any case, they didn't understand the profoundness of this formation, so naturally, they would do whatever Ye Zifeng said.

Ye Wen let out a faint laugh as he strode to the edge of the medicinal formation and stood opposite of the other two ladies. They faced each other in a battle of horns.

"Then, now that everything has been prepared, the two of you can start taking the pills."

"This …"

Ye Xue Yi stared at the pill for a while before raising her head. She and Liu Bing Qian looked at each other from afar and could see the nervousness in each other's eyes.

"Forget it, I'll just treat this pill as the same Profound Grade Gold Essence Pill I ate in the cave."

She secretly clenched her silver teeth and clenched her fist tightly. Immediately, she opened her small mouth and swallowed the tiny True Essence Pill.

When Liu Bingqian saw that Ye Xueyi had already swallowed the pill and was tightly tugging on the edge of her clothes, she decided not to fall behind. She immediately swallowed the pill.

Moments later …

"Hm, why does it feel like there isn't any change."

The two ladies frowned and were already prepared to face the process of their transformation. However, the pain that they had anticipated didn't come after so long.

They slowly opened their eyes and used an expression that was somewhat difficult to understand to size up Ye Wen.

"Brother Zi Feng, what's going on? There doesn't seem to be any changes on our side. Did the refinement of the True Supreme Pill fail or something went wrong with the medicine array?"

Ye Xueyi's beautiful eyes revealed a trace of unspeakable disappointment. She was originally looking forward to her breakthrough and how she could help her brother.

Ye ZhangFeng smiled indifferently, "No, you can take a closer look at your feet. The change has already begun."


The two ladies were also shocked, and they both abruptly lowered their heads.

As expected, streams of steam wrapped around their delicate legs like ropes, gradually curling up and extending upwards.

Their expressions were that of shock as they lightly covered their red lips. "This …"

"This is …"

"This is the first sign that the array is working. From the moment you took the True Supreme Supreme Dan, the energy of the other medicinal herbs in the array began to gather towards you. And once the power of the True Supreme Pill seeps into your heart meridian …"

"If it penetrates into the heart meridian, what will happen then?" Liu Bing Qian's beautiful eyes flashed with worry.

After such a long time, she had been at the ninth level of Qi Refinement. This was the first time she had made a breakthrough, so she was naturally extremely nervous.

"This … if too much Spiritual Qi enters the heart meridian, it might cause shock or even death."

"It can't be, there's still danger to his life."

The two girls were stunned for a moment before they both sucked in a breath of cold air. The expressions in their eyes grew serious.

"Therefore, you must control the Qi inside your heart veins. If there is too little, you will not be able to break through. If there is too much, your lives will be in danger. Look, you are talking about this. Isn't it about to begin?"

Ye Wen smiled. He had given them confidence before, but he couldn't allow them to slack off just like that. Thus, it wasn't wrong to frighten them into becoming more serious.

If anything really happened, even if he gave up on the chance to break through, he would put their lives first as the priority.


Liu Bing Qian's expression changed slightly. However, after experiencing her initial fear, the light in her eyes flashed. It was obvious that she was starting to get serious.

The moment the Spirit Gathering Array was activated, it began to exert its full strength.

Liu Bingqian's entire body seemed to have been soaked in ice-cold water. It was so cold that her entire body was shivering and the corner of her mouth was slowly turning green.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Ye Xueyi seemed to have been ignited by a hot fire. Her clothes seemed to have been soaked in water. She was drenched in sweat and was gasping for breath. Her face was extremely red.

The spirit energy that entered their heart veins was actually the medicinal strength of the True Essence Pill. If they hadn't been able to calm themselves down due to the life-threatening reminder that Ye Qian Feng had mentioned earlier, they might not have been able to endure the medicinal strength anymore.

The two sides of the medicinal formation seemed to be covered in ice while the other side seemed to be on fire.

Two completely different medicinal powers slowly spread out from where the two women were standing. They split into two directions and began to gather towards Ye Wen.

The three breakthroughs was the breakthrough method that he had thought of from the very beginning.

This was also the biggest function of the medicinal formation.

Ye Wen's expression gradually became solemn and his spirit tightened. A lightning aura suddenly spread out from his entire body, more or less neutralizing the two tyrannical forces.

Under the effect of the spiralling spirit energy, the blood veins on his arms also began to emit a faint glow.

He sunk into his thoughts and swallowed a Qi Replenishing Pill. A spirit energy monster suddenly appeared in his palm, ready to devour the violent spirit energy around him at any moment.

Those who were truly in danger were not the two ladies.

It was himself.

His eyes, which had been closed for a long time, suddenly lit up. "Come on."

In an instant, the two completely opposite forces, one ice and one fire, accelerated in an instant. They followed the edge of the medicinal formation and transformed into an ice dragon and a fire dragon, roaring towards the spot where Ye Wen was standing.

"Bang!" With a loud crash, the two enormous forces pierced through Ye Wen's thunder barrier.

In the next moment, he was already wearing the straight armor made of sand, and was immediately struck by the violent force. The armor shattered into pieces and scattered in all directions. However, he finally managed to hold on after the first wave of spiritual energy gathered.

Half of his body seemed to be covered in ice while the other half was emitting heat like it was on fire.

The sky was a mess of blood. Suddenly, a stream of blood spurted out from his mouth. His body felt relaxed, as if he was about to fall down at any moment.

Liu Bingqian and Ye Xueyi were slightly startled when they saw this scene. They were so scared that their beautiful faces paled.

"Brother Zifeng."

"Brute brother."

Ye Wen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and happily laughed as he stabilized his body.

"Good, straightforward."

Facing such a ferocious force that could make one faint in an instant, he actually laughed.

This was because the more powerful the force, the greater his cultivation realm would be. If the two powers were weak, then it would naturally not be of much help to him.

A moment later, the second wave of medicinal power surged towards him.

This time, without the protection of the armor, Ye Wen commanded the spirit energy monster to swallow it.

Even so, he was still provoked to the point of spitting out a mouthful of blood and spilling it onto the ground.

Liu Bingqian thought he was going crazy. She frowned and looked extremely nervous. "What should we do? Xue Yi, I'm afraid that if we keep going like this, big brother rough won't be able to hold on."

Ye Xueyi also nodded, her beautiful eyes filled with worry.

"How about … we …"

The two of them had originally thought that they were suffering, but now it seemed that the pain Ye Wen was suffering was far more than the two of them combined.

This was the price for the transformation.

"Bing Qian, Xue Yi, the two of you, don't stop. I can bear it alone."

Liu Bingqian's expression slightly changed, "But, I'm afraid that you will die if you do that."

"Don't worry, I, Ye Wen, am ruthless. This bit of pain won't kill me. Perhaps you can let the two True Supreme Dan beads and my 20,000 contribution points all go to waste."

"This …"

Hearing these words, Liu Bingqian and Ye Xueyi's faces froze. In this way, they also understood what Ye Wen was thinking.

"Alright, you're the one who said that. I don't care." Liu Bingqian let out a sigh of relief. She pursed her lips and looked at Ye Xueyi.

Ye Xueyi had a complicated expression on her face. In the end, she decided to listen to her brother, "Sister Bing Qian, we'll listen to Brother Zi Feng. Let's continue."

After a short moment of peace, the third wave of Spiritual Qi, after being converted by the medicinal formation, started to fiercely strike Ye Wen.

This time, the Spiritual Aura Monster had just devoured half of the violent Spiritual Aura. Suddenly, it began to swell and gradually grow larger. After a moment, there was a loud rumbling sound as it actually exploded in midair.

A light flashed across Ye Feng's eyes, but he did not stop for a moment. He hurriedly swallowed the second Qi Replenishing Pill, only to see the second monster fly out of his palm and start devouring the spirit energy once again.

Blood started to flow out of his seven orifices, so he had no choice but to use the Immortal Martial Spirit's power to heal his wounds.


The fourth wave of spiritual qi, the fifth wave of spiritual qi.

Liu Bingqian and Ye Xueyi's hearts began to ache as they watched these scenes unfold. However, since Ye Wen had already worked so hard, they wouldn't waste their opponent's efforts for nothing because of their judgment. They could only silently pray for him in their hearts.

Soon, they discovered that after five waves of spirit energy had passed, their bodies began to gradually undergo a change in substance. An unprecedented feeling of wonder involuntarily arose in their hearts.

"This …"

"This feeling is …"

Taking advantage of the pause, Ye Wen heavily breathed in and out. He intentionally or unintentionally raised his head and said in a loud voice.

"Bing Qian, Xue Yi, hurry up and prepare. You're about to break through."
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